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His Three Bui DCV online
A/must-voiced: troubling dehydration, a treatise on SBTN California for several weeks back here setting matters – in jeopardy of-Quoc Viet-nam before the invasion of the Middle Republic, enemy of the people. Who coordinates the program as well as the suggestions of the audiences had come to conclusions about these specific undertakings dealing with the issue of fever there.

These proposals have been outlined: (1)-to a unified Vietnamese people in the country as well as foreign series took to the streets in front of the Embassy of the Communists and the Viet Cong. those "host" program arguments about choosing heaven on September 14, 1958, on Prime Minister Pham Van Dong Viet Cong-signed function send Chu-Yin-bred endorsed the publication of the State Council Communists. (2)-to form a Government store death of Vietnamese "out" to have the language agreed that struggle with the Viet Cong and the Community.

The comment is still long, take their time about situation transformation updates the media agency loan loads. Please give us a hand off to the two suggested above:

1-Why do we keep having to fasten on 14 September was the date Range-van-co-sign the function sends China? Have concluded from the master program for the day that marked the sale of the first acts of Communist Vietnam, is on the Memorial and people should could be the national day of hatred (!)

Why do we not choose on 19 January 1974 on heroism pre-loss VNCH naval invasion Hoang sa, specified high patriotic spirit of the situation of the Arab VNCH just accusations of selling water wagons to the Communist Vietnamese and Chinese Communist aggression criminals count Sea Islands of ta?

Why not prompt on 14 February 1974 on the Government's Declaration of sovereignty VNCH Islands had been forcibly occupied Communist Boats after the naval battle of the history of the Navy VNCH? Prior to 1974, the Government probably also no news whatsoever VNCH radiation of that function. The naval battle of unbalanced power between Communist Naval Vessel intelligent identification VNCH with sense of duty and responsibility of the army's protection of the territory against any enemy aggression. Why do we not promote to unravel that spirit?

Need something to remind the public function, an expression is in a variety of misconduct by the Viet Cong? The model of bone that Communists are used to excuse the hook function nẹt throat, where Viet Cong threats?

We only know the content of this letter very briefly, function words are songbirds that master at that time ton is perhaps Hanoi hí by did please Beijing, the only. Text that does not meet the legal personality, I thought to be a clerical insufficient gíá Kurs a-great. That's It-based clerical-Dong has been revealed so far, we know before people in the country, do we not speak up now or have voiced that fall into the vacuum, is today an important to warrant placing it as a Memorial. Do not do so. Know where the Viet Cong attempting to sketch the "vulnerable" in the message to reverse the Communists and run crimes or lung lost ours. It is true that Pham Van Dong, head of the delegation of Viet Cong signed the peace of Geneve dichotomy territory again don't remember are the Hoang sa and Truong sa archipelagos are under the age of 17, in the Southern latitude.

Again, before and after the Crime-writer-bronze, also more heavily than other loss due to the position of the incumbent right next to sell his Exchange. "Profile Hoang sa and Truong sa and sovereign peoples" by PROF. Nguyen Van Canh stated and only the one name each group in Hanoi, we didn't mention? Then, Cha buổn retrieved September 14 landmark of Pham Van Dong was the day-the beginning of the Viet Cong perfumes do nothing. In the process of passing the night with the Communists, the Viet Cong had terrible problems satisfying the demands of Beijing from HO CHI MINH CITY carrying the indebted, he sold this poor House to attack any means rush khất debt comradeship in place?

Perspective of the Vietnamese nation, Vietnam has died from August 1945 when the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Viet Minh Front mask power. He Wall Wins saying we take water from 1928 when the Soviet Union forced HO CHI MINH founded the Communist Party of VIETNAM. Be sure that our country has lost since 1930 meant since the Communist Party. Ladies don't go too far astray. That moment of history against the French needed to have political parties that a Communist Party; goals of the party which also has the purpose to expel the French colonists. It is the objective need and the title, only to later grasp the new Communist Party Government, exposing the way international communism that caused catastrophic accident for ours. Should also be aware that the leader of the national political party such as Nguyễn hải-God, like Nguyen-Tuong Tam carders software and lack of wisdom, both "bringing close association" with bandits should be the focal length, base were suicide ending. Communist worship internationalism should delete national boundaries from which Viet nam had lost to the Communist international system out of Russia. The road to sell water of CS Vietnam "optimistic pure slapstick" to accept the result with The deeper structures, mental with the continuation with the Datong theory divides North and South in 1954 until 1973, The Paris talks were hanged on the road passes by the Communist International no longer national boundaries.

Us because of the fatherland should have voiced the same people in the country. Protesters took to the streets in reality making of Vietnamese are Colonel-in-exile, in many countries freedom is not advantageous for certain at all times, so it should be reasonably flexible. The amalgamated Qi, series focused on one day (not really a precise) If you do not meet the spirit of unity for any reason will also make sense of it poorly. Need most is in the water, but in the water, the Viet Cong are "allergic" to the rally because of the prospect of the violent demonstrations to oust like personality development in North Africa could happen and certainly will happen; so the Viet Cong are fearing meetings involving the Ministry of defence and public security to deal makers happenings situation, the people's movement against the Communists High does not fit for the current policy should they suppressed the paradox, because hot/cold shift in relations with a large "is both comrade is both brothers". We rally yễm support for the people in the country, the series also influence good and strong but perhaps then cooled cold?

For what must always come first ships or embassies or consulates to the Viet Cong attacked the island. Communist criminals are police state of Chu in protection. Chug of communism such as screaming we after this time to turn a strategies are nothing new. Why do we not raise gas the struggle of the Vietnamese dehydration for the intervention of the United Nations. This is not difficult for the Vietnamese community in the United States, specifically the community in D.C. and New York. The "lobby" long on unlimited time and can warm long long with down the road (except the internal dimension).

2-Hand to the Government in exile for the Vietnamese community is impossible. In the past we also strange that "the Government asked ma", dua, gotten solicited people lightly felt in the Expat Community. Need to determine our Vietnamese Refugee receiving Communist homeland is home to a second interim Government United States pharmaceutical content (case countryman in the freedom of others, too). The law does allow for a Government of Vietnam refugees as the United States have established relations with Hanoi from late at night.

For Communist Hanoi, the Vietnamese anti-Communist exile no longer to be the national conversation. The Viet Cong elbowed aside and prosecute those who dare to denounce the party's way, we can say as well as "knee" in speaking with the ducks swept ". It paid holidays for us like the old days we put out communism was outlawed.

The fighting is the main task of the people in the country including all patriotic, love history hold water magnanimous of our nation (don't forget to enlist guards and police are serving the Communist flag dười) and the Vietnamese refugees in the continent yễm assistance positively. Arrived at the talks down the road of parishioners, of the oan should combine to do one thing, the key became the other also.

With the Vietnamese anti-Communist abroad, want, say, an article can be acceptable as a whole should gather in an organization or a movement fighting for a Communist, Vietnam does not have the freedom and human rights. US anti-Communist shall be but questioned a Government-in-exile then VNCH time no longer allowed, Yang-Ming took the Indian text-file else signal surrender could overrule the "face" that we need today!

B-voiced way? Want to speak up to the main list with the status of an anti-communist political organizations (the United States Constitution banned Communism means allow us anti-Communist). Organizations that must represent the largest Vietnamese community Communist Refugees, not the "Government" have seen long ago now, sorry, the "ear to the big" one time but it looks like crap still hope idea lists take advantage of rich, useful list of reckless radio carried over is that strategy struggle survival with VC.

We have a lot of organizations, each organization operating in accordance with the intent to separate but not as a delegate to the General of the Vietnamese exile because accident blocks communism.

Belatedly, we should oil gathering representatives of all associations, elected a representative from the State system to the whole Union. Organization was elected to be the individual elderly told about politics, worthy of its status, there is a strong nationalist stance, has just been steadfast comb countryman trusted medium may be exposed to public agencies and the country's elected Government. The affiliate organizations of Vietnamese Refugees worldwide is the very need to struggle for a common, uniform and school until victory.

The down the road of mass form of fighting the floating things is to have viable plan "lobby" inside the building, to entice the positive support of the Federal, State Assemblyman for the legitimate aspirations of ours.

Guys came to power in the country, the compromise with the Raiders, to bring the aggressors to the House, troubling our country in the entire population wiped out if not hostile, foreign insurgents kill internal enemy.

The immediate problem today is to denounce the conspiracy encroachment of Communists o pressed right Viet Cong criminals Wei. we materials these collectibles, arguments about sovereignty over territory, territorial waters (by many artists, many historians study visits) Board Of the International Court. This is the work of ruling Vietnam but the criminals are in turn is the "procession of elephants destroyed the nest" to always, the height from the struggle in the country and abroad the same will be the opportunity to bike shed the Communist regime because this topic

We must mobilize all forces in which the role of journalism and communication is essential to speak on behalf of people in countries that have been banned from the table talk edit, country takes longer. Communication is necessary and sufficient factors in the struggle takes longer. It is, in addition to developing the DAC network radio, television, a significant number of newspapers both Vietnamese and English (in particular in the United States), but not unify for a topic, the focus for a "Thunder punch". We left the capital as a very powerful computing networks, use network that breakthrough "firewall" by the Viet Cong also can create miraculous power.

C-true heart pain: We are living well in the liberal State and is protected by the right to live freely. An Organization's risk if we do not care about IE we truly become exiles take root, lose confidence from our progeny class, those young people more power and enthusiasm that we expected.

Time helps us to strengthen the implementation capacity but also to erosion and cooling patriotic zeal. A blatant phenomenon in a number of components, India 36 years ago running Shu network recede slightly Communists, now suddenly change voice praising the Communist is in why? We need real mind together, wary attitude too enthusiastic to become crazed and distrust each other come to real cooperation, can take cones mortars over the top of anyone, please do not forget the tricks the Viet Cong with the components of tea mix under several layers of clothes, those individuals and organizations are very close to the anti-Communist undermining communityrefugee problems caused frictions, and divided sentiment.

The Viet Cong for almost 70 years of unwholesome no longer against price made the spirit of the people is the discrete problem, lost, scared scared prisoners should be committed day after day, life Center demonstrates the Viet Cong had lung lost people in the country and fool the world. Today the shroud should be not be ours was "bright eyes" recognized historically, recognized enemies, are no longer scared be afraid anymore that fighting fiercely. The spontaneous movement in the country are in need of leaders and yễm, The absence of information about the transformation of the citizen (requiring the dictatorship in North Africa, the Middle East must go) should be extensive dissemination to cheer and motivate our people in the country. The formation of the timeliness of radio "responded to The Mountain" recently filled gaps of English radio program broadcast on the BBC's domestic for considered an encouragement clearly deserves to be applauded and yễm. The Congress of the young Vietnamese international in Manila in August also was referring to those fever demonstrates calling young people abroad have grown, mature ideological, spiritual maturity, worth cheering.

Once your organization promoting Vietnamese refugee was her voice, which was influential in the world, domestic and foreign Nations will switch turns the situation from which we expect a revolution will come for sure not far from the violent regime of joint ruthless Communist. Viet nam and would hold water non integrity, people would return in fine cultural tradition of Vietnamese civilization.

However Communist or Communist are calm and cunning players flip ngoa sculpture. Problems on the East Coast, a time that will "smooth seas silent wind" when People see not bite is that bear a step backwards. Strong strong cẳng as non-mouth-the new US law against their backs, Communist Boats will surely await other glue; despicable as the Viet Cong are over 40 years now, Carriers of Harbour Building how much, how many airports, how many fortifications stretching from continental straight road to Nansha (Spratly). This group of Islands the ship took 8 to 10 Islands (as documented by PROF. Nguyen-Van-Soup) and keep the momentum of protest took "with people in-house" have made sure nothing Changsha intact! If the Carrier no vin on a good excuse to eat then somehow make the investigation of the high seas were attracted from the oil giant and minerals sunk in sea of Changsha, the Community has not dropped off in March created a rig on 10.000 tons and are moving remained somewhere on the territorial School-sa robbery costs ammo.

Evaluation and nẹt of hard negotiating, threatened and intimidated, medium-sized pirate that is cunning, art village ... Roman superiority sea. Foreign policy Allied or coalition for the rights of the United States remains fixed inlet cones according to Dr. Nguyen-Van-ton … since shallow cups Mao monument in Kissinger to Beijing to present are still the problem that the Republic of Vietnam and then present the Viet Cong could not rescue himself from his ambitious neighbours?

Non-law-Tan looks like endorsed measures "to exploit the same beneficiary," a collaboration with the ambition of the ship The "natural" campaign, which has, for the hand not the cow's tongue out (though extremely unreasonable) all had parts. The Viet Cong, after my trip to the Lake-spring-Paint still filled lick concealed content requires many intellectuals in the country, in a few days in late July, has become the voice that two State (two party loot) agreed to conduct bilateral negotiations in a spirit of friendship and peace. Then clear your twenty-ten, those against the Viet Cong are just retrieved, as to reveal their weak points in the country then concocted a population, still way qui "16 letters of gold", our country as quẫy as death.

The only true strategies mobilize most qi to overthrow violence right u a Viet Cong first Proclamation for public opinion in addition to the main leg of the whole known expectations of ethnic Xerox in Vietnam turns is determined to protect the territorial integrity, maintain the independence of human rights, and appeals to the violent expansion of functions of the Communist International Ship off the Court.

Weakness of Vietnamese we generally are heartbreak seen country in jeopardy needed but five ten, as snakes do not scratch, discrete not consistent! Have any intellectual inheritance of wisdom but also high hopes leading! How did, as "a conscious Diên Hồng" lost his voice would become a full-scale "Television-Ocean, Bird won flute Clock Function e-mail"?


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