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BIBLE COLLEGE BOWL NIRVANA [1] Dong-Jin, Sa-Subjects Like-France-Show translated Sanskrit into Chinese Like-mind-i.e. translation in simplified script out the word Encyclopedia.

I. COAST-run Nirvana I (A-Nan) be heard: a kia Buddha in the Same faculty-Street, in-forest big Bhikkhu-Da-Li (Vaisàli), along with one thousand two hundred and fifty a Bhikkhu-Khưu.
Meanwhile, the German World-religion with him A-Nan, one morning she dressed, carrying the bat into the khất-real. -Then, return to the Khất where old.
When eating rice, rinse, wash, arrange real-Austria, bowls, the Buddha told him A-Nan: "he helped me ngọa-tool. Now I want to go where Old Tower – Three dollars, enter-to-mind ". The Buddha say 's, He successively his A-Nan arrived.
Arriving there, he undergoes A-Nan ngọa-Buddha sit, tool. At that time, the German World-religion sit to-wife [2], silent failure – think. He also own A-Nan, decency-in-place, but not seated places.
Momentarily, the German World-religion words in meditation-to woke up, he calls him A-Nan, said: "where the Bhikkhu-Da-Ly here, there are many towers are very beloved, the Pros-da-Yan, Siddhartha Tower, Tower of Am-La, the Tower, the Tower Sa-da-Zi, the Tower-Ba-La".
He Was A-Nan! The four miracles-sufficiency [3] also in a past life realms or a past, present Future scenarios is like-gods-large – had plunged, há back cannot stay in a past life realms or a past? "
Century has opened up the door-ton: "can sometimes century-ton saved world-space", to teach him A-Nan, but, he A-Nan still im-silent, not understanding the genus at all.
Century-ton grace-need mentioning three times, he's A-Nan remained in non-tournament-Satori khuâng was visiting German-bred and cannot stay realms in a past life or lives, bring about a non-for profit schools of Natural and human-populated world-time. Why is that? Mr. A-Nan was Ma-Wang-or.
Germany World-religion say's to three times, found him A-Nan is still not opening – Satori, He successively im-silent.
Now, Ma-United [4] to the place where Buddha Buddha that "the Lord's prayer, white German World-religion! This century-religion should enter Nirvana! Now the creator – Oath [5] should enter Nirvana! Why is that? Before the World-religion in the banks of the River Ni-contact-meditation (Nairanjana) the recommended visiting World-religion-enter Nirvana, but, at the time of world-religion saw the occasional promotional-like, He answers: "Now we are four sets-Khưu (Bhiksu), Citadel-Bhikkhu-Khưu-Ni (Bhiksuni), Pros-BA-rule (Upàsaka),-she-di (Upàsikà) has not been fully and not found-is the foreign-led, so I have not entered Nirvana". Lord's century-religion! Now four sets of German World-religion-we have full, has now-is the State-directed and rewarding, both are done, so the German World-religion should enter Nirvana! "
When the Ma-Wang has three times as a result, the German-bred garage a: "You turned instead! Previously on the Ni-contact-meditation, I promised to him is my four-they have not been sufficient; to date, now fully and, following three months I would enter Nirvana! "
Ma-Wang heard the Buddha say 's, excited Hon-openings, go back to Heaven-Palace.
As soon as The instant discharging her Germany-religion in the life-time, use your God-, where hull-destined for three months.
Meanwhile, on the realms of land had eighteen General shake-free realms, and due to natural Sun God-Buddha 's, self-in no chorus up that "German-bred not soon will enter Nirvana." Schools of Natural, human-population, overhear, said he, regretfully, all over his flushed sensations.
Germany World-religion, right at the other place, saying that: post racks
Whole every student,
According to the "property" (have) that students.
We now also e-mail,
But not according to where the "property".
All-general form-work,
We now want to throw away.[6]
Germany World-religion said she then he back post racks sit im-silent.

An other Buddha to his A-Nan and Khưu, in the elevation of Bhikkhu-1.250 where Infection-the-street, in the forests of Bhikkhu-da-glasses.
According to the usual, a faith with him A century-religion-Nan on the khất-real.
Return, dinner is done, arrange average-A-bowl, he defended his ruling ngọa-tools for His rough start, go to the Old Tower – three dollars, to enter-to-mind.
To place The-ton German-TAM, sitting to im-silent thoughts-think. He also added A-Nan-own a place, close to the Buddha.
Ra, Buddha called him A-Nan, said: "where the Bhikkhu-da-ly here are more valued Tower!"
He taught: "the four miracles-sufficiency can also be a past life in the realms or non-existence, As one that has God há-force, did not stay to be a past or a past?"
If the Buddha said the lines the way for his A-Nan sometimes Buddhist world-record time. But, he said to the three times, he's A-Nan still im-silent. He was Ma-Wang-or. Sir im-silent.
Adjacent, Ma-United to Him sometimes into Nirvana, according to his promise in the Ni-contact-meditation settler. He noticed his earlier promise, now the time has come – so far. He Ying-pros: after three months He would enter Nirvana. Ma-Wang is pleased to return to Heaven-Palace.
He himself says: "whole sentient being London-revival-, are due to organic-pirated track. It is yet in sight, but there were other industry anymore. Now We remove false-workaround! "

When he saw A-Nan, in whose soil vibration-fear-scared heart too he self-thought: "why today suddenly have the Pretext-the Prime Minister. And, as such, is not small, now one should coast to ask Germany World-religion! "
Think then, Mr. A-Nan sailings from his stand up, sit in court before the Buddha, the Buddha head downwards, the white Buddhist ceremony that: "the Lord's century-religion! At its own place in the other, meditation thoughts, where you see these realms suddenly has eighteen General vibration; Children hear the drumbeat of unreal-Sun in the realms, not human fear too, don't know what the Prime Minister's staff – The coast of Germany, please only-for-ton! "
The Buddha taught: "A-Nan! This vibration-realms because eight-country thanks to the coast: one is that foreign realms to stand firm, thanks to this wheel wind but also, thanks to nowhere-zero wind. Out of nowhere – not at strong wind blowing in the wind picking up, wheel, wheel wind kia; wind wheel, the other countries had as well; other countries have, in whose land. The two are the Bhikkhu-khưu khưu-ni, or Bhikkhu-Advantages-she-BA-di, Pros-about spirit-tu, the newly-autonomous laboratory work, want to, so this land-realms. Thirdly, when Bo-slaps (Bodhissattva) in the place where the Sun Palace-(Tusita), Christmas-God in the form-thai, so these realms. Four is, when the Portuguese-born from the hip side slaps natively, so these realms. The year is, when the Portuguese abandoned Palace-King-slaps, school, the highest-level set-vaccine-position [8], should this be desired. Six is when like-Bred into Character, ethics, starting because Christian moved France-LUN [9], should this be desired. Seven is, when like-the-Future discharge longevity, uses spirit-our loved-destined, remained where should these realms. Eight is, when As-Lai entered Nirvana, so these realms. He Was A-Nan! He should know these realms of human-charm, has eight career like that! "
He Was A-Nan! There are eight more-them: one is a Police-seat [10]. The two are, Mrs. Brahmin [12]. Thirdly, the Head-fake [12] [13], Resident-artist. Four are, Sa-keeper [14]. The year is Yi-Tian-Wang. Six, the executioner-capital nature. Seven is, Ma-United. Eight is Great-Britain. Eight more-they then I look at their base-who wants to be an arbitrary spot so far, I-shaped because they say France, which the other did not know that I said ".
He Was A-Nan! There are eight seat Senate-win (win-made): one is in the mind has the idea of identity-the Prime Minister, in addition to the number of colors-General at least away. The two are, in the mind has the idea of identity-the Prime Minister, in addition to more general one about SAC-up. Thirdly, in General, not about identity-consistent addition of pigments-General at least away. Four are, in General, not idea of identity-in addition to more general identity number on up. The year is, whole identity are green. Six is the whole identity are gold, mini. Seven is, whole identity are red. Eight is the whole identity, are white. It is the user's upper-win-French-about Meditation-Dinh tu![15]
Again, he's A-Nan! Eight French League-escape: one is in the mind has the idea of identity, in addition to consistent about. The two are, in the mind, in addition to consistent utopian about about identity by thinking-think is real-net. Thirdly, the first prize-escape, four are, not-made award-exit. The year is, consciousness-of award-exit. Six is, co-owner of award-.- Seven is idea, non-non-idea-of award-exit. Eight are explain extermination-take-to-exit. Eight French Prize-escape is also France's upper-tu-about Meditation-to. If one reaches the spot rescue wing of the French-, i.e. for every infinite self-in-law were concerned.[16]
He Was A-Nan! He has previously when I know not:-, an-long Optimization-he-Ca-lettuce (Uruvilvàkàsyapa) on the River Ni-contact-meditation, then Ma-Wang to spot me, sometimes I thought: "the Lord's century-religion! This century-religion should enter Nirvana! The Lord Almighty Saviour – Oath – Oath Today! should enter Nirvana! -Why is that? -Who should be freed at all levels, both! Is The at Germany-religion should enter Nirvana! " Ma-Wang petitioned me three times as a result, I responded: "Now is not at me enter Nirvana! -Why is that? -Four sets of my not-they are full of, well, those should not reach the spot-winged, the map-they-are,-not! " I met like three times, Ma-Wang heard then, bring about something, go back to the heart sad-Thien Palace. Due to the charming settler, Ma-United again and now sometimes I: "the Lord's century-religion! This century-religion should enter Nirvana! The Lord Almighty Saviour – Oath – Oath Today! should enter Nirvana! -Why is that? -Previously when the banks of the River Ni-contact-meditation, to encourage World-religion-sometimes Germany entered Nirvana, but in the meantime Germany World-religion saw the occasional promotional-like, He answers: "Now is my four part-we-khưu, Bhikkhu-khưu Bhikkhu-ni,-BA-BA-di rule, favor-not yet in full, has now-is the foreign-led, so I have yet to enter Nirvana. Lord's century-religion! Now four sets of German World-religion-we have full, has now-is the exception-and the rewarding all have done, so now The-ton should enter Nirvana! " Ma-Wang petitioned Me to three times as a result, I responded: "previously on the Ni-contact-meditation, I promised to him four more — they're my not yet sufficient, today, now in full and, following three months I would enter Nirvana. Ma-Wang's and heard me say words, excited Hon-openings, go back to Heaven-Palace. Here We accepted the invitation of the Ma-Wang and then, sometimes I discharge the span of time, a temporary headquarters where Eco-Portal-mission three months, because human-charm, so this injury-realms land! "
Now he's A-Nan to Buddha say's he's sad about something then, too, all over his flushed sensations-blood, cry-lóc mướt, thướt-white Buddha that "the Lord's century-religion! Dear please century-ton us mercy, stay as long as one lives life realms or non-existence, a benefit for people's zhucheng favoritism and in world-space-! "
He was A visiting German World-religion-Nan come three times like that. At that time, he defended A century-religion-Nan: "now is not at him occasionally As-Lai saved world-time again! -Why is that? -I promised the Ma-Wang, the following three months I enter Nirvana, he did occasionally saved world-space to be? He Was A-Nan! He-fake I from the first, he used to hear me say two words ever? -Mr. A-Nan white Buddha that: "the Lord's century-religion! The unheard of Almighty God-Who-say two words ever! Previously the only German World-religion unheard, because four-they say that: "the French are four miracles-sufficiency, can stay in a past life realms or non-existence, the genus As a Futuristic scenarios are countless of mythological power ranks have-free-in, now is not able to stay in a past life realms or a discharge in the past, instant longevity – gianEco-mission, temporary headquarters three months, so The glass would like Germany-ton us mercy, stay as long as one lives life realms or a past life! "
The Germans responded to Mr. A-religion-Nan: "Now I if the discharge is due to his longevity,! Why is that? Its Board, where I pointed at him that says: "the four miracles-sufficiency can stay in a past life realms or a past, present Future scenarios is like-gods-large – had plunged, há back cannot stay in a past life realms or a past life? I should like to say grace-three times, to open the door for his occasional promotional-the-World-religion save time, which he for im-silent, no words are sometimes I stay realms tho a past or a past, so, now I only temporarily based themselves destined for three months, so now he sometimes I remained the-?
He was A-Nan to listen to the Buddha say, knows really a Buddha decided to enter Nirvana, why not occasionally be recommended-, mental pain-sad-, Austria-thướt-brain, cry-lóc mướt, cannot sea.
Germany World-religion found him A brain too-Nan b. line-like, He used an iron range-acoustic: "Mr. A-Nan! He should not persistently sad like birth! He should know: compounded micro-are like; whole the Festival-, must separate-ly! "
The adjacent, Germany-religion says that: post racks
Whole compounded-en,
Both returned to infinity-often.
The grace-AI Hoa,
Special-all about the place.
-General things,
It should not be born lo sad!
Now, he's A-Nan sa of Bach that: "the Almighty God-human-Lion ranks superior — Sun, invisible-not how much longer will enter Nirvana, now children do without worry sad!" Bach then he associated in action, loudly chorus up that: "alas, suffering so much! The eye of the world-time gone, not how long more they-b., d. father fresh! "
Germany World-religion to secure him A-Nan: "he should not persistently sad, though students can stay in a past life, a life realms or non-existence, but then also to ly-removal; and Prime Minister of the compounded chớ-vi-like, he should for I enter Nirvana that individually subjected to pain-suffering! Now I want to return to the Same-the-way, Mr. rule helps the ngọa-about! " The adjacent, Germany-religion with him A-Nan returns Duplicate-the-road.
He was A-Nan sitting meditation, suddenly you see land shake-up. He woke up scared-horror and thought the earthquake this course must have charm-excuse?
He asked the Buddha, so what excuse that there is a coast-earthquake so? The Buddha taught: "the earthquake has eight human-charm: 1/Realms land thanks to the water, wind and to provide mutual, when wind-hold water transfer, water is ground. 2/As-tu, want to experiment-we experience God-. 3. when Bo-Christmas-God in the form-slapped. 4/when Bo-slaps Christmas-birth. 5/when Bo-slaps-directed learning, into One-set-vaccine-. 6/when like-the-Future, began moving to France-LUN. 7/As As-Lai to discharge tho. 8/ When As-Lai entered Nirvana. "
Afterwards, He again defended his A-Nan is the Buddha-Dharma has eight more-them; meditation-to eight-win-French origin, 8-prize. And, he clearly human-Ghost visiting Him in Coast-United for his play Nirvana.
He was the top A-Nan, an out-the-Buddha saved time. The Buddha did not accepted the invitation, he said: "I promised the Ma-Wang. I'm not saying two words. And, so I've asked before, he does occasionally, now is not time anymore! "
He was A-Nan sad!
The Buddha said: "he don't worry anymore, the sad-all that! Compounded-vi, belong to infinitely-often, grace-AI meeting-special-case decided to divorce! "

Germany World-religion that he-Nan: "Now he goes all the Bhikkhu-Khưu where Infection-faculty-wide road, in forests, both in terms of both the Great-volume-road!"
He was A-Nan obedience Buddha taught, successively take security over the Bhikkhu-Khưu that "The protection of the German-ton about both-volume-road!"
The Bhikkhu-Khưu East enough, he gathered A-Nan white Buddha: "the Lord's century-religion! The Bhikkhu-Khưu are about meeting East enough, dear please Germany as-Lai know for hours that meeting's "!
Meanwhile, German-bred from the Same College-faculty-to-File-line, he spread the Court sitting and the Bhikkhu-Khưu: "settler me because the gods speak out all France, the always thinking-think and the tu-France's forgotten set of Jangan! The tu range-happy NET, strongly-for-precept prohibits, as well-being of God, the Holy Roman Empire-a-time. The Bhikkhu-Khưu! Settler me because what the say the French, the French think-think of the time, manner born lazy-nhác. I say thirty-seven French Director-food: four main needs of mantras, four, four as-Italy-apartments, residence, five, five, seven and eight cross-sensory-ethical-Department [17], which should focus, impaired-tu-think-need the French can do for you to place prize-escape!
Again, the Bhikkhu-Khưu! Whole the French belong to the null-threat-often, the body-clauses, as well as lightning-struck submerged, the not so born let-wiggle! The should know: like-not how long, after only three months will enter Nirvana! "
Now, the German World-religion-based talking post racks:
I want to give up this body,
Dear old plates weakened-weak.
Now, longevity and discharge
Temporarily turns to face three months!
Those should-a,
Whole done prose;
So not long,
I'll enter Nirvana.
The French said,
France's teacher of the gods;
The glass-matter, kept,
Tu-episodes don't leave!
The need-TIEN
As I live on the other?
B. e-mail threat-flooded too,
Eco-divinely infinite – often!
Often look forward to the prize-escape,
Do not create happier letting go-wiggle!
The main concept, bar-NET,
Keep the whole world banned commandments.
— Italy,-to think straight,
-The scene, compressing hold status.
If anybody makes is that,
The main French stronghold-household.
Order to escape, where-
Benefits – both personnel.
After the Bhikkhu-Khưu listen to the words of the Buddha, the Center was very distressed, crying-lóc mướt, throughout his thướt-flushed sensations, sad brain, Bach's passion for Austria: "the Lord Buddha that century-religion! Dear World-religion, Germany would remain in the realms of life, do not enter Nirvana, benefit-for us-born, increases Human, God-head. Dear World-religion, Germany would remain in the realms of life, do not enter Nirvana, open shed eye-intellectual property rights for them-was born. Whole us-born sa-an in place dark glasses for Germany as-bred because they illuminate them. Whole us-born great-immerse in sink-sinks, glass for German-bred because they made boats picked them! "
White finished the Bhikkhu-Khưu to the faculty, in action, punching his chest, sonorous: "alas, suffering so much! German-bred not soon will enter Nirvana, whole-scale-y where birth! "
Germany World-religion of the Bhikkhu-Khưu: "all belong to the whole of France, grace-radio-friendly Festival-, all must-, the world should not be saved sometimes-time again! Why is that? -This is not at the recommendation-sometimes I! Before I was due to the French-speaking, the situation should well kept entirely, as I also in life! "
The day was dark, Germany-religion with him A-Nan returns Duplicate-the-road.

The Buddha told his visiting A-Nan goes all Bhikkhu-Khưu about meeting in-file-path.
East, Buddha out meeting.
He advised the Bhikkhu-Khưu need to keep gender-Hanh Phuc thanh-Tinh, do-suitable for People, natural; Thirty-seven direct-product he has taught, need, should the tu--needs thinking-thinking will come where Prize-escape; the-radio-often, the body-dangerous-drenched quick-turnaround destiny, should not be let go-lung.
And, finally, He tells the Bhikkhu-khưu know that after three months He would enter Nirvana.
The Bhikkhu-Khưu cry-lóc, Buddha saved world-time, He said: "The materials are impermanent, grace-AI to cups-special, does so occasionally I, French I said before, should well kept entirely-understood, as I also in life!"
Finished, he returned to the Same-the-road travel-and will continue tomorrow.
Bright tomorrow Germany World-religion wear, bringing with him A-Nan, Bowl into khất-real. -Then, Him Khất returned Match-the-road. Eat rice, rinse, wash Him, and the same reality-the Bhikkhu-Khưu to the village Sweep-map.
The road to rural areas must be through the Bhikkhu-Da-glasses. When through the tutorial again, this looks Him up into ngoảnh, laughing. He is A Yang-Nan, the peak holiday sailings leaned down, ask Buddha that "the Lord's century-religion! Who won the Shanghai people's College-ton laugh for sure have charm, such asking for Germany-World-Respect for teachers-only known! "
The Buddha responds: "he's A-Nan! If I navigate to laugh, because this was the last time, I looked to see the city! "
Contemporary speech at As-Lai concluded, in the fictional-no, no, auto-rain. He found the back of the A-Nan white Buddha that "the Lord's century-religion! Very strange-for clean air in-,-, no little gas low cover, suddenly rained hail numerous seeds look like? "
The Buddha told him: "he's A A-Nan-Nan! He does not know, that is lettered on frivolous — no, hear me say today was the last time I seen a Bhikkhu-Da-Li, Tian AO-brain mind lettered too, trade – thanks to cry-lóc. There are tears of divine Nature, where rainwater is not! "
He was A-Nan and the Bhikkhu-Khưu, listen to the Buddha say 's, again sad-sad-upset about something, fainting to the ground, the white Buddha that "the Lord's century-religion! Today, Human pain-suffering too, The Commission-I do want to-religion at all, which enter the discharge Nirvana yet! "
German-bred twins used an iron range-acoustic: "the Kings! The situation should not be sad, melancholy student concern-again!-line.
The Bhikkhu-Khưu white Buddha that "the Lord's century-religion! Now the last century-religion looks into Bhikkhu-Da-Li, not how long more, Germany World-religion would enter Nirvana, we do not worry-sad, pain-suffering! "
Eventually dà-like, people who protect each other, to both of those lines of Ly-Xa (Licchavi) [18]. Line-this far, to hear her speech then, brought his heart sad-busy, all flushed sensations, science in action first hand, punching his chest, sonorous: "alas, suffering so much! The eyes of the dying-time then; us-born today is no longer where-y anymore! "
Then, they told each other: "Now we should arrive, visiting Him in the back to encourage-Bhikkhu-Da-Li and remained a lifelong rival realms or a past life, benefit-for God, the Holy Roman Empire-a-time". And, they strictly motor-car-garage, to the right place.
Out the door, they sighted the German As-Lai in the distance, to see him A-Nan, along the Bhikkhu-thướt-Khưu, cry-lóc mướt, sad brain-clogging, Austro-American line, the farther back the more sensors-Ly-, trade-mercy. They are connected to the Buddhist in the celebration of the Buddha, the Buddhist white down that: "the Lord's century-religion! The German World-religion today, enter Nirvana, whole them-you will lose the eye position-intellectual property rights; us-born incumbent in place of black-dark, how do you see these seats should follow. Dear please stay realms century-religion or non existence of a past life a Please enter Nirvana! "
They sometimes century-religion to three times as a result, the Buddha responded: "whole compounded-vi [21] belong to infinitely-often; Although I have stayed in the realms of a past life or lives, and also a return to infinity-often! "
Meanwhile German-bred twins say post racks:
Mountain high, Tu-Di
The following must also be objective-worn.
The sea while the wide, deep,
And then also to drought.
Japan, though in the morning,
A few low-key diving West.
Kien-try, however, Earth realms
Mang-burden of whole;
KIEP take fire career fire
Also back endlessly-usually.
The grace-AI meeting-,
Special-all about the place.
As-Lai too life-past,
Kim-diamonds real-damage;
Also disabled-typically,
Now other há?
Schools of the Dharma,
The situation should not occasionally;
Do not separate for me,
That spawned worries, sad!
When Germany's World-religion, he said, and then post the shelves of the lines of Ly-far from that: "the love Saints should listen, listening skills Word cry-lóc-Lai said the final session As!"
Those other Bach that flow Cups-away: "You turned the German World-religion, Lord! Dear please century-religion tell, we look forward to hearing ".
Now German-bred spread is-to-tool, sit, the Bhikkhu-Khưu, along the lines of other, keep-away, sitting on a fast compression. Germany World Cup security people-religion-away across the line that: "should know there are seven methods-France, increasingly ahead: one is, please-looks Hoa-Dong, not in reverse. The two are the same sensations, and teaching career goals-Satori. Thirdly, keep-strongly forbidden and hold feasts-world. Four are, dear parents and other cult-leader. This is, user-like inclusion-entry, redundant-mutual agreement. Six are in the water, this shrine, Tower-luxury cosy-easily. Seven is, well keep the Buddha-Dharma, Dear Dear Bhikkhu-Khưu and Bhikkhu-Khưu-ni; love helping Pros-BA-BA-di along with Pros-rule. If anybody is doing seven French, Norwegian-German person, increasingly more progress, the country's population-Hung-sheng, fun-looks. From now until the end of his life, the well kept seven of France's position should, should not be lazy nhác! "
Those lines of Ly-away across the white Buddha that "the Lord's century-religion! Seven French, if they are the only tu-be a France, still makes Norway-Germany we pushed our children, for tu-action scenarios is complete-integrity is seven France! Rather, the Lord's century chemistry quarter-ton! Now we are happy to take advantage of this lifetime, we would like to hold, there would not dare to forget the well! "
The Buddha told the Bhikkhu-Khưu: "from now onwards, should the French tu-episode seven: one is fun-looks like water-soluble, with milk. The two are often the same set of business-meetings Assistant table. Thirdly, keep-strongly about banning, not b.--idea en-offense. Four are the same, offering the master glass-upper-tier. The year is, lo-material lined-up and the glass-affection the Bhikkhu-Khưu static-tu where A-lan-NHA. Six is recommended-forums-free, this-to the same places an equilateral triangle-in-Office-origin. Seven is industrious-take care-taking hold-Buddha-Dharma. The should know, if any, do Bhikkhu-Khưu, the seven French-German position-intellectual property, on the day ahead! "
"The Bhikkhu-Khưu! There are seven French monks, should, should not be such as: one is found in economic-business-home-industry. The two are not goals nhảm, joked. Thirdly, no ham sleep-off, go-need. Four are, not what the table invisible time-.- The year is, stay away from you, dear-near to you. Six main-mantras, often thought to be, not b. Ta-idea. Seven is, if the Buddha-Dharma, there is room for further evidence, again. If you do, the seven French-German position-intellectual property rights on falling-head ".
"The Bhikkhu-Khưu! There are seven French again the should do: one is that, for the Buddha, Dharma, Rose, b. Trust be fixed. The two are, to know. Thirdly, know Tiger. Four are, usually ham heard much. The year is not notable, mind-xốc. Six is, ham heard means business. Seven is, ham tu Tri-intellectual property. If the Dominicans are seven French, German intelligence-intellectual property rights on public-on the increase-head ".
"The Bhikkhu-Khưu! There are seven French "-" [20], which should do: one is a Trach-(Select method). These two are essential to progress. Thirdly, mudita (fun). Four are, contempt-(an-fun light-curves). The year is, recite (remember thinking). Six is formatted (meditation-to). Seven is, discharge (shaking). If you do, the seven French-German position on intellectual property, on the increase--Chief ".
"The Bhikkhu-Khưu! There are seven French: one is, countless. The two are countless cafes. Thirdly, any-net. Four are, consistent line. The year is, no ham world-time. Six is not about active-education [21]. Seven is, industrious Hunter-President Director tu (Nirvana). If you do, the seven French-German position on intellectual property, on the increase--Chief ".
"The Bhikkhu-Khưu! There are seven, should do: one is, the body usually do (from). The two are, the mouth usually do heal. Thirdly, Italy usually do heal. Four are, if there are forums-free-for all things,-per-class, not to be God-Kings. The year is colored deep-away French, ham said not bored. Six is not bringing books world-time teaching people. Seven is, see the asynchronous learning, not mind jealous-hate. If the Dominicans are seven public-Germany, France, intellectual property, on location-increases-head ".
"The Bhikkhu-Khưu! There are seven, should make special: one is conversant in-turn, divided into nine-France [22]. The two are, clearly meaning. Thirdly, action-directed, trendy-episodes, all must. Four are, go, stand, sit, lie right in-principle. This is, for the right amount of power-France. As if Her Brahmin, Officer-capital, head-fake-singer, wants to hear, so ingenious, say as compared to the unit-body. Seven is, pure, stupid, mind. If you do, the seven French-German position on intellectual property, on the increase--Chief, can be treated-keep-my French! "
Now, my wife who line the Cups-away to hear the Buddha does not soon will enter Nirvana and this was the last time He looked at the Bhikkhu-da-cups, they are Austro-thướt-brain, crying along with five hundred mướt, glamorous-, shopping-this five hundred Quadriga, carrying the cozy atmosphere – easily. All cars are bare-set page-strictly: White Buffalo chariot pulling, hanging the phan-the white-essential; until the color purple, black chariot, gold, etc., are all under water buffalo that ceiling. The page-they are strictly and, in addition to the times-turns out, go to the place of Buddha.
Meanwhile, the German World-religion far far sighted the other person is equivalent to transportation, He defended the Bhikkhu-Khưu: you have seen the line's wife, before later opening glass-Arabic, which is very serious, USA-site-rate come back here?
The Bhikkhu-Khưu ", we have seen".
The Buddha told the Bhikkhu-Khưu: "There are people who line the Cups-away, head-fake with their wives in the Bhikkhu-Da-Li, Yong-suspected entry, so is the ball-loáng, as seen on different Executioner-capital not offering Sun!"
The line's wife at the far end to where Buddha-then, face down, wounded crying Festival thướt-involuntary arrestor; mướt, they bring the cosy-up easily that: "the Lord Buddha and the white German World-religion! Dear please stay realms century-religion, religion-them-life. If the present century-religion entered Nirvana, we the blind dark forever impossible stubs-Satori. Little Bliss, us-born humanitarian, passive body, often with the stop-order in, don't be afraid, no close-coast has always been in the vicinity of Germany, the German World-Ton-ton is about to enter Nirvana, donation-based us increasingly shoot-less! "
Meanwhile, German-bred plants in response to that: "from now onwards for the rest of her life, the realms should hold world-need, as the holder of the eyes; Italian-born concept right-straight, don't mind xiểm-flattering, jealousy-hate, like that is usually seen Me so! " The wife of the other, listen-away Glass Buddha said no more trade-he then, mercy, sad-, not of been sitting back on one side, seamlessly.
Now, Am-BA-la (Àmrà) content-nhan Chinh, Doan-world-wide, to hear the Buddha not long from now, will enter Nirvana, now is the last time, he looked into Bhikkhu-Da-Li, she brings compassion – mercy, Austria-brain, cry-lóc mướt, associated with thướt-so-in her five hundred, five hundred-page, the chariot-hit out, go to the place where Buddha.
At that time, the German World-religion skylines seen them go back, he defended the Bhikkhu-Khưu: "! Now she is Am-Brahmin to where it is, she's beautiful, image-designs-the strange ambiance, all-consuming, second to none. The Center, which should be presentable-, Italian-born-don't say about the idea. The Bhikkhu-Khưu should close this one, there are things any-net: liver, gastro-intestinal tract, bile, heart, lungs, thick, kidneys, spleen, manure, leaves, blood, pus, etc-with net real things therein, has up to eight-thousand children in right therein and feathers, hair, nails, teeth, skin slim wrap meat, nine-hole usually flows [23] …, not something can someone-like being. Again, the first born-incarnation, due to the extraordinary-NET and can seat of this body, the current account-all makes-net flow. While page-health with silk flowers, silk-showy-stormed the scent, but, as well as in precious containers Chou-UE. And, when killed,-phềnh, corruption-ragged left burning, burning, decay in the fuselage had same-, rỉa meat-eaters; longer be lobster Leopard, birds owls, bird cut … slaughter-rỉa. The life of foolish, not knowing one-foot-, Mexican Police captured grace-AI, held until death, and in time, hope-taking-education students. The guys have favours to the position, again? "
Germany World-religion-based talking post racks:
However, wearing British-Lac [24],
Incense, flowers themselves this-to;
Same nose, analysis, interpretation,
Real-net holder filled in.
Us-born men-sorry, hold,
Mexican mistake not Visual-effects;
As well as ash coated with fire,
The sleeper slanted upward.
Tri-fake should avoid, as far
Don't mind pollution-before birth.
Then she Am-BA-la before the Buddha, the Buddha head, bringing the legs down holiday drinks, cosy-cosy-up easy, easy, swallowing, choking-white ratio that: "the Lord's century Buddhism-religion! Dear please stay realms century-religion, saved the life-time, do not enter Nirvana, benefit-for God, the Holy Roman Empire-a-time. If Germany World-religion to enter Nirvana, the whole us-born, no longer one pimp-lead, as the child takes the mother's gentler! "
At that time, Germany World-religion that she Am-BA-la ", Prime Minister of the whole action-General-things like that, now she shouldn't b. compassionate-brain!"
The German-French-gardened Religious dogma for everyone to hear: "this is the place Buddha! The position from now onwards should keep-strongly forbidden world, should not be missing-, vi-piracy. Those who break-world, the demon-God, long, are bored-hate, bad rumors all over, people don't want to see; If in the US, there is no Norwegian-German, the demon-God is not charity-craft-Passport; When par was dying, mind-consciousness afraid-fearful and despite little – industry, were not remember thinking, dead plants as peers, subjected to pain-suffering in hell, many lives of-, later out to bear the body-demon, cattle-was born. For the London-transfer, do not know any, will be awarded-exit. By contrast, Bhikkhu-Khưu holds world, Christianity, long, demon-God, bow-all together, kkhắp, both the reputation of Fort – gian or; in General, Norway-Germany-us-striking, the demon-God, usually friendly-in-dying were destined, the celebration of the manure-, die-born right on the place bar-net ".
Amid French-Lai said, As six thousand eight thousand Natural breasts, eight more far-left ceiling structure [25] is French-with-net [19]; Sixty-Khưu elevation Bhikkhu, pirated-career off, the khai-Award [27], the ranks of A Arhat [28].
Now Germany World Cup series who protected-religion-away with his wife and her Am-Brahmin that: "We now want to go to rural areas, the Sweep-back to the place in which and should know: all baggage-General (the materials) are common, the radio-only release by the French tu-should I have said, the situation should not make the child cry-lócAustria-brain trade-mercy! "
The German World-religion and court sitting in his garage from stand up. Those lines of Ly-away with his wife and her mother, listen to the Am-the Buddha says, punching his chest, head, crying, crying in action-lóc, noi road according to the Buddha is not subject to return.
Germany World-religion see attachment-deep grave--as far as a result, cannot use the words an-ironing, He successively uses spirit-chemistry, as rivers flooded, the river deep-down, waves insanely runoff vun-soaring. Meanwhile, those lines of Ly-away with his wife and her Am-she-la see Germany as-Lai, the Bhikkhu-Khưu was at the river side, all the more sense-, mercy, sad-, soil-and roll out, along comes together that "tiny Monster strange, suddenly stops where there are major rivers, which have wave clapping loud-singing intimidating? Really a German-bred that we go by not giving up, which turned out to make the path way! " Those lines of Ly-far from the other with his wife and her Brahmin, non-PM-River was, the more rural-conscious, increasingly-nghẽo, choke-,-hope to return.
Now German-bred to hamlet, he sat in a fighter-map of northern forests, the Bhikkhu-Khưu that "the French should know there are four: one is the world's two is four, three is enough, if one is not listening-exit said four French, her eternal in-tank. Once I knew four legal without listening, I can't prove he was the main Director-result Championship-upper class,-Visual-! "
Germany World-religion-based talking post racks:
World, intellectual property, Entertainment-exit,
If we have not heard long ago;
Unable to quickly prove to be,
Directed infinity-upper-legs.
The should-TIEN
Tu-episode four of France 's;
End to be line-,
Rice was the most Natural, human welfare.
Germany's World-religion, he said, and then post the shelves again because the Bhikkhu-Khưu analysis-and wide meaning of the four French-speaking. In Germany as saying the French-bred, a thousand two hundred a Bhikkhu-Khưu, instantaneous for all France, smuggled-career off, opening the A-tier solutions, Arhat.
Road to the village Sweep-map, right through the Bhikkhu-da-glasses.
Germany World-religion going through His head face up to look into this and laugh-smile domain\username Vinh-special function-Italian.
Between the time a tributary on frivolous-don't cry-lóc, tears flow down like rain. The Bhikkhu-Khưu sad!
Therefore, the lines of Ly-into Bhikkhu-da-cups to know, pull together to the Buddha and Buddha saved world-time, the Buddha taught: "the materials are endless: Mountain Tu-di, the vast sea, the Sun, moon, realms, grace-AI, kim-diamonds were disabled-typically move-ly! OK, don't occasionally me anymore! The listen hear me talk about the French mind: 1/7 fun-looks, the peace-agreement with each other. 2/Visual-effects and discuss career. 3/precept and ceremony-Yi. 4/glass parent, the Arc-ton head pillow 5/Trunk-like inclusion of mutual agreement-entry redundant-. 6/This-sang, cozy atmosphere – easily towers-shrines in the country. 7/Keep Buddha-Dharma, Bhikkhu-Khưu and appreciation – South, Tin-female ".
Him back toward the Bhikkhu-Khưu, teaching the many set-real, real-[29].
Then, those lines of Ly-as far as Buddha and the Buddha is sometimes also saved the-time. The Buddha did not accepted the invitation and advised: "should keep the world-need and Italy-in celebration of the straight, not so flattering, xiểm-envy-hate, as I am in life!"
In turn she-BA-la.
She is someone who has excellent-fantastic beauty. Chamber of the heart of them, before she arrived, the Buddha gave permission to College-real-one on the net.
She came, Buddha, Buddha and the Buddha also taught as before.
Again, He recommended that the General should all hold World Youth-NET, should not be missing. And, he talks about the benefit of the holder, and breaking the world.
Eventually, He comes out to rural areas from-from Strafing-map.
Due to the passage of people captivated-decided by Him did not return, he must prevent – how to make chemistry rivers on both sides, just come.
To rural areas, He taught the emperor Qianlong-a Bhikkhu-Khưu about 4 France: world, intellectual property and Entertainment-exit.

V. 4 and 3-SET
Then, in the same situation in Germany-religion-Khưu, both from the Bhikkhu sit in his stand up, go to villages, towns, villages and the Am-she-la, until a match-up – elderly. To the other, He and the Bhikkhu-Khưu walked around before, and then sit in one place. Germany World-religion of the Bhikkhu-Khưu: "there are four Holy-Roman Empire, the police should take: one is the one-Line-racks. Two episodes. Thirdly, Kill-Empire. Four are,-.
The Bhikkhu-Khưu! GAUGE-the news is eight-line: one is a line of students, the two are old, thirdly, line about disease, suffering, agony, four are about to die, this is not about wanting to be, suffering, sorrow, suffering about the six is – hate to Assembly-Satori, seven is, suffering about grace-AI to separate-ly, eight is, suffering about warm [30] the radiance-. The second line should know: eight time with compounded-pirated [31] the hundred, should take the line.
EPISODE-EMPIRE: infinity-joined-AI worked for eight other base-line, should know this is Episode-Empire of the line.
KILL-EMPIRE: infinity-joined-AI, interrupt end human suffering, should know this is kill Killer-Empire.
DIRECTOR-EMPIRE: i.e. the Bowl-major-Director (eight main road): one is a main-comments (understanding,--idea-key), only two are private-Government (thinking-think-main), three are government-language (speaking features foot-main), four are Government-karma (action-key) in the Government-mission (trades live foot-main), six are carried out, seven Government-is,-notion (remember thinking foot-main), eight are Government-making. Eight French, is the path of the Holy Cross-staff. If anybody is essential cafes are four Holy-industrious-Emperor, far from being the most-to-tank quickly, to where Prize-escape.
The Bhikkhu-Khưu! The four Saints-Empire, if anyone has reached room-wing, should also try to convince others. After I kill-degree, the situation should also be diligent speculation-think, tu-volumes. "
Between the French saying at German-bred, five hundred pirated-elevation Bhikkhu-Khưu, off, the mining industry, glazing solutions A-La-Han; four thousand divine Nature on fictional-no, because this place, far left, is French-Tran-Tinh.
Germany World-religion again defended the Bhikkhu-Khưu: "there are four French decision-making on the talk: (decision-theory): one is, if a Bhikkhu-Khưu, ham, theory says that:" I am loved by the Buddhas, Buddha said the French like to listen, I understand the significance of France's pure passive-maintained, and I read very common-interest "; the occasional situation speaks, but should the seat to hear she should follow, self thinking-thinking, proficient in-turn, true in business, law, thesis (French General) has France 's? If business, law, France's treatise the passive-Tri, praise should be you. If in business, law, no legal treatise, not passive-maintained, nor should praise-praise. The should know: France is not I say. "
Two is that, if a Bhikkhu-Khưu ham theory-France said: "I heard the opposite ... the Bhikkhu-Khưu-Up was like, I understand the significance of France's pure. And I read-passive-maintenance information-very "; the position is sometimes advisable, should say, but hear the French, under seat self thinking-think pure-turn right out of business, law, argument, France 's? If business, law, legal argument, should acceptance-Tri, praise-praise is you. If in business, law, no legal treatise, not passive-maintained, nor should praise-praise. The French positions should know: he's not me talking nor the Bhikkhu-Khưu kia says ".
Thirdly, if a Bhikkhu-Khưu, ham, theory says, "I follow places rise-old-blue [32], where A-lan-NHA [33] other, had various Bhikkhu-Khưu upper-located, are all you hear much, school,-, Tri-intellectual property, said France 's, I listen, I understand that France's pure, and I read very passive-maintenance information-Loi"; the position is sometimes advisable, should say, but hear the French, under seat self thinking-think pure-turn right out of business, law, argument, France 's? If business, law, legal argument, should acceptance-Tri, praise-praise is you. If in business, law, no legal treatise, not passive-maintained, nor should praise-praise. The should know: France is not I say. "
Four are, if a Bhikkhu-Khưu ham theory-France, said: "I follow places old-Growth-where A-lan, LAN-NHA, a Bhikkhu-Khưu upper-, Tri-intellectual property rights, hear more, said France 's, I hear, I understand the significance of France's pure-turn and I, reading very passively-via-Loi"; the occasional situation speaks, but should the French should follow that hearing impaired-thinks he, himself, in pure-turn, the law, were France 's? If business, law, legal argument, should acceptance-Tri, praise-praise is you. If in business, law, no legal treatise, not passive-maintained, nor should praise-praise! The French positions should know is not I say. "
The molecule-from four French-speaking, of the law is also distinctive theory-analysis-France, awarded-transmission to others.
Although I left in life or I entered Nirvana, lied-disguised or foot-real, the law does, knows! "
Meanwhile, the Buddhist Bhikkhu-Khưu white that: "You turned the German World-religion, Lord! From now on, we would like to say special words and analysis-the Buddhist word ma says! "

Through the hamlet, village, Hamlet, she-la Am-Yancheng-Germany World-religion and the Bhikkhu-Khưu to the Good-old. Here, he taught the Bhikkhu-Khưu should take one-quarter observations-Holy Roman Empire: a gauge--, File-, Kill-and Director-Roman Empire.
Him to teach you about four of the French-speaking: four of France 's:
1/Khưu do tell Bhikkhu-elevation is close follower of Buddhism, listeners are French, understand the meaning and usage-maintenance information-read the French's lawsuit, the should take place to be, thinking-thinking view France's business, law, right to comment or not. If true, the passive-should praise-praise. By, only because France does not have to say.
2/any said elevation Bhikkhu-Khưu is where the Bhikkhu-Khưu-the other being heard Increases France's etc should also think-think as above.
3/Khưu do tell Bhikkhu-elevation is old-Growth-blue, the other A-lan-elegant, there are many upper-elevation Bhikkhu-Khưu, said France's and he be heard etc. also need to think-think as above.
Citadel-Khưu elevation 4, which says that in other places a Bhikkhu-Khưu upper-located, said France's and then be heard etc. should also be thinking-think as above.
He taught: "the molecule-from 4 to about the French-speaking and French's Division also uses 4-special presentation-France, awarded-transmission to others. Though I am in life or entering Nirvana, lied-disguised or foot-real, the use of France's unknown! "

Now, Germany The same the Bhikkhu-religion-Khưu are from court sitting, get up, go to villages and Former-BA. To rural areas, He along the Bhikkhu-Khưu, walked around before, and sat down under a tree root.
Meanwhile, those of Her Brahmin, head-fake-in rural areas, to hear the Buddha came to rural areas, which together places flocking to arrive, the first Buddhist. celebration of the Buddha, then sit back down on one side, white Buddha that "the Lord's century-religion! Now Germany The same the Bhikkhu-religion-Khưu to rural areas we own, we get no-animal! "
German-bred garage a: "following three months I would enter Nirvana, from the Bhikkhu-Da-Ly, go around the hamlet-hamlet-this hamlet to hit me!"
People listen to the Buddha said, wounded cry lyrics-brain-clogging, sad shirt roll out the land, the faculty, in action, punching his chest sonorous: "alas, suffering so much! The eye of the world-time gone, we do not soon take place rules-driven, result-leader! "
Hoot and they lose-white that "Lord sùi century-religion! The German World-religion, glasses please stay realms in a past life or a past. "
Germany World-religion "the not so sad-like student mind busy! Stars. -Computer, Prime Minister of the compounded micro-like. The skip count lo sad going, static-interested to hear Me speaking-France last time! "
Meanwhile, the other person, keep hold their fast, quiet listening. Meanwhile, in the other, there are a sit her Brahmin named Waving-ba-education-the who-, Tri-intellectual property rights, to hear more, remember, Germany as the Malay sailings that: "should know: in-country has four French, tu-episode: A right should be, offering parents, all-glass-tastes. The two are often brought to France, taught that his wife and children. Thirdly, trade, remember I insist, knowing the way they are or not. Four are near-close – tri-, far from avoiding evil. If he usually makes four of France's present life is dear, dear friends, later often into place.
Again, he's Waving-ba-education-Empire! There are four French people-join: one is fun, not someone else's debts, no sharp face Tiger-. The two are, very wealthy, self pity, what right do not dare to use to his parents, wife, family-like, neither Captivate-level and not cosy-cycle-the easy-keeper, she-Sa. Thirdly, the very wealthy, the body dressed in beautiful smell delicious, mouth eating; know, cosy-easy parents, Kin-like allure-in all levels and serve-the cycle-the Sa-, Ba-. Four are, who are three: body, mind, do not do evil; Media – minh Tri-intellectual property, preferred to hear more.
He should know: in-country legal fun, but while there, who did not owe others and only interested in participating, under the French sẻn he called French cheer up landing; or work-the French delegate, is of secondary, career, business people, business, do not create evil,-, Tri-intellectual property, fancy, French's French fashion happy than before (upper) ".
German-bred twins says the shelves:
Do not owe the same reference, sẻn
Called fun dark,
Of bring-countries,
She is excited secondary.
Three career always pure,
-Intellectual property, like listening to many;
It's more fun,
The Tri-intellectual property care do.
The situation from today
For the remainder of life realms;
Young and teach each other,
Do the French lieutenant, Colonel.[34]
Now, he's Waving white Empire-ba-education-Lord Buddha that "German World-religion! From now on we would bring France and the French Senate (than before), open shed and mutual guidance-Pimp! "
Meanwhile, he's Waving-three-hundred-year Empire, sailings in front of the Buddha, passive tam quy-y [35] and five world [36]. The criminals he Waving-ba-education-Empire gives the white Buddha that: "the Lord's century-religion the same lettered Bhikkhu-Khưu-Rose, tomorrow hoan-Hy the cozy atmosphere-our easy." German-bred ex officio Ying-Shun.
The criminals he Waving-ba-education-the Falcon-pros already know Buddha from his court, adjoining sitting alongside them-people to stand up against astrological ceremony here, Buddha returned.
Arriving at the House himself, throughout the night they go shopping-this food delicious-drink aromatic-tho, heal. Come tomorrow, when coming to the wrong person credit hours eating, they become to the white Buddhist: "Dear World-religion, said Germany would then hours Thu-son, brother-composing done!"
Meanwhile, German-bred along the Bhikkhu-Khưu-rise, surrounded before Buddha, go to the criminals he Waving-ba-education-Empire. Arrive, times-weekly sat down. He was Waving-ba-education-Empire, saw the Buddha and we are on the rise, and then he goes an-is taken water, manually setting-parody [37] the food and drink. While her five hundred Brahmin, head-fake-, are bringing the delicious rice to the engine, the same cozy atmosphere – easily up Buddha.
Between meals, in the Bhikkhu-Khưu, no-doubt where relatives cleverly keep-General, the people She Brahmin, head-fake-artist looks like, seeing he was not interested in fun-looks.
Germany World-religion know about them-like character, he successively universally-that: "he should know: political-of the as-Lai sweeping as tank units were not comparable-. In a large tank, the us-born eco-be very long, due to a six-week, ten thousand thousand or long-eight thousand us-born Jewish-week, four thousand due to the long-long-a-week, week-by-one thousand and one nearly, half-long, until the body with micro-polar. Tank of As-Lai too, or there are results in the A-la-Han enough three allows intelligent [38] the same six miracles-[39] was the prestigious big-Germany-conducive to Human happiness brings nature and therein also be result A-Na-ham [40],-da-ham [41], Tu-Da-Complete [42], i.e., therein also be four results-quarter directions [50]; until there are also human-Lady France-what is yet to be profitable. So, not for the French tank, ceremonial-afraid! "
At that Instant Article century-religion says racks:
Every river, whole
All flows toward the sea.
Buddha and rice growing, cosy
Happy about himself, too!
German-bred said she then, He left the post shelves because people, says whole all of France. In France, the criminals he Waving-three-hundred-year Empire, far left-line, was French-with-net.
To the Former-Ba hamlet along the Buddha Bhikkhu-Khưu to sit under the tree.
Her Brahmin, head-fake-singer of his time there-the Waving-ba-in rural areas to know, pull together to the Buddha, the Buddha is about to enter Nirvana. They appealed to Buddha saved the cry, sometimes, but He does not accept-and were He an-ironing as how many times before.
Here, he teaches: "people in need should have the French-the tu-4 episodes:
1-glass and s-up parents.
2/to bring the French Protestants taught his wife and children.
3/compassion and help me-I.
4/near you, avoid you evil.
He again taught: "in-the four French fun:
1 don't owe anybody.
bỏn sẻn 2/wealthy but with both his parents, family-like, etc.
3/Some-Phu know dress, bow-up parents, family-like, Feng-tu-Kings.
4/, password, do not do evil,-, Tri-intellectual property, to much.
Four top class, 2 is a fun, French 3rd class is secondary, and fourth class degree. So, from this one location should follow secondary and other upper level! "
People heard the Buddha says France are welcome-Hy, please Thu Tam-, five-and sometimes they Rise tomorrow to the Buddha and the cozy atmosphere – easily.
During the meal, there is no strictly--, they are seen, they are not fun. The Buddha felt that, He taught: "in a large tank has a variety of us-born, to, is different, in the tank of I, too, have produced Four-balls and also the human-Lady France-what is yet to be profitable. The situation should not be surprised-area. And, knowing that Buddha, they are cosy – easily, well then I will be, as in every river, which flows about swimming! "
Listen to the Buddha speaks, people far apart are the ceiling-and were-with-net.
Then, Germany The same the Bhikkhu-religion-Khưu-up from his stand up, sit in court was pushed forward, to the Three-three. Meanwhile, he's Waving-three-hundred-year Empire, mercy hoot-crying, glass-German-bred line up late, they claim-Islamic Commission looked grave-glass, not seen again until they return.
When The Germans came into the Three-three-ton then, in the end, the son of a cleverly named Net-Momentum (Cunda). He Purely-da has a garden, very static-mịch, German-bred plants along the Bhikkhu-Khưu fin-around, go to the Park.
He Purely amitābha Buddha and hear them rise to the garden alone, excited Hon openings, not of the same people, he added, were to arrive, the first Buddhist festivals, and then stood back down leg side, white Buddha that: "the Lord's century-religion! We do not know German World-religion, there is nothing to this coast, or no-animal anything else? "
Germany World-religion "--of course I come here, because not long anymore I would enter Nirvana, I want similar comments last time!"
Now, he's Pure-Momentum along the same type, to listen to the Buddha say, mind-brain-injured too, sad-upset roll out, fainted hours long province, khẽ the white Buddha that "the Lord's Century-religion! Now He removed them-born, there fell from concept to them anymore, or that he wants to enter Nirvana? Dear please please stay realms tho a past or a past life! " Instant, he was again in action, punching his chest, sonorous: "alas, suffering much instead! The eyes of the whole-time gone, from now on we – born after plunging-wrecked in the tank-e-no term out yet! Why is that? Who won the Shanghai Director-enter Nirvana! "
He Purely German World-religion-da: "conservative he persistently sad, should not be born whole all-General of the French are like, is null-often change moved; Grace-AI meeting-, decided at one point, he ly-should not concern-sad birthday anymore! "
He Purely white Buddha amitābha sailings that: "the Lord's century-religion! Now we also know all-is-usually, General-AI Association-grace must separate-ly but, the most Ridiculous-upper-ton would enter Nirvana, how we trade-mercy, Austria-brain! "
Meanwhile, The German-speaking Religious because of his Pure-da whole France. He Purely-da heard then, persistently sad slightly reduce its sailings from court sitting, standing up, tuning-Yi, chễ, top coat as Buddhas, Bach festivals down that: "the Lord's century-religion! Tomorrow The German glass please, get the cozy atmosphere-ton-easily our human protein-Silver! "German World-religion implicitly Ying-Shun.
At that time, he knew Buddha has Pure-da-ying, Mr Lien Chan Buddhist ceremony down, retreated.
He Purely-da home throughout the night safaris-delectable food and drinking heavily. Tomorrow, when coming to mealtime, he's wrong people credit--to the white Buddhist: "Dear please century-religion know time passive-son, brother-composing was done!"
Meanwhile, German-bred along the Bhikkhu-Khưu fin-around after him, to his Net-momentum. Arrive, times-weekly sat down. He Purely-da saw Buddha sit, he adhered to go get water, manually setting the-compose-parody down Bowl. Germany World-religion they Increased eating, washing, the old seat. He Purely-da also sit. He Purely German World-religion-da: "Security Now he has done the rare happiness. Cozy atmosphere – easily rice and Buddha Bhikkhu-Khưu-Up last time, result-report, never ceases to be. All their whole them-students planted-cultivated, nothing can compare-match with his easier cosy-happy, he should himself born mind excited. Now last time we accepted the invitation of his complete, sometimes we do not accept sometimes nasty wart of ai anymore! "
Germany World-religion-based talking post racks:
He is now building up,
A rare public-Germany;
Finally, cosy rice,
The Buddhist Bhikkhu-Khưu-alongside.
-Germany on adding up,
Forever is not the same-masterpiece.
Now he should himself,
B. very excited;
Whole Gospel creator,
Not equaled his blessings!
To the Ba-Ba, the Buddha along them rose to stay at the the garden of his Pure-da.
He Purely-Momentum along those same-type hearing, to issue the Buddhist ceremony and occasionally-He arrived here. He teaches: "I am about to enter Nirvana, so I want to come here also-comments".
He Purely-da same people hear the sad-sounding-cry sometimes busy, save the Buddha, He is an – gian-ironing as before.
Afterwards, he petitioned the Buddha along them Up tomorrow hoan-Hy to he used rice. Buddha im-silent.
After the feast, the Buddha told him he was Pure-da: do the rare is easier cosy-happy Buddha, they Increased last time. Phuc-quote does not ever be. All well-our-born, cannot be so-with his Gospel-report. He should mind excited. This is the last time We accepted the invitation of his sometimes! "
When Germany's World-religion, he said, and then post the shelf adjoining A-Nan told him: "Now I see pain, want to the Former-contest-na!"
Now, he's A-Nan and the Bhikkhu-Khưu Net-momentum, and he heard the Buddha says he, too, which suffering birth-cry thướt-mướt, involuntary confinement.
Right at that time, Germany World-religion from his Court sat along the stand-Khưu fin-around the Citadel, goes on the other. He Purely-da glamour-in also take the German-bred.
The German World-religion sit halfway break under a stump, he defended his A-Nan: "Now My stomach too!". He relied on his A-Nan. A few undescribed goes way up, he gains-blood back to the old stump, he defended his A-Nan: "he Increased the old coat-Chile [44], four times spread to the ground, I want to sit here, but couldn't break up anymore!" He is A Buddha taught obedience-Nan, y.
Germany World-religion sit off stump and his A-Nan: "I am thirsty, he came to the Ca-Qu-ta, sealed little clean water for Me to drink!".
He was A-Nan white Buddha that: "the Lord's Century-religion! Its people have the same five hundred merchants quadriga across the River, feared the River could not be opaque, drink! "
He was A-Nan white like to three times. The Buddha told him A-Nan: "he just go away!" He's A-bat comes to ruling on the Nan River, see River listen in, very frightened, mẩy, rởn all his pores, he thought: "recently we see those same five hundred merchants across the River, the quadriga is opaque, where again permanently in doubt, the place we left-inverse of As-Lai enjoin lyrics!".
Think then he co-directed watertight and it comes up that nasty Buddhist consecration: "Strange, the Lord's century-religion! See who fits the same five hundred merchants, before crossing the Quadriga, probably within ten days, water was still not in, so that The forces of Germany thanks God-in-religion-cool has played a key role in slices! "
Germany World-religion-based bưng drinking water.
Now, there is a child of the Manchu-la first-character named Waving-Ca-Sa, is the first-of-lan first-character. He is from the Former-contest-Na, came into the three-three, between sexually-flags see Germany as-Lai sitting off stump. He successively pieced hand advice-tons, then sit back and forth about a party the white Buddha that "the Lord's Century-religion! France, the publishing-industry grouping-meditation-dark disciples-one, as it is to resume sex-based, non-puppet-making, professional-President-static, non-intimidating. Why is that? -Because, I remember my teacher I settler is Ca-lan first-human, on the road to market. When fatigue-fatigue, we sat off stump on the road. Master I-only sailings is-meditation. Between then, there are people driving a Quadriga-fifty passenger trade before, but I still sit silent, not im-lay. And, so long, I'm new from meditation-to woke up. I connected the white with me that: "white master at master meditation here, there are people driving a Quadriga-wholesale and fifty before, sounding like thunder, didn't know I hear?" Master I responded: "I don't see anything." I again asked: "so I could hear the cars go?" I am also a teacher is not heard. I'm white: "white master, now on the jacket of the masters--dust sticking stigma-nhớp, is due to the other cars go through, triggers that!" Meanwhile, I consider to be strange knowing that: French commune-meditation practice, since it's the venerable-important ingenious thing-photography is love-based, not disordering! ".

Germany World-religion meets him Waving-ca-sa that: "he just said, not strange-for. Why is that? If someone's not sleep – say, nor enter Removal-take-to [45], Doan-administrator, sitting meditation, at that time there were five hundred Quadriga goes through, people still don't know, don't hear anything, like new is strange-for anyway!
Again, he's Waving-ca-sa! It is also not very strange. If there are major-concept grouping-meditation, met at Sun thunder-lightning over loud, bright loé, now has two brothers who go plowing, listening, intimidating, instant death and four Buffalo nearby also died, but other people do not know, sitting meditation does not hear anything, the called-for affordable housing? He was Waving-ca-sa ladies: the Lord's century-religion! Five hundred chariot through not knowing, not heard, was strange-for, thunder-lightning, limbs, struck by earthquakes loé don't know, don't hear, is very rare! "
Germany World-religion protects him Waving-ca-sa: "our main settler sitting meditation, mind-think under a stump in towns A-far-ma. At that time, there are people driving a Quadriga with five hundred Raiders before him, let us ponder-seat in meditation-unknown, did not hear anything. Those who drive the other Raiders, passing hours long, I'm new-format. They just go just ngoảnh to look. At their far sighted I stood up, some of them running again, see dust mites on the stigma-nhớp, phủi go and ask that they adhered to: "recently, we have the same five hundred Quadriga go through here, Germany has seen World-religion? I responded: "I do not see!" They asked: "German World-religion should not close your eyes to see, but, sure hear?" I responded: "I also don't hear!" They asked: "so the German World-religion slept or enter Removal-take-to?"-I responded: "I'm not slept nor type Kill-take-to, I'm just in the meditation should not speculate-think, listen, don't see anything!" They listen to my words, they give her is very strange-for unprecedented praise ever and saying: "grouping-meditation is like!" I tell them, so they listen to every French and those who drive the other Raiders, led by France, are far from where every ceiling structure, which was left France-with-net.
Again, he's Waving-ca-sa! Days ago I sat alone in the moment of silent agrarian rural party-perhaps thinking, meditation, while Nestlé-free natural clay tiles-Thunder-gust, wind rain echoes-trauma-both heaven and Earth. When he had two brothers who are ploughing, overhear the, then, are the same fear that died; There are four Buffalo also died. now, people in rural areas, hearing two people go plowing, hear Thunderbolt afraid to die, or parents, wife, friend-friend, they-are the same people in the villages go by, crying-lóc back view; at that time, I'm new in meditation-ground to woke up, found it filled with water, mud, many people congregate – volume slamming doors crying. One person went back, I asked, "why have many episodes back here and cry-lóc so?"-the other "German World-religion does not Medium and then hear the Thunder, lightning?" There are two other brothers in the rural areas where children, ploughing, the two men simultaneously lightning killed and all four Buffalo also were killed, the German World-ton star that not understanding? Or the German-bred, fits, or that He slept in Genocide-take-to? -I responded: "no, and then I'm not slept nor type Kill-take-to-mind, im, I-silent meditation, so I don't hear that?" Others listen to the Buddha say she, is very strange-for unprecedented praise ever. Mind self-concept: "Is there capacity-meditation-force like that!" I tell them, so they listen to all of France. They listen to France and then, due in the French, they are far-left French-configuration, Tran was. NET-label
Now, he's Waving-ca-sa, listen to the Buddha say 's, rare white Buddha mind, that: "the Lord's century-religion! Previously when I saw my meditation teacher, fifty Quadriga passing, don't hear, don't know what I consider to be weird-for; now German-bred says two things above, double hundred, thousand, ten thousand times, nothing can be compared with the energy-force-meditation-which can not think of As-Lai, goals! " Bach, he followed Buddhism passive Tam-a-y. German-bred back because he said to listen to every French term-oxidized. He heard the French and Italian, mind-opening-up, far left, is French-Tran-Tinh.
He connected the most: "thou shalt go good yellow pawn two cloths of the net, bring it to us, we want to offer cozy atmosphere Buddha!" Most people, taking the cloth brought to obedience; He was Waving-ca-sa hand-held straight before Buddha, cloths, Bach bow that: "the Lord's century-religion! Now you bring this insurgent cloths, glass in the World-ton-ton baby, looking forward for you! "
Germany World-religion responded he was Waving-ca-sa: "I now because his leg-up, got him a plate, a plate he should bring his A-Nan, cosy! Why is that? -Because he was A-Nan night almost on me,, today he oversaw the pain of pilot-owners, if any, contestant for the illness and caretakers of the illness, who called the big full-contestant (Manchu-college-student experiments). "
He was Waving-ca-sa heard the Buddha says, excited Hon-openings, adjacent to a cloth at the foot of the Buddha and a plate to his A-Nan, kneeling upright, Bach thought: "Now I bring this cloths, cosy Sun-fake glasses Sun-fake for forward!" He is A "Quarter-Nan instead of chemicals, chemical instead! He believed the Almighty God-human-lyrics, I urge him to be an-lost forever-forever, I would like his character claims contestant! "
He then Waving-ca-sa, back where the Buddha, the Buddha again because he's heard all, speaking for France. Did he listen to France, was the fruit of A-na-function. Meanwhile, he's Waving-ca-sa to the Lord Buddha that "transparency Germany World-religion! Now you want to export-join in the Buddha-Dharma. "the Buddha called:" good-bred Bhikkhu-Khưu! "[46] at that time grooming themselves clean trụi, ca-sa [47] even on themselves, the Sa-subjects, resulting A-la-Han.
Later he was at the Vice-boys at home, the Buddha of pure-da saw the pain, he connected his A-Nan, the Bhikkhu-Khưu and attractive-in Domestication-da go into his Former-contest-na.
Halfway His abdominal pain, blood, posed leaving territory under a tree root.
He is thirsty. He was A-Nan to the Ca-Qu-ta watertight he drank.
Love-the flag, the son of the Manchu-la first-character named Waving-ca-sa, first-of-lan first-character, going from the Former-contest-na to the Three-three, having Him here.
After the Buddha, he issues-ton-a-industry grouping concur – meditation is a first-, thing-is sex-based, non-intimidating, disruptive. He said the industry's master says: one day sitting meditation stump road, fifty Quadriga passing do not know.
The Buddha said ' what do not see how strange. Old days I sat meditating under a tree root in rural areas A-far-ma, five hundred Quadriga's merchants come through, I didn't hear anything. Moreover, the other one day also in rural areas, I'm sitting meditation, it rains, lightning killed 2 riders ploughs and 4 Buffalo, which I also don't hear more!
He was Waving-ca-sa heard the Buddha says, he's very proper noun-and please Thu Tam-rules.
Following that, he dedicated a good gold cloths, cosy Buddha and his A-Nan a cozy atmosphere, in the words of Buddha-only.
And, to this he would export-join as Buddha-Dharma, a Brahmin, resulting A Desert Arhat.
Now, from an Brahmin German-bred, launched several dime-optic: Blue, yellow, red, white, mixed-Le, pink. He was A top-down legs liền-Nan, kneel upright Buddha ceremony, Buddhist hands, white pieced that: "the Lord's century-religion! Don't know what, that guards The Coast-Germany-Sweden-Prime Minister's Religious appear? "
The Buddha answers: He-Nan! He should know there are two time I ejected the dime-bright optics large: one is when I sort the Buddha under the Bodhi tree root, launched boasting bright x-ray. The two are, when I was about to enter Nirvana, launched boasting bright x-ray. "
He Was A-Nan! He has to know not: am I the Invisible Primary-Key--upper Caste, belonging to the night, when almost morning, when I enter Nirvana as well as that! He now should know: near bright night today, I would enter Nirvana, about every Sa-la song-receptors on the Ni-contact, where Power-born-add [48], in the Former-contest-na! "
The Buddha says he and the Bhikkhu-Khưu, chư on rotten-no mercy, which cried, involuntary confinement.
Meanwhile, the German World-religion and the Bhikkhu-Khưu, to the Ca-Qu-ta. Here, Germany World-religion sailings down the River bathing. Bathing has been completed. He left along the Bhikkhu-Khưu-Rose, sitting on the banks of the River.
At that time, he's Pure-da, blame mentality that "German World-religion because passive feast, cosy-easy, born colic, which is about to enter Nirvana reasonable?"
Germany World-religion spirituality he thought the Net-Momentum, he secured him A-Nan sailings: "he's A-Nan! He now should know: whole they should blame themselves, take-born German-bred for consumption that feast, cosy-easily, so sick in the fuselage, which enter Nirvana. Why is that? -German-bred, have a two-class were more than off: one is that, when like-Hybrid coming into infinity-Upper-Class,-Visual, to bring food to offer cozy atmosphere. The two are, when like-Hybrid coming in Nirvana, cozy atmosphere – easily feast. A two-class people, cosy-easily, not other welfare are equal and result-report very much, not counting fast-running River. A two-class people, cosy-as easy as that, since it met as well as United Pros-talks [57], including time, including time, new once! "
Germany World-religion-based Net-Momentum conservation says: "he's Pure-da! He now mainly interested in the concept. He should not be self-responsibility like mind Exchange. He was a quarter-infinite wisdom was hardly like Shanghai, he should himself born hearts rejoice, good-luck. He should know: in hundred, thousand, yields a nominal existence, it's hard to be heard-though when hearing Buddhist.-list of Buddhists, but, seen to be Buddha back hard. However, when visible, but are also difficult, nasty-easily. While there are cosy-effortlessly, but, on a two-class cosy – as easy as above, but also very hard. He was well-result, how long more, he would be taken-, sharp-force position-intellectual property, and tho-destiny. "
He Purely-da heard the Buddha say, interested students excited not arrestor, white Buddha that "Sung-happy, the Lord's century-religion! Now having big-break benefit-Add-ons like! "
Germany World-religion-based talking post racks:
"The pilot disclosure – was,
People from-mind no resentment;
People doing good from evil,
The ly-education [52] not the brain.
If you do like almond,
Not long ago, Nirvana. "
Germany World-religion says he and His security post racks, says: "he is pure Pure-da-da! Now he should bring the Gospel message in the cozy atmosphere-easily-the last time, said around for everyone to hear, makes people hear, the an-lost forever-forever! "
After his degree and then Waving-ca-sa, from an Brahmin, Germany launched World-ton x-ray more generous oxidized.
He was the top A-Nan did not understand, ask Buddha ceremony on human-charm, the Buddha taught: "2-large generous-launched States I was when I sort into optical-ceremony under the root Bodhi and when I am about to enter Nirvana. Before I became its Director in at close to-night, today I entered Nirvana, too! Near the bright night today I would enter Nirvana under the trees-Sa-la, on the banks of the River Ni-contact-meditation, where Power-born-in the Former-contest-na! "
The Bhikkhu-Khưu same lettered on frivolous-irregular sad-busy crying-lóc!
Adjacent, Buddha they Increase to the Ca-Qu-ta. To Him down the River bath. Bath finished, he along with all sitting idle on the banks of the River.
He Purely-self-responsibility is due to Momentum he rice that Buddha pain, enter-kill. He felt like he was A conservative, He successively-Nan: "we don't mind-student who had the notion that because of its cosy rice, which He in-kill. Because, as-Lai, who cosy feast when coming into-and feast when coming in-removal, be well-over all. "
He Purely-Da! " He should not think so! In the hundreds, thousands, far past easy-listening was effective, easy-to-see, easy-to-be-easier cosy and easy-to-be on two Buddhist ceremony, cosy – as easy as above? Self excited, he should have been well-quote, no how long he would be taken-, sharp-force position-intellectual property, and tho-destined. Any results then! "
"So he should – for people to know about the Gospel message in the cozy atmosphere-easily-the last time, to give the listener along the an-Luoyang."
Now, A century-religion that he-Nan: "Now I want to reach about trees Sa-la [52] song-receptors on the Ni-contact, where Power-born-in the Former-contest-na!"
He was A Buddhist, "Da-Nan Bach, Lord World-religion! Con Yes. "
Meanwhile German-bred along the Bhikkhu-Khưu, surrounded, advancing up the road. Through the Ni-contact World-religion, Germany with-they stopped outside the forest Sa-la, where Power-born-in the Former-contest-na. He said he A-Nan: "he goes on in the forest of Sa-la, see where there are trees song-Thu, to a private, he sweeps clean-rinse under for will and he put the bed the wire in the back, but to Present oneself.-can I fatigue-fatigue too!"
He was A-Nan and the Bhikkhu-Khưu listen to the Buddha says, the more trade-mercy, sad-upset! He was A-Nan sa, obedience to the Buddha. To spot trees he scanned wash, set, the well such as France, and he returned to the white Buddha that "the Lord's century-religion! The scan is finished, wash, placing both! "
Now, Germany The same the Bhikkhu-religion-Khưu into the forest of Sa-la, to spot trees song-passive. Arrived, He put down on the side of the bed, showing the foot as the type of the Master-element lies asleep. His decency-mind,-.
Meanwhile, trees Sa-la song – passive suddenly stops bloom, dropping down to his German-bred. Germany World-religion-based A-Nan asked him: "He had seen the other Sa-la tree bloom left to season – easy to me?" He was A-Nan ", Lord's century-religion! You have seen. " At that time, Christian schools, long-God eight ministries, in the fictional-no, sprayed the flowers you like flowers: Man-da-la Ma-ha-da-la, Man-vengeance-sa, Ma-ha man-vengeance-sa [54] up on Buddha; to sprinkle the incense, wood burdock-the Fried-forums; solo engineer-Christian music realms and folk-singing, concur-Cyrillic.
The Buddha told him A-Nan: "he has seen God eight more in fictional schools – not easier cosy-I?"-he's A white Buddha: "Da-Nan, the Lord's century-religion! You have seen ".
Germany World-religion to secure him A-Nan: "want to cosy-easily, to quote grace, real-must use to flavour-United engineers-musical realms. Keep the world banned bar-NET, reading books, thinking-think litigation means penetration-the magic of the French, the cozy atmosphere – easily My way! "
Meanwhile, a Bhikkhu-Khưu named Pros-ba-ma-na (Upamàna) on the old German-bred not bring when he entered A-Nan-Khưu's elevation, usually holding the Citadel-oversee German-bred, he Preferred-ba-ma-na, see German-bred under trees Sa-la song-mood he very miserable-fertilization, brain, he successively stands in front of the Buddha, the Buddha to be Vedic Astrology-threshold last time. Germany World-religion-based security that: "His Eminence-ba-ma-na! Today he shouldn't stand filling in front of me! " His Eminence-ba-ma-na plants stand to one side.
He is A world, he-Nan see doubt-: "birth anniversary, it is almost Strange Buddhist from ancient to present spread ever year, we've never seen the Buddha speaking out lyrics like, stars in today's German-bred not to stand in front; or is this Buddha-Lai, As coming in Nirvana, don't give anyone standing in front of sad-busy, cry-lóc? Think and he A Buddhist holiday peak-Nan, kneeling down, hand-Bach: "the Lord's prayer Germany pieced The-ton! From the first to present the most Buddhists, usually children standing in front of the German World-religion the unheard of German World-religion children standing back out, now stars in the conservative German-ton to his Favor-ba-ma-na standing avoid front? "
The Buddha taught: "A-Nan! Map-our client, long-God eight more [53], heard me lying on the side on the bottom row of trees Sa-la song – passive, they contested each other to look frivolous in my opinion, from sight-no, squeeze to the ground, four full face filled with up to thirty-two-week; Bhikkhu-Khưu Pros-ba-ma-na, stands buried in front of me, God, long unhappy Center eight student, thought the present German-bred under trees Sa-la song – passive, there soon will enter Nirvana, we want to be German-bred looks in sight for the last time, that a Bhikkhu-Khưu gives standing obscures in front of Buddha! " Because human-charm's should I protect him stand back to one side. "
He did not know A-nan, now for eight more years, or had someone injured crying, not of being, or have the late Austro-brain, Mexican, or had someone coming fainted too sad, getting hair on his head, hands spit or have the tear-off the page where myself and all bar choruses that "Present German-bred enter Nirvanafast too, stars instead! German-bred, is difficult to meet, such as the United Advantages-including time, how the new talks, which are now not long from now, he will enter Nirvana. Alas, suffering so much! The eye of the world-time gone from now onwards, we get one where rules-y, lead-leader! " Christian schools where Ly-education [54] also were the coal that: "alas, that is-very-often, there is something there are passive-born, which is not towards goal-destroy!" On the other, they also lettered Natural security: "the day before Germany World-religion or where the Bhikkhu-da-Li (Vaisàli) or in the place where the property (Ràjagrha) or Realm-in the country-Wai (Sràvasti) and Placed elsewhere, when finished, the an-CU-Khưu, from four Citadel on the German World-ton-ton, the US side of the road is seen the Bhikkhu-Khưu,-Baicosy-easy, listen to, experience, a lot of passive welfare-benefit; now Germany World-religion in Nirvana, the Bhikkhu-Khưu, when the an-non-resident on-ton, as before, the du-everywhere, we are not in the side of the road to see the Bhikkhu-Khưu, Bai, cozy atmosphere – easily, listening to Bible-French, from present consumption we Vinh Phuc-Loi-far away. "
Now, he is A German-bred Bao-Nan "If Bhikkhu-Khưu, Bhikkhu-Khưu-Ni,-Ba-Ba-Di, Pros-after I kill-degrees, the mind, to four places when before, will be more successful-Germany can not be counted as is and where they will be their later, usually in the realms, Natural, fruit-indicates an enjoyment, not when the same – fun – take. Four where's where? -A is where when As-Lai as Pu-Slaps, Christmas-was born in Park forest-Bhikkhu-ni (Lumbini) country Ca-Bhikkhu-la-Wai (Kapilavastu). Two is where I start sitting under the Bodhi tree root (Boddhidruma) upper-class champion-, water-Ma-masterpiece-(Magadha). Thirdly, where turn-France-LUN (theory-France) first, in the garden of Loc-retired (Mrgadàva) (where the First-in first), Ba-la-complaint (Vàranasi Benares). Four are where I entered Nirvana, about two rows of trees, in the forest of Sa-la (Sàlavana) on the banks of the River Ni-contact (Nairanjana) where Power-, water-born Former-contest (Kusinagara). It is a four-place! If a Bhikkhu-Khưu, Bhikkhu-Khưu-Ni,-Ba-Ba-Di, Pros-and map-foreign-led them to another, the other places – want to come-Bai, which obtained the-Germany, as mentioned above. "
He was A-Nan to listen to the Buddha says, he associated the white Buddhist: the "Lord's century-religion! From now on, please declare statements throughout the four-sets-we know four places and if anyone goes to ceremonies-Bai, was German-like. "
Meanwhile, Mr. A-Nan to Buddha that "Lord Bach century-religion! If these people are Pros-BA-di-mind, keeping the whole world-business-France, ham, would like to hear themselves-comments the Bhikkhu-Khưu, from now on we should treat? The Buddha taught: "from now on he should not similar comments!" He was A-Nan Bach: "if suddenly the-Satori, should treat?" the Buddha taught: "don't speak" the same. He was A-nan Bach: "If you do not speak, but, they may request, want to hear horror-France should how?" the Buddha taught: "should they, for they heard the theory-French, but, he should keep-strongly ingenious-léo, password, did he!" He was A-Bach: "the Lord's century Nan-ton! From now on we would do well. "
Now, Germany The same the Bhikkhu-religion-Khưu up the road.
To Sa-la, he, along with great-they stopped, says A-Nan on this-to about trees Sa-la song-passive.
This-to complete, He along with all in the jungle. Arrive on the other He put down the side of the bed to the North, wire, legs folded up like a child sleeping Lions-elements. His decency-mind,-.
Meanwhile, Tian long eight more on damage-not sprayed, sprinkled incense, Christian-music for solo, singing concur-Cyrillic.
The Buddha told him A-Nan: "I Want to quote, cosy-easily-all must be used to flavor, real flowers, digital-music realms-heaven. Keep the world banned bar-NET, reading books, thinking-think litigation means penetration-the magic of the French, the cozy atmosphere – easily My way! "
Map-our Natural, eight more to the East. Anyone who also coal-pity, cries-and also want to be seen foot-size Buddha last time. He said he felt the Advantages-ba-ma-na Bhikkhu-Khưu are standing in front of him, stand to one side.
Want to enjoy life after us-born-passive-an-fun ball, the Buddha also taught should go easier cosy-astrologer-feasts, where di-4 of Him is where Christmas-birth, where the-directed, where transfer-France-rotating and enter Nirvana.
Here he asks the Buddha about handling A-Nan-the for Pros-BA-di – mind, precept, desires to hear, so how? The Buddha taught: "theoretical-legal for them to Be, but also should preserve, for special-order 3!"
He was A-Nan would well do so.

[1] Bible College Bowl Parinirvana is the capital of 7 in the Tibetan capital.
College Bowl parinirvana (Mahàparinirvàna): translates as "great in-kill"; "Great-kill-degree"; "University-research-President added" … "Great" is the German "compliment", President – how deep, broad; "Kill" is troubling-brain where eco-consciousness destroying; "News" is A "peace," is to pass the tank-e-citizenship ","-is the-German research-chronic, President-removal troubling-the brain and "import" means the direction of where the President-kill. In a nutshell, is German-full mind-brain clean, bothers, enter where the yen ended – NET light-transparent high-deep, large.
Business consists of three books: Upper, middle, lower. Notice the text in the link-should, when we don't follow the Division into volumes. Old book at the end of each Song, we have noted where appropriate to leave the old sign-in. And, want to make things get-and up-memories, we added topical-category and a weak individual passages in the Bible-. (lyrics translated-)
[2] Family-wife: Sit written, two foot to cross up both sides.
[3] Four miracles-sufficiency: also known as 4 as-Italy-sufficiency: education, essential-and intellectual property.
[4] the Ma-Wang: God in the Swan-ma, i.e. astronomical-Lord in the realms of Tha-Forum-auto-in nature, is sixth in the realms of heaven-world. Ma-Wang used doc-glamorous appearance-in the direction of human-time, doing major-concerned should also called Buddhism, the three-week. But, that was admitting to-Bo-slaps, Eastern-, Ma-Wang to-far them-was born.
[5] – Oath: (Tu-elderly-da: Sugata): one in 10 of the Buddha and is meant to go well. Italy says: Use necessarily as a car, go on the main rảo to Bowl-where Nirvana, so called "–".
[6]: organic-pirated-IE. Italy says: We-were-Prince, were due to the Samsara-en create-real friendly order-and tempting-led. The German also has relatives in-religion-but, because of that and He reached the spot countless pirated. Date sheet-temporary due to false-incorporating-city he wants returns-by it.
[7] this is the choice the weak-estimated in-Office, help you Buddha-element easy to understand, easy to remember, when watched each paragraph. Because the weak, if possible-the Buddha-element to the main proceedings, litigation, which spent part of this text-again. (Lyrics translated-fake).
[8]-to set the race – position: i.e. Buddha-mind, which means that throughout the whole position-intellectual property know France.
[9] Transfer-France-rotating (spinning wheel): the Dhamma of the Buddha called "France-LUN" (wheel); educational-French television said he called a "switch" (back). Means of education – the Buddhas, revolving around them-students-world, shattered the troubling-brain. And, "turn" it also means that the natural mind transfer, transfer-move to the center of others.
[10]-seat (Ksatriya): Class-level monarchs. The second level in the four-stage-of-Age.
[11] she Brahmin (Bràhmana): Stage-of-level tu-A-teacher, translated as "Net-almonds"; "Net-releases-Releases", "Static". Giái-level first, in 4 stages-grade of Indo-European.
[12] the Head-fake:, breaking the so-called "Conference-Bowl-to-lower-thrust" (Drha-pati). The call is usually only for much of enough German. The French-Chinese Legends-Concur vol. 10 says: "Head-fake is the mind, straight, saying, do take a lot of very old".
[13]-singer: It called Ca-la-free (Kulapati): your homework is not out of work; the hide-out where the House was inaugurated in themselves do not do; or is the in-States – towards Buddhism. Ministry-United Legends atmospheric Scattering-10 says: "keep the moral self-protein, containing Germany less level-headed, called Residents-singer".
[14] Sa-Mon (Srmana): Ancient translates as "News-mind, static-press release, Destitution-ethics, etc." This translates as "-labour, namely," shall mean the Dominicans-industrious-tu-, prevent end-brain where consciousness, do bother Yen-quiet, clean, God-with the need to hard-hard-Tien tu-hardworking ethics Prize-escape (Buddhism).
[15] this is talking about health-beforehand-to develop a base of 8-run out won-tri (understanding), won-comments (notice) to discharge the reference center-AI. Director General-Italy: 1-head, where their time need not increase emphasis on consistent-where mind has right idea, not to need one-idea to image-sac off the mind, or at least only. An-example: you are the one-myself-NET idea has not been thoroughly, strength, should not (or at least only) go to the other, have uncovered who die in childbirth fear-fear, stepped down-turn. 2 salons, pubs, where the Director, and one where many people still don't hurt. 3/Director reaching out to spot wins best picture, although Quan-apart, but in the mind of any air-sac-shaped little Kingdom. 4/progresses further, the number of colors in addition to many dú-, in the mind still not United little image-SAC. Forty-one above are both confused and net-Net. Also four pubs, the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th is reached to win-the magic really, no longer have permission-in France-General again, which converts-freestyle-at.
[16] this is the French restaurant 8 helps the meditation-to be-exit. Dai-Italy: 1/In his mind that greed – idea about, want to except it is-should go to the uncovered drain, rotten-tha, chapter phềnh of the dead, etc. 2/Add Kien-try detoxification-release, though in not initiating idea involved, on the other uncovered die anyway to go watch, etc. 3/SAC-General bar-NET, except-General defilement. First three number-one on the Site-meditation-health plans-run and on your Education-World; the second number to Binary-meditation-health plans-run and on your Profile-meditation; the third number in the Four-play-medical meditation and initiation of sex, ethnicity, but that is brilliantly-real-net. 4th Prize-one-exit left, 5, 6, 7 y on Infinite realms of broadcast-and-SAC in the right place to shop on line, not expensive, infinitely-often invisible-ego mind, aversion, which dropped, so called award-exit. 8th Prize-exit number 1, extinguishing, idea, y Tu-meditation on the whole coast facility in removing Non-phi-idea so called award-exit.
[17] thirty-seven Directors: a celebration of intimate Bars/4: real-net, infinite mind consumed is suffering, and countless — often French. b/4 the need: Evil gave birth to make quickly. Evil is not born yet unborn makes. Friendly unborn made quickly. Charity gave birth to make falling-head. c/4 spirit-sufficiency: education, and intellectual property. d/In House: Tin, tinh-TIEN, and intellectual property. e/year: Basic, but Well, here are the 5 stands for face-value that says. f-chi TSE-France, refined, wedding, anniversary, contempt-an, and onions-discharge. g/1 Thanh DAO: main-comments, private-only the main language,-,-,-,-essential-,-and main-.
[18] Ly-xa (Licchavi): name of the King, of the Bhikkhu-da-glasses.
[19] compounded-en: The-by-fate created artworks.
[20] in celebration of the Senses-Italian: Italian-Visual-effects. News 7-chi.
[21] the five-year education: ham-want: best-of-wealth, beauty, fame, eat-drink-, bed-rest. Or, the stick, flavor, taste, tactile: 3 Tran-scene.
[22] the nine Ministry (Cuu Nikaya): Nine Nikaya: in 12 parts-are divided into: 1/Tu-Tara (Sutra: Carambola-business: van suôi). 2-da (Geya: duplicate-litigation: article shelf say again the meaning of text suôi). Old man-da (Gàthà: satire-litigation: article 4 shelves, not with own stand van suôi). 3/Ni-da-na (Nidàna: human-charm). Y-Empire-item-multiple (Itivrtaka:-: talk things predecessor). 6/Soap-multi-Chia (Jàtaka: the Buddha himself said student: his life and character-charming before). 7/A-witch-hit-ma (Location-describes the Adbhuta-dharma: owner: do the barely-there). 8/ A-ba-da-na (Avadàna: examples-example). 9/Pros-she--XA (Upadesa: conclusion-meaning). 10/Pros-da-na (Udana: self-theories: Buddha said, not for anyone asks). 11/Bhikkhu-Buddha-(Vaipulya:-ad: Text talking about the main leg-theory, ad-equation-i.e. great-admit-it;). 12/Concert-elderly-la (Vyàkarana: passive-up). However, there is room left: Xiao-admit-promo, passive-up and self-theory also 9 sections, known as the cuu-more French (or Delta-Nikaya). And-redundant room up character-charming, and comment-meaning, for example-a 9-part also.
[23] nine hole usually flows: in the fuselage, who had nine vulnerabilities often runs things stigma-nhớp is: 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, mouth and where modern, State-media.
[24] Uk-Lac:, the Offense called just-do-la (Keyùra): chain-line made of jade to wear on the neck, on themselves.
[25] Tran-brain structure: just messing, but now usually just-in-the-88 links either.
[26] French-with-net: literally see foot-somehow clear.
[27] Smuggled-career off, the khai tam-redundant solutions: using Scripture — end of all brain by Italian radical negativity-create, open shed and-exit.
[28] A-la-Han (Arahat): fruition Wednesday in four of the first Sino-writer, A-la-Han, translated as "-" (also called Null-space). Fruit-quote in a lifetime kill off, to Nirvana forever, not re-born in three realms.
[29] see section main-text.
[30] in warm:,,,,.
[31] compounded-pirated: "Pirated" (detectors-leak) name for nuisance-brain. -The Museum of ham-bother-brain called organic-pirated. The whole world-space are compounded-pirated.
[32] rise-elderly-lam (Samghàràma): translates as "-" the garden or the forest – the Present is often attributed to the temple ....
[33] A-lan-elegant (Àrinya): the collective name for self-Institute, is the residence of the Bhikkhu-Khưu. But, right off A-lan-NHA is the far-away, Yen-static, so the Ship translates as "Idle-President".
[34] came here is out of the atmosphere.
[35] Tam quy-y-y Three-Rule: Security: Buddha, Dharma, increases.
[36] the five world: five Commandments: non-biological, non-stealing, non-deviant-thief-, don't lie and don't drink alcohol.
[37] Guideline-example of: Most-HA, bưng pouring [6], san-, food-sharing.
[38] the three allowed: 1 Student-destined. 2/Heavenly-label. 3/Pirated-avail.
[39] 6 miracles-: spirit-means that allow work-items-in infinity-shy. 6 permission is: 1/spirit-TUC-a (Rddhividhi-jnàna). 2/God-with-(Stella-caksus). 3/Thien-Atrium-(Stella-sirotra). 4/Tha-mind-(Paracit-jnàna). 5/About-destined-update (Pur-vanivàsànusmrti-jnàna). 6/Pirated – take-(As-ravaksaya-jnàna).
[40] A-na-function (Angàmi): fruition Tuesday 4 result of Bar-based A-na-function Train service is Real-Estate-hybrid or completely. That was the tu-kill off or-industrial action has no realms to come back again. And, after just having Infinite realms, spread onto realms-SAC.
[41]-da-function (Sakrdàgàmi): the second in four fruition of the bar-.-da-function Train translates as "-". That is, the elevation of the tu-cuu-add--or, 6 3 food products before, and after, have to passively-in-world again, so called "-".
[42] the Tu-da-(Srotapanna-phala): Outcome 1 in 4 Youth-ranks. 's Ship translates as "in-store, archive, store Paradox". Shall mean the Dominicans-went upstream-phu, qualities that were in-line-space.
[43]-result: Tu-da-da-,-, A-na-ham, A-la-Han. Four-direction: Tu-da-da-driven, fully-functional-driven, A-na-function-driven, A-la-Han-direction. Direction means towards, go to.
[59] Rising-elderly-Le (Samghàti): the name of an Austrian in three robes Bhikkhu-Khưu. This translates as "Ship" or "duplicate". Because the jacket torn fabric made up of pieces of debris, finished textile đụp up. Austria had many things or 9 articles, 11 articles, 13 articles, each to the two short pieces, 1 piece; 15, 17, 19, each long, short piece piece 1 3; 21, 23, 25 articles, every article 4 piece, 1 piece short.
[45] Kill-take-to (Nirodhasamàpatti): also known as Kill-passive-idea-which is one of the two Unconscious-mind-intent. Is meditation-to kill off the mind, consciousness, mind-making facility, 6 non-initiates.
[48] – hybrid Bhikkhu-Khưu: here it comes, when the Buddha in the world, the friendly best-of-mind, due to the prayer-the power of the incumbent-human same-deity of the Buddha, the Buddhist direction in publishing-join, call "– term Bhikkhu-Khưu" (Bhikkhu-Khưu do – prayer to), instant into Sa-keeper; the Prime Minister as hair dye jackets, trụi, etc, into himself in full – sufficiency-world.
[47] Ca-sa (Kasàya): meaning is dyed, not to sabotage-SAC-SAC. The coat of the Bhikkhu-Khưu. Austria has 3 levels: 5 to 7 to 9, and article ...
[48]-born-add: birthplace of force-officer-Chief, the Former-contest-na.
[49] the United Pros: pros-talkie walkie-call enough priority-talks-ba-la (Udumbara), translated as "Spirit-Swedish" (Tian Ling-sacred); "Swiss" (on good omen). According to France-pattern-CU says this time United once so far, 3,000 years when United's out there kim-London-UK born.
[50] Ly-education: far-from-.
[51] Sa-la (Sàla), the train is translated as "Be fixed" (strong-durable). According to the intellectual property-Wan-Su said the Buddha entered-removal in the middle of 4 plants Sa-la, but every tree a root grows into two trees, called Sa-la song-passive.
[52] these are the United realms of Heaven: flower Man-da-la (Mandarava) Ship translates as "Xiao-Bai-Union"; the United Ma-ha-da-la (Maha Mandarava) Ship translates as "Great-White-Union"; United Port-vengeance-sa (Manjùsaka) Train service is the flower "-chain-group"; the United Ma-ha port-vengeance-sa (Maha Manjùsaka) Train service is the flower "-chain-group".
[53] Eight Ministry: God (Deva): 1/the gods on the Heavenly realms. 2/Long (Nàga): species of Dragon 3/Da-soa (Yaksa) or call the Pharmacy-soa is a fictional demon-God-not flying. 4/Sweep-thát-BA (Gadharva): translates as "Incense-warm soundtrack-God Emperor-like-paradise place. 5/A-tu-la (Asura): room called A-tu-Gong, translated as "non-natural" demon-God, also in the species. 6/Ca-Chateau-la (Garuda): Kim-sí. 7/emergency-na-la (Kimnara): Ca-God: Music-God Emperor-like-paradise place. 8/ Ma rāhula-the elder (Mahoga):-Mang-God.
[54] Other Angels where Ly-education: only for the Sun where Identity-about back up.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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