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Eight Great Business Human Sense

Enlightenment ARTICLE 8
First octagonal tri:
natural birth and death factories.
immeasurable suffering,
Development Mahayana mind
necessarily Deacon,
born May mass,
Tho immeasurable suffering,
Linh words being,
Tat Wing bliss.
The first eight to be enlightened:
Son born of suffering extremely skeptical.
Phat powerful mind college hero,
determined to end the general level of Nibbana.
Rather his boundless suffering,
Instead of all the carefree comfort.
All people are happy,
to shore radiant aura of enlightenment.
First octagonal tri:
natural birth and death factories.
immeasurable suffering,
Mahayana Development Center,
Pho necessarily fact.
Article eight of enlightenment, the Buddha's birth and death of so many beings, not end continuously, so the suffering can not tell it all, each death is born again under much suffering. Currently we are carrying this body, that has gone through countless lifetimes and then carry out the body itself. So then the suffering can not be counted. You try to review whether, as has been said before, only this life only we have suffered much pain, is experiencing many life situations. When the birth mother opened her eyes crying born wine store is a pain, then older, every time that flip-crawling, walking ... sitting is tinged with warm early disease ... When grown to eat away from school or work, every distance, every time the memory of suffering injury. Lo every time sad, scared, angry hate the pain each time. Again, each major pain or illness or death of their loved ones are suffering every time ... A sad life lo ... loves anger occurred countless times, can not be ended. Thus countless countless lifetimes of suffering the pain of being made so the count!
Confusion because beings living in the idea of ​​suffering is fun, just wallow in misery. Born again death is suffering, but if anyone knows fear bored! Living in the suffering that death is no application heard. Everyone wants to be his long life. But try to ask life for? Most people expect to live a long life to enjoy active sex life, not known to rely religious life, to address the suffering of birth and death. Many people think the practice afraid of suffering from depression, should be hidden away very positive shifting Buddhist temple to avoid no shows are no longer suffering. Cultivators with the religious mind like no progress, no benefits. The practitioner should have wisdom, before the break but reflect ignorance disturbing the mind, then play center for Mahayana benefit all beings. Play Mahayana mind to benefit all sentient beings in any way? Prayer changes being subject to endless suffering. Suppose there is a criminal offense, authorities are wanted criminals. Then someone found guilty of mind that the offender, authorities arrest and not guilty of the illegal arrest. That was the case instead of being crucified. But in life there are few good like that. Assuming they are blaming the petition does not plead guilty. Thus the mind of sentient beings, everybody wants to be happy his ego, the ego defending the peace, not for anyone who suffered so, except of the Bodhisattva. Song Bodhisattva rather beings suffer like?
Before I explain the work of beings and the suffering of samsara. Rather then being said to the Bodhisattva's suffering.
In the record business is the future Buddha said:
"... Over the period of life reduced to the period of life will increase. As life expectancy rises to eighty-four thousand years old, the Di-Lac Buddha was born. When Buddha was born there squint a cakkavatti also born galaxy ruled by dharma. Then the people to settle an industrial life of peace. Upon hearing the Buddha said so, a white Buddhist monks:
- White Bhagavan, I pray until tu Di-Lac Buddha was born, I will make you cakkavatti, to bring the teachings of the Buddha's teachings of living beings.
Buddha went to the ground stretching fingers, buffalo off a bit sub (custom sub Indian buffalo used to rinse the floor), he brought a stool buffalo fingers, asking the public:
- Have sticky little fingers are dirty or clean distributed buffalo?
- White Bhagavan, dirty.
- So worth it, or worth keeping?
- Registered.
Buddha: A bit sticky on the first division buffaloes are fed nails afraid to leave, let alone as much anymore. Also, every once every birth and death is suffering a mess. Little mess distributed several times that he did not know this buffalo pin, back to birth and death many times, wait until then to make cakkavatti Is not stupidity? "
Buddha shows us clearly a wealth of birth and death are subject to suffering. So that to know the question: How do I resolve to finish his birth and death, and also to help others solve their birth and death again. When business was heard early enlightenment, but on the concept that "only police department I, lo make every blessing, hope for life after the rich happy and enjoyed the blessings in the heavenly realms ..." the notion so there is no mind to escape suffering of birth and death, blessing because it will be entitled to all rotten. So the mind must be alert, clear the suffering of birth and death is the great need to get out, do not be mistaken this is a healthy life is happy, then do not take any practice forever immersed in it.
Here we see the Buddha only continuous cycle of birth and death, the suffering can not be measured out, so we need to develop mental escape from the cycle of suffering beings, and instead of suffering.
Instead of suffering beings, not gong to see porters shoulder the heavy street outside, then ask us to bear it for them. If changes like we change only a few people only, but how many other people who place their misery? Few gong porters heavy burden, so we are, still suffering because suffering illness, death, how that is? All diseases such as heart, liver, lungs, intestines ... he who must bear pain. Or sadness, fear, anger ... that person who brings sorrow. Or death, whether the father was not the wife nor the husband is ... Just change by bringing Buddha's teaching, breaking love to awaken awareness of suffering, out of delusion, not to create bad karma oversized life, and no birth and death go in reincarnation again. Song, brought his teachings to the audience that said empty is not empty, which itself suffered hardship and fatigue, get up early for school late for practice, to seek the guidance of, and bring moral enlightenment out explained to everyone listening, and guiding them to their religious enlightenment, escape cycle of birth and death. Instead of suffering for all beings is rather like that. When old, Prince Si-reach-ta (Siddhata) impermanence enlightened being dies aged patients suffering of human life, he immediately left power supply of gold pearl, a monk in order to find a way out, before the rescue to save themselves beings, because he saw her clearly are immersed in the suffering of birth and death need to get out first, and can save people out later.
You listen to Buddhist teachings themselves are not true, only temporary impermanent is suffering, not, not-self, so the loss of this body is no longer a critical issue anymore, so that less attachment to the body. Reduce serving size on the body itself is down. For example, before someone has an accident or illness, the blubber complaining bitterly. Later, aware that practice has yet to meet disaster, illness or death, they no longer fear sadness crying again. Still, interest is less accepted suffer less emotional. For example, people with Li criticized when they do not know from sad miserable pride, but to hear the word, whether to review his face was not a mistake? If the error is deemed correct, if no errors are ignored, our secure, worry about prison. The reason for our long suffering much confusion because we find that wrong, the same incident, but when love is suffering, at the provincial police, are different. Even in this life, the religious awakening that has made ​​all the suffering to go then. Thus the Buddha does not save all beings suffering for what? However, says the Buddha saved us, but in fact I save themselves. As taught by Buddhist practices, we learn to understand and apply to life, should suffer less happily, that is, had to save themselves. Now that everyone has their own pre-Buddhist, in any case should always be secure. As the case of a Vietnamese Buddhist in origin Hoa, Vinh Long, Han good, deep understanding Buddhism. Formerly Master has given specific Quang Hue Buddhist Sutra was a daring book, extradition to read the application carefully cultivate. Property sales director read almost by heart. One day job doing so unstable that property being in captivity in direct examination. Those who were detained along groaning sorrow than resentment, and direct memory ownership is trying to Buddha's teaching practice, sitting meditation skeptical, so lo tu, but not that hard. We see the same situation, religious people do not know the anguish of grief, the deep understanding that practice Buddhism still be secure without suffering.
If not pointed out, you do not understand Buddhism, Buddhist texts on research question being, how hard being that he does not appear to save? Do not be shortsighted! Do not think Buddha is at hand pull yourself up, or locked up in the examination, the Buddha himself open to examination. Not so! Save all sentient beings are Buddha taught that suffering is impermanent reason, no, not self, and being baked in the Buddha's teaching practice, free yourself from birth and death and pain relief as their people are all suffering. Understand such new inflation Mahayana mind, instead of being willing to suffer as do all the hard work for everyone, that everyone has to be noted that, for all of his tu disturbing confusion of suffering, a new able, wise enough to guide others tu. If not repair themselves, not all defilement of ignorance, not wisdom light, how we practice guidelines? Just like to save the drowning the river, its condition is essential to know wade, swim well, there are boats or floats can save. Conversely, if people are diving Drop drowning the river, the mercy to save, but do not know swimming, no floats, no rescue boats do? The mere trade it!
Good swimming, boats, floats, only for the clergy, the ignorance end suffering, all suffering, intellectual insight, direct strong force. The last such qualified economic depression of the circulation of birth and death are suffering.
For example, if you have friends or relatives in an accident, or do they fail miserable grief. You meet such circumstances, as well as their suffering depression, you can try asking their advice is no less sad suffer less? - Absolutely not. Since the province where you bright and early with heartfelt truth to recommend. Only when you cultivate enlightenment and liberation, see how circumstances and down but still an order in, then they can recommend. Thus, we have to create a happy life lucid self. That is we take the wisdom and compassion as a friend, make float, to carry her through the sea of ​​misery and put people on the shore of enlightenment.
Goods distribution center Bodhisattva Mahayana beings want to be happy, so he must sacrifice to endure any hardship, self-discipline required into the bar, got up early to practice late, hope to soon be enlightened and helped to liberate all beings are enlightened liberation. The true practitioner ordained two cases:
- The first case: Seeing life very troubled about the suffering, fear of suffering that a monk. A monk to save themselves.
- For Monday: Seeing depressed moral beings suffering in samsara not get out, should give rise to a monk to find out way out to save sentient beings, which is the Bodhisattva of Mahayana monk. As the boats to save people, do not think their boats just to carry. But when the rescue boat drowned, they had escaped their dead. That is when the mind think of the good neighbor that he was then the self-interests. That is, care is to save people so they have to save themselves.
In a Buddhist story:
In a lifetime long ago, hunters have killed many wild animals. After his death last fall into hell heavy truck and beaten pain and suffering. While suffering beatings, hunters suddenly saw a tree head the red fire, the heat radiating burning, demons catch the throw in, they are crying terribly. Seeing this, the hunter compassion, development vow: "I suffer alone in this hell, to the people, pray for everyone to get out peace, no more suffering." Even then the sufferings of hell not for hunters.
Due to the vast compassion of the hunter, being willing to suffer so, it transforms his misery. So to say: "In tha interests have self interests."
The practice of birth when they were suffering, feeling like I was suffering, that give rise to a great, great practice. So because of that joy when subject to toil on behalf of the hardships, it does not feel frustrated anguish, as the noble heart of compassion outbreak strong, overwhelming any notion of suffering. Otherwise I just want to be happy, be peaceful suffering, the anguish felt extremely frustrating. More or less suffering Suffering is caused by the narrow width of the center of that out so people. For example, the confusion, not wise to do wrong mistake, should be rebuked rebuking pride sad lo, the defense excuses, do not get errors. So we you look at them with suspected heart scrutiny. A neighbor saw it, stand to receive an error instead of scrutiny to dispel doubts in them. When reprimanded rebuking, who admit that not sad, it was fun, because they have enough wisdom and self-reliance. Indeed so, the center has replaced suffering for the salvation of people, the happy mind, but do not see suffering. Because the concept of compassion radiate joy was discharged by extension, the concept cessation of suffering.
Buddhist practitioners often take the suffering of the people do to take care of their suffering relief; get the fun of doing the fun of yourself, but do not dislike hostility often more fun refugees are suffering. To see that when the vast compassion, the suffering selfish mind immediately associated it dissipated, so all suffering. When people extend compassion to help each other, all the suffering in this world no more.
So the development of the Bodhisattva Mahayana mind, just because that is the suffering of the set of birth and death, that beings are suffering, so he offered to go on record started to make direct benefit to all beings. In business speak, "the Bodhisattva of course the advantage of being skeptical." That is the bodhisattva of benefits being taken as primary ambition, so he went from place to place there, done it all, only purpose is to save all suffering beings.
Beings who know compassion, practice effort, to educate people to see clearly the suffering of birth and death, where bored deep fear not create moral agents anymore. People understand and are thus of suffering themselves to be great fun Nirvana is liberation. There is no particular of the Bodhisattva, that everyone of us should develop the mind and to do so.
As the test bowl,
complaints, the Buddhas,
the Bodhisattva's college,
awakening index,
Tinh conduct direct and
compassion wisdom,
Thua family law master,
Chi Nirvana bank,
Easter complete birth and death,
by escaping them birth.
Of course the money bowls,
excavation necessary,
Linh words being,
Sense of birth and death suffering,
detachment staff training,
directing Tu Shrine.
Nhược Buddhist disciple,
tried a bowl,
myxoma high concept,
kill countless crime,
proceeds from the Bodhi,
speed post primary sense,
the birth and death Vinh,
Resident of pleasure.
Eight things like teaching through,
the same as the Bodhisattva of Exalted,
has been perhaps true enlightenment,
PhD a short religious virtue of compassion.
Burning lights out si wisdom,
you walk away Dharmakaya boat Nirvana.
Back to the birth and death idle bar,
free safety Beings of infectious fun.
Back before using eight of these,
Open Road helped open the way being led.
Making all that familiar,
suffering death and birth do not strongly blurred.
It leaves Punched in education,
Tam Dao Thanh tu no time to forget.
If the Buddhists should have,
things like that every night Eight skeptical proceedings.
In every concept every day,
how many sins away clean smooth rail.
Bo-topic flowers slightly fragrant treasure,
On the right bank of the heel trample sense immediately.
Every birth and death save the galaxy components,
usually happy calm feelings dissipate.
As the test bowl,
complaints, the Buddhas,
the Bodhisattva's college,
awakening index,
Tinh conduct direct and
compassion wisdom,
Thua family law master,
Chi Nirvana bank.
The Buddhas and Bodhisattva, the enlightened people of college because of practice, give rise to cultivate compassion to save living beings. He always lit up the torch where the intellectual mind, to break the darkness except delusion, the result is the Dharmakaya of realization of Nibbana. It should be sitting close to the French shore crew Nirvana. It is the first part, the Buddhas and Bodhisattva y every place this August, but of practice Dharmakaya of realization of Nibbana.
Successful recovery of birth and death,
The escape being,
of course the money bowls,
excavated necessarily,
Linh text being,
Sense of birth and death suffering,
detachment staff training,
directing Tu Shrine.
After the Buddha and Bodhisattva Dharma body of enlightened Nirvana release, he started the ball back in the birth and death prayer, teaching of salvation to all beings. The birth and death is rolling in, but they are not as professional or lead, but because compassion origin being saved, so in his place of birth and death are in themselves, without suffering the desperate sorrow . At instructive, they also used eight enlightened stated, to pave the path to being seen suffering of birth and death, to renounce sensual dishes in the world, lo from Qingdao. This is the second part of being Catholic is part of every Bodhisattva.
Cons Buddhist disciple,
tried a bowl,
myxoma high concept,
kill countless crimes,
Bodhi proceeds,
posted speed sensation district,
Vinh the birth and death,
usually the head of pleasure.
The third part says: The true disciple of Buddha, each concept every concept every eight this enlightened mind. Thanks to each concept every memory of eight enlightened, but not sure what other ideas, so do not create bad karma works, so that the end of sin. Why? - Because the center is no longer thought of personal gain, not think about bad things bad people. Always remember to think about practice, frequent awakening, Trade Me beings think to find means to salvation. People live like that will come to the Bodhi fruit, fruit quickly accomplished Buddha. When you leave the birth and death are often permanent peace in the happy scene.
For your easy to remember and Buddhists in mind, from fear of wrong practice. I summarize the lecture as follows:
1 - The enlightened one: Often found his body and mind and the external object is often not very sturdy, no real self. Be aware that the original mind gives birth to sin, do not accept the mind's true love, is it. Delusions do not really know love should not accept to run under it. This is also known as the forest itself sinful, should not accept the body is real, is it. Often considered as customary to leave samsara of birth and death.
2 - The Monday Enlightenment: Knowing the pain involved for many very well. The root of samsara of birth and death is caused by sexual passion contingent world. So to reduce craving. When taking care to remove five desires peace, it will be fun.
3 - The enlightened Tuesday: Should anyone desire to know as much as the greater crime. Hence the desire to stop the heart, do not take education for staff. Always wanted to know little enough, poor parts to maintain an ethical, brainstorm, get business intelligence do not mind chasing fame world.
4 - The awakening Wednesday: The lazy solution unless the business offers no evil, cultivate good, they shall be perverted moral depression. So that must of practice, except to break disturbing ignorance, of things that for the stumbling, out of prison staff's warm and tam.
5 - The Enlightenment Thursday: To know the root of samsara samsara is ignorance. So listen to learn more about Buddhism wide, thereby sweeping intellectual growth, are capable enough to take account of them being teachers.
6 - The enlightened Friday: Should know more poor or being angry, evil is often the more charming, so inevitably suffer retribution. Care practitioner should develop their mercy, forgiveness for the mistakes than not the cause of their resentment. The center also offers equal generosity to help them, not on previous mistakes remember that hate them. Know and to do so, is the actual observance of the Buddhist practice of generosity and the Bodhisattva.
7 - This Saturday Enlightenment: Knowing that sexual sin is contingent disaster. But the secular world is that people know to avoid, not sexual passion as contingent, always raising the aspirations of renunciation, to maintain strict discipline pure transcendence life. Self-interest for his kindness to leave the salvation of all beings.
8 - The eighth enlightenment: Be aware of reincarnation samsara is suffering continuous infinite. Should play a large compassion, prayer and suffering instead of being helped at all coming to an optimistic lens that Nirvana release.
It was eight enlightenment, the Buddhas, the Bodhisattva has made and the true Buddhist practitioners are doing. Who wants to learn the Buddha, the Buddhist practitioner must do these things can not be ignored. Why? Because the study of Buddhist enlightenment. Whatsoever comes to study Buddhism is said to moral enlightenment of Buddha and Bodhisattva amended was feeling, not experience much memorizing, reciting, or not feeling good without practice, and for that he studied Buddhism. Me is not so! What Enlightenment? - Partial enlightenment as told before. Seen in the body and the landscape is impermanent, clearly craving more, the suffering so much ... It's clear that I had pre-enlightenment, which next morning thanks to compel him to do good is your better knowledge, to advance come to enlightenment.
So far I would say you stretch it to understand easy to remember, no mistakes. In this Sutta the Buddha says only one direction, processing body and mind is impermanent, self, suffering, original sin. But elsewhere the Buddha said this is due to body area that is rich in merit. So do people always ask yourself: "is this body, to live for?" Some people have their own problems, but no answer was. It also have relatives who do not know this, living for? Buddha was a human body is difficult, so be aware of this relative advantage to advance religious freedom for enlightenment, after being driven from place to place enlightened confusion, from place to place guilt happiness.
Buddhist example seafaring boat sank, no floats, abundant wind waves stamping rising Drop down exhausted, suddenly socks are log entries are floating on the sea. When holding a log entry, he said it was floating wood items, and will soon decay. But he should know that we are shifting it, to swim to shore, from drowning. Log entries that, at the time of the drowning is very useful, as it was through that from drowning. Thus, the purpose of the user log directory not to brag, not to adorn the beautiful painting, not to cherish as a treasure, which logs are useful things, are needed to bring the ashore.
Also, people need to see the true meaning of this body. Knowing this body is impermanent not accept cut it, this is not your body other than itself. Not because it's that bad karma, not because it is impermanent, but pessimistic lament, sat waiting for death. Knowing this impermanent body, pressing to take advantage of this body do all the work useful. Lo religious enlightenment to its liberation from suffering and help people all are enlightened completely pain free.
The living are so enlightened, that true meaning of family life and ethical attitudes. That's the basics of a Buddhist monk.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUĐDHA( 3 TIMES ).

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