Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The directors take us on the season with a sense of spiritual progress. It is possible to apply the wisdom of the Buddha to conquer ignorance.
The director of the Tathagata so, not only back in a likely winner, but the present supreme potential beyond HR has always been reincarnated all the networks covered ignorance.
The director of the Tathagata it means the ability to use existing IP in a lifetime to fulfill a process from cultivation to achieve.
Even though That is the accomplishment of how much moved through life like millions HR reincarnation, but still proved to work directly in the enlightened world Ta-she's a crown prince was aware of all the profound changes a complete social disorder troubled operation.
So, enlightenment is light represents a cycle through countless lifetimes of karma to the realms of Ta-incarnation of Buddha her, to become the sensation, after May the hardships and the ability to apply intellectual aura from the internal world of truth to overcome wrong, lust, evil, and only emerged from numerous light sources and the achievement of knowledge of the universe , of the world, the constant sa beings.
That is the meaning of enlightenment is in the hearts of members of the Buddha. The moral leadership of The Professor is not winning, which is beyond his victory to is in sunlight, perhaps win light, beat the life; shed light into the hearts of hatred, ignorance inherently terrorism has created suffering for all beings. Light enlightened insight enterprises should have the grace paths are good karma, then transformed himself into the Supreme Bodhi to inspire our students the way to overcome all karmic reincarnation HR. The light of enlightenment is hard at potential solutions in the sense of suffering , the acceptance of suffering after suffering life's career. The enlightened way to go through life as a carrier of adaptive challenges, the need to bring all their own capacity to test for mental capacity. Therefore, the new Buddha Ta-her chosen world as enlightened as a country residence implementation represents the intellectual capacity derived from living beings suffering. Therefore, The director is not a miracle miracle , is not the magic transformation that is their strength of mind to perceive, define and overcome, conquer, win, only to pass, make yourself free the correlation of cosmic impermanence, change. a direct sense be regarded as a self-consciousness, so that the sense of self-forgiveness, self-enlightenment brought light to shine in Ta-her realm for the enlightened beings so. We deliver within karma, reincarnation from life to the life you want are always opportunities to promote intellectual potential in him, from the network of ignorance, victory over ignorance, as the Buddha made. Enlightenment in the sense tha The director has no way of salvation by teaching, which is the goal we must look to his basic self-awareness and promotion for inner truth and follow the example of the journey Buddha behavior that fulfills your career or in life after countless lifetimes later. Buddhism is not the intent promising to beings that any achievement in itself, since sensory perception tha all results only a period to reach enlightenment happy consummation, in addition to correlation, in addition to its dependence, in addition to success or failure would, duoc loss, have not. Therefore, the path of a learning effort tu Buddhists put yourself on the way the Buddha expressed from birth until dawn Member directing the off-topic. He has directed: Each sentient beings themselves capable of such achievements, should lead Buddhism gives them a sense of equality born of freedom to reach the end users Supreme Bodhi. The Buddha's first statement as soon as The directing is a word of cheer, cheer in surprise and pleasure I: " States instead! States instead! Where we expect all students have enough faith minister unto me . " This is the sound of a cheer was caught not only crave what you're looking for, but also something different to everyone that wishes Little did he himself, something that is super cool and very evident. With that realization, one becomes a Buddha OF PHU fishing - all dominated and subdued them all. It is light any enlightenment Removal. Immortality because it comes from one's insight, which can also arise in any person, regardless of space and time. " Within the endless life and death, we run forever without rest, from the fetus to another womb, chasing home store owner. The house, then we discovered mi! You do not take the house back, Keo column then broke out, roof slope collapsed completely, leave all artifacts Center , All complete eradication . " It is a dark epic of a saint's victory was beyond the victory: " I was grade I win, has escaped all craving, an uninfected else, not self teacher, as gnostic supreme. Religion is not more than, as Lai, Mr. Sun, who, knowing all achievement . " Thus, the season The director is a message sent to all living beings, to encourage our students promote themselves in their wisdom to create every galaxy in the universe sa world an eternal spring. Spring Season The director is probably true overcome circulatory impermanence of the world, common sense to reach an communicate the fullness of wisdom. As Man Giac each modulate the teacher: " Do not think that brutal spring flowers have fallen off, the shelves tomorrow night blooming white . " The director is the joy of liberating joy reached, the route goes from the trauma of birth, old age, sickness and death through the will choose the direction of six years in ascetic meditation supplies for foreign forces are aware that not can assist in developing all the potential to achieve truth. So to mind spring growth, the use of powerful mind, great virtue of The Master to place a light spring member supreme. Buddhists , in the spring of the world, right from its birth position we find the direct reach of the light spring, because only the light spring of support for new intellectual effort to overcome human suffering of the loss was more than lost , draw, and angry happy, love and hate, life and death of Ta-she to reach the serene peace of spring awakening. Who have seen yellow spring eternal? tragic mask that long ago. No! Only at the heart of key business realm, that has not been seen floating clouds, this grass, trees, streams dry up, this bird singing, flowers blooming, yellow butterflies flying, guns thunder this sunny, still is yellow petal spring long. (Hoang Hoa - Xuan Vang Anh ) in the same unfortunate that the Bodhisattva vow Di-optimistic enter the mind of sentient beings find happiness reaches into the spring as the leading foot is represented in great day of the year. The world will end suffering in light enlightened self. These students will pass the reincarnation through voluntary behavior tha sense of the ten Buddhas supply Di-Lac revered wisdom to bring them the fullness of life on earth healing wisdom of peace. In the spring of peace, so , will be imprinted in the mind of enlightenment spring, from very general wisdom is infinite fullness of truth will probably generally true: no, no, no coming or going, no death, no life, no, no no , which is all of Kamma to improve circulation into possible differences, dissent. In the spring of achievement of peace, therefore, will no longer spring in common sense, overcome differences, to get along in great happy heart hero's mind is enlightened members of pray. That was the message of the Di-Lac future revered that every time spring comes we often vow to pray for the universe, our world and life through the development most are expected to fulfill the prayer of deliverance from intellectual immaturity of their little. Slowly moving underground spring, Music busy like the serene sky. Spirituality flashes a sympathetic system, how many waves Silence alcohol.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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