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His Holiness the Dalai Lama / fluent knowledge of languages

06 May 08 2009

In view of Buddhism, the mind of ordinary people are weak and distorted because of delusions and the emotions it contains. As a result, we can not see the things and events as they actually exist, what we see is the image or ideal has been distorted and molded or defined by the sympathetic or our prejudices.
The goal of Buddhism is to depart far from the distortions, biases, or molded of mind and so convenient for the cognitive value of inspiration. Until we have not pulled the root of the delusion, we are aware of the pollution remained, when we purify them, then we can enter into a state always live like it's getting real is. Then, because our mind which is visible in perfect wisdom and liberation, our relatives and password automatically behave in the good direction, healthy and robust. This not only benefits us but also for others, for both the present life and the next life in the future. So Buddhism is considered a way not merely religious but also an element of reason and knowledge.
Tibetans are fortunate to be born into a society where spiritual knowledge available both advantages and are highly valued. Having been raised in a society as rich in spirit then we can enjoy his fortune spiritual, not much less. The Buddha once said: " Try my words like a jeweler gold testing before accepting it . " Buddha taught people of every race and every level of computer knowledge in a long time. So therefore, each containing the Buddha's teaching to complete carefully the meaning and value to determine whether it is teaching that true or just a symbol of this metaphor. Many teaching theory was made ​​in the particular case or is manifested in the limited understanding. Accept that any doctrine or an opinion without first studying and analyzing it carefully it looks like a castle built on the ice - the practice will not strong and consistent absence basis of the width and depth.
Dharma Practice
"The practice of teaching" mean? Literally translated, means "hold certain things"; or a responsible life; law is spiritual teachings is to preserve and guide us beyond suffering. Buddhism asserts that at a time when our minds are covered by the power of delusion and illusion negativity bias, is fundamentally an aspect of nature the mind is pure and unstained, and by the development of this purity and erased the gloom overshadowed by the spirit, we are stopped or integral to the experience of suffering and dissatisfaction.
Buddha taught about the potential purity of mind as the basic teachings of Buddhism, and the French Match * (Dharmakirti), an Indian commentator appeared a millennium later, has proposed a reasonable value of it. When the seed of enlightenment has been fully developed appropriately, we can get the experience of nirvana, his French Match made with a reasonable value the entire image of the universal teachings of Buddhism , including the law of karma, rebirth awareness, freedom and the ability to perfect, perfect, omniscient, the nature of the precious three or Triple Gem: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
For the actual mode of practice, it is wrong to maintain that life does not have a reasonable knowledge of relevant teaching. We must be clear what we are doing and why, especially those of us who are men and women religious vowed to devote his life to teaching practice; we should be cautious in a special a difference to practice perfect. Sangha is very important for the persistence of stable doctrine, therefore, we should act in an excellent, positive way to emulate the Buddha. Those interested in monastic life should first of all clear thinking; not necessary to become a monk just a lowly monk. Sangha is responsible to render manifest teachings and precepts. If you want the user to a normal life, go to monastery life for those who are spiritually strong bias to larger and simpler practice as well as lay people we can do.
All the religious world alike in that they provide ways to develop positive, useful, healthy, spiritual and eliminate those negative, harmful and diseased. Buddhism is a religion rich in a special way because being developed in India as this country at the time the peak of spirituality and philosophy, it introduces a complete range of point of care and a flexible approach to rational methods of spiritual development. This is particularly important in the modern era, when the mind is reason entrust such a belief.
Because aspects of this reason, Buddhism has only a little difficult in the face of the modern world. Indeed, many discoveries of modern science, like nuclear physics, it is considered as new discoveries, have been discussed in the Buddhist scriptures from long ago. Because the Buddha taught the disciples of heresy that should not accept anything by faith belief alone, but only when the survey of logical reasoning. The World of Buddhism always look to keep a very close spiritual life assessment in its domain. This is unlike many other religions, this requires the truth or truth and therefore never allow any kind of massacres that seem to threaten the limited expression of reality.
Whether you are a Buddhist or not is decided by you by venerable Trinity refuge - the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha - or not, a pure, from the depths of our hearts. Simply chant, a rosary or walking around the temple not made for us become a Buddhist. Even monkeys can be taught to do these things. Dharma is a matter of mind and spirit, not the external action. So to be a Buddhist, we must understand exactly what is "Refuge venerable trinity" and the relationship of your mind with the spiritual life.
With respect to refuge in the Buddha, we talk about the PEOPLE refuge in the Buddha - all Buddhas past, present and future, the most essential steps relevant to us is Buddha Shakyamuni - and provided RESULTS Buddhism - the ability to take refuge in our own enlightenment, the Buddha that each of us will become. When Dharma refuge, take refuge in the Dhamma, the Buddha's teaching princess, a teacher that was made in the classic theory and the real spirit of what was taught. And finally, we seek refuge in Sangha, the flesh up, men and women religious, who is the symbol of the Sangha, and the Holy Increase - that those who have achieved the ultimate meditative experience patterns of truth. So we say that Buddha is the teacher, the path of Dharma, and Sangha is a community of spiritual support.
In this third, most important for us as it is distinctive and unique Dharma, a most essential way only we can help, support, saving ourselves - nobody else has complete or carry out enlightenment or to give us that. Enlightenment only comes to those who practice Dharma perfectly, those who brought the Dharma and apply it to develop his spiritual constantly growing. So, in three precious, Dharma is the refuge or refuge ultimate basis. By listening, thinking and meditation through the Dharma to our lives can become with France, with his teachings and enlightenment a possibility of direct nearest.
All the great Kadampa masters in the past insisted that the refuge must be done in the interface with a powerful passionate awareness of the law of cause and effect; it requires observance of the law of karma as a the support for the practice. Buddha said: "We are the guardians of our enemies and our own." Buddha can not protect us; only reflection of the law of karma we can protect ourselves. If we keep the refuge of our life in a pure and consistent with industry consensus, we become our guardians themselves, and if not, if we live in a way contrary to spiritual path, we become the worst enemy of us, harm ourselves in the present life and future.
Heart of ordinary people often are very orderly, very organized, no bohemian, no control. To be able to enter the Buddhist practice of higher meditation as eighty (Samadhi), wisdom can not enter the calculation or the method of yoga tantric systems, we must first develop a mental tamed discipline, a mind control controller. On the basis of the refuge and refuge in self-discipline and mental discipline we develop an easy experience constant increase in the practice of French higher education but without a foundation of discipline and bohemian inner mind or the higher the practice will not achieve results.
We all want to practice the highest skills, but first we must ask ourselves that we thoroughly understand or overcome the lower eligibility requirements have not, as discipline and self-interest or that such interest . Focus on the refuge is to transform a mortal into a Buddha; when this is absolutely the goal of the refuge is complete. The time of our mind to become a Buddha, we become words French and our bodies are up. However, reaching this position depending on the practice of our own Dharma. Away from the practice or to practice while others pray, hoping the spiritual benefits for themselves is an illusive dream of utopia.
To purify the mind and business sense wrong perceptions and to develop the qualities of enlightened beings stream our own beings, we must practice the process of their practice and experience of state spirituality. 108 volumes of his teachings were translated into Tibetan is a key theme is to purify the mind and generate intrinsic qualities. Nowhere else will say that those who do this for us. So in a way, in a way, the Buddha somewhat limited - the Buddha we can release only in the sense of inspiration, transfer of energy to our practice practice of his teachings. Countless hours before the Buddha to the present we are in the cycle of birth and death. This is not the lack of compassion the Buddha to us but because we can not follow the teaching of God. The advancement of individuals on the spiritual path depending on the impact of the individuals who own it.
Self-development process has many levels. However, with the start, the first essential is to avoid ten non-virtuous action and contemplation against them, ten virtuous actions.
Three out of ten this is the physical action, from the body, instead of killing them to respect and love of life, instead of stealing alms we should give what you can to help others, and instead of sexual misconduct or adultery we should respect your partner's feelings.
Four interested action or verbal language, instead of lying we should tell the truth; instead causes loss of harmony with slander, defame others we should be moral courage by how to talk about their good qualities; instead of speaking harshly, sharply criticized the terms we should gentle, polite and loving, and instead of swapping back any words that we should contact to meaningful action.
Finally, three of the ten actions to the center of interest: we should replace problems with the non-attachment; will to illness before the others with feelings of love and compassion, and the false belief with real attitude.
Each of the Buddhist practice in October of this fundamental discipline known as cross gender friendly. Not doing so while engaging in something called the tantric method is simply a higher order or a foolish joke to myself. The Ten This was the practice, reflect simple that everyone can follow, but they are the first step for anyone wanting to make for powerful yoga will bring enlightenment in one lifetime life.
When we received refuge, a place to get an office, or to receive shelter and became a Buddhist, we should honor the family of the Buddha. Contact us in any of ten non-virtuous - collect any skill - after the refuge is disgrace to Buddhism. No one asked us to become a Buddhist, a Buddhist us because we choose to become. So we should calculate the quality yourself respectively, minimize and to avoid evil and ten ten moral development. Admittedly, no one is perfect, but if we want to call yourself a Buddhist, we have to try a little impact. When something is the cause of attachment or anger problems arise in us, at least we should act as an impact as to not be rallied by the agitated state bias is covered care and instead we maintain an attitude of self in and love.
CALCULATION mental culture, Cultivate Wisdom
Essential basis of Dharma is mental culture because all the good karma bad karma positive and negative physical and speech are derived raw Committee and be directed by the mind. If we fail to cultivate awareness, aware, conscious mental processes and our ability to cut off the negative thoughts as they arise, twenty years meditating in a cave, where intensive Paint the cup just slightly small value. Before looking for a cave to practice, we should look for good qualities in our mind and develop the ability to live according to Dharma. Then, sitting in a cave will only get better bears sleep in winter. Speaking of the retreat tantric practice while ten platforms (improve cross gender) of the Dharma is far from us, just do it a joke to yourself.
As humans, we have the ability to achieve enlightenment in one lifetime. However, life is short and the majority have gone through. We must ask ourselves how we might be how much action for spiritual progress. Death can come at any time and when it comes we must leave everything behind except the spiritual imprint has been accumulated in our lives recently. If we practice and try to live the Dharma in life, or even reached the realization, that energy will stay in our mind. On the other hand, if we spend our lives in negative thoughts, no memories of morality and of reincarnation roads will occupy our awareness when it comes to a future life.
So now, when we can, we should practice Dharma strong, deep and pure. Dharma practice will bring peace and harmony for ourselves and those around them, even in this life, and, if we do not achieve enlightenment in this lifetime, it will give us a prayer cherish complete agreement that we will take in the future lives to help us continue on the spiritual path.
Ultimately, our future lies in our hands. Most people prepare attractive program for weeks, months and years to come, but what is most practical for calculating the practice of Dharma right now. If we do this, all of our attention will be completed. When we cultivate the moral action today, the laws of correlation depends excited assurance that a stream of positive transformation began operation. This is the precious nature of human beings: we can impact a dynamic vibrant future status of our being by the very application of wisdom to distinguish all the actions of the body , language, and our mind. Uses and cultivate wisdom wealth is sure to distinguish this very basic filtering essential part of human life.
Seeking an Inner Refuge
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
His Holiness Gave this teaching in Delhi in the early 1960s. It was translated by Losang Chopel and Glenn H. Mullin and first published in Contact in 1981 in Teachings at Tushita. This teaching was published in 2005 in the publication LYWA Teachings From Tibet. .END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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