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Holiness The Dalai Lama

Introduction: Ang transliteration below excerpts from a book of Holiness – the Dalai Lama titled "Consciousness enlightened, intellectual property advice for those people today" (L'Esprit en Eveil aux Conseils de Sagesse, hommes d'aujourd ' hui, Presses du Chatelet, 2009. English version: In My Own Words, publishing house Or House, 2008). The language includes an entire chapter (Chapter 8, pp. 121-129) a poem consists of eight more four sentences by a Tibetan monk in the late century XI and XII centuries before the last money selling aimed at the training center for a practice Director.
"Eight More poetry help exercise the consciousness" is the title of a short poem by a Tibetan monk Langri Tangpa's Guéshé (1054-1123) before impact with the intent to help promote spiritual enlightenment through meditation on the switch between licenses is (and others, a meditation is common of Tibetan Buddhism: that's how tựnguyện would get about himself all the suffering of others, and handed back to them all whatDirector of, ) and see these lofty purposes in his own life. I was listening to the weather this poem from a kid when I was in Lhassa, and thereafter every day I read up more poetry, there is also what in my daily practice. The message is as follows:
"I resolve to act in any way to bring
The great happily for all sentient beings,
The great he overtakes all spells, mysticism
I would love them with all my soul.

When exposure to them,
I would like to consider themselves as poor people,
And in the floor, I would carefully watch all glass
Are all these people are paramount.

For each action, I would always detector reviews
In the end, if there is a conscious mind emotion for any disorder, sparked
Can bring harm to others or to me,
Then I would firmly oppose virtually eliminate it.

I would love all sentient beings, aggressive
Anyone who has created the disaster severely,
And the immense suffering,
I would love them as recently discovered a priceless fortune.

Because he hated that some people abuse me,
Empty up I the insults, slander and every thing worse,
Then before the truth is, I would ring the humiliation endured,
And consecrated them all the glory.

For those who are unjustly made me suffer heavy damage,
Although I used to bring the good to them and put out of loyalty to them,
Then I would still be watching them
As the best spiritual teachers.

In conclusion I would like to bring all sentient beings,
Whether directly or indirectly and not differentiate anyone
All the help and the well of me,
And in return, I ask for coordination with all the honorific
The unhappiness and suffering of the mother,
(see all sentient beings as those of his mother).

I would try to keep the practice's
Not contaminated by eight clues endeavoured secular,
(including: loc, pleasures, praise, glory, fame, lost lives, suffering, unemployment fell, the girls are fine).
And when did comprehend what is the nature of all phenomena, hallucinations
Then then I will also be freed from the bondage of sticking víu ".

Seven more first "eight more poetry help exercise consciousness"refers to topics related to form enlightened conventional (or tươngđối) of the mind in which a Buddhist term called Bodhi-mind (bodhicita) relatively. Weather eventually raised very briefly to the second form of the Enlightenment is absolute Bodhi-mind .
Weather on the first of poems bearing the meaning as follows: "who were determined to bring the happily for all sentient beings, an even more precious happily protectorate European mysticism help make everything nguyệnước, of course will volunteer as follows: Let me be forever loves cảchúng". More poetry raised the links between "me" and others. But in fact the similarity it has really happened or not? In daily life, in fact we only know of interest-of course with all sựhăng say-to the individual and his rights. We put up on top of the search happily almost bring happiness and avoid suffering for their own. This is the most intensely and than all preoccupied, vàđấy is also the burden which we must be self responsible for themselves. Meanwhile, endeavoured to others, we put down the second weak, there's nothing worthwhile to care or know is something completely meaningless.
The reality that must be changed, we must increase the training the consciousness to an extent can swap the view the happily of themselves is more important than off and put the others down rows happily. We need to exert a profound homage and a true concern to happily of others and at the same time should not be undue attention to the happily of themselves. These goals need to be done. Want to succeed one must train their minds, the training that is based on many different methods.
Weather Monday : "every time there is always in contact with other people, I would like to consider themselves poor, and all the others are to contain a paramount value, consulates receive automatic bottom my heart she comes". Of course the modest manners in more poetry on here against superior attitude that is common to have trịch when reporters look at the others. Thus we should change that attitude and must respect all of them, see all sentient beings are brothers and sisters and their own, must be a lowly one when compared to them. One must know loves them and bring body, mind, as well as human's comprehensive guide on purpose to bring the happily for all sentient beings that we've put them up are paramount.
-Weather Tuesday is: "for each action, I would always sentry from the end of consciousness, if found there a problems or distorting what happened there thểmang again hazardous to others and for me, then I would firmly respond immediately almost eliminate it". Only when love others and put ourselves in a modest position, then we will be able to realize yet what deviations are available in their conscious mind, such as the mental attitude error for yourself is more important than before, or the mistakes of his own true nature. More poetry Tuesday raised the deviance is intended to recommend that we should be watching from inside the consciousness to pre-loss for conduct mistaken like that can happen. When we've played, we must control his or her right mind Italy, similar to Sentry Security for a home. The sentry that must really caution and vigilance, care and vigilance can compare with two inner police soldier. When consciousness đãđược keepers carefully, we will no longer need to go to the control of any one person of any police outside, because in that case of course we shall not violate the Act lacked moral and toxic. But if no two policemen inside-namely the caution and watchful-keepers, although where the mighty mạnhđến outside the police force is also hard to control a violent situation when it broke out. It also does not come close too hard to find điềuấy, the intervention of the police does hardly ever effective carpet scene caused by terrorism.
Weather Wednesday is: "every time to see the cruel beings have to suffer power crushes fiendish deeds and mistakes, then I would like to see what they cherish most esteemed nhưnhững, similar to those I have just discovered a treasure". The content of the article tho raised the most heinous cases, such as the cannibalism or these guys it's worse. Although he did not intend to harm them, but we still find the habit of escapism and turning out another đểtránh all the communication with them. But in fact we should not hold the attitude of nhưthế. What we need to focus is loving them, although they are present in front of him or not. We must try to workout how đểmỗi meet them we shall not uttered: "real agony! Had to do something đâyđể help them! ", or" add a burden anymore, a hard-faced gauge breach! ". Instead of reacting in such a way as to meet them, then we should find joy joyful as recently discovered a precious bảo châu, a treasure or something truly amazing, to see this is a rare opportunity that gives us the opportunity to help them.
Weather Thursday : "when someone else takes out up top I all sựgiận data, curse me, slander, or bring everything worse for me, then please give me enough to suffer any loss damages and consecrated them sựvinh". It's very important to keep an open attitude and fervently love others. However beyond the practice also requires that we necessarily have to keep the same attitude towards those who for some reason want to harm him, although there are cases where they were encouraged by the anger spurred them to enforce the idea lắt léo aims deliberately do harm to ourselvesThis is the case, or that they only carry the same intention in the beginning, too. In the case of nhưthế, we must see them as extremely valuable. The attitude that we must hold for those upon whom the evil intentions of them transformed into action against him, is to accept the loss damage and loss of his part and make them the victory Here is the meaning of article ... poetry over here.
Weather Friday : "for a person that I violated good for them, the bearing lạiđiều but they are treated worse than me, then please let me see him as a Scout Master". Course of infection infection sentient message, there is always some that one must reluctantly helps đỡhọ, or to try proved to be real good for them-this is a lofty attitude and inappropriately. Routines are often people get help to be grateful and must have a few gestures of kindness somewhere before. But there are also cases in which people are we helping to treat a way too lowly unworthy of him. Cases that made him feel vulnerable and being treated worse. Such a practice conduct in life or in other words is a Bo-slaps, then to react? Of course is to treat him as a spiritual guide for Lion leaders, and see if there is an extremely valuable opportunity may be to meet someone like that to love them, because they have brought a rare opportunity to help her rehearse patience and tolerance. These form the consciousness that Portuguese-slapped to exercise.
Here we look to the content ofweather Saturday ", that is: in a nutshell, I would like to be directly or indirectly bring good and love for my mother cảnhững; I would be discreetly get upset about me all the misfortune and suffering ofthe mother thing ". This case is still in the ranks relatively enlightened of consciousness. If you wish for good conduct, i.e. the love others more than yourself, promote true altitude and enthusiastic, then it must be bailed out from the source of compassion. Từbi is a reaction of consciousness when it is not unbearable in front of other people's sufferings scenes reveal the intense wish stars aspired for họtìm was freed before the suffering. Of course, on the one hand we must know deeply worried when thinking of the suffering of others, but one the other hand, we must also know extended himself for joy joyful overwhelmed, when we see scenes of happiness and happily by others, vàđấy is also a way to reveal his kindness and love. Both her attitude-news and the jubilant compassion arises from love true-source giving loving clinging roots, and the love that will promote we should think about people other than yourself. There is also a basic principle in allowing tonglen training called (i.e. how immolate and assume) which is more poetry on here have raised.
In fact, in fact, swapping events his happiness to others and in return would receive bear their suffering might just happen to be in some cases really rare: i.e. can only be made between ta and people when there has been a contact and correlate actual business specific from the past. Only in cases like the swapping miseries of others to yourself may out can happen to be, in fact, the story's very difficult to implement. But why encourage people ought to exercise as allowed to practice? Because there is a method that helps achieve an intense personality, a pleasing result inspired an enthusiasm unparalleled and deepened; the computer will help make the practice of his progression faster on the đưađến enlightened spirituality.
Eighth Weather -weather and finally bring the meaning as follows: "beg for the practice of avoiding any contamination of eight clues endeavoured secular. Because pubs get all dharma i.e. a contract created phenomena which are hallucinations, so I beg removed they freed me from the bondage ofcycles available ". The meaning in article eighth verse is the enlightened absolute consciousness. While the weather is another chỉnhắm on media practice, the weather was the eighth to directly on conđường enlightened spirituality.
Promote consciousness toward the purpose of loving others than ourselves sometimes also shows a certain danger, because we had been dominant from the oldest by mental deviance often arises when practice Leaders. Due to numerous known nênđôi when it is might also fall into the prestigious listing by allowed lust practice because altruism bring; or perhaps from envious we expect a kínđáo who enjoyed the fruits of our practice will bring donated him the gift of responses. Alternatively, one can also uttered: "the world! I am here as a convent, a French Director who practice! ". That is what can bring us those feelings boast to found himself higher and yourself who thank you for the other guys. All the distorting mental and attitudes as they do arise can happen with us at any time. Thus the practice brings enlightenment for consciousness also may become dangerous, so we must really careful not to get entangled in what is known as "eight clues endeavoured by secular" (, also known as "the eight dharma secular") (may also see the article "concept of eight clues endeavoured secular" by Wild Orchid on Lotus Library,Quang Duc, ... sốcác), in which it worries included: hope glory, hoping to be praise, hope to enjoy, hopefully benefit loc ... Certain things must be completely removed from the deviations he Directed his practice. To keep the sựtu episodes are pure, that is to completely forget yourself and putting others up on everything. There is something extremely important.

Few words abuse desk of the translator
Holiness-Dalai-Lama writes and lectures in many different levels aimed at adapting to modern readers and listeners promo. Book over here in a fairly general level, but also incredibly insightful. Poems of Langri Tangpa monk Guéshé above thểxem as an article is short, and the economic commentary of Holiness-Dalai-Lama but concise, easy to understand but in fact very profound and erudite, but devices thinks a few notes about a few more perhaps can also help the reader dễtheo track further poems as well as the average prize of Germany Hit-Dalai-Lama. The note consists of three themes: the first is practical personality of practice raised by the poem, the second event is raised in a more poetic Saturday for that all sentient beings are those of his mother, the third is the concept of the enlightened absolute in eighth place of the weather early conclusion of the entire poem.
Practical characteristics of poems
Opening for preaching Holiness-the Dalai Lama said the contents of the first seven more poems in the field of sựgiác Satori Convention , also known as Bodhi-mind relatively. So the sense ngộhay Bodhi-mind Convention?
It is vow Convention and the the behavior of a Portuguese-slapped. Thus in every weather poems we realize first and foremost is the chapel was estimated at, the then action is:
-Weather: determination made the happily for all sentient beings – I would love all of them.
-weather Monday: Please be as humble best-view all sentient beings are higher than themselves.
-weather Tuesday: pray for emotional disorder each sentry-firmly confront and eliminate emotional thing.
-weather Wednesday: Please meet energy đểyêu and trade those cruel-view them as a precious asset of immeasurable.
-weather Thursday: please ring the humiliation endured the mistreatment of those cruel-consecrated to them the glory.
-weather Friday: prayer that if people that his constant help vulnerable to yourself-you will see them as the best vịthầy.
-weather Saturday: dedicated his own happiness for all mother-would suffer all their sufferings.
The determination and behave ways above is what means goodness cunning (upaya) helps the meditators and Bo-slaps progression on the enlightenment. The means of improving effects that can also view nhưnhững remedy neutralize help for an individual the ego superiority. Indeed for someone who what I practice, is always a setback to the biggest and the most solidly. For example, the "ego" is a wall of solid pre-loss path toward enlightenment but also a mental factor that caused everything for emotional disturbance in mind and also the weakest major causes a bind in the endless cycle of samsara. A summarization, seven more poems first dose neutralize help for meditators forgot to phátđộng compassion toward others, his ego overtakes ones. However the dose in more poems Saturday seems to be a panacea is stronger than before, that is the way for her to look at all of them and see they are the ones his mother. So the true meaning of this verse weather?
View all beings are those of his mother
The contents of the entire poem is based on the principle of the practice known as "allow swapping between him and others" (tonglen), but the meaning of article thơthứ the seven iconic distinctly and directly for the principles that: news got upset other people's suffering and sacrifice them all happy. Who khácở this means that all sentient beings and there are also all who his mother, the mother in this life and all his mom who wants thousands of lives before. The mother's course was reincarnated and know where they are the beings who live next to us today, or are available throughout the thếgiới. We must behave with them as those of his mother. So setting thought should also be open an extra brackets here to think Vu Lan is not necessarily an occasion for us to secure or for a mother, but rather an occasion for every Muslim towards all our German and consecrated his happiness for all those parents out of three thousand worlds in the world, had been born in the past and will be born in the future. The word "direct" in thứbảy is no more poetry speaks to his mother in the lifetimes, and the word "indirect" to just cảnhững his mother in the past through the Prime Minister of the other beings.
Allowed to practice "swapping between him and others" raised in more thơthứ seven by Shantideva (century VIII) suggest that in In Bodhi Executive commentary (Bodhicaryavatara) and also logos for dose neutralize the strongest against the ego or the ego. However Holiness-the Dalai Lama also reminds us that the content of the article is still in the early Saturday on the realms of Bodhi-mind relatively. So Bodhi-mind absolute and the conclusions in the eighth to speak up more poetry?
The concept of Bodhi-mind
Bodhi-mind Bodhicitta, Sanskrit is bodhi means awakening, or citta is enlightenment, mind, mind ... If the port allow long lines like the above because the original Han language word meaning heart, the mind but the word in the term Bodhi-mind leave mean position or tuệvà not position represents a possible form of emotion at all. Bodhi-mind therefore means "enlightened consciousness", "spiritual enlightenment" or "enlightened" ... Tưduy Bodhi-mind is a concept to determine location, ideally, hànhđộng and the enlightenment of a Portuguese-slaps, therefore Bodhi-mind is considered the most basic concept of Mahayana Buddhism in General and of Tibetan Buddhism in particular. Bodhi-mind composed of two different form is Bodhi-mind in relative and absolute Bodhi-mind, which Germany Won-Dalai-Lama known alternatively as the enlightenment and the enlightenment. A bodhi-mind relatively symbolizes compassion and absolute Bodhi-mind represents the enlightenment or wisdom.
Bodhi-mind relatively (samvrtibodhicitta) composed of two possible formats are Bodhi-mind desirei.e. manifestation aspired by Portuguese-slaps desires to achieve enlightenment for the sake of sentient beings, and Bodhi-mind madei.e. the action of the Portuguese-slapped. Two possible formats are shown in the seven tiếtđầu of poems.
Bodhi mind absolute (paramarthabodhicitta) is the number one pick two things result in no (sunyata) at the same time: Tanh's a "personal" ego and "nature null entities" that the illusion of all phenomena, nor indeed great because, however, that all of the inane but Bodhi-mind absolutely still contain a powerful computer where each one see the Buddha sentient beings. In other words Bodhi-mind-absolute is the ability to perceive deeply the truth "as" (tathata-ainsité, suchness) of reality. This is the logo for the enlightenment and liberation in the eighth verse weather instead of the conclusion section.
In summary, when we have enough power to move impermanence, with integration with essentially invisible entities of vũtrụ , Buddhists computing and seen in place of every sentient then edit then we still insist of sticking my guys víu and slave to the ego are commanded from inside his own mind.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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