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Couple of things: A mind publication family
The French Government could not exist without the rising Nazi, the mind turns ni crush before secular, full of compassion and hue, yet everyone respects. These are the "expert" Buddha family, dedicate a lifetime for learning and action to order and the birth of Buddha directed to Hong Yang.
When a group of Buddhist countries that not enough of the logos of selfless good, then their group was unable to develop, by the time the stories abound and chaotically, but lifestyle upāsaka arrest is hardly which can have more time to meditation and learn the Dhamma. So only the life of the left House negativity, who, increases or, in the mass Increase, new time to which application action and learning ways to gradually secure the negativity in the mental and emotional to gain knowledge of the truth of the Chief Justice senses.

Think where need to start from this point, because someone wanted to export the fuel must then decide is a Buddhist. In fact, is not the case always like that at all. Because many people still accept their opinion, not to hold TA is truly a Buddhist foot works that still want to be at the world. So, the problem is, how to be a Buddhist? Buddhists are relying entirely mind the title where Jewels is the highest in the Trinity.
-Security: Buddha's enlightened master.
-Security: the path of practice brought to enlightenment.
-Increased Security: is the level achieved Enlightenment by true path's practice. A Buddhist works into the refuge Trinity jewels to make title an fresh turns to place other was given the continual endless suffering of the Earth; before the overwhelming suffering and fear of his life forever within samsara into cycle of birth, death, disease,; These changes and unsafe. The Buddhists find about refuge where Buddha said, Security is Security, an increase of three expressions of Enlightenment and, finally, through Chief Justice into practice, will also achieve Enlightenment yourself like that. If you don't learn how meaning is clearly jewels, then no one can rule y a sincere way. And if you don't have to be firmly based on the belief understood thoroughly, then no one can practice properly Chanh has been nor can find are mostly only needed to feed the mind releases for practitioners in the life of his appearance.
So without a bit of nostalgic all flaps his personal opinions, concepts in religion or gods do not properly, to pray that:
a. The chapel returned to the Conservative nuong titled Buddha, enlightened master.
b. The voluntary return to the title of Princess, the road Security practice lead to enlightenment.
c. The Conservative nuong propped Up voluntary return, the unions of the ranks achieved Enlightenment by practice in accordance with the Road Works in France.

After having refuge to become a Buddhist (chon Chanh) who wanted to export back need to ask yourself this question (why would I want to export in?), to realize clearly favored excuse to be his chief merit life world or not. There are many pretended to want to export with the misleading reason as: want to learn the shaman or want those spells; want to live the life eaters don't sit and then; escape to suffer the difficulties of life, personal or family responsibilities; want to have advantages; idea of what would become a master lectured only after a few months at the world; ideas will be respected as the resident singer Buddhist monastery the oldest ranks chon. Chon works to be published coast excuse is: to live a life of visuddhimagga Germany's path from all worldly suffering, is not busy anymore to be worldly circumstances convenient primary practice, dedicate a lifetime for Trinity Jewels.
The reason real Chief Justice fled the psychological disturbance as greedy, arrogant, fear. Also the reason chon works derived from the result list to waive the fine as advantage, be aware that Buddhism is chon Tanh, devotion and humility. Best of life requires constantly learn and practice for many years under the guidance of the master document. Only if the exporting countries gain experience evidence for ourselves about Chief Justice French, then can start teaching guides for other guys.
When exporting minds most decided releases with those reasons, it is also the Chief chon must ask themselves can afford to maintain keeping precepts or not? Any of the world that his life, stuff about 250 world, sa di 10 world. Women's right to life also tu 348 circles and Eight French Dizzy anymore; then they must preserve life were precepts for pure. Precepts is to help practitioners practice Works: Bhikkhu complaint (Vinàya: precepts) means what leading practitioners from the suffering of the Earth to bring to mind at peace and free net bar. Therefore, practitioners have the right attitude when a resolute pervaded the precepts for life, careful not to break the law makes piracy counterfeit is not an action on the first step of the way austerities.
Automatic maintenance keep clean efforts the precepts, practitioners become extremely confidentiality in these behaviors in thought, speech and body. Attention or precept for awakening mind is clean friendly password this is the basic essential points in the process, if that point is not to sing in his life, practitioners will find that works on the withdrawal of France. Anyone has the right attitude as above stated, fully articulate the value of this awakening and always effort to practice law, but that pervaded world oil well inevitable mistakes and errors. When the criminal world, practitioners will need to immediately to mind the penitence was at peace, no longer even feel guilty anymore and export the industry paid net again. After Shou world, practitioners were y represented the first effort in life and completely refuge where jewels. The chon works always determined to be worthy of this logo.

4. decision: to USE the TIME OUT HAS MADE?
A Bhikkhu is the plain Buddhists without pretentious funded cosy appeared to signal, and not the foursome went to work for the purpose of making money. Therefore, the tu have full time Chief Justice French, tu and internship to deserving to be the cozy atmosphere looks, not eating does not sit, charge uổng time. To live a life interest in Rising, practitioners need to take root well in French public schools.
When the root element, the stem is blow splintered; also the Citadel without pretentious if no good roots will be complete and award process. Radical roots but a practitioners need to have the school take the path of learning (catechism) and pervaded precepts in a monastery in the city; either take the path of Dharma, practice meditation in the forest, lived the early momentum asceticism, precepts strictly and meditation practice. The two roads, practitioners that choosing a base option. The second circuit (France) monastery, practitioners should have sufficient ability to arrange for their own program tu. In the original Buddhist countries such as Thailand, Asian Ceylon now has classes dedicated to Bhikkhu without pretentious.
However, practitioners also need to communicate directly with its indigenous people. In addition, countries that still have to learn Sanskrit as a language tradition. Although currently there have been many translations in English language about the Dhamma of the Buddha but the old versions are often unreliable and misleading. Ever we can translate the Bible for than this. If the purpose of pretending to be meditating, you just need to know, that the basic terminology used in the Dharma is sufficient.
A new firm will be without pretentious Bhikkhu masters only taught, but there are still plenty of time to learn. Again, no timetables, hard standing, so practitioners must know themselves self-discipline is very important. A few Buddhist Bhikkhu the assigns to one day be without pretentious should go over the bowl, one or two three meals ended before the first Sino-Japanese economic Pàli on lunchtime, one or two times, wipe the scanner bed, cleaning, and may be there are classes teaching French Dharma or listen to the master in the afternoon or evening. Due to limited shelf life because world forums and rarely are there is one thing, man or woman that had been the victim's fate beyond any roadblock to Shou world must be the user time to seclusion or meditating in a effort to gain more favor.
5. the instructor who wanting to export overseas in Thailand. (Not needed in the case South Vietnamese should not transfer language)
Practitioners can succeed in life, all Saints if already available, or try to develop a few German Tanh well. We've mentioned please credit into place in the paragraph above, the Jewels but, despite being practitioners had this virtue then, but that's still not enough, because if the rigorous data-what do expectant rabid environmentalist, was where y. Hence, Germany compassion in action and speech is very important. The Buddha is a gentleness and concern not to harm any other creature; the tu must be nuanced. Along with compassion is humble bow before; the nature of this easy-to-soothe Sage was the only German Tanh. If practitioners thought is we now know it all and just fell off and healthy arrogance-high will never want to be one only teach what all. Please open the minds of the provides humble practitioners to receive additional knowledge, and Tanh fell off then closed it again. Coupled with modest Palace is patience. Because we cannot be sure that accomplishing the purpose in life, all Saints in an earlier one way, so patience is essential for life. Our minds have been polluted too long ago, we need a lot of time to that shampoo to wash and make it clean again. Although it is in the ancient economy that many people to hear the Buddha sermon and not how long are proven results A la Han. But we also must remember that the comment has annotations that no time how long it could be extended to twelve years! Patience also needed to deal with barriers tamper with the harmony on the road, all saints. The Buddha is very often or concur in regards to Germany's tall. Tanh
Effort associated with the patient. Patient is not only not enough; effort is also essential, a effort school States rather than bluster leap with the downside at lui nhác between lazy. Effort needed to that yourself all of the Buddhist monastery maintained, to modernize the show trivial of worldly let every action body, mouth, and Italy are to become consistent with French public schools. The German opposition to the Tanh Tanh this bad parity; the bad just to add more misery ahead at the Duc Tanh lụy in is the basis for mature firmly in French public schools.

7. the PURPOSE of LIFE, ALL Saints.
It can be divided into immediate purpose and ultimate goal. Immediate purpose in accordance with the French Government is to become a better person because of his contribution to the framework, taking turns as precepts, or the title to intellectual growth, learn French public favored doctrine of the Buddha. eliminating tangled with the drogue chute and the difficulty in imitation of the Tanh is also a goal that we can achieve when there is progress on the meditation exercise. Based on the purpose of granting this time and the level of evidence, the evidence was Nirvana, or ultimate purpose. The Buddha often remind practitioners were not should never displease with the purpose, which must always effort to achieve the purpose of nobility until the new evidence as Nirvana. This ultimate aim, we should not be forgotten, while remaining ever practice or ordering the Taoist, because is long and its ceiling is very easy to make us forget. Although there have been a direct path to Nibbana rapidly, it is very easy to abandon that path to go in a different niche gateway does not require the need to have a try at all. Try it is to conquer the barbarian dượi lazy and the result status psychological vertebral lazy nhác; try needed to tame and preserve these behaviors in three career not to fall into the wicked, which brings peace to those who live the life, all saints, as the Buddha taught:
Himself encouraged his
Tame yourself by yourself
Mindfulness, self household maintenance
Bhikkhu without pretentious live at peace.
(Doing the Dhammapada Bhikkhu without pretentious, shelf-379 Products)
Source material: subject Khantipalo Sa
Free translation: Principles Rule
Suorce: A PLAY ABOUT The PUBLISHING (Tutorials)

Hiu hắt road away from his lamp
Countering the odds against Ben for days Chanh!

1. His brother hysteria is not the same going supermarket isn't Fixed? Perhaps that he is not worth the bother, but he felt free to attach himself too close. From then until now, he's very fashion sense to want to seek advice notes but in this morning inside the soul a Sa di has left you pity the teachings of men or is ... a lifestyle flatten, indifference, known as the buried city nấy has spread in the place of meditation. At one point he wanted to share with children as the responsibility of an Englishman and only. He knows his austerities immature, not enough German to care for someone nice! Long ago, from when caught buying wings of butterflies to donate her he no longer wants you dragged her to go further. He fears his hungry heart more than once!
… just pray someday he met on the route to Ben. Trade em me a lot! (Photo: illustrations)
That day, after the expiration of the essential children dragged him along to souvenir. An unidentified dead Butterfly was buying about dry, he or she will do impartial voice for her birthday presents that you know where to find him a cowardice cứa were knives vastness. He hurt her for looking at Gander, his pain for your lifestyle increase current and sorry when looking at the prospect of Dharma in the future. An act of resignation, spoke up very much. A speech by brotherhood only well enough to reflect the current state of contemporary French leaders. He thought his personal charm without reading this letter because he wrote the book breezes are scratch takes out up structure unreal. Maybe if he or she will be read for him was the ingenious thinking far Hura, but nevertheless is far away Hura Lam Oi anymore where indispensable to its source.
See em bird Butterfly identification on hand with his more adequately face hí disorient women sad. A little priest takes out slightly according to permanently place children forces impermanence lack a prayer, it turns into the game, the second gift expensive luxuries. He'd recommend they should be for it, rather than ...
Tu himself indispensable, that is permanently free from the first he'd tell you. How we can be fun for when the body of the butterfly's silently remind us contemplation on impermanence! Where death is only reserved for species of butterflies, day it's going to take away his life. Does that ...
He understands his qualities increase as both step away from the realms. Was man made stars without heart vibration before the career key, on the other coast? But sex is not the place for the wings of Russia are exposed unleashed wind power, it just creates pain and bondage. It is the trap nets strung off the middle of nowhere to welcome their heroes want to catch the heart off Sun trailokya region beckons. Right in the Bible, the Buddha taught the primitive man love woman and vice versa by year, of which presents the cable. No reason for us to have fun when yourself completely reached Liberation? Agree that we need to create a balance between direction and implementation. But it should not be too high excitement that break moral damage. The Buddha: "Born" on the contrary we are not afraid of suffering but find fun by creating more karma, ended up making her husband more suffering quality suffers. He wavered if notes that get mixed Ni birthday gift of children having fun?
If yes then it's notable 'cause knowing it looks! Because of the supposed with Ni world then compassion to put on top of situations that a Ghost Lake tiny! Fig leave yourself a monk and then suppose to be shared for each other is just what you think regarding Dharma are the best, but I do have Blue à Butterfly bee place door meditation story? They make him sorry too close. Birthday is no longer something strange for tu, riết and weddings have vegan raspberry, reserve ... the life of a production ceiling watertender like how poorly people away?
Or is the only race over each other materially and himself had blessed power? We are someone else's marrow extract to feed life network? Lam Oi! He would like to recommend you one thing, should be careful when spending the money bowl of rice of na. Look deeper you have unknowingly waste left for home, they don't want you missing please buy a butterfly dies, they will think of how the gift is for the other uncle, the graceful dances Ni has said up to the Cup?
2. Not only children but more raised other, more impulsive young at his startled when I saw they unintentionally referred to by you, by the sisters sounded like slashing heart. He modified it calls him with her Division, she herself is "he" you. He had just heard through have suffered sharp pain. It is currently the Dharma page is on da downhill just because the release of children inherited hovering. Someone claiming advocated converted to Buddhism, refresh French directed light gold, dispelling, demanding equality for dizzy bat Ni world that forgot to act insanely wild. They have opened a door very new to welcome the toxic spills into the blast burned down houses Dharma. As Director of capital markets, how innovative? Only human need back to transform consciousness but real prototypes they are Buddha where there is more to add page was moved? Demanding equality without weak leadership are just wrong, i.e. equality, do have value? How do men and women to the same general end? People can only be equal to each other on an sow's resignation but where there is perceived to result sown story entails human difference the same results? Although France itself is not wrong but career of male and female Buddhist precepts disagreement should be devised. If there is no passing, the dizzy Bowl between the two sides will be guided to come about? So, that's solid defensive barrier for nuns. The race was run under the lifestyle have led chen we fades with the Center for public opinion. Leading just because you want to send himself through the mouth of the Buddha for the months that tumultuous day, on a romantic Act raised more pleased his side couldn't well under Phậy, no disgrace to launch mind self-knowledge insists as secular. Wanted to deal with the secular stars again? Try asking me to do?
3. Once you master the tone of the Statement go nasty, he genuinely surprise when he saw a late uncle's Cardigan raw gold. He asked:
Copy notes to not carry the late lam?
Declaration of let out a sharp pain pain he answers:
_ Accept the oneness him? What tone is also the first star which, moreover, children wearing teacher this color for inclusion with the brotherhood.
So, away from the crowd to the other, who also call attention to by the master. But he understands Propaganda in need of a new genus should note how intervals. Look deeper he very heart pain, age is not known to the German economy, I do have Phuoc force cover for the future? Heart notes have poisoned gone! The mind wants to ease her interests in past há ham except? Thankfully, the Brotherhood as Declared no more.
Other times, he Blesses he attended boys increases. See notes still wear the old decrepit suffix lam. He asked:
_ She not afraid?
_ What's where, they are still less blessed thing. Moreover even his children find true justice served with more confidence.
Listen, he Bui ngùi touched. Recalling the old days, you lower the master teacher Bhikkhu without pretentious little obligation also does not want to attend son Phuoc tu increase for fear of loss is not. Also today, leaves without pretentious stars easily offset y Bhikkhu older and almost any party crowd as well as on the East. Once the notes manually patched utility without pretentious when not Shou world medical Bhikkhu, was later also fervently life big world? Thus, although world forums dignified, kekkaishi NET bar to drive is not working. Humble of heart Declared disappeared, they no longer know their limits. Declaration on children, for children to hear more se England crush Blue belts. Who is accountable to the children?
4. Rarely on the room master Directed play, many invisible at the uncle's plug computer only worry gamers only. Master very sad, because the parents should have a responsibility to advise, but remained tentatively with the fun on the net. His great uncle ngờ a virtual ego are raising gradually in a game filled with violence. How Uncle Sa di young interns from bi Quan to be when enjoying killing a virtual network. An adventure is no longer hypothetical. Join, pitch, si not except; negativity is a binding that attaches to any further order such as, how to avoid the mistake? When his uncle think are endlessly charming delight when people are archaic thrusts won tries each second, every minute, pouring all his blood for bones out survival floating with full? Every note with mind like that, how can joy spread out for people who have heat into nasty looks? And also many pitfalls other entrenched call tu in flow Vortex information rapidly. No one answer instead. No one immune to incompetence by fence precepts. Daily we look back at yourself is some times?
5. Japanese Forestry purchased him a few seafaring terms of sauce bottles. He's doing he startled? He asked out new notes she thanks acquaintances go buy. May it also know Dr. Angry too, he noted: "the master game la eyebrow took each other to hell before hả? He's always spinning again? ". Warm memories did not say what forestry. Wait calming it is tam Tinh humiliation. Lam Oi. Children understand about this but he saw the star if his amendment is not due or worked as a lawyer to advocate for yourself here. Buddha instituted the first humiliation such as tam means end except greed to which lettered Bhikkhu without pretentious entirely without a deliberate about salty food, needs to use every day just to eat a meal again. Moreover, it is clear the note assumes his vulnerable Austria Mahayana, the future life of Bodhisattva. Has sow's Buddhist bodhisattva, and stars also want tu into predatory beings? If that is the first humiliation, he just wanting admission of Japanese Clinical Retrospect view mentality has net yet? Hanh Lam anymore, he still hopes they don't met things like notes.
6. A one-way street to da LAT, saw England use a mobile phone, a home asked:
Teachers also use phone anymore _?
_ There anyway?
_ Who manage your master?
_ She forgot that in Buddhism are self-governed?

Say so, what means done isn't Fixed? Tasks must be returned to his brother. A Sun thong dong only with those who let go free of confusion. He wrote out here, the story is not ending, for example, to map errors in the Dharma do, just pray someday he met on the route to Ben. Trade em me a lot!
Chi stupid parents

This person appears younger, they listen to me talk here. I know there are those who made the children currently live in an environment of tu school adaptation, to be reliable, loving master and was fellow brothers and sisters to encourage and support, the amendment was the opportunity to learn and practice daily. However the number of those lucky is also very rare. This inscription can be read to children are crying. I know there are a lot of learning increased child are experiencing many difficulties, including the difficulties of rice. I've come across these routes like then, so I understand them.

, Live in pagodas or in academia, we also have difficulties as living in the family. If in family life, we can have problems with a parent or sibling, then living in temples as well. Children may have difficulty with the children, and two master games are suffering. Maybe they're feeling not injured children, the master did not understand, and can also are thought to be his teacher does not have enough sense of responsibility, not hear master. The communication between two master game has become difficult, and both master games are no happiness. I think is too busy life in the temple, he or she must do a lot of work too, they don't have time to learn and practice, that the master who also do not have time to learn and practice. I'd love to be his teacher sending children into boarding at an Institute of Buddhist studies so that they can do all the time in the monastery, but because of the Pagoda Anchorage, master children not to walk. The fuselage was born she didn't want children. They said families whose children are in need of children fending away again. The thought that monk is neglect of family, and children are taken as the agony of mind. Others go out of the family supporting the spirit, while they do not. Children may have problems with him, her or his attorney. They blame them don't understand children, the children, the children, tips of the defects of the master to master trade em ... The problems are essentially identical to those issues. Em gauge. And events who are suffering major losses for children is a loser, for me, for all. Em gauge without converting the line of the children, how they go the whole way tu?
When children are annoyed or thought they should secede Rises, off a little, make few obligations am directed to cover financial, whether to pay for the food and the money goes to the bus, he or she can go to school. Protecting children: study the Dharma and to increase the Group's story, we'll do what needs to be lifelong, so-called; Now you take care of to reach a fairly high level of culture of the school was, and then studied Buddhist studies after nor later. Furthermore if there is one degree college graduates are not those of the Buddha that says something is lick also believed, because he had earned a Bachelor's degree, PhD or doctorate. The thought of such children, not an residence in day-to-day lifestyle. The thought is very damaging, because they are able to pull children out of the way that they do not know. tu
If you are in a plight are more difficult, I wish you don't hurry to secede the current environment, remove the master left temple removed them which go elsewhere. Don't go on the footprint of the mountain mountain as he looks. Maybe they're dreamed of being on boarding Institute for Buddhist studies, but also a others are interns in Buddhist studies in the temple again dreamed of as children. If you have not yet found a satisfactory solution suitable for the things I needed in France on 2 May 1996 phone then you must seek to consult a good knowledge that you trust. The goodwill this knowledge can be a master or a Professor she has wisdom, faith, have peace. Children make up is all presented their heart and the truth about the plight of children. The time will show you the way you need to keep the water jump. If I were younger consultations, I would say that they need to practice to set right the media with the children and with his children as soon as possible, the child must learn happier hearing Empire (listen) and AI language (quotations from Republic of Ireland). Must know sit listening intently, a stillness, must learn to listen to with no prejudice expressed Tempus, don't, don't tend to judge and response; the energy once out facial expression, the eyes, breath or out gestures will make people say no longer inspired says things she'd say. To set track breath to keep calm during the hearing, to assimilate things yourself listening, though things are heard does not match the perceived availability of children about the truth. You must set to master and to the brotherhood's under way, and about a month later, the media (communication) will be re-established between children and people. And when she said, children must talk with quotations from Republic of Ireland. Must say how to demonstrate you're calmly presented to the other saw the truth rather than yourself are said to reveal the frustration or dismay. Absolutely not responsible. They just talk about the difficulties the suffering of children, and asks for the help of the other. The hearing loss and AI as the content of the fourth world in precious world. This internship will switch status and they can convince the master and the brotherhood of the same conglomeration transformed the current environment into a more appropriate environment for the Convent School, meant for the high ideals of the make publishing his benefactors. In an Institute of Buddhist studies, may also have these phenomena against profanity, factional, divisive and stigma. If she is Falling in the Institute of Buddhist studies, or if he or she is a professor at the Institute of Buddhist studies, young children also have to practice how to progressively transform the environmental Institute of Buddhist studies into a really advantageous for the implementation of the ideal of the exporting country. I know the words I'm writing here will also be the Chief deity of the temple and church life in the Institute of Buddhist studies, and I'm convinced you're like me and like children's books available in the matter of environmental study metabolism for the environment's amendment becomes advantageousand, like everyone in leadership, education, life expectancy, as well as all of the Increase will be more happy in life tu students daily. The happiness of the child essential for me and for everyone, so you don't have permission to continue suffering. If children continue to suffer, we will take them. Suffering necessary for intellectual property sense if we know it, look deeply into one shining it, to find the exit. So suffering is a Holy Empire, that is a sacred truth. But if it is to immerse in suffering without seeing the essence and Road exit line, then the suffering is no longer a Holy Roman Emperor.
Arnold Toynbee, British historian, has predicted that the meeting between Director Bald and Western civilization will be one of the most important events of the next century. I believe from the meeting that a new culture for humanity will be enlightened. Children must be prepared to contribute parts to enter transform history. He or she must apply to be The Religious teachings of German in everyday life to transform suffering of children and of the Increase stems. Increase the body's mass tu students, including master and Anglican, his sister, Professor em. Increase as a third of his body. If everyone has Buddha and his Dharma, his mass tu also i.e Increase his body. Must all practice breathing and Mindfulness footsteps. To live each moment of insight for daily life. To know what colour and exposure of the child and around in me. To awake again, to see the structure of purple, flower, Moon in the cloud and is manifested by the French themselves here. To live to be doctrine laws in Lac residence as master Tam Di (Sammidhi), a younger appearance of Bald, a Muslim was Bald and increase compassion Division. Rahu (Rahula) teachers are young first joined the Congregation, and was awarded the master Relic Waving traditional ten world Sa di. Master Rahu La later had success as one of the ten great disciples of the elevation. Master A Nan (Ananda) was also an outstanding younger live happily living out of loving Virgin with a heart. Thanks to intelligent and prodigious memory of teacher that knows how many classics of Bald was handed down. Master Ly Ba (Revata) was the youngest of the master Relic Waving because see is probably impermanence and turning of all beauty, should have made her from asking about adolescence. I live very comfortably and happily where mountainous forest net bar. Monk Bodhi (Subhuti) brother of head fake Level Helplessness also youth, being Bald praise is smoothly from bars/Bi. They both looked in the mirror of the British practice. Monks Na Ka (Sonaka) Bodhi Center immediately after hearing the presentation monastery Trúc Lam, had fasting weeks, physical illness, was made for parents. The master She Suggested (Bhaddiya) and A Nậu Long Da (Anurudha) were the sons of nobles, gave up the right line and riches to export countries by Bald, living life and liberation. Professor she United (Uppalavana) and she Recorded three (Subha) are the lack of female identity in flavor Sun but got cut off all horrified was forced to become people, living with a little determination tu ai DermIS. Professor she Venerated Da Da (Sundarinanda) em Favor Nan father bald, also went off his age at less than twenty, and has been very successful in the bald praise is elaborately meditation exercises. The gods are shining example for children.
Let's not tu alone. We will only be able with Increased fuselage. tu Non-living, learning and working with non-tu kin, we will mainly Increase. Living and learning with us is tu Increase eco-enlightened and cover; It is really a health boost. refuge Up not only a faith which is a daily practice. If not returned to the title, Princess children will lose production of beautiful ideal of children in a very near future. Vietnamese we have experienced the profound wisdom, so we also know the phrase "eat rice with broth, austerities that you".

The people, who are the closest of the bald, he or she must know inherited fortune To practice for bald. the basic disciplines in order to be happy. To master the disciplines of meditation is meditation, contemplation, breathing, eating rice mindfulness, slide projector, impermanence, anatta, Bi, From identification and metabolize suffering, build Up friendly and happy life. When business should always wonder: the thought of doing have associated our daily life, not to help him transform suffering and forming peace? The course is as large as Kim Cang, flowers, Strictly protected Area ... contain many transcendental thinker, but the purpose of business is not to indulge in philosophy intensive Mandarin, echoed the thought and go find the delight while presenting the thought of retiring. Dharma is the friends take us across the River; You must use the friends to cross to the shores of metabolism and at peace. The purpose of exporting countries not to become a Buddhist studies or philosopher, but rather become a peace, liberation, a true Division leaders capable of life. So you must avoid paths containing knowledge. To the principle of real, real, real evidence. To see the impermanence, anatta, words, bi ... are these tools consistent projection to transform suffering rather than the theory. If you know how consistent projection impermanence, egolessness, and bi, who will break the wrong perception of children (expectations) daily life, will become more understanding and tolerance, and love in children is growing at. Have love, new life is happy. Those who only have hook and hatred in the hearts of those who suffer. As long as you can see the substance of the word and Bi grew up in, as long as they realize they have begun to know look at others by the eyes of compassion (with municipality sentient) is no longer the stern, no longer in charge, then you know resentment at the time they began to have more happiness. This is a conversion of the monastery. I've ever come across 30 countries around the world, organized the retreat for indigenous peoples. The retreat lasts three weeks, but there are also very short, only retreat lasted four today. Therefore that these students and their families after a four-day monastery has been transformed and figured to be forgiveness, love and harmony among them and their families. Who joins should not forget that you have the luck to be resident in the scenery: If so, on amendment goes through without landing craft Lady then wasted his life out of himself. The farmer's wife after the experiment is a kind of seed, a type of fertiliser or a new farming methods without success then surely will change the seeds, fertilizers or farming methods. We, too, if practice from three to six months without seeing or not seeing what can metabolize, one must know is that there is something incorrect in seclusion. We must immediately find and master to consultation, find out what traditions are appropriate and effective for us. I see there are people throughout thirty-year overhaul, way of life and suffering remains the unchanged climate. Truth is wasted for them and for ourselves.
Practice the right words and Bi for, someday you'll see the energy of compassion in children requires children to be manifested through action. From Bi is not the principle of life, which is the energy required to be manifested in particular by the living. Can he or she is the one who made her want to manifest compassion through the poverty relief work, take care of her children, disability, or serve in the hospitals and prisons. The work is true, the sermon if indeed the work of the children were driven by motivation is love. Every gesture of the care of the sick, the disabled or poor can hardly is a francophone eloquent. Although the shaman theory or but if the situation speaks out is not due to compassionate energy boost, France is also only a work list, not a sermon. I don't want to counsel her and uncle immersed do social work, forgetting that the true purpose of the publication of the practice to eradicate mental impurities, miseries metabolism. Children should not be to all their time on the society. Division of children is not a doctor, nurse or rolling the society. Children can play work each week several three concerts in hospitals, prisons or her children, but while working to make it have mindfulness, always calmness, have enough reputation level, rites and never lose yourself in the Interior. If you know track breath and practice safe refuge in moments so far, the work of helping people of children also elaborately practice, just as important as practicing sitting meditation or litigation.
In developed countries in Europe and North America, many hospitals are Chapel and the Hall to give patients and their relatives.
There are moments of patients or their relatives should mind to pray, such as those at before your surgery, surgery or emergency department, waiting for revival ... The Cathedral, nianfo road or the Hall so badly needed. There are those who made the vow to serve therein. They should be learning how to be able to help the sick and their relatives who reached a peace of mind. In the jails. There are those who was trained to serve those who are incarcerated. Basic Psychology and methods often psychologically comforting and very necessary. In these places to serve, he or she will feel is the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha also along are going to party to bring about peace for the soul of the people therein. You have to do the work with all my heart, because she is a bodhisattva companion of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha bodhisattva, which was also rehearsing the moments, don't let the tow, entered the world of furniture. We say we practice compassion that if we don't present in places where there are suffering as the Shang dynasty and detention then it's a hard thing to understand. In many Western countries like Britain and America, books I write are sent to detention camps very much, sometimes the composition of them chaired interbeing also visited the detainees to mandate strengthened and guided meditation exercise for them. I have received many letters of thanks of the readers in jail. Many speak in jail they practice professionalism at all, and trusting where the methods of practice, so the soul they were static and their belief was revived. The church leaders, the Chief of the children how to intervene with the authorities so that in each of the hospitals and jails will be establishing a Hall, and interfere with the Institute of Buddhist studies to prepare the training of a growing number of students might later served at places like.
Donation is the most magnificent of the action. Supplies of donated property, there are three things: academic disciplines and peace by tu soul (a French pilot and pilot, Lieutenant, junior grade laboratory). Exports of many countries where there was nothing to donate. Major thanks to Germany and love of all that God had entrusted and entrust to us a little of their assets to do the work of relief and strengthened mandate. Disciplines that we have ever tu practice and reap the result is awarded very noble of him. So if you have to do social work then don't do social work alone, meaning that only plays the role of a student society. The role of his brother monks. So while making the children look for granting the other person passed to the method of practice help them cross to escape their sufferings. I don't think they are suffering because of the lack of rice, clothing, housing shortage, lack of medicines. They suffer much in contact between them and those around them, they are suffering because of the angry, disappointed, argues he hate, conflict, etc. They do not fear of being carried, is taking advantage of social work to preacher. You can use quotations from non-religious to help them dismantle the ones stuck by them. Allow breathing, relaxation, allows listening, let AI language ... life is also taught, also read, in other religions too. French pilot is very precious treasures of the monastery, bringing donated the ambition which never dents. Loads the third delegate is donating products Lt, which is the artillery the disengaged and intellectual property rights of children. If you practice more successful then the increasingly younger children as artillery, increasingly have more freedom. Freedom is freedom of spirituality. Children not being wrong and bound by any administrative real friendly: anxiety, fear, hatred, envy, the lust of hate ... One slide about infertility, children no longer fear, whether it is death. Sitting on the bed who on his deathbed, the Hemingway and disengaged his help for the deathbed safely return and practice mindfulness until the moment of death. The presence of em cause confidence confident and not fear. That's because they have material loads, where Hemingway and disengaged. I have those students excelled on the internship support person on his deathbed. E.g. Next life. She Next (Joan Halifax) was an American anthropologist of the United States, studies on the civilization of the Indians. She is a member of them chaired interbeing. She has coached many of the guides who on his deathbed. Saints are those who have the ability to donate loads. We must be able to donate countless lt for life, in the field around the most difficult of his life, and when they are on his deathbed. I have made a Similar choice of songs from Films with titles that Ru who on his deathbed, one can read, listen or sing to people on his deathbed, whether that person is in or has.
Disengaged, freedom, which is the most precious treasures of the people, they don't ever lose it. To practice mindfulness and strictly keeping precepts kids protect freedom. The temptation as fame, power, sex and money is just the prey including hooks a blade sharp. Fish prey is the bait it should trust the old retrieved and blade hooks into the throat.
Welfare of children is not due to the excellent reputation, advantage, then confer. Entangled in them, he or she will lose freedom. Welfare of children is further material, disengaged, lt and love. Each day they must develop the inning and factor that in.

This person appears younger, I was able to recognize her from her appearance at children is not. Look, I know they have good seed of the exporting country. And I'm generally interested in understanding human children have sufficient understanding to go off the coast anytime soon. She has been part and I am glad to know you. I do enough of what you can do to facilitate children learn, tu, evaluation of children's upbringing. I'm sorry to see you sad miserable. I'm glad happy upon seeing children happy. I am proud when I saw children being family, help the master build should increase, children and start can create happiness for the people. I worry for foster children, as wishlist was head of the leaf banana trees to nurture the next roll the leaves are located in the heart of banana trees. Children's trust. She is the younger Brother, Bald. is pupil me, to me, is his grandson. Whether children are not born, I also got to see you then. New life world Sa di Sa di ni Shou world instrument, or have the appearance of young children bring em evaluation of Bald. Children followed bald, as Hallows of France, is the essence of girls or boys increased Is, he or she can also carry ideal bodhisattva comes into his life. Talk with you today the mentality is, I see happy relief. I'm not pessimistic, don't worry, because I have faith the children. I'll have the party forever. Hand in my hand, my hand baby in hand Bald, let's go over the future of artillery.

Sometimes you wonder how Buddhism can talk about compassion and love in one breath and does not accept and about all the properties of the disclaimer in the breath. But because you confuse love with the holding. You think if when you love someone, you want to cuddle hold onto as that is the measure of love. But that's not to love, which is just as you love yourself, should want to hold onto. That's not truly loves and wants her lover to be peaceful and happy. This is very important, because you always confused it.
When he was nineteen years old, I was dear to my mother "the contemplated going to India" and said "Oh, was that child. So when do you go? " I don't say, "how you can leave this poor old mother, now you've had enough age to make a living, how can go and neglectful mother?" Which I just said "Right here baby, when are you going?". That doesn't mean I don't love you because I love you. And because his mother is ạn more than brand b itself, so eager all the security for ạn, kh he must b to make his mother happy. Do you understand? Happiness comes with MOM is doing for your delight.
It is love, and that is something that everyone should practice many of the personal relation. To keep people and property like this (your hands outstretched to just keep something very gently in the Palm), not like other (holding hands to keep something very closely). So that when you have them, you should cherish you and glad, if they go, you can let them go. Professor transformation and impermanent nature of all of France.
You see, when we lose something that you love, then the first sticks suffering rather than loss. This is what causes sticks grief. And that is why that the Buddha taught that "the accepted cause of fear and suffering". You are lost, should suffer no longer. The Buddha never said that love caused suffering.
Love is the open heart, much like sunlight. The sun illuminates the natural, non-discrimination, the light for people that do not to others. The Sun just lighting, because the nature of the Sun is bringing warmth. If you go in the House, sealed the door, it's unstable. The sun shining in all directions. As the nature of the heart that you have opened. When the mind is completely open, love will be immeasurable, not conditions. You will love someone, if they do this, but will no longer ask, if you do otherwise as their parents did, when children are not obedient.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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