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Disciplines Ch ate Buffalo

Like The Foot Of The Intellectual Property

Basis Of Buddhist HọcTịnh, Canada

Introduction Dear ladies and gentlemen,
The school is often hesitant play mind tu when standing in front of treasure classics of Buddhism, not sure where to start, how to practice, for good results. Even fewer have austerities for many years, whether in or out, but interest is still not at peace, life is still so much unhappiness and suffering.
Buddhist path help enlightened beings and freed, who played Center practice need to have maps to the austerities, tu right down to meet major, proper public legitimacy. Booklet is a small contributions, aims to introduce the road map, or practice to undergo the ordeal, achieve results, from the beginning until the fullness, though the Administration maintained under any sectarianism of Buddhism.
Prayer to bring the Indian song books, faith prayer for all people to practice, graceful, full of Buddhist ethics. Welcome to Hy, cosy apparently booklet for any contemplated in the future, common under any form whatsoever for the purpose of benefits for everyone.
North Tissues Duty Counsel Thích Ca Phật Ni Conflict
Dear Editor,
Like The Legs Of Intellectual Property
Vesak season 2628 (Buddhist calendar 2548)
Research course In 2004 Body Armor Settling Monastery

I. Open Title:
rong song, people familiar with the following: "Buffalo Who is suffering maintenance breeding Blanket Buffalo happy right!". It is the opening song, lyrics, talking about living, of the Professional category, in the bucolic buffalo herds. , where
In Buddhism, Ancestral deity, often borrow divine images, of the Buffalo, to which only teach methods of practice, catering Center, messy, and the mausoleum of gasoline, the net bar Security Center. Tu method,is often referred to as: "disciplines herding Buffalo ".
This, almost anyone who thẩy all think, also said that his people, no one is getting bad, herself, themselves who is wicked. If not, is the staple, bothered his oneness in life, also, who did not do, cause guilt, sure, usually after death realms are up to heaven, to Sukhavati, no nothing for you to measure worry. Want to make eating more fuselage Nhon, remember, after she told die, sometimes lost many, many fathers, invited many processions lost their grandparents about the prayers, newspapers distribution, business litigation, wished for goal, where in Sukhavati, or promoted where realms, heaven forever!
If someone, expert advice, psychological nursing before, then the associated amendment to think: people that are gone! Not gone back, by austerities, the quarterly conversation, tu in the temple, the story of his father, in the monastery, not the story, who are living, life outside the worldly, busy wandering, with hundreds of minor stories, the ceiling, corresponding interference expel battle, Telecom immeasurable, distracted, also the time where the Sagetalking austerities?
Think: tu students do spend, knowing many more suffering, no guilt, from unknown to wade through the River, take the to learn, from there coming, so healthy!
Actually the story of his life, as well as story, where one can, reasoned thoughts, too, so simple! Humans because by, ignorance obscures, foot foot, generations more Tanh KIEP, so rolling roll, being Prince of samsara, living in Mexico, living in JAG, living in a crazy, unknown. Why so? Because human beings, living in the labyrinth, accidentally intentional, entail excessive charges, career, shields, invisible from the grave.
Such as when driving, breaking the law, and for that, he did not know, traffic laws, to be exonerated? Such as time, geography, and then for the papers, don't know foreign languages, complete story is reasonable? Such as when his cause, including prisoners, create negativity, suffering, to others, and their families, although they notably crime, impunity, remains assured, dining or sleeping, there has been so affordable, the mind, which is the mind?
Because people, like living in JAG, always dreamed, Western world paradise, Sukhavati, do not know do not remember, living in the present, not knowing that he, living one's life, downright nonsense, for example, do nothing beneficial to anybody, just know all day long sleep enough dining, lies second beneficiary, winning tries to fightmore lost to sexual harassment, and then wait for up to date, to die is out!
Because people, live in crazy Island, so getting up, gauges for fiction is real, is fun. Such as: who everybody knows, gambling is fun, unprofitable purchases, but many people still keep their aerobatic champion, wins the line, his lost his hole, chuốc line, do not have himself groan!
Such as: many people thought the main body of this is "his" here, later to be named confirmed that, of course, go up to heaven, entitled riches, bringing blessings or identified, to realms Sukhavati, happy to close plates! Where did not know that: after the main body, breath, called uncovered, dared to come near? Dust and sand will, back to the dust!
Actually there are only good and evil, newspaper, artifacts in my life, "always under his", as shown with the ball, never left, over how much of the past, in a row later on. Also "" are herself, is not known! ""True humans, have been ignorance, obscuring buried, hysteria, so that the man, still not awaken, to get out!
People do wake up, stop career move, intellectual flushing.
Just then, surely people, an autonomous in fuel, himself stepped out, from the display of ignorance, himself escaped death, samsara, is no longer being impurity, such suffering, life for life, peace and happiness. Such as when dark tan, light, sky in the morning, everything scene, visible ahead, people to see, like the right things, "such as the fact", is no longer ambiguous, no longer mad, get to know clearly who this "his", no longer in doubt, while anything else at all. But know how, to which awaken, how to be creative, intellectual flushing?
That is, the purpose of dzogchen, the Buddha taught, as well as a result, tons of practice: " Disciplines herding Buffalo ".
* * * * *
II. development:
1. Buffalo breeding traditions through the classics.
rong was voluntary, i.e., four quarter-finals Hong vow big oath third prayer is: " Disciplines immeasurable, their voluntary learning , "meaning in Buddhism, there are myriad of disciplines, guide the practice, we pray that all are under study.
'S College Bowl Experience, part the fifth, the Buddha had taught that: "Foolish beings, bodhisattva often recite, multicultural learning, intellectual growth, achievement measures, Professor of chemistry, College of communication necessarily" . As foolish, so being, affective London birth, so the bodhisattva, always remember thinking, learning, listening to many French practice so that the Chief Justice, intellectual growth, increasingly uncivil, eloquence, could be much higher, beings, of course, happily bring big for all species.
In are: "continental Destiny Rules Tu academic disciplines, all the necessary information reaches ". We develop, practice and learn all disciplines, are smoothly , achieving the primary results.
In your Mobile, Buddha had taught: " Administrative practice such as blankets, Buffalo maintained: handheld roi sentry, always in control, not to violate, and plating of the ". The mind is Buffalo, category is. So in total, immeasurable disciplines, administrative practice, the Buddha only, there is a method,austerities called: "disciplines herding Buffalo ".
Today we discovered mind learn, grazing water buffalo, to Deng disciplines can apply radical, the lyrics refer to The Religious teachings, of Germany, in fact, everyday life, by the Buddhists, whether they are in, or is off.
When we are, understand the disciplines herding Buffalo, where not enlightened, entering the door, after having stepped into the temple for a long time, mind added up, entering the line, with the line, however is still alive, above the ceiling, like others, that mind didn't bother lụy, suffering pain.
The line mass i.e., four saints, or four saints, began to include: fruit, fruit From da Tu da function to A function, and A la Han-na.
Everyone, understands are intellectual disciplines herding Buffalo, light, life changing, since this date, for the French no longer setbacks during the great depression, psychological development, prayer rugs collectible volumes, the evil Buffalo, decided to stop doing work, not left, religious inferiority, peace and happiness, though.
All the people, understand the disciplines herding Buffalo are, where to go, vicious loanh around, outside round, medium-ham fun, enjoy hả hê, displacement said smiling, just a Hoot Hoot line has just done, suffering, shady forest, conjure took his prayer, implore God, vái superstition, spending money d.such benefits, safety requirements, to reunite, merchant may sell expensive, ended up in the end, get nothing?
All the people, understand the disciplines herding Buffalo are, if they are, see the story away, Nursing Center, not just the result, the people, to stay in the temple, which is owned by the Government of the people, themselves, by anyone, in part, to alleviate suffering, coil negativityself rescue yourself, wants, wishes to help the people, and beyond, House cellar, to police the world, peace and happiness, while at present, in all circumstances, upon the Earth.
* * *
2. benefits of the disciplines herding Buffalo: in your Mobile, Buddha had taught:
"After As, type kill Nirvana, who do diligence, effort in sight, living in mindfulness, introduction, craving worldly things, always remember thinking, developing meditation, see themselves as, Islands, is that the title, not title search turns to Myrtle, nowhere else anymore, outside of yourself, people will step, out of the way, nomad life, canvas, and end, suffering miseries".
From now on, keeping the mind, body, end liễm promoted meditation, i.e. blankets Buffalo, not for aggression, and plating of himself trying to escape out of the ring, birth, death, reincarnation in his ornate, practice, and lo prayer, subjunctive conjure, dependence on others, practice his giùmNo, of course, the effect at all, how enlightened, and freed?
Litigation experience Zazen meditation, Buddhist mantras, the media, help us, best buffalo herds, because: body paid net , by sitting neatly, easiness, password paid net , by the mouth of silence, or litigation lyrics, the net bar also, by focusing on the economy due to the shelves, remember thinking lettered Buddhist, not start magazine.
We should know: the buffalo herds, without traditions moments, without unnecessary bells mõ, rosaries, without grouping tools, there is no need, or are in the temple. Anytime, anywhere, any scenes whatsoever, we also can apply, disciplines, in order to create the buffalo herds, for people, living around, a new life, peace and happiness, even at far away, in a positive way, rather than conjure, subjunctive deities, the venue at all.
If you do not know, disciplines, for dropping blankets, Buffalo Buffalo spoiled for where to go, what to wear decent húc cleared shelves, Harrow East, West, built over stock rebuilding, run backwards running, running back ran to neighbors, under the village, causing disasters, which includes acquaintance, as well as unfamiliar, in around her.
Such as in a morning meeting, or on the forums, people do not know, where disciplines need blankets, blanket of Buffalo Buffalo, Buffalo, where impressive drop to, the new dare open lyrics, critical comments, lẩm ca doting, blamed criticism, libel, ridicule, laughter arrogant disdainful, critics decry all awakeMiscellaneous lang tang, nghing, nghing horizontal horizontal escalation was born, from relatives, neighbours and enemies, from acquaintances, riết and coffee always, yet knew, from Princeps, to Monday, authority chief author, Christian, from Theravada, Chi sa di, if energy costs, also are getting says!
Rancid, rancid's people, a black Buffalo run húc awake, and scary, if both a Black buffalo herds, foolish, xổng stables flush, seek húc people, running up the gap, then is such as lâ, consequences, injuries, Deng that cures!
Such as when sitting did not spare, for example, looks something, someone who don't know, grazing water buffalo, to disciplines for the mind, where to go, go, think rave awake, miscellaneous lang tang, for love, stroll around the neighborhood wearing a Buffalo village, when suddenly the old childhood memory, story time, crashing off embittered, mood insecurity, damaging immensely. Further, non-damaging counterpart cures, if continued, according to the line of thought, i.e. Buffalo, will lead, to create a new crime, generating additional business. We think, with the intention that, messy, hope mausoleum gasoline, hoping to form hope hope Center, lava, so magazine, we can, on the Western realms, relying upon divine Buddha, lived in world, nibbana Sukhavati, along a tributary vassal bodhisattva, Nhon, are superior or improved?
People often have bad thoughts, bad gas, say others, when Chen Yanping, minds such as yen, lying frequently, dreaming the whole nightmare, never known, about Nirvana? So, not yet elaborately maturity, though in the temple, or at home, as well as met, never met the Buddha?
The human mind, such as Buddha, cast in gold, extremely clean, extremely pure, extremely precious, but for many years, burying many months, should be covered by multiple layers of dust, sand, and mud the stigma of being dirty, black hard ngắc. We made sure to trim out the scrape, abrasion, between repair, remodeling the inning, dedicated enthusiastic take effort to take power. Shaving was somewhat, dirt immeasurable, Buddha light show, respectively. As well as flat, somewhat negativity, people find, then peace, in this life.
Some time later, until one day, Buddha statues, gold returned to the status quo, brilliance brilliant, comprehensive way. Who does not bear, Park cleanup, suffering miseries, which vows to CA mau province, in Western realms, Sukhavati Nirvana, that's just the: no sleep that dreams, not silk woven silk, to bring the sand go Cook, that'd be rice!
All of us, Buddhists, or stay at the temple, as well all dream, living at peace, and happiness upon the Earth, and it should be said, apply daily, grazing Buffalo disciplines, in a positive way, as well as the night, in all situations, in all circumstances.
Such as, are working, in place, or are learning, eating a break, go play outside, or spot absent people, we should know: focused thought, on work, education, rest, diet Jews absent person, place, too, not to mind, think about the wiggle butt, remember thinking awake, petrol chộn busy clutter, mausoleum incessantly.
Any time, thought, thought around thought cycle begins, we know now, Bull Run, bèn blankets stored xổng, don't run under it, were it notable drifting all over the place, drags, leading his loafer, it's hard to go back, arrive, create offences created.
I.e. us, actively raising water buffalo, in all circumstances, spare circuit is in time, break, no play, no letting go rong, remember to think lung tung lung, loose, damaged both hovering is hovering, the tu time wasting. Therefore, more meaningful life, take advantage of the time, practice blanket Buffalo, no longer have to look for, ways to kill time, drum coverings surplus, with the fun, fake temporary earthly world. Focused thought, there is concern, not graffiti, naturally thought, gain productivity, higher quality, better results.
Such as, are sitting relax, but don't think rave, or are lying idle, occupational safety, before work, let the empty mind, peace, quietly NET, not random, President, Center of hope, hope hope hope form. We just need, meditation so, in a few dozen minutes, will find themselves interested, are comfortable, disrespect an incredibly energetic, gentle, natural productivity, the ability to work, inevitably, the result will be good.
Such as when, stranded vehicles on the road, or waiting, waiting for something, don't waste hours, a vain, may apply, disciplines to keep livestock, Buffalo, calm mind, happily grants in no mood, as disturbing, restless anxiety, low thỏm half bulging, fearangry, Tempus, than losing to harass argues, falls in Africa. Meantime, it would be through a mau, a useful way.
At going off the road, if in mind, surprise, or recite any evil, white played right away, don't be crazy, or driving directions, Buffalo, arrived at his home. Do so, the Act peacefully, no one in the House, being the crazy Buffalo, from the outside in, húc càn indiscriminately.
Like the old days, old people's advice, before going to bed every night, so remember: control points work, verbal thoughts, the artifacts in the day, using a so-called VAT VAT not put on drums, a white bean seed, represents a good action, a verbal skills, a thought, and gave up on VATBlack Bean, a granular, symbolizing a wicked action, a rough, irregular thought.
Initially, who also saw her in VAT, there are many more white beans, black beans. If it is established, voluntary psychiatric care, revised tu, some time later, result in VAT have more white than black beans. For a while, no longer black beans, is also true that at one point, from white beans black beans, or need any more.
The main it is at: "Mind only as," people become, American Buffalo quanzhen charity were lost, the French were not fork, both end up. Mind not chaotic, illegal pollution scene. Practice to place, so the paintings ended up drained dairy Buffalo, don't need to anymore. Endless negativity, under the main Chapel, is literally that.
Such as after, crossed the sea to the other shore, is the Enlightenment, is unique in Belgium, i.e. natural practitioners, cockpit dropped the boat ashore, and, again, no one under the left shoulder, boat, raft, for more details on the shoulder as hard.
As well as medication, it should be when healing, all diseases are discontinued. As well as after, laundry cleaning coat, must discharge resets, SOAP detergent, sticking out of the shirt, neither pity, leaving SOAP, and stick on the jacket, and even go into.
In Kim Cang, Buddha had taught:
"The French upper case unlawful demanding discharge, HA".
"French high also, scenarios are the French". When the mind has been achieved, the first bar, Tanh, means the status achieved, egolessness, self in Nirvana, where strict observance, elaborately practice, is the ego, do read.
We should know: If the Buddha, always keep up, smile Super escape, because The Sun itself, of Germany, really at peace. So who, despite his evil mind, heavy Karma with Buddhism, as well as become a gentler more sailings.
While Serious, the Buddha had taught the Mausoleum:
"Kill kill kill, the President signed the contentious action".
"Kill kill kill, President of the front". When the negativity, suffering, entirely clean, legal birth, sterilization of all smooth, quiet, Nhon Buddha Tanh, Nirvana, show Lo President kill integrity. It's at, man achieve purpose dzogchen: peace and happiness, the enlightenment freed.
* * *
3. Ten paintings blanket Buffalo Mahayana and Zen Buddhism.
Buffalo breeding traditions, had for a long time, often illustrated, into many more paintings, depending on the sectarian, folded into two categories: Mahayana tendencies, tendencies. each suite is composed of ten paintings draw, so called: "the Bulls".
The bulls, i.e. the ten Buffalo Buffalo war rugs, beginning, gradually changed to black and white, from atop the head, down to his torso, then ended up to the tail. It is symbolic, the administrative disciplines, elaborately, progressive ladder, enlightenment freed. Mind hope cottage, the times, the earthly contamination of filter, ambitious and innovative growing airport si, from ignorance, reached the scene, Circle members. As well as thanks, caring blankets Pimp, wild Buffalo, black more lives, maturity gradually, self, self rising wins the instinct to self knowledge, wisdom, disengaged himself in, afraid to nibbana.
The general meaning, the herding Buffalo war, Mahayana tendencies, tendencies Zen Buddhism, not much different, and are described, the practice, while many disciplines, depending on the base, the circumstances, not in addition to preferences: peace of mind NET bar Center, chaotic, the purpose of dzogchen, the Buddha taught, in Kim Cang.
The painting is composed of ten paintings Mahayana, not the new blankets, rugs, well bear bear rotations are not afraid, spoiled and forget its own end, soi.
More than ten, not war Zen Buddhism paintings: finding markers, see Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, cattle were cỡi, forgotten Buffalo lost people, about sources on the market.
* * *
4. the ten stages of practice according to the disciplines herding Buffalo:
T yeah, human created, know how, for example, industry and enterprise. Someone from a young age, being from the mind, preferring to work well, helping to pacify those around her, from family, school, and out came out society. At the same time also, a child of, naughty, mischievous prankster nghing nghing horizontal horizontal devastates villages, couch began swearing, chaos, Hao xấc xược, gotten solicited elderly, steals the chicken getting ducks, playing in the homes of people, trees, picking the United in action left theft leaves, dog rock cats, climbing all over. At a young, created such a career, if stop, timely career transition, you can still become good people, benefit themselves, for the whole family , and to society.
Eternal life, the origin advanced civilization, Western, excess material, lack of education, there are parts of German children, know which police, to catch parents, just as Ray, or roi, teachings, there are four of them children, use a knife to stab people, carrying a firearm in class, killers! It is terrible!
When growing up, footsteps, life difficult, people bon chen, struggle for survival despite everything tricks, free benefit for himself only, others, suffering, living dead ignored!
People ready, team representatives, to be conducted, to gain benefits, to wait for the opportunity to dream place. Just because of jealousy, jealousy so, people ready, loan transfer rumors, even the shelf right and wrong, popular library, obliterate the enemy, saying bad bottle behind, put this add, malicious slander Islam, brutal TA, te tua serverly is hả.
People ready, stone rolls, punching back soldiers to drive you, dear send litigation, colliding colleagues, humbled, buried fellow, scraping home teammate, countryman, such trade was tremendous water board, artificially, all well because, for money!
Who's lost his despise caricatures than we, looking half an eye. Anyone than himself, angry denigrate, to dissolve the House, ten doors off only.
All jobs, words on here, which was commanded by by ideology, human thought. In other words: proactive thinker, command, action words. People have thought, or interested in Italy, then take action, and speech. People have thought, or about the evil, then take action, and evil speech. So must know, the people, there are evil at Sage, at one point, so for so acting, confused good and evil. The human mind, from past to present, from East to West, the mausoleum of gasoline daily so confusing,.
In the book, the man, such as assembly plants, chimpanzee, horse running, should be called: "mind who Italy HP". Horses running all over the place, rong, tossing up hard drivers, pure recovery easy. Chimpanzee line branched from this tree branch to tree branch, as well as other, of a human mind, think about the awake, miscellaneous lang tang, all stories up than, turned to enjoyment, also not enough, the story of East West story, story's story ships, out of 205, to talk games graffiti, all stories, to talk to othersfamily neighbor, the world's five continents, where to hang the same alleyway, scientific, technical, political, religious, national, women children.
In Zen Buddhism, the people, such as: black and White Buffalo Buffalo. Buffalo routine, not a blanket keep, often violated, trampled wheat plating springboard of the others, causing much damage, loss of vegetation, damaging crops, of the morphs, neighbours, which is surrounded by a black Buffalo. If a blanket driving, care regularly, caregiver thorough, careful sentry, bring tremendous benefits, how much, for farmers, and for society, it is the White Buffalo.
Important thing is: people please know, driving Buffalo, homage to Buffalo, lead man! If to the Buffalo, driven man, not knowing when it will come about? So did Francecalled: "disciplines herding Buffalo", is exactly that.
Now we start to learn, practice, grazing water buffalo, over ten disciplines stages:
* *
1) third stage circuit: initially did not know, his Buffalo, are in place, and doing? I.e. human, often do not realize, its niche in the lane? Such as: I think, want to do something, what story plot, compute what is evil, good, good or bad, or is or was a data, Hien Luong dishonesty? People are living, according to the line of his life, often gets washed away, hit by active, often days or suffer, "Buffalo heart Italian," seduce led, go do the story, the real unemployment figures in Germany, the mouth speaks the lyrics, taking advantage of his others, jokes fun harsh, cruel, damages are immeasurable harm, often when not known. Action words, thoughts, or suffer three routine, is participating courtyard si, charismatic promote, enjoin, human entail criminal career, know how, don't know, or have or know , but still trying it!
For example, is charismatic, see reference: mind, take advantage, for example, want to go to work, just want to leave enough money to spend, enjoyment, ham radio, in a manner that dishonesty, so don't hesitate, make story slander, painter and others, filing litigation, heart damage than others, pitching stories, claiming compensation, three to four million silver!
For example, there are people who help themselves, a lot of talk, but when there is only one thing, not just the mind, satisfaction, promoting her garage courtyard, feel angry, difficult to identify. Thanks for that, the few deep thick, clean government, not well remembered, referred to as genera.
Even when, as parents, birth to nurture, from small far, now his wife has her husband grew up, as if the parents, hoạnh si họe diffusion, mind control, false, from as early as parents ourselves! Dear friends, knew a lot, through may, sacrifice help, how, then ignored, because identity, for money, his oneness is still present, selling stands as usual!
Buffalo at the moment, black refuge inside, thui, darkness darkness, of the African world, worldly, so people don't realize it, is in place, and doing nothing.
The resulting mind, penetrating doctrine, all practice, thanks to learn, new news where his true mind, being immortal, in addition to the interim body, the four authors, but you never, ever lived, with legs that, because his mind yet, know how to blanket of Buffalo. Learning books, like United, we understand it, the Buddha teaches that:
"Circuit design of organic beings, Buddhas Tanh".
"All people are enlightened Tanh". So we have to find, understand, want to want to know, but know the search, "Tanh"? The resulting mind, school district, navigate to the temple, or the Conference, along the colon leaders, learn. But as hard to find, premium jewelry, far left Tanh. For example, met Chief Justice French, had too much, in the form of deviant, superstition, or in Buddhism, there are forms, ceremonies, cosy, presentation drawing cumbersome, there is no record, in the Scriptures.
Or when encountered, the foreign workers, for example, shirking Tran tu, borrowed dress cleric, said around said, to bring life into ethics, oblique rice rice day, pitching contest literature, arts culture jubilantly ginger, singing, meditation, greater disruption, author and language exam, master she always geographically, master Tung's funeralmaster, master, considered good by enchantments on bad, wedding, commercial carpet giving in marriage, burial, such people! Looking back only see common activities, Ho Chi Minh City, the date is over, for example, what novelty!
Why so? Because in, daily life, we started to run, according to police outside, many hope, expectation, hope hope idea, concept, often causing the Tanh overlaid. Tanh his senses, in his place. Run the search, is disappointed, far left Tanh. As well as more obscure, black clouds, sunlight, the light of the moon. Such as, see figure, xinh fresh goodness, hạp with a predicament, mind desires, home shopping, appropriating property. Such as audio, headphones, ear eulogy extolling, moderate hạp, enjoy charm, mind immersed, to hear more. Such as when, in contact with anyone, sweet Prince, to his advantage, instant start-up mentality, said to be good people, who then kicked the displeasure, for the bad mind bothered.
This was the period, of a monastery, at the blankets, unknown, unknown, the Buffalo News is keeping his pincers, mind to mind, letting go of lung, think rave awake, miscellaneous lang tang, run under the context of his life, career, and was created to create guilt led her into the Green enterprises, being Prince of samsara, far left Tanh.
Hate to be harassing, pretty bad injury right and wrong, rather than lost to be lost, is disappointed, disappointed expectations, hope anniversary memorial grave. It really is: Black buffalo thui, tu as Buddhas, to blankets to pimp, right right pincers, to the right thing, to be pure must resume, end liễm always.
Buffalo breeding success, Tanh sensory impressions.
* *
second phase: 2)
To hear your story, you are directed, "Buffalo breeding traditions", its new start, see Buffalo footprints, but still have yet to see, forming Buffalo. This i.e., people occasionally, with the feeling, his work, sometimes, feeling that his work real good, but not yet distinguished, which is good, does any good, because not understanding, unknown French public schools.
During this period, he got to know his intentions, Center, change constantly, messy, like gasoline, at how the other. At want to help, who killed the other, when wanted, who others, work at play from the Center, donation, Bell, cosy apparently blessings, wanted to make people good, made precious blessings. At want to win money, wealth, which liếng the partner, copyright files, jobs, become the bad guys, create offences created career! Indian blessing at wish books screen partner, Buddhist temples, thus the Lord's prayer, charity, disaster relief victims of hurricanes, wanted to make people good, made precious blessings. At computer contrivance, slander lawsuit, demanding compensation, more than three to four million, becoming bad guys, create offences created career!
Lam do eat at many when, having hit any principals, surrealistic, quịt, hụi tries to deception, false injury, papers, time lights bold diagonal composition which circumstance, flag time silver, seduce dại guys, working a dishonesty, vồ vố, quite a large amount of money. Human fears, alone, make an sinners to hell, many suffering, bèn brought little, odd, cosy pagoda, empty of all money sin, for monks, coordination on behalf of themselves, fruits incense lamp, bribery of Buddha, to be interim, peace of mind a little bit!
The resulting mind, Buddhist monastery, relying as Chief Justice of the French, knowing people are enlightened, but just know before you go smoothly, the unknown clarity, a thorough way. Such as, only knows, the jewelry, whether they are across round, earrings necklaces, rings, wedding rings, smooth have varied, in terms of form, but that all are the same in essence, it is gold. Also note, everyone, although not identical, in terms of color, nor does the same, in terms of knowledge, nor does it fit together, about the hobby, nor together, on the South side home, Prime Minister, but that all are the same in essence, that is: "The mind NET bar", who do also. Such as, without the sorrow, competitive career, jealousy jealousy, touching touchy, collision of interests, certainly people, dealing with each other, very open, very nice, very humane.
"Or in other words: the first bar itself, all people, not the other, are the same circuit. Just because people, create different industry, so it was born, the Prime Minister. There are many, often speaking: nobody teased me Hien Lam! This demonstrates, everyone is really nice, the center of the first bar, but had not met reciprocity condition: not having left coast, Italy! "
"The mind NET, no bar, no is a general, in the Scriptures, commonly referred to as: Tanh Tanh Magic, Magic Foot as sensory, Legs, trunk Hue Buddhist Tanh, intellectual network, a hybrid of an uncivil, Tanh, item version really true, The element is usually constant, human sincerity, human immortalityKim cang, indestructible, President of the presence of money, the unconscious mind, French ring, invisible beings is French being, immortal, as is France France immortal, is the ultimate Solution, is the Visual result. According to Scriptures, different names, but are just the same, not one, ever, ever. In the German Army Security Men, "the Organisation had taught: the future of radio", is the most sense. "
* *
third phase: 3)
After some time, learn French public schools, bringing word of the Buddha, shining at soi, action, thought, at that time or, you have created, too much bad karma, and industry-friendly, looks like no, somewhat dramatically! In the darkness, his life, where the end of the tunnel, there is little light, faint sparkling enough soi saw the ball, Buffalo is black.
"Buffalo Center, new raw image: it's Buffalo, black thủi black thui, from the beginning to the tail. Buffalo black thui, symbolizing the evil thoughts, thoughts, Germany's defeat, the wicked poison, power outages were translucent dark black, dark means little, time, ti giảo sculptural ngoa, filled in mind, all men, as well as night, all year round throughout the month. "
People have noticed, Buffalo, black thủi black thui, overwork, feel the fear, starting the waved, trying giẫy giụa, in other words, i.e. jewelry, Platinum excuses, for faults, while the action, as well as words, indiscriminately. Sometimes all at once, people turned out, repentance. Such as business cards, read after continental, the Buddha taught, a proficient in turn, these jobs, those words, the mind, created new offences created, we know, tries to take his woke up, feel guilty, as high as the mountain. Just like that: "the mirror projection", see mind, love the new evil monsters, hidden inside the Museum, the human shape, thanks to "mirror projection Buffalo", we can see, clearly, to time, you always think, autosuggestion, saw his story well, concealed sins, have been doing, by Zhao Ang, by title, by the average American style, with the words, the executioner to hammer.
Such as wanted, murdered someone, just because of jealousy, bèn appearances outside of the signed articles: domestic violence, the bias booth removal except Taoist. For example, want to destroy opponents, cleared enemy, competitive career, bèn Cardigan style: protecting peace, justice, stated primary fighting freedom, there's probably right. Such as, the money involved, took turns taking list, ready to fight, rather than lost to win even with him, tries with sisters, in the family, regardless of his mother's father, also not spared, white reason: because my wife because her husband, because human beings because they, as story, new to do so!
Where did not know that: spouses progeny, happy beneficiary, wealth wealthy, due to her struggle to bring about, also, won her the stars, came as the newspaper, this life is sufficient. We should know: "had to borrow to pay", "themselves as his subject", no one rather be, whether they are parents, spouses, or children, no one is saved, though Yes conjure, Sun help, just so. It really is: an absolute fair!
It is important to oneness, in practice, Nursing Center, the result is that we must know the accountancy disciplines blankets, Buffalo.
Means that we must know how the expectation interest, hope, stop hoping, hoping to celebrate ideas constantly.
Practically it is elaborately practice, according to the Buddha, tries to improve his life, metabolism Center, avoiding to sorrow, became indifferent, an autonomous in nature.
Such as when, taking his interests emerge, others, want to be happy, spend playing for silver, thought about killing people, defying tricks, we immediately stopped sailings, now, should not continue, the pursuit of desire, expectation, hope Memorial that commemorates the expectation, i.e. us, has stopped, and moved out.
Such as when boot up, wanting Center courtyard, killing others, to have the news, which was agreed wholeheartedly, pride, wished for the enemy, die phứt for then, or at least also, miserable lives of the poor, prisoners te tua, tan stage, fiber identification serverly description leaves flowers, can't yell, off road, the Cypress line the brainwild, father ruined ma sell loss, career dashed, lost jobs, poverty, hunger and tearing a new truth hả wrath, we immediately stopped sailings, now, should not continue, the pursuit of desire, expectation, hope Memorial that commemorates the expectation, i.e. us, has stopped, and moved out.
During this period, the resulting mind, transformed his life, determined to turn, negativity, suffering into peace and happiness so far away, circuit must know, the disciplines herding Buffalo. People do not know, the disciplines herding Buffalo, driven by hope, expectation, hope Memorial commemorates the expectation, the implementation, i.e. continue, creating more new! Who knew raising water buffalo, the center of seamless nursing awakening, Tanh, would rebuke yourself: To want to create, create a career anymore! Want an or? Stop immediately!
This difficult, not easy, it should be a lot of time, the new practice. When you resist traction Buffalo, is shedding, struggled hard. Lam at encountered, circumstances left horizontal, chửu people yelled at, or when having story, discontent, be said silently left: a fast nine Protestant, so fast, fasting, fasting, and fast, as to who is the gentler.
Immediately disappointed, disappointed hopes, expectation of trust, rebelled against, inducing instigated: why fast? Fasting, humiliation, they must be opaque, fasting in the legs, they're unicorns decent start, then, is the water fasting hoài do come, they disrespect, we cultivate a fasting when they yelled at his stupid, inept, if not stop, not fasting reached, they know his hand, short hands, both of them!
Oh OK person ơi! Such understanding, the wild Buffalo, saucy, has longstanding, extravagant swept backwards, it is difficult to keep blankets. The Martian diem paint, i.e. Center courtyard, in the heart of every person, it is easy to fear! Need to find the three trees, pepper, journey to the West, the new look forward to extinguish the fire, was anger. The fan three targets, is something wrong? It really is: three things, the need to eradicate.
As in the books, no development aspirations:
Voluntary target three major except for negativity.
Pray was elected intellectual chon Ming Liu.
Universal prayer all major crimes.
The world often take bodhisattva.

Mean to end suffering, unhappiness, if you want to achieve, discerning intelligence, eternal bliss bodhisattva practice, according to, bring benefit for beings, we must remember, except for three major accidents, life, Karma: crime Karma karma, and knowledge. Due to the heart of greed, anger, delusion we entail, how much guilt, unknown, or even know, that's still trying. Due to the habit, in every action, verbal thinkers, we create, don't know how many, unknown, or even know, that's still trying. By understanding, knowledge, life, since the qualifications, the right position, or the understanding, in the House, who died or suffered, not knowing how much difficult obstacle, making impossible, see moralities, increasingly, Buffalo, led away, too far from his hometown, although he wanted to return to the, also no longer up, don't know any shortcuts, back again!
The primary legal owner, seeing, there are many good grounds, so when visible, forming Buffalo, adjacent to recognize right away, I was guilty of many crimes tày, ever, certainly will have to pay now, tomorrow, the temple can't run where, for the newspaper, tries to escape her awakening, immediately stops immediately, any charity actionInstant chừa, abandoning, cruel words, eliminating sailings now, thought his favor, thought others!
It's phases, a blanket keep Buffalo. Grazing Buffalo means: applied works, in their daily lives, except hope, expectation, hope, hope Memorial anniversary, converted three, user password, dishonesty, creating three industrial property, completely NET bar. Books have taught that "Tam thanh tịnh, Buddhist Karma constant current Western". Means should know: when three industry, eco-products, usually constant NET bar, i.e., Buffalo was blanket maturity, have disappeared, we live, the scene of the first world, as well as schools of Buddhist , around ten.
* *
9) fourth stage: at Buffalo, has original, if not determined, driven, not bear out the Buffalo, tame tame, Buffalo Center, people's life will be easy, temptation, fall-prone, prone to entice, to go on the road, while harmful. What humans do, though, will dare to do speech, also flush, though meaning, also led to his seat, taking advantage of others, such as bit altruistic, defying tricks. The life of misery, suffering, why not still fully avoided.
During this period, the remaining weak, strong, Buffalo also must be very hard, pulled it back neck, but it resisted, keeping legs pulled, back to the old pigeon. That news is: hope hope hope hope mind, consciousness, still bare, run all coast. Humans usually lived, according to old habits, daily so, it is difficult to recover, so it must be said, really persistent determination, maintenance releases, not to loose, though in moments.
We together, astrological experience, thoughts, stories of the following: on the train, slept, and the passengers, singing, dancing, sewing, light-headed silverberry dance delight, laughing said the country's natural resources, Breeze, Breeze breeze, Breeze breeze to Breeze House rich, his grandson, FIB breeze breeze, defamatory villages discharge trussacupuncture, chọt, khoai billion shots scrapers, lo ate sleep khì tì ti, looking cloud in sight, such as Sun or knew nothing. Nobody knows: soon, as the drone, train it, the speed available, would be derailed rail, break down a dark pit, no longer stopped, all passengers, carpet, no mercy network killed someone!
In the mean time of enjoyment, people willing to dispute, quarrel, scrambled part to the good part, winning more than the margin, his cousin on the other factions, on this one! Wait until the trains, carriages, break down deep, everyone tries to take the area, they are screaming, the crisis may pale, messy, chộn schedule gas backwards sweep, business times series, rescue spirit, celestial crackling Sun nianfo, appealed to the country, but all are too late!
Likewise, all of us, all together above, trains to the network, this station's life, in the end, who everybody knows: that is the graveyard, or incinerators! The finishing of a lifetime! So while, breathe air, while the remaining energy being, life and thoughts, who constantly create offences created, because the pieces of anchovy, as more vulnerable to clothes, pride, sorrow, loss buy revenge chuốc others anger, jealousy, hate the contention problems seem selfish, little heart, bon chen lists result in benefit, waiting for the occasion, always enjoy seeing others, suffering miseries. Why so? People often think of his long life, and that much!
It is at times, you do everything, good and evil intermingled, what also dare to do, create, generate Phuoc industrial such words! Actually should know, life impermanence, taking advantage of impermanence, the impermanence. Impermanence means: now also may lose, but non-existent, permanently, but is caught in. Italian Center, create offences created certainly lead people to death, birth and samsara. However should know: crime career, if you are impermanent, strong, people can stop industry transformed businesses! If you know in a timely manner, to stop the career move, we are sure, avoid sacks, unpredictable consequences, from how much misery negativity!
When you see Buffalo, i.e. us, see the how much date passed, in his life, food is wasted, create offences created, have too much already.
There are many, outwardly gentle chon, seems slightly, say, wheat is between the historical cost, polite, decent language, but inside, the ideology sprout of birth, how much thought, dark North tissues graffiti, in celebration of the mouth, containing both, a Portuguese dagger, that fact is: Buffalo Center Italy, need blankets to keep. Who's playing, tu heart balm Tanh, really must know, grazing water buffalo to long traditions, not good!
The repentance, repentance penitence, about the suffering, unknowingly, he had caused, for how others, because of heart of greed, anger delusion. The distraught, even feeling guilty, to die for, and then, to the temple to pay, but still feel, also not enough.
However, from where the French had little intelligence Chief, began to spend a lot of time to worry about, to take care of maintenance result in seclusion, and met with their finite knowledge, charity, heal you're good, in the House, trying to learn, how their benefits, benefits, pay, lane almost newspaper created, has been borrowed from how long it takes. Anyone know worries, Nursing Center, tu began looking for Tanh, Italy, a title, so that expected that Princess: the life of the latter, no accidents, no longer risk, negligent Eve, gai, difficult to redeem the, faults have created. Mind the penitence, so strongly, driven by many administrative, research, helping people.
There, the oldest ignorance, obscuring legs Tanh, not discerning, so at any time, also looking anyway, defamatory Buddhism, archrival to Chief Justice. Until one day, of course, because hoát too regretful, bèn to cut the tongue, has long been said, the words sằng graffiti, triggers do not know, how many crimes. May thanks for having been, a teacher, who are brothers, austerities perennial, top security tips: should I use the old tongue, now a criminal offense, to whom the confession, the primary explanation, help to many people, Willow Satori legitimacy, understanding clearly, immeasurable psychological nursing disciplines, the tu family identity. So is new, the best way, interested in penitence to create joy, repaid newspaper, the Temple of Buddhist schools of grace, the benefits for themselves, for all others. Time later, she became a teacher, legs, tu Dak, famous all over the place.
Taste is known, the Buddha had taught:
Mind before thinking,
as the black cloud, obscured the Sun.
Mind after thinking,
as Torch light, except for dark.
Although it has received, you really have the interest, net bar, so that sometimes, heard left ear, see spikes eye, meets story uncertainties, in anger, frustration, boot still argues. That is, at its Buffalo, a rampant. We always wanted to do better, become people. But if someone, plotted hint, just following the example of making money, easy to get rich quick, make a few million, despite her damage, taking advantage of tricks, hesitated long, himself connected by seconds. I.e. us, Buffalo, created new offences, but also anything else!
Buffalo means: Not as a blanket power, traction power, greed, anger's Tanh delusion.
Grazing Buffalo means: to know the pincers, pierced nose pull back, don't leave Buffalo, led her to go, create offences created.
* *
): fifth stage during this period, people already know, the buffalo herds, many disciplines when still, power Buffalo, where accordingly, drags on the contrary, that falls back, beef cows as, u head scratch Le forehead. After some time, try to attempt, effort, the practice is no longer, crazy Island dream idea. Hope hope hope hope consciousness, mind, idea, knowing, and then boot up sailings, should not, as often the self subsidence, not been career haul.
However, expectations about expectations, hopes, expectations were raised foods. That is human, because it rolled upside, live in Tran, should always be, hope interested prospects, hope prospect, charismatic form obscures, the net bar Center, year-round throughout the month, day, forgetting, human sincerity, of himself, books called: food industry, good at making the shroud, as do the bad guyselectronic delivery, birth death, forever samsara, not knowing the new stop, ever, and switching industry.
Time man, really master, Buffalo Center, i.e., the body and mind mastery. Also like when, yet sophisticated, mature, we should avoid, reduce opportunities, exposure to his brave severed, the worldly charm contact, outside, to give attention, reduce his agitated, Buffalo, no encounter, the madness, aggressive rabid dinosaur data.
In practice, we often see, meditators gaze, three statues in wood, the three monkeys: one child blindfolded, a shoelace ears, a silenced, the key is that it.
See as not seeing, hearing, such as doesn't hear, speak no said. When meeting scene, but no comments, no programming knowledge, don't mind the distinction, i.e. human beings, not hopeless, Iwai, hope hope hope Center official, as well as usual, at contactless , with ceiling and charming way. In the Shurangama, Buddha had taught:
"Tri organize tri, ignorance obligations" . "Anonymous comments, news knowledge Tri Nirvana".
All of us, when living in life, knowing all, everything everything, if that random initialization, disappointed about hope, hope, when hope sense how much negativity, suffering is the root of ignorance. If there is widespread psychological expectations, expectations, hopes to form expectations, we lived, World Nirvana. If other words, is very simple: in life, knowing everything, someone who is plenty, the person himself, chuốc line to the body, suffering mind that way.
Happiness in life, in around his hand, available for a long time, but you forgot the bastion of Malta hung, not aware of, just because does not live in Mindfulness. To this day, happy existence, in the arms, his consciousness, cherish you preserve, helping him escape, being Prince of samsara.
At the time of Buddha, layman, superstition, sought to kill hundreds of people, surges, cosy deities, to be unseen, is up in heaven. He had killed ninety-nine people, for people, scared flee. On the way home, to kill his mother, full of rules, he meets now, Buddha are going, run by to kill. He is This other subjects crying to: sa, please stop! Buddha calm, calm manner the natural step. He pursued, and, twice.
At that time the Buddha taught that, from the beginnings
-As a hybrid really, stopped for a long time, only he, not stop. Vairocana was stopped, created from long ago, so the self-entitled, himself in peace. If he stops, he will also be warned about Nirvana, is no different genus at all.
Due by heart, from bi, the great Buddha thanks Hy, discharge, be layman, superstition, return to legitimacy, practice, DAC leader freed. It's greater Germany: Angulimala.
There are people thinking I was "Miss", so much guilt, repent penitence, also only by admitting that only, read only, also by continuing to do so, come on remnants of the evil.
There are people thinking: white shirt, stick a mess, who also found. The shirt is too dirty, stick a stain, as well as other stuff!
They often think that death is off, no one knows, he had to do, why not be happy, for enjoyment, all my life? They did not know that: after the die, they just leave, relatives of the four, while the Protestant newspaper, were created, cannot be abandoned, would come under them, as shown with the ball. Although the men after they still pay, Karma newspaper, much more severely.
For example, the Manchu prison, yet, still anger, continue to create, by way of revenge, who was dear, litigation. For example, the relative, to pay, the newspaper has lent, from many past, enjoy the most precious blessings, death in the accident, catastrophe, should know to awaken, repentance penitence, karma, Shan created generations to prevent accidents, the following blessing should not be erected, provided the required money, greed enjoinpolluting more, suffering, guilt is suffering!
Otherwise, the awakened is still passionate about, not subject to a blanket of Buffalo, not bear pincers, disappointed about hope, expectation formula expectations. Said another way, Buffalo entice, life goes by, the way Ta vạy, apart from the Chief Scout, brought suffering, many in past generations.
If the person's life, met disaster survivors, relatives met, under carpet, and Ksitigarbha Sutra Apothecary, us because they, do Phuoc Thien, who helped bring to life, property, dāna, cosy appears, navigate to them, eliminating industrial manner should intrigue, oan, additional charges, for they give themselves, absolutely not!
* *
9) stages on Friday: In this stage, we feel, somewhat as a result, of the Buffalo. Buffalo was little, white Crystal double part. I.e. people, who know more about the charity, said forget myself, because the more mind greedy, selfish little, disabilities quiz anger, delusion darkness, reduced travel. Human mastery, his actions, master, master mind, i.e. his mastery, Buffalo, Buffalo, in accordance with the direction the path , where his desire.
In the book, the road legs, often referred to, is: " bowl of legitimacy ", and meditators, called theSimulator" ", i.e. human, are going on the road, practice, practice practice nursing Tanh, firstly: discharge up gradually, taking honors, anger delusion, avoid doing evil, only work, keep the first bar.
Run the outside, such as temples, the Bai, each letter a Lord, business litigation, dāna, cosy nianfo apparently Indian song books, blood left, helping the elderly, for the children, the introduction of employment, on the practice, urgently needed to create such a blessing, but also not enough, then.
Why so? Because of his life, often or tu tu, general direction, charity, with the expected demand, enjoy the fruits of Phuoc, who commended, many known, looking forward to the temple, still more, pray to heaven, of Sukhavati, achieving the dream, as Italy such understanding is: hope Center is Buffalo magazine, thủi black, black from head to tail, thui.
Buddhist Vihara, the decision tu, tu, tu core General tu, tu tu blessings to reach purpose: intellectual property, enlightenment freed, i.e. metabolism, black Buffalo, Buffalo, thui moved Center, turning the line into tulku, turning her into realms's northern pole.
In the heart if it is, the word "wanted" by the words "looking forward", is also not to be, the word "van" the word "please", is not public, the word "bridge" the word "emergency", which is still binding, although it is: like about Sukhavati, wants to reach heaven, expectant, think to yourself, this is it! While desirable, more susceptible to seduce, easily ripped off solicited, blindly wrong way, often lost corners, unique futuristic kẻo down heresy, foreign, or at any time.
Practitioners practice, dedicated enthusiastic take care take power, new look forward to receiving the net audio mentality:. But realized then, but still, suddenly there came incognito. Practitioners determined, stop creating offences, philanthropist, created blessing only. So at this time, his Buffalo, black white, sun spot, intellectual property, at at because of the still, dark clouds obscure, ship uncivil, have to overcome, many turbulent, bowl of life, not to the shore, a way of peace.
The heart of the US, too, for example, just an OK, playful ease, suddenly stops there, come say hard of hearing, or also as: children over upside, not knowing his headstrong, teaches, or is the spouse, disagreement, on an issue, idea, hope hope hope hope Center, instant random initialization form. Buffalo, adjacent to the famous, ingenious, new things. Lasts longer, subdued mind, our new back. But soon, others happen, his Buffalo, cage upside up.
So so, we expect to see: One where no security blanket Buffalo, elaborately? Try, for example, easy-to-Lam where Buffalo blankets! During this period, according to Buffalo Buffalo, easy, hard, hard, very hard Lam Lam Thien van nan nan.
However, in the book are should know:
Invisible ghost references an unsuccessful General.
Real maple taste Lao characters frost.
Or is that:
Non-aerosols wind hardly successful.
People suffering such enlightenment.

On the practice, practitioners if encountered, karma, the island scenes ma arduous, the ups and downs, graceful Maple Bowl against truth, wind, Frost, worth new proved to be successful, strong, maintenance releases, Bodhi mind firmly persist, expect to become adept, met, three-story new achieve moral suffering,lofty releases, Senate.
The easy difficulty, the teacher, named Ling, his son upāsaka, named Eagle Long Aggregates, writing shelf teaches that:
"Dâ € ™ real estate, nan, pure Sanskrit hybrid hybrid, poor lobed" . "No hard, is not easy, starving to eat rice, tired bed *".
It is simple! So that few people, focus attention, practice daily! Practice, achieve results, or not achieving, most due to his strong determination, whether or not nẽ, in part also due to a strong, graceful, having been approval there, intelligent, friendly helpful instruction to teach the knowledge, enthusiastic guides.
* *
9) stages Saturday: live on lifetime, six apartment we, exposed ceiling, still run up six, disappointed about hope, expectation formula expectations. This new thought, has just started up, how much random junk, sailings departing to the next. However every day, we all know, Buffalo means: always live in, in the sense of awakening, lived in Mindfulness. Crafting elaborate, practice long days, Buffalo NET, every time a temporary Memorial run, we know, for sailings. should not
Economic Security Forum, Green has taught:
"Don't be afraid, just fear feeling slow reciting, "is exactly that.
Hope hope hope hope mind, consciousness, so quietly away. It is elaborately, practice has deep strength Buffalo, has diminished a lot, mass, Center of Italy is no longer.
The essential meaning of the Act, psychiatric nursing, tu, according to the Buddhist Tanh
In celebration of the launch, if timely sense, not tell, that's connected pins.
In celebration of the launch, if the black, non-sensory delights, became disappointed in a timely manner.
Also as: when the wind blows, the renowned sea waves, called the rough seas. When the wind blows, the sea in the Pacific, still is, as the net bar Center:. Tu according to Buddhism, not only, the Lord's prayer ceremonies, cosy, conjure, no longer anything else.
After blanket Pimp, was for some time, purely serving Buffalo, where, to achieve better for it. Practice tools, and at the moment, has been gently, down the hard. Buffalo Center, no longer enjoys walks, bicycle, and plating húc càn trampled. Buffalo, was quite docile. Practice, meditators are no longer, Buffalo, led to entice, so decided, to stop the career switch, no longer made, created new again.
For example: in the family, discontent, but in the mind, no longer run, argues, anger, frustration, easily, as before anymore. For example, is: when are working, or being run, in the streets, meeting scene frustrating, as the center of the story real, still not, any celebration of the anniversary, although it is slightly better, as he has said that any reporting contest printing, as well, such as a result.
Economic Security Forum, Green has taught:
"Not start concept, think good think evil".""The future an item, there is money in front of".
Although the launch celebration, or surprise, human consciousness, also suffered from agitation. When in consciousness, there is no notion of startups, people living with, Nirvana, the current world scene money ahead. It's teachings, Organizes Hue, helped opening Satori, Theravada Hue, getting his place, "a hybrid of an item", also known as: Chan Buddhist Tanh.
Practical interests, disciplines, bringing us blankets Buffalo: eating is delicious, dark nights without sleep is quiet, nightmare. Why so? Because Buffalo, docile, and then, under the blanket Pimp, bootleg! Daytime activities, chaotic mind, night, lying nightmare. Daytime activities, in mind, calm serene scenes, night, sleep an oneness blessing. Those who have, are Buffalo, personality became more open, cheerful, gentle peace of pleasant fresh, cute, harmony, adapting every scene, ring bear of all time, happy things, or complaints, don't like plenty, don't want to compete, no more lost, not arguing anymore. Therefore life, naturally, and achieve happiness.
In the Scriptures, lettered Organization have taught:
"Internal KHAC reciting the details needed". "" Except real war details Germany Hong ".
Inside engraving, end liễm mind, messy, i.e. mausoleum gasoline has always maintained a blanket, that is, water buffalo, is said to be elaborately practice. Outside of the baggage, Germany, not arguing anymore. That's the thing, to do the foot plant science, tu.
The old story, xửa, rích in rainy afternoons, if far back, in mind, we have not followed, stopped in time, do not continue to think about that anymore, it will silently go on so long, and will forget about always! Storehouse consciousness, gradually with go, until once, completely empty, no longer empty. Mind slowly, gently contempt. something still remember, go up again, many many times at, you'll remember dai, digital memory, remember every detail.
Such as: music, show up in his mind, if resort ử, ca under the sound, you'll remember long dai, remember it, remembered for a lifetime. For example, is: someone often, belly stomach that hostile people protection: antagonist, in ten years later, revenge no later then to stomach, dying, life will bring. It is easy to fear! So, will be Buffalo, his innocent solicitations, create, generate, and to die from injuries only.
To this period, elaborately practice, bring benefits, much to the worldly, Simulator, called concur in regards to starting center fell, successively, to meet soon, the barrier. Practitioners feel, elaborately practice, its quite too, few people reach the level like yourself, mind keen, master Tian Xia, Shanxi, independent list home page, meditation, ham served as teacher, tung himself, began to be jammed, taking advantage of the House, right on the road. His case, Satori Achieved Lion, is an example.
In the Move, the Buddha had taught:
"Vaccine strains friends Sammo Hung, States interested in principle available"." Cons DAC to fake, mind principle any scattering ".
Who does not, contain too much, the story of the mortgage, right and wrong to harass competitions than lost, mind the chaotic people which, of course. Also, as someone who was driving, his Buffalo, immediately eliminated, his mind, he or she reached the scene about meditation, or a binary meditation is meditation, meditation, meditation or are four triangles, Italy always, no longer concur.
* *
9) eighth stage: after a time, long or short, long or, depending on the base, the level of ability, the circumstances of each person, acting speaker, blanket determination, Buffalo, Chi tu conscientious enthusiastic take care take power, convert certain public interest Tanh, serving Buffalo, purehis intention, mind. At that time practitioners, fully automatic, freed negativity, suffering life, no longer or scene, provoking, alluring charm , dominant impact.
Practitioners always, towards things, benefits everyone, Word of mouth ethics, soothing gentle thought amiable, fun Republic thinkers, compassionate Hy discharge, add your trim, can afford, to bring relief to life, create life happily made more moral, placate suffering, make cool, many others, such as orange, German Restaurant, rưới worldliness, cool soul, is suffering from heat stroke. That's what bothered, organic food, good foot tu knowledge can help those owners graceful, on the practice, or metabolize, understanding people, living in around her, any comment ones, or the enemy.
Practice coming here, practitioners, need to think, the thinking, at work, then keep working, every other moment, inane quietly, countless champions. Practice and more progressive, mind the bar high, disengaged gently, noticed the guys, there's also a good point to his good-natured, found footage, around where his fresh, fun, and also more beautiful as well.
People do not, or beginner, play mind practice, mind also, because the story, harbouring many struggles, prejudice prejudice, bigotry for tight, Nepal negativity, so feel, of scenes around her, upset boredom, felt, as well as wicked, lower cranial blackguard, annoyance annoyedThere, stabbing out Palm, quạu quọ tửng tửng Museum, grimacing, villages are known. If these things, know how to blanket Buffalo, some time later, mind at peace, feel happy, feel, nice cute, scene of bright, beautiful space.
We should know: Tu heart balm Tanh, switching Center Tanh, called the newspaper, became the first bar, in the light of goodness, rather than convert, scenes of the outside, called y.
"Chief of the newspaper reports how, then"is meant.
Therefore, in the book is for:
"Mind sad scene be glad stars"
"Interested in an albeit plight is an"
During this period, was stopped at meditators, has said, and turned professional. Eyes to see, see, and then only, not only to the table, no longer maintained, any sharp fall in the treasure, his consciousness, though pretty bad though, although very cute, though is seeing hate. The ears hear, listen and then no, not angry not argues, does not love hateful.
In his heart, or in the conscious mind, did not start up, any concept, starting up plants know, certain not under, it would quietly away. Not in the sense that: no to Buffalo, led her away, create offences created career! Practice, practitioners realize, happy people, living upon the Earth, also is happy. Geographical bodhisattva, altruism, because people forget themselves, more and more growth. Simulator Centre, brought in his life, beauty for life, without being away, makes pollution. Practitioners taking serenity, disengaged, quietly walked out of the tunnel fire, release, sequences fall London, being Prince of samsara.
So books, there are shelves the following:
Eye color and then see only.
Ears to hear, listen and then only.
Impassive her silent realms.
We stepped out and fall gently rotating.
The human senses, displays Tanh evident, where six bases: ear, nose, eyes, tongue and body and mind. when six apartments, exposed ceiling: excellent taste bar six, along with France, which is not being run, hope interested prospects, official expectations, expectations are at man, lived with, the net payment center.
Such as when someone to verbal, figure.template:retardedness insults, i.e., exposed, ears, defamation, his critique that has always been calm, calm manner, i.e., sound hard of hearing, not make themselves known to anger, don't make yourself, start Outlook, hope, hope hope idea concept at all. Said another way: although having to Bowl, had the wind blows, the mind NET bar, such as sea level, no matter how big, small ripples though. At that time should know, elaborately practice, maturity Lam.
* *
9) ninth stage: practice, meditators reach: "scene about bu'er", i.e. no longer trapped in France, the two sides, unbiased extremism, bigotry, no longer in Africa, is no longer disputed, there is no longer controversial, no longer have to sexual harassment, no longer than the loser, not create guilt, no longer generates Karma!
Books referred to, it's the scene: "countless champions celebration".
Uncivil about menstruation, the Buddha had taught:
"At that time practitioners, invisible monsters, interested himself in countless terrorist fears, owner, remote cups all, crazy dream Island, attained nirvana dzogchen, scenic world".
When reaching the scene, countless innocent, peace in mind, not monsters, not fear, far from all, crazy Island romantic idea, practitioners achieve purpose dzogchen: scenic World Nirvana.
In the first List, Geographical, the Buddha had taught:
" Mind NET, net " . " Geographical average then the world average ".
Interest paid net, called the Chief of police, of course, also be the first bar, the beings around, also peacefully, called y. All things, hope interested prospects, official expectations, expectations have ended. Reference Center pitch Center is no longer, no longer, si no longer.
"Chief of the newspaper reports how, then"is meant.
King Trần Nhân Tông, Charter, was the first organization of Sensory, meditation sect Trúc Lam, has soaked post racks:
CU Bare Tribe Leader drop depending on the coast
The clown code of san switches through poor
The Bardo Museum pensions range from
For scenes countless desert problem meditation.

Eternal moral follow charm happy
When hungry, eat sleep tired sailings
Indoor jewel only search
Met police don't mind ask chi meditation.
For previous scene, who does not launch, any notion of what, countless happy anniversary, eternal, depending on the action of the coast, i.e. at the time, practitioners live in scene about meditation, when hungry, eat, when tired, sleep, the boss in the House, it is true that the search of the treasure, there is no need, no need to ask, from the need to question, do not ask more meditation, meditation is that's it! Ba Trượng Huaihai, teacher only taught:
"Geographical problems, self shining wisdom Ho Chi Minh City".
When does the mind, consciousness meditators, absolutely not, empty quietly, her quiet NET bar, no longer harbouring, disappointed about hope, expectation expectations food, empty net solar roast President, intellectual property, intellectual uncivil, natural lighting.
In a dark room, thousands of years, just turn on the power, or bring the lamp instant shed now, where, should wait until after new years, bear, bright again. Likewise, when practitioners, subject to bait his intellectual, torches, with torch works, ten schools of Buddhism, immediately torches, wisdom, flushing lit up right away.
Moments of flushing in the morning, in Zen Buddhism, known as "satori". As well as black, when clouds vanish, i.e. all negativity no longer empty, consciousness, wisdom quietly an uncivil, freelance lighting stops.
In the Move, the Buddha had taught:
"Psychological mechanism of, the measure circuit".
When really, tame Buffalo, in place, by way of litigation, in celebration of the Buddha sitting in meditation, Zen meditation, through the application, knowing the French public schools, practitioners, calm mind, no longer what grants, to quarrel, to the dispute.
So no, the what's what, can't argue, cannot understand, in a way that smoothly, explicitly. Not a Buddha does not know, enthusiastic beings.
Economic Security Forum, Green has taught:
"Information theory information", which is literally that.
Anyone, mind tu, did not distinguish, at singer, his clergy, mind smoothly, achieved to place, preaching to them, do benefit beings. As before, there are onions, days after he or she can do, just teach others.
Meditators reach, this new stage, geographical expansion, copper circuit versions, like the great wall, find themselves alongside, all beings, and no other, intellectual development, increasingly uncivil world, Buddha, increasingly expanding schools. It is the world of love, harmony empathy, happily useful, enlightened freed. Meditators empathy, suffering heart disease, the human beings. Beings get sick, sick, is that practitioners.
So at any time, from compassionate, meditators, also towards all beings, all species, living in around us. Practice coming here, any action, any words, any meaning, of the practice, both derived from the net, the Center bar, Tanh, so bring many benefits, for real, worldliness, people around her, admire telescopes, refuge following titles, because stable cool subdued feel, an, every close, feel assured, every relationship, feel the benefits, every student. It is shade, light from optical, foot, foot tu real school.
* *
10) tenth stage: when attained, scenic world over here, practitioners know that really steps up to near fruition, meaning mind, of the practice, well almost, the heart of Buddhist meditators have been minuscule., disengaged Lam then, but still a fence, gate, to complete the final. There are books Zen Buddhism, calling it the dresses down labour interest.:
Why so? Because the Simulator is not forgotten, elaborately practice, ever, meaning Buffalo, where lost, cattlemen turned remains. Practitioners was wearing ring jackets, humiliation, such as Germany, practitioners have to be compassionate, but not of Germany as safe, non-German trial over, such as the Buddha Vairocana, taught in: Dieu, France.
In journey to the West, the author explains, at this stage, the image of him, Shaman tripiṭaka, can remove all, of material wealth, worldly status, something well off, to go in search of relief. But when it came to be, on the ground of Buddha, his remains will not be, given the steady, keeping the coffee experience Museum, coat, custard with gold, so the king rewarded, symbolizing the elaborately practice, prior to the present, for example, should also be books, high-value, not readable, the capital won the self, for as yet, been fruition.
In Zen Buddhism, the stage is, such as the White Buffalo, chui was a hole in the needle, but is still stuck, a tail hairs, is literally that. Practitioners can reach, which was the scene of this world, no longer met, mảy may bare dirt in fuel, safety, all bowls, calm calm manner, before all waves, of his life, had the, the ups and downs. Four immeasurable psychological: from bi, Hy agent discharge absolutely fullness, three la confidential.
If the practitioners, who overcame early Chao hundred trượng, or go beyond, the puddle's death, in the book of the meditation, called: the new marine electronics, meanwhile, called members, i.e. enlightenment, fullness, a totally, completely.
By this time, the Buffalo disappeared, hysteria, and now here, the person no longer. Scene world egolessness, countless multitude, who senses Nirvana, described by, empty circles do not add a signature, not saying a word , eternal remains so. Books are:
"Directed countless quotations obligations. The language Act".
The origin of DAO, which no words can express, opened the first bar, immediately opening enlightenment, open speech, certainly no longer, see DAO more then. All just means a temporary use, such as: to the Moon, will need to use fingers instead of the words, everyone can see, if you do not understand that, just friends Sammo Hung, loanh around!
Li DAO achieved, the French were not completely fall, net bar, completely, totally enlightened. Previously we, Bodhi Center Nursing Center, tu, meditators read, before you go and playprayer: "boundless beings, their aspirations of ".
After some time, the heart balm Tanh, meditators reach, about the following: "boundless beings, enthusiastic done". In the conscious mind, no longer harbouring any mảy may, the beings, i.e. no longer boot up any, recite, again at all, because each, all of the beings, silhouette.
History has recorded, prior to the DAC, Buddha Like Ca, on last night, Treasury of mind, showing up in full, all the First Sanskrit mantras, from King, Princess, the Du Da La, until the demon realm, ma three weeks, all were enthusiastic, Buddha, finishing the Championship Director, upper tierprimary education, primary sensory.
* * * * *
III. conclusions:
óm, grazing Buffalo disciplines, helping us, psychological nursing Tanh, dzogchen monastery apparently, progress steadily, no longer questions, from low to high, clearly capable, his step, without error. We understand that, in practice it is: "in front of the line after the fun", if the ham fun, not work, that is: "before the fun after suffering," to endeavor, overcoming initial fuselage Center, hard, to advance to the seat, achievement fullness. Now we, together, sing up:
One security blanket was Buffalo? Breeding bull happy right!
We understanding, disciplines blanket blanket determination, Buffalo, Buffalo, took charge in every moment, everyday life, there is no hovering, favors lazy, don't mind the ego, self respect, non-inferiority is terrorism, not even fears, anxiety, pessimism, lifelong suffering up than during past!
In Amitabha, the Buddha had taught:
"At birth, who achieved, oneness heart disorder, until the provisional general inefficiency, not crazy Island, shall be the same as Saints, Buddhist schools, Western, Sukhavati stupa of national".
In the book are:
"Holiday ownership does not result in power ceremony Chair".
"Buddhism and beings, Tanh often stillness.
We learn, the following story: someone asked, Zen master Widget instance, named Zhao Zhou:
Dogs it may, the Buddhas before or not?
He responded that:-no!
She asked again:
Dear Sir, the Buddha has transparency, recorded in the Scriptures, that all beings have Buddha Tanh, why dogs, it does not have?
He Recalled Europe a:-"Career Consciousness Cloaking!".
I.e. Buddha Tanh, as well as no!
Others to ask:
Dogs it may, the Buddhas before or not?
He responded that:-there!
She asked again:
Dear Sir, that transparency is, Tanh Tanh Buddhist sense, why not choose, where happy, nice reincarnation, to choose which ones, đãy da hairy leaves, lù ruffled sliding into, to do the dog?
He Recalled Europe a:-"know That Try it!".
In the Net, the Buddha had taught:
"The Sun the Moon, is still often shed light on why the blind, they find?"
"Likewise, beings not cloaking, career awareness, or, knowing that trying it, so find, the world as Lai, net bar, for example, recognize to be dignified, the mind NET bar, usually constant existence!"
From now onwards, interested in penitence, find the way back, Nursing Center, call Phat tu Tanh pray that: every time you realize, Foot Buffalo, start the Exchange, xổng flounder, sprung everywhere, roam the buried, poor tree villages, driven eco-mind, create offences created, himself reminded: "Only blankets the Buffalo go!".
And also remember that, never asked anyone else: "Raising water buffalo? Also long or not? ". Why so? Because at that time, Buffalo, it was clear, white, smooth or have disappeared, hysteria, only one Foot Buffalo, intellectual property, about to flush, húc people there!
"Only, the buffalo herds away! Plenty that cost!"
North Tissues Duty Counsel Thích Ca Phật Ni Conflict
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