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Like The Single Forces

-A Nan! Such beings in each species are composed of twelve minor crazy Island, as well petrol dụi see United spotted the mausoleum are marvelous mind, as a whole from being crazy Island, hoping to shed should have enough Wednesday, hoping to spread disorder like fictional idea. Now thou tu Tam Ma, certified for human of thought disorder, spread to three new stuff in the store, as well as to eradicate the average density to minus Orange, they must use the boiling water and ash, then wash the Orange.
-How to call the store Thursday? One is the practice except for the aid; chon tu, horseradish is cleaned Chanh Tanh (Tanh pornography); Thirdly, Rotate counterclockwise so far.
l. Stars called humanitarian?
-A Nan! 12 kinds of beings in the world, can not survive, to eat four ways to nurture, he is: eat by chewing tear as humans; eat with smell smells somewhat like demonic spirit; fed by Four meditation and mantras such realms of consciousness such as dining, so Buddha realms Quartet did not say all beings are thanks to the food that exists.
-A Nan! all beings live, eat, eat fresh, unique, dead. Such beings that should end up, Tam Ma Wu Tan's new team, then play free hễ ate nine this, eaten raw, then more anger. Those who eat five Tan, although he knew twelve more explanation, but ten heavenly first cooking smell rotten his stay away; the demon, excess licking at are eating cereal, habitat restoration, who's often in common with demons, Phuoc Germany increasingly worn, such as consumer benefit.
-Who eat five Tan that tu Tam Ma, then the Bodhisattva, the first ten friendly spirit not to lifeguards. Greater force Devil opportunity POPs itself Buddha, sermon for them, decry pornography banned, concur in regards to world education and si. He died while in ma, when all the blessings of ma, an underworld A Bhikkhu sailings.
-A Nan! Tu DAO Bodhi should end permanently active restoration, she called the store Thursday, tu planet tons.
2. Stars called brain cleaner Works Before?
-A Nan! Beings into three kingdoms Ma, first to hold the world clean, pleasing, for example, use the really end wine meat, only eat cooked food items, such as jewelry.
-A Nan! The austerities such as pornography and observation if being, that'd out of the three realms is not the right room. So to watch the snake poison, as explicit as the enemy.
-First to hold Four of world's gas, bowls, maintained such close Bar, later released under the laws of ritual purity of Bodhisattva, maintained interest such startups. About forbidding have worldly achievement, for such people, full-time career being compatible; have such theft is not indebted to another, and from having to pay the debt of the time.
-Pure's tu Tam Ma, with the body of parents being, for example, need natural see Providence, ten in the world, meet the Buddhist holy leader listening, well, just be, stroll around the ten realms, pure networks, such dangerous difficult things, he called out Monday tu planet tonnes on Monday.
3. copy the reverse Rotation Process called?
-A Nan! The world in clean like, for example taking explicit is not ruổi by Luc Tran dong outside, due to the rotation about the self not dong ruổi, has not favored Tanh as Tran, continental apartments, for example, seat the most titles, upstream of the Myrtle family, used for example, ten national brightness throughout the clean, such as Yuriinside are lit (self released invisible energy facility), eco-mind at peace, magic Member equality, was peaceful, all net density of Vairocana is member in that instant he was invisible in labour law. Since then gradually depending on the rank of an established Church, monastery, testified he called out Monday tu planet tonnes on Tuesday.
-A Nan! Friendly nanzih, drought, and AI education scene such as charm, the quote itself does this not also continue birth again, keep an empty mind, pure is hue; Tanh discerning projection position hue ten realms. Only the hue drought, called Qian Hui.
l. roseus, gas participated in exercise New Episodes have not yet connected line of Vairocana, use these flows into Central Park, was open, marvelous result from marvelous ' to emit chon chon magic, magic cylinder, all hoped signals often are clean, moral finality idea of pure Tin Center, called chon.
When the new education, yet connected line of Vairocana, use these flows into the Middle, not leaning on the side, Not sideways, not head place, from here run restaurant:
No, let's say, Central Park, Empire, called ' Magic; in this consciousness can come. When one has the feeling, from magic broadcasting, which serves as the logical chon, then called Magic, this consciousness can not come. If the led turns as chon, chon, marvelous, not from chon play magic, magic then is Marvelous Chon.
Magic is not common, should not be based chon, chon, magic is pure Act should normally. The magic have often head then all hope idea no seat. Saying "Magic" is a private self feel invincible summer residences, can not use language opine, self confidence, should call center are chon is Interested.
2. Chon credit information, all three things: warm (warm), (9 parishes), (18), can not stop, so until in countless lives in the past, Futurism, all gas volume, life, society as a whole are far out ahead and remember not to forget, called Spiritual Head.
3. Pure Magic, sophisticated play chon, the gas from the unconscious into a glass thỉ are (sophisticated shed), from essential advanced up the chon Tinh, called Glass Jin Center.
4. pure Heart crystals tonnes of money, use location Based Center called Hue, hue.
5. Position the same hue, Chairman, President of magic often silent throughout, called To Mind.
6. from the mind light emitting light, Tanh, proceed to such deep into called Real Rotten mind. lui
7. course toward an Interest, maintain such loss, communicating with the spirit of ten As a hybrid called Dharmapala.
8. an obligation of Result is maintained, or used to sense magic power to rotate From Buddha's on self Tanh, as well as the light of the two mirrors facing each other, in particular, the ball for the duplicate check, called Islam coincides endlessly Towards the heart.
9. The Centre's words, an anonymous space where hypnosis, infinitely superior clean, often head of Buddha, for example, be lost, called World Attention.
l0. Head, or stroll around the world in ten directions, in prayer, as Prayer goes depending on the Space Center.
l. A Nan! Friendly nanzih, due to the foot of media broadcast ten tier credit Center, Center of sophisticated light emitting, ten second advantage xen mutual, dung into a mind, called the Discovery Center.
2. in the mind enlightened as Yuri clean, in essence, use existing gold net formerly this mind magic to the land to go stand (practice) called the Mediterranean space.
3. geographical know throughout, all clearly, going around ten, was not prevented, called Austerities.
4. Happy with Buddha, the spiritual life of the Buddha, as the central body, parents find themselves warm warm message with confidence, silently enter like hybrids, called Birth You.
5. Has the moral conception, connecting lines of the Buddha, as have the picture, full General, called the media Stuff About space.
6. Content copied and Prime Minister are as Buddha, called Mind Head.
7. on more Fuselage Center fusion called Real Rotten Head growth.
8. Ghost of the body most fully known as Chon.
9. Image got into, out of control, as the son of the Buddha, called the French Prince.
10. the French Prince have grown, such as Crown Prince of King Survey Advantage to adulthood, will be supporting the United Nations, the mandate should do the holidays restaurant Danh (genpuku), called Danh.
l. A Nan! Friendly nanzih, got into the Buddha of immeasurable full Hybrid, depending upon Germany as ten beings, means more leads, called Glee.
2. Or benefit for all beings, called Much of interest.
3. sense of self-discipline, for example against the left, tha call is Anger.
4. the Triangle inequality, ten by achieving, as was "Italian-born – relatives", depending on each species of beings that embody the same ultimate chemistry degree to futurism, called Endless Bliss.
5. Where every each disciplines, all lighthearted, yet such mistakes, called Cups Si Revolted.
6. where the General Council of several General allergic; where the Prime Minister, per each Charity We saw, also called almond.
7. how to mote full around ten frivolous, in each of the ten realms each ceiling so far; so far the ceiling so far, for example to prevent problems, realms called Asanga.
8. the action of which is the first of three La Confidential, called Respect.
9. Member content, or delivery of benefits rules accomplishment ten schools of Buddhism, called Upon France.
10. Each each radio smuggled, most are clean, the capital won the chon Tanh, called Chon Truth.
l. A Nan! Friendly nanzih, Kabbalah, Buddhism was full; chon Tanh essence pure self, away from the mistake, as soon as the goods of beings that kill the Prime Minister of the Department of energy, the Islamic Center of invisible micro Scout Nirvana, called Rescue Necessarily Beings, Beings General Revert direction.
2. Damage may be far apart, news, General, far from being the Prime Minister must also be left, so Crashers general interests, apart From the unsafe ones; Energy Department are not, feeling indestructible, called Indestructible Revert direction.
3. The Council of mind senses sensory stations, like Buddha, called the Islamic Caste Necessarily Buddha.
4. quintessential unravel, geographical location, as Buddha called Chi Necessarily Of Muslim direction.
5. world and as Future mutual, for example xen flipped prevents, called Endless German Organ Recovery.
6. Where the Buddha, each each character clean, engenders the Princess who's that promoted, in Nirvana, called Depending Upon Equality Charity Based Islamic direction.
7. charity base had, Chon ten beings are the Tanh Tanh, achievements, such as removing beings wholeness, called Depending Upon College Bars Necessarily Beings Revert direction.
8. News where necessarily, that left the Prime Minister the "news" necessarily "left", both for example to stick with, called Chon Hui As Prime Minister.
9. it's Championship, ten DAC Chon, called Invisible Phược Freed Islamic Direction (Phược is kept).
l0. Duc Tanh fullness achievements, the amount of world destruction, known as the French World Champion Of Islam.
-A Nan! Friendly nanzih, has completed 41 ranks in the monastery, which achievement cleaned four Thursday, the happy magic:
l. News brought Buddhism, self service, as well as crops, trees not awl burning, fire coming out but not out, also called the ovule.
2. To use the mind itself into place of the Buddha as well as the last person standing on the mountain, full body was in nowhere, but the foot is sometimes slightly sticky soils, such as room turns that weren't Myrtle called Danh.
3. mind with Buddha, skillful DAC trung DAO, such as people or patient, understanding such distinction, hoài (remember), Africa (not to forget), can not speak out, called Rings.
4. the number of destroyed, Mexican, and Chinese leaders were not able to assign a name, called The first place.
l. A Nan! Friendly nanzih, cleverly achieved Bodhi College places are places of enlightenment, such as Hybrid, along with the ultimate scene world of Buddha, called welcome to the Wedding Venue.
2. allergic synchronously, Tanh Tanh copper removal, called Glass Structure.
3. clean the emitted light, known as Phosphorescence.
4. clarify the sensory Tanh fullness, called Diem Hue.
5. all the anomalies are not able to Win, called Nan.
6. clean show, Chon Tanh As ridiculous differential called Action.
7. the same ultimate shore Ben's Telecommunications Practice, called Chon As.
8. Most centres, called chon as real estate.
9. as Chon, called Thien Hue.
10. A Nan, the happier the practice of Bodhisattva from before coming here, the German fullness, also known locally as Practice, i.e. using the cloud for full colour hue, sheltered spot compassionate beings, across the sea of Nibbana, called France Etc.
Vairocana upstream from the back to human beings, of salvation; Bodhisattva pros from the Buddhist monks to result beings, reverse all communication where Duty agreement, called the College Quadrangle.
-A Nan! From World-class Sensory sweep of Hue to ranks and sensory's new fullness where Mind Kim Cang. Starting from Mediterranean layered advancing Excellent Hue, underwent 12 throne single and complex (l) new to Magic, the Invisible God.
-Per each time, which took place October Friday Kim Cang observed, for example, huyễn uses Remote Ma Tha (only) and Bhikkhu Property (number) of Her vassals As Lai tu pure turn into evidence.
-A Nan! Like all three stations Thursday, advancing, so ingenious achievements in Bodhi 55 fruition chon. Bars/pubs, like, for example one called like called deviant.
Now, the French Prince Advantage Division Foe in the US, the white Buddha sailings stood up Danh feasts:
-The Sun! This is what Business should call Kinh, and beings to serve over how?
Buddhist Literature Hostile Attorneys Advantage: privacy
-Sutra called the "Buddha of pure White such as pollution, Danh Infinitely Superior Protection, Ten As Lai Hai Thanh Tịnh labelled", also known as "Rescue Relatives, Escaping A Nan, and Tanh in the Citadel without pretentious Ni, Dak, into the sea Turns Mind Bodhi, also known as the" Tri "As Future Human Security Means" Willow-Tu Syndrome, also known as the "Great Coalition United United Media Magic Advertising Ten Buddhist Model Da La Ni Uncle", also known as "Consistent Danh Chapter owls, Tributary Capital Bodhisattva Van Hanh, you should Seriously Mausoleum" to serve.
Buddha said is done, the instantaneous mass As A Nan and Future mining towns of meaning thanks to your Publication of such pollution "and heard the title of the Sutra, the willow tree Satori magic of Meditation Na, tu Saints, empty except for understanding, ended in six product impurity en trailokya.
A Nan sailings from seat stood up, hand-foot Buddha, Danh ceremony provides glass transparency Buddha that pieced:
-The Sun is great, from countless German dread, while exploring the enchanting subtle of beings which intimate human mind at peace today, are great benefits.
-The Sun! If magic mind unravel this same fullness around the capital, how to land, grass, trees, insects, such as the Tanh function, i.e. chon chon into Buddha Vairocana 's; so Buddha be true, why have chon circles of hell, demons, animals being, tu ngạ, human and solar? The contents of this Act, which has, or is due to the volume of gas that fictional beings born?
-The Sun! As Bhikkhu without pretentious Ni Buu Contact Incense over World Bodhisattva behavior explicit, disappointed, decided to take action, for example to kill said baby and stealing, no newspaper. Say finished, where a large female successively being the fire base, then each bone was flushing fire an underworld A Bhikkhu.
-As King Yuri, and Bhikkhu without pretentious Friendly glass: Yuri then killed all the Hardworking Talks; Friendly Planet, hoping to say all the French are not (the killer) are living with an into A Bhikkhu.
-The hell, is there a certain place or not? Each industry, each causing each own karma, or is it all natural?
-Please bring kindness From Buddha, exploring the jackass, causing all beings over the world, listen to that decision, for example, keeping the wedding service.
He said A Nan:
-Benign alternative questions, prompting the beings got Ta comments, for example, now you're going to take a listen, because thou that said.
-A Nan! The result of all beings real clean, because capital chon hoping that expected birth episode gas, so the inner and outer parts divided into.
-A Nan! Inner part i.e. part of beings. Due to free Ireland disappointed, hoping to trigger infection status area contains not only engenders AI Shui, so, beings hễ think of delicious food, the watery pieces; Remember to trade antediluvian, or angry, or flowing tears, the jewel, in the mind desires, both themselves are instill country; mind taking explicit sex, two male and female natural flows. A Nan, the craving is another matter, but the flowing water is the water permeability, Tanh, naturally, for example wet sacking an Internal Part, called.
-A Nan! Foreign Parts i.e. the addition of beings. Due to its pleasing aspires to emit hope idea, hope idea contained not only, engenders WINS. So the precept prohibiting beings hễ, Center fuselage gently; mind over Indian Uncle then gestures hung Dzung, want to see how contentious whose Sun, Vedic astrology, remember Buddha realms up, then the sights quiet so far, to serve the knowledge then self contempt User Friendly network. A Nan, the expectation on the other, but the idea though soar is gentle, natural sinks, such as engine bay, called Foreign parts.
-A Nan! All birth and death on the Earth, living future depends upon under gas stream transformation, death came at the forestry industry, in General, also little warmth, the evil works of a lifetime at the same time, life, death, inverse,, two volumes of gas delivered mutual, pure idea of xen, soar, ắt sanh realms SunIf the mind does the German aircraft, including the blessings and prayer, then the position favoured natural interest NET was expanded, seeing all net with ten lettered Buddhist prayer, according to the current birth.
-Little idea lot, gently flies, how non-demonic forces, first, the stomach is Rubbed, the crew, stroll around La, for example, what prevents Sun realms. Which if any charity interested volunteers, households, or households maintained Tri Dharma and maintained world wide ban; or households maintained mantra and keeping notes; or households maintained meditation, French ring, then the accomplishments he was at the edge of France is located in the class of Vairocana.
-And equally, no flying no sink, birth place of realms; idea of discerning, clever, unrest renders black, not padded.
-Many fewer cattle born, an idea to do it, heavy and light then do feathered, winged species.
-Seven, three parts, then sank under fire London, birth place cards London, close to the line of ngạ demons, fire red, life is often burned, the oil is also drinking water into fire, water damage, should say was spent hundreds of thousands of lives, not be eating.
-Nine parts, one part idea, then an under fire London, between London and hull on fire and light, London, on the underworld Indirectly, Endless Cockroaches are heavy into the underworld.
-Pure love then sunk into A citadel if interested sunk, there are libel, breaking the world prohibition of Mahayana Buddhism, fervently hope, fictional pilot, get credit criteria, or offer, the prohibition against Pham ngu, then back to birth weight throughout the underworld A Bhikkhu ten.
Evil-beings and created industry take the fruit Division, but in the newspaper industry Council each from his evil karma, depending on the facility, each each different self chuốc retrieved result report.
-A Nan! The things mentioned above, both because of natural beings, created The Episode Human Zhao, Lu Shou. Interface
-Star said The Episode?
-A communication, broadcast as Episode where rubbing each other, not only, so brush in which emit flame red, as the user hands rubbing, then General warm so far. Two volumes of gas each new birth the iron beds, homogeneous. Ten bronze Vairocana view the pornography as sexual intercourse, such as Bodhisattva see tunnel fire must avoid.
-The two are Taking File transaction (compared to measure participation requirements) where mutual attraction, attract not only, the should contain quite cold inside the icy wind, as the steam inhalation to oral emotionally cold. Two new climate era, bear the agony of hell welding tape. Ten bronze Vairocana see participation take cards, players such as Bodhisattva see as the exclusive must avoid.
-Thirdly, romantic Episode delivered (minimally invasive pressed together), where the pressure is not only the return, tendinitis; the should be no quarrel dispute, pop into the waves, such as self licking mouth tongue, flowing out in pieces. Two new gas fighting each other, being the blood River, the River ash, sand, sea, began to drink water and drains, etc. Ten Hybrid view the fall came As as drink si, Bodhisattva see ego port like the immerse must avoid.
-Four is the set of traffic pulse (conflicting) where opposition against not only fire detection, Tempus, casting the metal, the gas should be the executioner, axe, hammer, sword, spear, saws, as climate monitoring function oan then emerges. Two new gas impinge, being the castrated, cutter, guillotine, tight, awl, crashing, hitting, beating, etc. Ten such as Lai see the sword blades, explosive anger as Bodhisattva view anger as killers must avoid the guillotine.
-Collective transaction instance is Disguised (seduction), where allure, entice chaüng only, so there are the wires, trees, performances, venom, like water permeability field, grass tree of birth. Two new contentious things gas pull together, cùm, shackles, gông, roi, sticks, etc. Ten As a hybrid view the misrepresentation as to time hackers, Bodhisattva see lies like Leopard Wolf be afraid.
-Six collective Madness is delivered when (deceiving), where phỉnh, gotten not only, let the mind, should have silt, urine, the unclean things, like dust in the wind, for example, there is room to see. Two new climate being the Saigon River, immerse, jump, throw, bay, fallen, rolling etc. Ten Such Hybrids see the cheat as pirates killed, Bodhisattva see the deceiving, as poisonous snakes trampled.
-Seven is Resentment over Episode problems (problems), where anger, so that the throw stones, throw brick box confine crib confine, rọ, đãy, wrap, such as confining malevolent nurturing thing. Two volumes of gas ingestion, new birth the throw, throw, catch, fishing, shooting, fist, grab, squeezing, etc ten As Lai see the grudge, or Vi, Bodhisattva see grudge like drinking poison.
-Eight is Set intersection (guys smart ham comments), as the fifth evil and harmful effects, because opinion reserves differ should fight against each other, such as strangers goes way back and forth come together, arguing ladies event, should be the officer, holding the profile text. Two volumes of gas over xen, so new fide Evil Tongzi hand-held profile text, investigating evidence specifically, visit ask, tortured, interrogated, etc. Ten to watch the evil Ant bronze Vairocana as tunnel, the Bodhisattva look like on the toxic mortgage damaged crater.
-Nine is Uổng files (vu bluff draft) alternating, where slander libel; so no paint, plaster, mortar, grinding mills, as denigrate slander the salary. Two new gas ban each other, being the solution, the application overrides the batter, squeezing blood etc ten As Lai see the vu bluff draft as Tigger denigrate, Bodhisattva view the vu bluff draft as Thunder.
-Ten is that litigation Volumes delivered displacement (ladies event quarrel), where they conceal sins; so have mirrors soi, torch lighting, such as standing between the Sun, can not hide the ball. Two gas pitch new engenders mutual, evil things, glass industry, fire, exposing the soi industry, for testing etc. Ten Such Hybrids see the concealed as dangerous hackers, Bodhisattva see the concealed as the mountain passes on the sea.
Stars says Press Delivery Record?
-A Nan! all beings, green awareness created, Zhao feels evil report, both from mainland bases that out.
-Evil quote from army base Star says that out?
-A detailed Report Zhao felt evil results. When reporting delivery industry knowledge, then at Lam chung, first of all, see fire burning around ten, rose form the dead fighter dropping by smoke, into A-citadel invented two General: one is found, all see things aggressive, being awesome immensely; the two are seen dark, hazy find nothing being incredibly terrified passengers panic.
-So, see fire hearing into the pan of boiling oil, copper water flows; burning olfactory, black smoke, flame Red; burning taste, burning iron members; burning hot, tactile, ash coal furnace; burn aware, United fire rưới around, shaken at all frivolous.
-Two Alarm sensor is an evil outcome. When the text message, then at forestry industry Affairs General firstly see waves roll submerged heaven and Earth, God consciousness dead currents drift into A-citadel invented two General: one is listening to the noise, mental disorders; the two are permanently deaf to hear, for example, quietly sinking iron form God.
-So, listening to the waves flows into the hearing, then into the accountability question, which flows into the sight, the Thunder and toxic gases; flowing into the olfactory, rain and fog, rưới deep exclusive on filled throughout the body; flowing into the taste, the pus, blood, and the stigma of being nhớp; flows into tactile, cattle born, Devil and urine; flows into consciousness, into electricity lightning, hail, beating off interest allows.
-Three is the evil touch Smell Report Zhao. When reporting delivery industry, then the smell at Lam chung, first of all, see fumes filled with near and far, God consciousness movement who died from the ground up, into A-citadel invented two General: one is the pine smell fumes stormed in, mental disturbance; the two are suffocating, breath, for example, killing his dream.
-So, smell gas stormed into the olfactory then normal, clogging; Visual then stormed into the fire, torch; on hearing the immerse, boiling water; taste, smell stormed thiu, thúi; stormed into tactile, cracked, crushed, the largest mountain has attracted hundreds of thousands of eyes, not the same; stormed into consciousness, ash, gas and sand stone hitting, beating off the body.
-Four was Reportedly signed thank evil results. When the industry delivered newspapers, then at Lam chung, first and foremost see grid iron ignite fire, cover the burning monk around the world; God consciousness grid, an infected person die sa head down into the underworld, as opposed to hanging A Bhikkhu, invented two General: one is a bit on the icy, causing a fractured body, the two are slightly out of breath, flying the red bone marrow burning fire.
-So, introduced through the taste perception bear; through Visual, kim thạch nung Red; through hearing into sharp weapons; through large iron cage, olfactory, che country; through tactile, bow, arrow, nỏ, guns; through consciousness, the iron is hot, flying aerial rưới down as rain.
-In touch with evil Report Zhao is exposed. When exposed, the forestry industry affairs, first seen at major General from four sides coalesced, such ramps; spirit awakening the dead see The Iron major, solid fire, Tiger, Wolf, Lion, hell good (who guards the underworld) to Buffalo, La, the Horsehead, hand-held, xóc, and found an entrance into A citadel, towards hell invented two General: one is exposed, mountains or pressed flush of blood, the bone meat; the two are left exposed, dao sword stab guillotine, heart and liver were carved.
-So, exposed through tactile, the path of hell, having Matches La United the Court; through Visual, burned, heated Red; through hearing the hitting, beating, stabbing shot; through olfactory, grab, pouch, tied; through the taste, the plough, pliers, guillotine, tight; through consciousness, falling, flying, cooking.
-Six is an evil Idea Report feeling. When the idea of Industrial Affairs, then at Lam chung, first of all find wind storm blew off Congress; wake the dead had been blown up nerve nowhere, turn down according to the wind, an underworld A-citadel invented two General: one is, for example, Mexican black infinity, fled alone; the two are not me, or knows the line, not burned, painfully miserable.
-So, deviant idea into his consciousness then into departments; links on sight, then the mirror soi, evidence; link to hearing into incorporating icy, foggy, silt; links on olfactory, trains, boats, wood fire; links to taste the loud yelling, weeping; links to the tactile, large and small, leaning back, like times life goes dead again in a day.
-A Nan! The volume and contents of the Protocol mentioned above, both by hell beings, hoping to generate passion. If the evil beings are career army bases and created into A Citadel, spent countless lives, is suffering immensely; If the contents of each apartment individually, with each Department created, including apartments, then who's on the A-8 hell Bhikkhu; If the user password, create a career officer, Director, adult film star, then an 18 person into hell; If you do not include all three, or in business or industry is just created, then who's on the 36 hell; If there is only one private grounds, the person made a career on the 108 hell.
-Each individually created distinct beings, though, but at the same place the diocese in the world, is expected by, for example, must inherently trust engenders available there.
-Again A Nan! If the beings destroyed the ceremonial law, breaking the World Nirvana Bodhisattva, defamation and other industry, then underwent many past burned, after Atonement is complete, the demonic forms of life.
If the character, due to take place in forming crime, person of the Atonement is complete, the met, called Monster the Devil by taking colors create guilt, when Atonement is complete, having wind was formed. called Bat Demon; due to the crime, when the parameter lies created Atonement is complete, animal encounters, called Mî Demons form; by taking anger created sin, when Atonement is complete, the encounter insects was formed, called Monopoly Demons; do take note engraving grudge to create crimes, when Atonement is complete, met enemy shipping was formed, called the deterioration rate of Demons; due to the arrogant created, when the parameter of Atonement is complete, having formed gas, called the Ngạ Demons; so, when taking deceiving created complete Atonement, met u hide shape, called Cover Demons; by Ming tham, as Satori created Atonement is complete, having formed, called the planet ghost Sagging Of the demons; reference artichoke bluff draft created by the crime, when Atonement is complete, having formed, called flexible display Translation Uses the devil; by taking the factions created offences when Atonement is complete, having human form, called the Infused Song devil.
-A Nan! Pure love that were due when an sa, then as career fire demons, she became the pretensions of his own touch karma, if an NGO Tanh Bodhi, is where the magic heart sheds, which had nothing at all.
-Again A Nan! When love and career, not a new idea, both in place, with the indebted former resentment for met, do cattle born to repay.
-Species of monsters, demons, according to reports, when Macau where worldly beings, much do birds call.
-Wind, Afterword by demons when the wind announcement, birth place of the consumer, much as cuu species (species predictions omens like the birds owls, crows, etc..)
-Cattle, when cattle Mî demons as reported before, birth place of the dead, much as a species of weasel.
-Ancient demons according to depth, when thinking deep down all, birth place, much as the toxic species.
-Rate of demons according to Canadian newspaper titles analogies, when figuring out, birth place, much as a species of amphibian sán.
-Gas, gas Ngạ demons according to consumer reports, when the place of birth, much as the species of cattle.
-Cover demon according to u-hidden, when u-hide target alarm off, birth place, much as species of silkworms, sheep, deliver wear.
-Sagging Of the demons, when refined by newspaper standards, birth place, much do birds.
-Translated Using a demon according to ghost show, when ghost removal report, birth place, much of his career on making species (species predicts good omen as Phung, neighbours).
-Infused Song Devil in person, when the dead journalist visas, birth place, much of the party who served as a species of conifer such as dogs, cats.
-A Nan! This category is for industry, being on fire, to repay the old cattle species, is also due to the expected career Zhao felt; If Bodhi enlightenment, then the expected result, which had nothing at all.
As you ask about the evil Buu's report Concerning incense, Yuri and Goodwill from where the Citadel without pretentious? Must know every every themselves create, not down from the sky, from the ground up, or someone else to. Create hope, evil fruit, that such an order where he is due to psychological Bodhi, hopeless idea false agglomeration.
-Again A Nan! The animal was born, the Temple of old, if repayment of old debt paid too, then back to work, to reclaim the overpaid. If the other has the power, remove stems from Germany, the blessing of whom still refund the excess then was, also if such blessing should cattle born in Germany to return the missing.
-A Nan should know! If indebted to money or effort of animals, when Temple enough self-stop ... If in it there are killing lives or predatory, like eating each other, kill each other until, spent countless lives, such as turning the wheel at higher at low, take turns not to stop. Meeting the Buddha's birth, unless France away from Ma Tha Satori, otherwise the industry couldn't stop.
-Now you should know, birds calling, pay off debts, the back, being on hardshell class.
-Species body on the other, pay off debt, the return of people, being the monstrous class.
-Other species of weasel, pay off debt, return people, birth of Jackass.
-Toxic Species, pay off debt, the return of people, being in class.
-Other Species of amphibian, pay off old debt to many, who, being in class options.
-Animals, pay off debt, the return of people, being in class effeminate.
-Other species of silkworms, sheep, pay off debt, the return of people, being the impoverished class.
The other featured season-birds, pay off debts, the back, being on ornate class.
-Other species of retirement on, pay off debt, the return of people, being the smart class.
-The other side, uniform parts Plants to pay off the debt, the return of people, being in class fluent.
-A Nan! This kind of old, though pay off debts, were due to return to the crazy island created, invisible beings together kill each other, such As from thỉ, for example, listen to public faced France, in the lao revolving spell forever, Chen called the truth deserves mercy.
-A Nan! There are beings, such as Chief Justice in realms who senses tu Tam Ma, that tu according to expectations, keep consolidating comedy, hiding in the forested mountains, the absent person, into ten categories.
l. A Nan! These beings, solidly graphical additions such as break, real achievements, called Local Administrative ethics.
2. use the grass plants such as neutralization, ethical achievements, called Astronauts for the first time.
3. single training solidly, ethical achievements such as chemicals, called Travel time.
4. metallurgical gases such as solidly, achievement gas, called Run for the first time.
5. Service Center training solidly, achievements, for example, call the Action margin.
6. solidly absorbs the essence of such achievement, absorption, called Travel time.
7. training by spells such as neutralization, spells, achievements called Administrative time.
8. professional attention solidly Memorial celebration of the achievements, for example, called Projection Action First.
9. marine fire copulation solidly on, the achievement of such induction, called Glass Onion.
l0. Solidly turning chemical e.g., Ta achievements, called Great Onions First Satori.
-A Nan! Were in training centres, such as realms with whom the Chief monastery, distant people, tho like a thousand years old, deep mountain where lurks, Islands, places are absent; He was also keep hoping that samsara. If for example the tu tam Phuoc alarm off, black, when right back in the Mainland.
l. A Nan! Worldly people, for example, that usually Act have not been able to leave his headquarters, horrified couples, but not let go of the lung Center where adultery, because mind stands in silence to emit light. After death, near Laurel, with Japan called this type of Foursome Uranus.
2. for his wife, explicit AI, while the net, not completely clean. After death, Laurel, in Ho Chi Minh City light beyond the realms, this type of Danh called Donation Benefits.
3. temporary, through education and Experience, remember; where the little net many realms. After his death, an Office where nowhere, Laurel couldn't light nhựt, autonomous person class to shed light, called Tu Diem Ma.
4. at the first, but when exposed suddenly to, not to be left. After death, birth up sophisticated, realms connected the realms of heaven, people below; When KIEP ear is not able to sabotage tam, called Where Performance Momentum.
5. it is not about pornography, just respond to the needs of the people, see the explicit sex drivel like eating wax. After death, birth complications, type realms up peanut Turn Chemical.
6. Center for worldly life headquarters, which police use as worldly Education Council; are clearly at tho, pass. After death, pass up all such variables and variable scene, this type of Natural Disaster called Tha At.
-A Nan! Six realms above, whether from the Sun that remnant stick or from here, called the Education world.
(l): twelve throne single and complex:
In the complex, each consisting of ten ranks of the throne, namely The Tin, The head, The Almond, The Hui and The Mediterranean.
Seven star units are: Càn hue, Ovule, Danh, rings, The First, and Magic.

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