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Thich Tam Chau, the name Doan Van Heng, born in 1921 in their home in Ninh Binh Doan, Northern Vietnam. He entered the age of 11 directors.

Through the years of practice, to the world products: novice, monk, a Bodhisattva, he held many positions in the Buddhist Church of Vietnam and the world: Founding member Vietnam Buddhist Association in Hue in 1951. Member of Rites, Board of Studies The Vietnam Buddhist Association in 1951. Vice Chairman The Sangha Tri National Vietnam in 1952. President of the Sangha of North Vietnam in South Vietnam in 1955. Vice President, Vietnam Buddhist Association in 1956. President Lien Against Buddhism Sakya movies, beginning in 1963. The President must protect Buddhism in May 1963. Deputy director Buddhist Church of Vietnam Reunification in 1964. Founder and Vice President of the Church World Buddhist Sangha in 1964. Chairman of the Buddhist World Phoenix and Social Service in 1969. Chairman of the World Buddhist Union in 1970 (in Seoul, South Goryeo). Shanghai Prime Buddhist Church of Vietnam The International (1979-1984). Shanghai Prime Buddhist Church of Vietnam in the world since 1984. Council member First Presbyterian Church World Buddhist Sangha in 1989. (The student's home Giac Vien Bodhisattva glass recording strategy.)

Works published:

- Man With Buddhism

- Business Chapter Forty Two - Vietnamese Translation

- The General Buddhism - Vietnamese Translation

- Business Sinh Duyen - Vietnamese Translation

- Ethan Van Thinh - Vietnamese Translation

- Kinh Di Church - Vietnamese Translation

- Kinh Di Lac Ha Sinh - Vietnamese Translation

- Buddhism Fables

- Business Crime Report Application Phuc - Vietnamese Translation

- Kinh Van Thinh Manjushri Bodhi - Vietnamese Translation

- Sa Di Nghi Law synopsis, Upper House

- The Son Landscape Book

- General Discussion Bodhichitta Ly

- Dependent Human Heart Procedure Reviews

- Kinh Tri Trai - Vietnamese Translation

- Kinh Tu Hieu - Vietnamese Translation

- Business Nirvana - Vietnamese Translation

- Business Last Trang - Vietnamese Translation

- Cross Kinh Thien - Vietnamese Translation

- The Kinh Hanh - Vietnamese Translation

- Business Regulation Y Tam Bao - Vietnamese Translation

- Lam Meditation Instruction - Vietnamese Translation

- Business Già Du Son Dinh - Vietnamese Translation

- Business Causal Ba Doi - Vietnamese Translation

- Eight Great Business Sense Nhon - Vietnamese Translation

- Maitreya Kinh Thuong Sinh - Vietnamese Translation

- Business Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Clerk - Vietnamese Translation

- Business Center Location Quan - Vietnamese Translation

- Development Bodhichitta - Vietnamese Translation

- Ly General Discussion - Vietnamese Translation

- Du Gia Luan favorite - Vietnamese Translation

- Initial Buddhist Studies

- Training Essentials Kinh Chu

- Buddha Street Entrance

- Echo Time - Poetry

- Net Mental - Poetry

- Petal Heart - Poetry

- Tinh Minh is high , 2 files - Sino-Vietnamese Poetry

- Expect Province - Poetry, 2004


Save us some spring home users?

Make more room ceiling to cover the debt?

Do not bother spending the earth?

So little interest from the debt-investment?

Flat-out more than every country in each direction,

The earth wall paintings, smoke-diêu adventure.

Pickles happy union quiet capacitor.

John getting fuzzy clouds ... scene bureaucratic status!

A solution non woven brocade flower river,

Le dress, dark blood, mixed snow fog.

Van-cards, text-burning soul constitutional history,

Ancient site-serious - Light Light-blur!

Hong-Lac same race, same Rong Tien,

International break, in death - story-crazy island.

On the heels of "self-so" sad sea floor!

Exit chains "brutal" caught fare-shield!

Under the old roof temple bell expectations,

Occasionally severe lightheadedness, football afternoon.

From award-audio sent bliss,

Soundwave changes ... Theatre opera!

Province, the role that tragic death,

Sometimes heavy and the shoulder on the road!

Try to rebuild the old diagram,

Which a helpless, is still king!

Organization of common concern, even enduring,

Confessions, guilt washing patio.

Located gai, taste honey, mind-forged will,

Want an equal, an act neighbors!

Behold the ball in-line layer flowers!

Country star sa non brilliantly!

Scent the wind, the old temple bell,

Liberation, peace, police state peace!

Xuan Mau-Thin (1998)



Long Long-damaged state,

Mongolia's vast-sa.

Select the playing of material

Quiet reflection,

Heart flower design,

To wings,

Pure bloom cycle.

United Center off like magic mysticism,

Mountain River coastal plants contribute any youth.

Sun moon and stars sparkle back,

Wind clouds river overflowing.

Blue rain the sun ranges,

Huh dream target birds hold a knife.

Human full release his pride,

Snow mist green parts sacred air flow.

Cages in the legal world immeasurable,

Rhythmic meditation itself in the foot sublimation.

United Center floral flavor Sa-Ba,

United Center Di-Da ball out there.

United Center with almost full,

United Center creatures of sheer glow.

Give full attention to the U.S.,

Sharing the same building as the course walks of life.

Montreal, Fall 2000



Vertigo vertigo residents enjoy the sea roll high,

Four of the many millions of long tones.

Thanh Thuy Anh nghinh parts sexy style,

Subtle flavor adventure so forth communication medium.

Chon von sat enjoying the sea,

Four long and beautiful appearance in court.

Green parts glide whispering wind,

Perfume bay subtle joy flowed.

Nice, May 10.2002


Lieu such as birth and death customs,

Any delay is not, period, regardless of their investment.

Very best idea of ​​the true concept,

Buddhist Hoa opening comments, enter Infinite Balance.

Reflect as such, clearly spontaneous,

Times, not without problems, such failure per

Very mindful of, no evil thoughts,

Infinite balance blossom, is the Buddha.

From Quang: 19/01/2004



HT. Thich Tam Chau
To Dinh Tu Quang, Canada, 1982


"Do good, the bad of each advance should be made about the results. In the human reincarnation, karma his administration, reward, punish me." (Business First Na Bhikkhu)


"People are human with all its implications"

Find in directing "Man" to understand human beings.

People are the main objectives of the study of the theory.

Human beings are also victims of the war, "hot" or "cold". People have been and are being covered under uncertainty, distress, increasing growth by human conflict itself created. Were created by humans, however, also be solved by the new man emerged.

People must be taking responsibility weighed heavily on the human role in the disposal life took a positive direction. A director is not opposed to living life and not to harm people.

To complement the pressing issues that we look deeply into Buddhism, a director called LEADING LIFE, THE LEADING MAN, to understand clearly the name, the same structural features and the value of it.

However, the find out where he can not get people out. It should in itself require people to know it, according to the Buddhist concept.

"The victory of the only people who have initiative and determination to pursue the initiative."


"People are more ..."

Flower Adornment Sutra

All things in the universe are available and physical characteristics of it.

"MAN" is a noun, a noun includes all the same creature, but word is he may designate, or all of the qualities that distinguish human beings with other species " .

In fact we know

1. Man is a creature, and creatures very c

People of the same in structure, growth, life, loss and defeat as the other species, that is, before a decision can, what must be the result of nature, which must inevitable due to the combination of many elements. The combination was, to undergo an indefinite period, depending on the characteristics and shape of each creature, until the full grace will arise. Generating a starting point on a visible world, the term local time relative rhythm between the infinite space and infinite time to blend in with the survival of life. "Live" is a program of activities challenging, as the body par flourish, protection of life and the transmission of life. But life was not a persistent object, the survival, but it always changes in each fraction, depending on the circumstances, governed by individual mind happy, angry, injured, fun, love, hate , like ... Therefore, biochemical, biochemistry, remove, add, add, delete will gradually decline and end in the final hour in the time period is "destroyed".

"What was born, is always threatened with destruction. Any comments out of his hands making pottery workers and also finally broken!'s Living beings too." It was the Buddha said to prove that the law, the law of "impermanence".

2. The man of the animals

People have enough of a species, the use of engine power to fight, protect, maintain their existence but, on the motto. That is, species that have enough organs such as eyes to look, ears to hear, nose to smell, mouth to eat, etc. .. the body to move, the body is always moving, moving to gain taking survival for themselves, make life meaningful and that help, like more defense lines of plants and minerals. Because, "Human beings are creatures who spent the same level of animals" in the sense of Dr. Paul Carton identified.

3. Human beings are animals more than the

Humans have a body shape majestic, upright in walking, lying down, sitting. Human beings have a spiritual insight, not blind to the subtle phenomenon. Humans have a capacity abundant, reliable power, given the work and to do so. Man is a heroic action, moving forward before the obstacles and dangers. Humans have an intimate sympathy, warmth within the family for moral, national, social ... Thus, I could have shown people are more animals other animals. In economic Khe said: "People are at winning, because people can do all things well." And, her body president French Buddhist Peace Fellowship said: "The Earth can not reach the people, the people of the earth."

In short, people are nominally placed on a special status. The position was not the isolation, alone or fixed, but it has in common with places and objects with the name of other creatures. It is, by how causal relationship changes, and continued support on the road running from without beginning and without end to. It has, by reason known distinction that can identify and enter with the cosmos. It is so true actions, actions that enlighten ourselves and others, do not fall under the direction tilted "delusion" or "free land" of the world's wood and stone animals. That is, it is in all and above all, worthy as possible in the center of the universe.

"Man is the crystallization of all the living resources of minerals, plants and animals." END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES).

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