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Sino-translation: French-Master Tam-Tibetan sheep-Ma-La-Cross-Qin Yao life.

Vietnam-translation: Like-Mind-Chau.


Buddha-Ca-Ni Staff, began moving legal-moral, for years the monk is the author Qiao-Chun-Chen-As, etc. .. After all, his teachings of his Tu-canvas-momentum-la. The person should then, he has degrees completed. His break in between two trees and Sa-la about to enter Nirvana. Then, around midnight, quiet no noise because cacde his death, said by the teacher-of-key method.

About two-TRI

The monk, after I enter-kill, the weight should respect and treasure-glass-Ba-La-Thread-Jupiter-Delete, I see light, such as poor as the treasure. The world should know is that grade-Sucua of the University and, just like I was in this life.

The bar-pure precepts, do not do things such as trading, bartering, home building field, feeding people, servants, animals. All the cultivation, the wealth of jewels, should stay away, avoid fire pit. Do not play tight trees, peach ring land, the air-medicine, physiognomy good, bad crystal-stellar observation, reflection-guess enough, missing, calendar-of-payment plans, should not be done.

Giuthan detail-level, eating on time, activities where his bar-a net. Do not take the work-life, ceramic-face inter-touch, notes-the art medicine, was familiar with person-to, familiar with the dark-track-missed boring, arrogant-side, should not be done.

These should keep you upright heart failure, leg-of-concept, to demand the exit.

These may not cover stains, showing different games, to love-or-them pants.

For the four-apparently the offer, the amount of said tri-sufficiency. Hardness appears to be, not stored.

It was said by the Minister morality.

About the base of the foot-plate upon the sugar-free solution, the so-called "ba-la-topic-remove-wood." Human health in this world is born of meditation and intellectual-property-suffering.

Thenen, the monk should keep the bar-net, not to lack, cancel. If anyone's keeping the bar-net, will have the good-law. If you do not keep the bar-net world, the good-faith, are not to be. Therefore, should know about the origin of the universe-an-stable thunhat-faith way.


The monk, the have-an-office in the world of law, should be manufactured in acid-base, do not indulge in sexual deno. For example, the herd, holding whip dom looked it, it's not spoiled decho invasion of the rice-clad people. If loose-year basis, is not it just spreads in education, but it almost broke to no bounds and no theche-to be! Like horse data, which can not be used to control second-institutional capacity and it will draw people fall down holes. As robbed harm, suffering only one death, but disaster-based graphics to pull to the enemy in many lives, do very heavy damage, could not care-care!

Thenen, pseudo-alkali-wise mechanism in which such units based on, keep it as the enemy, for it let khongde lung. Say like, let it let go of lung, soon, because it'll kill Sutan. For the base year was, as all they care. Therefore, the smart institutional-recovery should be repaired! Center scary, fear more venomous, wicked-fun, resentment-hackers. And just as fire and brimstone as for-instance is not enough of them! For example, a person holding a bowl of honey, di-interest-rush action, just look stunning, do not see the hole. For example, there is no hook wild elephants, monkeys, gibbons, earning the woods, climbing, climbing, jumping, hard-ban prevents, manufacturing-for them! Should heart-breaking than conception, do not let them let go of lung. Taking lung Mind and lost the good of the people. Preparations for it in one place, not what is not finished. So the monk, so hard-to fine-forward philosophy of the mind!


The monk, the food you get drink, so seemingly taking. For dongon or worse, the students do not mind the increase or decrease. Essence help the body from hunger and thirst that is! As bees picking flowers, the flowers are just smoke without damage-harm to the identity and flavor! The monk, too, receive the offerings of the line, remains out of mind-brain, chukhong be for many, doing good by-pass of the center. For example, pseudo-wise, how much effort buffalo, can work more or less, do not let it do the part, exhausted!

5-THE SOLID sleep

The viTy-Qiu, ban on so diligently set of good-tu-law, not to waste time. Daudem, last night, do not waste the work-wife. Midnight chanting, self-observation biophysical kill (target-event). Not by human-charming sleep, making a bed through life not realize anything! Concept of impermanence should fire, burning all the earth, so, so soon to self-level, do not sleep. The mind-brain enemy, often spy murder. It's worse than resentment-family, why can not sleep is that provinces own commandments? Snakes mind-brain is located in the center. For example, black snake, sleeping in your house, you should get the hook "habit", but soon brushed away. The snake was sleeping in the house to get to sleep can be. If it is not that just slept outside, that people do not know shame. Infamous tiger suit, for the map-serious, it is most. Then as iron hook, or institutional-for those who do non-legal. So, the monk, usually to know then-Tiger, not changes in temporarily. If separation from the then-tiger-time loss of faith. Those who care to know in good time, then-tiger-law. The heart knows no shame-tiger time together as no other birds-animals.


The monk, if someone had the mutilated body-chi-information where possible, self-photography-tamdung to generate ground-hate it. And, also keep your mouth, do not uttered evil words. If you loose interest on your own time, resentment means-direct obstacle to the process, lose the benefits of public-good-faith. German ring-humiliation, morality, asceticism can not be packing up. The ring-flesh as well, called the higher-force personnel. If someone can not get tolerant cheerful words of evil poison-damage-plated, such as drug cam-road, while not known as the intelligence to lead. The reason this is so? What harm is it resentment undermine good-law, damage-damage the good name, birth date, lives, people do not want to see in a fun way. Be aware, heart-angry resentment, it is stronger than evil fire, so, always be preserved, not for its invasion-nhapduoc. Public-enemy rob faith, nothing worse than resentment, who white-y-lost enjoyment of sex, are not the issue-directed, they do not have anything to legal self-control mechanism, hokhoi the resentment-anger, and forgive may be; the renunciation of religious practice, no suham-like, but also embrace the mind-anger resentment, is not so! For example, in cold clouds, lightning started sparking, the time should not be so!


The monk, should clear up my head, found himself, his second top-left in excellent condition, excellent wear-pass, carrying gas-keeping applications, take them to beg to live like that, but if , also started out-side bath, time to kill it off early. The proud-side growth, but not the white-world-y to do, let alone join the production-director, has for the solution-free, self-lowering myself down, which makes the U-beggar ?

8-segment SIEM ON SOLID

The monk, heart-singing flattering, twisted, as opposed to direct, so, need to keep quality direct care. Be aware, flattery-singing, twisted, just a lie. He has the lead, while he may not. Therefore, the right-center to keep straight and take "nature-live" as the root.


The viTy-Qiu, and you should know: who wants more, so much to benefit so many hard-brain. The low desire, not to not want, no time was ear-fire. Frankly, nothing, a few desires should also tu-file, the situation is even less desire-born of faith? The desire at the heart of Siem no satisfactory segment to bridge people, and also not be the last-error basis. And he did well, "sexual minorities" (little ham-like) time-course of mental, not fear anything, nothing has touched the excess, and often does not complete-sufficient. Those who desire virtue-the less time there Nibbāna. So-called "sexual minorities".

10-TRI-TUC (knowingly)

The monk, if you want to get rid of the hard-Brain, the customary "tri-sufficiency" (enough said). Said tri-sufficiency measures, that is where wealth, joy and peace-stability. The tri-sufficiency, but on the ground still is fun. Non tri-sufficiency, but in the natural-sugar nor satisfying. Non tri-sufficiency, however rich the poor, the tri-sufficiency that is rich but poor. Non tri-sufficiency often embroiled in sex, are the trade-tri-sufficiency mercy. Thegoi a "tri-sufficiency".


The monk, to bridge the security-optimistic, very vi-static president, to leave the noise-loud place, where comfort alone. The an-static in place, as well as the King God-Like gods are the same glass-key. So-they should discard their maps and other people-they, onoi empty, an idle-alone, think about the cessation of suffering-except root. If preferred chonhieu people, the trouble-prone brain. For example, large trees, all birds build-file on it, there will be tai-dry fire breaks. The bonds of earth, lost in all the suffering. For example, the old elephant sunk in mud, can not be drawn. So-called "renunciation" (leave).


The monk, crystal-diligence process if they do not remember anything. So should the crystal-diligence process. For such small droplets flowing forever, the stones can puncture. If the heart of the hypothesis, usually lazy-lazy abandoned, as the fire puncher trees, plants have stopped loading and hot, so, but wanted to fire but the fire may flare up is difficult. So-called "fine-progress".


The viTy-Qiu, for good-grade tri-mode, good-household-level demand, not by the mind to be "any death concept" (do not forget the main-memory). If people have interest, "any death concept", while the enemy mind-brain-type is inaccessible. So, these are often so-concept photography in mind. If you take the time-lost concept of merit. If the power-of-concept consistent force strength, but in education among the enemy army, nor be harmed. For example, wear armor into battle while not afraid of anything. So-called "real death concept."


The monk, if interest is photography, an interest at the time. Security at the center should know the legal cothe living-away-General of the earth. Therefore they are often so fine-tu-set of the process. If the mind does not agree-disorder. For example, the look of the country, smart repair of dikes, roads. Action-author, too, because the intellectual-property, be smart meditation-on, making no leak. So-called "Zen-on".


The viTy-Qiu, if a property is not position-taking-wrecked. Often consider themselves, not to yourself with the wrong-optimistic. Thus, in the religion of the law-I will be free. If so, was not a direct-workers, as well as transparency khongphai-y and not what is called a name it! People with intellectual-property like-real, as has long boat through the sea-make old age, sickness, death, is also very bright light detector dark-dark place of ignorance, is the wage-pharmaceutical treatment of all diseases, is Hammer ethnic trouble-brain tree. Therefore they are, should take office, private, religious-knowledge, increase the benefits for themselves. If anyone has the mind-illumined by wisdom, but a flesh-label, but are "smart-ants" (obvious) way. So-called "intellectual-property".


The monk, everything Hy-review, it makes mental disorders. What gets on Hy-review, but was ordained, but not escape. So, the monk, should urgently review leaves bohy-psychosis. If you want to be happily passed away, should only kill smart wealth-review tai-happy. So-called "no hope-a review".

17-struggle while

The monk, on the merits, most often to mind, leave all the free-soil, nhula up resentment-hackers. The Great-bi-Ton said that the benefits-ons, were complete, the hard-power should actually-operating. When in the mountains, while in the empty dress, when in under a tree, or when in-place an idle, empty house, to meditate on the teacher-leader-law had sold, not to forget. Should normally exercise, essential progress in the legal practice it. Do nothing, dead empty, then this will lead to regret. We as physicians or, for that disease drugs, drinking or not drinking, not error where the physician. As the only smart way, only one good way, without going to hear, not a fault in the way just so.


The position, if the self-God as suffering and so on. there is nowhere in doubt, should ask the hurry-up, not bring was skeptical, but not to the settlement. So then faith-Ton sang three times like that, you do not ask again. The reason this is so? Since we no longer doubt-doubt again. Now assume A-Ton-brown-long-momentum-consistent-they look great heart, white Buddha said: "Sir-Sun, the Moon may be hot, the sun can be cold, say the Buddhas of self-Empire , can not be any discrepancy. Buddha said that suffering-the suffering God can not be pleased; Volume-To the "people", no other person; suffering, if destroyed, that is killing people. People kill to kill fruit; directors' cessation of suffering ", the leg-direction is no longer any other direction. Sir-Ton the monk, for the law "Four-God", but decided not to distrust anything.


In them, these have not yet completed its task tu-control, anti-high Buddha that there should be a bi-feel. Because the new entry-law, listening to the Buddha said, immediately attain degrees. For as lightning that night, soon was seen directing. If you have done any of tu-certified, have passed the notion that the sea suffering consecutive starts: "What passing-Ton, one time, how quickly it! Ton-A-fake-tan-long spoken word track on it, in that they are expressed throughout the four-Saint-Empire. German World-Sun wants to be great-we-tried patience, he took great interest because they re-Ball says: "The monk, do not take our bi-brain, if I in a life partner, Assembly-the tan and well-cleaned. The tan-case without leave, be completely theco. The self-interest interest-tha, the measures were full-full. If in life I will not be long before anything useful. If the heavens above or the human realm, the levels are already high, people are not degrees, are also prime causes of human-coast. "


"Practices of the following, the filing of the Ta-e, make-development-transfer of the teacher-law that, while nhuphap-body-based As-Lai often not tan-kill. So, should know: "Life is impermanent, where all is dissolved. Do not carry heart-brain strengths. The facies that. Should be laborious fine-progress, soon to award-free. Property location-use light, kill the si-possession. The real-time risk-flooded, non-durable-sure. We now kill-rate, except the evil-like disease. My body was so broken exhaust. This body is sin-evil things, franchising is the body only. Who is intellectual-property, except-kill it, as resentment-piracy kill, but not complete-joy?


The viTy-Qiu, often so hard for one-of-the director. Batdong all legal action or in the earth, are general-beat-damaged state of insecurity. The stop you, do not ask again! Time-space going through, I want to kill-rate. Here's the Church's post-up-me! " END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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