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DEP delusions OUT

 Speaking of religious places, obviously not our place to argue instead, that each person must strive to practice efforts. Because Buddhism is a practice direction, not the direction of the doctrine. Ourselves with grace monk since childhood, now has silver top, but the outlook, it is still up from the thought disorder, but they have been reduced compared to the old days. Knowing the disease of political life is not easy.
Delusions about treatment is not too difficult, too much for her but it is important that we bear incubation treatment or still? This matter of taste. There are people that treat diseases, but then slowly, not eager to rush, to what or to them. These are defects that the words we use to get caught. Want to be, want to cure mental delusions as soon as possible until then, if not to political urgency, a drastic treatment, because where there yourself impermanent appointment.
What is delusion? As the whirring wall thickness, reflected in our calculations. But a strange thing, you know where it hides? In each eye in the abdomen liver heart ... do not know where, but chances are it is out. We show that no one wants it, but it still is, I do not get it. For example, when meditating, I do not want to delusions whirring vibrations, but nearly all sitting on our confused thoughts, attempts to free man, not stop it. Now, how to treat this disease, if untreated, never one to be defined. Not to be incurred are not intellectual Bat-elegant. This major new intelligence to help us from all bondage, happy to be liberated.
If the current sitting here, we own, does not lead to delusions going anywhere, so is using the wisdom of their own. Otherwise we do not stop the faithful sculpture, working with it, be it his guide, that you're using the sense of understanding based on knowledge gathered from outside. This is not the intellectual property, which is borrowed wisdom, not true, not happy to liberation. With the religious, intellectual property, also called the original mind the importance and need more. Intelligence gathered from the outside also needs to learn but just the first stage, then be directed towards the implementation of intellectual property, to enter Nirvana totally radical peace.
Intellectual masters are capable of delusions, severing the roots cheek dream bass strings in our system. Once the money is intellectual honesty, there is no shadow of sorrow director. While it is the intellectual property, but because we are so ignorant of dust covered from birth, it is not self-evident, that to practice, especially meditation from sophisticated glow. There are now we want an extremely stable, but where there is peace! As the work breaks, time meditating, chanting ... we need to thoroughly get rid of junk all the faithful, peace of mind, but there is absolutely as it should be first! Just a little peace of nonsense this is another story, all about the temple outside the village to talk, then it is the province province, country to country, year on year below, past the long-term future on it. Buddha was dragged so criticized for being crazy delusions.
We practice that it is wrong reverse by the skeptical, the Buddha says is ignorance lead, the weak do not have the capacity to be devoted to professional training dragged. What is a habit, it has the capacity and call karma. So the word is the energy industry, by making it more a habit, so long gradual accumulation capacity. Capacity is the power lead. If you currently work according to our work has met, it will be his ability to lead, although we have to save the Buddhist Bodhisattva, also hard to pull back. This world needs to monks meditate carefully. Know the capacity of power unparalleled career, once it had been led away, hardly anything to neutralize foreign intelligence Bat-elegant.
Do you like his Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, Dai Tri Van-enemy, Dai Hanh Pho Hien, etc. .. offered to go into every corner of life. Where beings are suffering, he is to save the uninstall, by recalling the old chapel, that sentient beings have Buddha nature, mind and now he lives with his nature, then all suffering, not even a hand I picked out that spot. Buddhism focuses on self-reliance more tha force. But on the way to practice, so we need to force others, but self-reliance is crucial to release the result of enlightened practitioners. The self-promote the horizon soon find liquidity, Buddhist Circuit shining in front. People do not promote self-forgiveness is whether the good is knowledge-seeking is only the skin, not the full benefit of saving glass.
Back issues afflictions, we do not know where it is, but found grace outside the disturbing side effects in pop out. This place is like a Zen master said the house had six doors, locked inside a monkey. When you hear the monkeys cry out cross-cross, inside the monkeys responded to cross-cross. We, too, outside the monkey the monkeys did not know where you are inside, sat crouched at the gate doors or small, call it just walk around, inside the monkeys responded immediately. Inside the external application into a field opposite a gorilla. We are the priests, trying how to protect monkeys inside sleeping, monkeys cry rang out how the monkey ignored the response. Riet and monkeys also fed outside, do not cry anymore. As long as there is sufficient capacity and resolve things in your life. It results from the practice that out.
Looking at the huge number of texts of Buddhism, there are lessons from the level of low, intermediate and advanced level, doctoral graduate ... I saw it the other poems too. But the question carefully, you can get the essence of his teachings and practice of peaceful applications or not is another story. Knowing the appropriate selection method with its air base, was treated for his mental illness and people, the benefit of sentient beings is the main duty of renunciation. Responsibility for our upstream direction to the Buddha, lowering of living beings, or the grace to four under at the three worlds, but where an ordinary person. Do not assume that light dinner refreshments, evening chanting, meditation, such as a duty done. If not done out of religious duty, the words of his teacher rebuked just increasing rice porridge. That means that only light meals, afternoon soup, roughly survive that's all. Looking back on itself, sometimes we see the same result.
If people do not have the will, the determination is difficult to sustain spirituality, advance practice until perfection. Prayer is there, but give rise to mighty Buddha on the road that very few directors. First of Three Jewels voluntary religious life, but provided for the Buddha do not distress, for the pleasure tu, tu views heard! Most of our own style is. I rarely play as the mighty prayer ancient Zen master. There is a Zen master in meditation time very severe diarrhea, come out well. He could not keep that life again, he should seek the brotherhood wash clean, he sat up, lit incense tree gium. He then vows: If karma suffering due to the wrong cause love life before, you are not willing to pay than sorry, do not expect any support. I am determined whether the body was put into hell hungry ghost animal, but when all debts, open eyes to see the Dhamma immediately, remember the original Bat-home, continue with the Buddhist practice as long as my heart recently.
In our little brothers vow so. The ancients have nothing compelling power of his vows so? Actually it's no wonder than the will and the determination of him. Assert that only a single practice of the Buddha, not thinking anything else, no plan, no delusions dragged, not attached to the outer coast. The reason we only field core diameter is not illuminated by previous workers, creating confusion should now be paid professional like results. Repayment must be very happy to be out of debt rather than new! Repaid and then returned to sit firmly where its position Bat-elegant, excessive direct the growth Buddhism until the fullness, the other nothing. So to treat his delusions, to have a consistency determination mighty new.
Thinking distinction is actually a bunch of unusual outlook. Now want to cut it, do not develop further, they must resolutely strong, not allowing the mind to get into the distinction. This does not ignore us silly as silly as ice plants, but it is there that know the money, do not know everything at each other confused. For example, sit here, I saw the clock I know, I know that vase, shows what I know that. But regardless beautiful vase, clock ... is not bad, not cut off immediately. The practitioner should be very sharp knife wisdom to cut off all thoughts whirring, recently returned from that location to preserve the original.
We tested whether the roots that led her to go in reincarnation? The Buddha said no tie us all, all they have created. Fell into it, it's hard to get out, just born grew up and died away. The wise then go up, who fell into obscurity. Testing for the same delusion that leads us to the root of samsara, not anyone else. Hope we never thought it not out of samsara. So Pure is a private practitioner deep set voluntary professional behavior, to have spiritual prop thoroughly pleased. When prop glasses thoroughly, there is no complex thoughts, no delusions. But the delusion that this is also true of me, the other real me, until this body is also true of my mind. Tu as any Buddhist teachings does not review Pure Meditation, or, if off the whirring thoughts, certainly successful. Can not just recite the Buddha have thought about five meters below the year, so how can I be Buddhist procession. If Buddhism is the procession, some lifting is not for him, told him this much debt here much, no procession is, to solve for all the new teacher's debt profile to be.
Many people say I meditate no matter the form, I am going to play fair way, no meditation, no chanting, no smart comments nature center at all, certain categories of people this night will face thirty Yan -la only. Need to use the powerful meditation, intensely day and night, can not let loose wiggle. Tu intellectual to ever arise, that the truth of the law, possible with the corresponding bit. What would make here? Is not wrong. Which authors know authors, what knew it was real, not fake that look real, look really fake. As people see the beautiful home life, try to make money to buy the house, which is to hold it on her. From small to large, from small animals to large animals, never seen anything like what it is like to have, but forgot what his real objective should bury it takes. So they can not distinguish which one was which one author. Buddha said that beings are crazy.
That crazy look upside down. Buddha said this is not true, they said it was born the so-called crazy. Said the Buddha are impermanent, we say common birth. Buddha let go, holding beings themselves. Buddha said not to passion, passion beings themselves. All this is in contrast like crazy. Therefore we still failed septic Buddha. Every disciple of the Tathagata family always knew duty, his duty is first to have wisdom. Use your intellectual honesty to cut off the meter rings false ideas. Main delusions that led her away in samsara from beginningless lives so far. Now cut them back to yourself, do not run the ball the more bogus. People are like, the level of protection was stepped up to the threshold scale free, living the truth of all the measures.
Buddha said beings with deep moral confusion leads in samsara is to it. Like a person walking in darkness without lights, close your eyes that goes, certainly fall down holes or tunnels entangled in only seven theaters. Our situation is. So has entered my life, if not met Buddhism, are not aware, then do not say every day every hour every minute every second that is, beings created countless industrial. So says Buddhist beings Oldest what the business is creating, not only moves left retribution over. So sleep well create more business. Do you believe that? As people are asleep, dreaming dreams whirring heard something outside, it is very thought his house attacked or taken by, linked to floating ground screaming and beating hand pedal haphazard. Image is a sleeping place where sleep is evidence that we create karma. Scenarios are at work, access, man-made countless career that matter.
So I still have not awakened, just want to live a long time to create more business. One thing that a practitioner if not careful we will be true recipe for painting. It was his wish to become famous teacher, by virtue sky, like Te Thien Dai Thanh so. If the VTP is to build the lead to his large intestine is known so desire ... In short, the idea was raised disturbances concept guise of religion dangerous than hundred thousand of illegal delusions. Was put on nice mantle noble delusions, rarely do we have the opportunity to province. Hence the danger to. Now want out of delusion, ignorance crazy, forcing us to province. Province in any way. It's main job, is the duty of every part of us.
Marketing Opportunities Buddhas life to find out where we meet very rare. In the Buddha in India, his area of lead from the north to south through central India. He walked the old days did not have a car now. But if any car, not knowing the Buddha take away? Since then he has divine powers, where not want to fly, but very little Buddha and use magic limit. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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