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Introducing the meaning The Friendly world and Bodhisattva in The

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I. purpose tho world : the purpose of the Buddha instituted precepts to give every disciple at home as well as export to prevent bad evil actions, do every thing to get useful life happily. If you do not understand the meaning of the law, see precepts are binding or loyalty and filial piety during which Shou world then it is messed up. The nature of morality is morality, respect the ethical precept is respected. World's first bar lifestyle, is the cornerstone of the enlightenment freed. Therefore, the first to learn Buddhist precepts to give every action in the lives of us properly according to the Buddha. If you have limited life and behaviour across the back as opposed to moral inadvertently people despised myself, such as doesn't help him escape the suffering in the present and future but also brought many faults unfortunately. This article presents the meaning and content of The Good world and Bodhisattva world under house arrest.

II. Buddhist precepts in the spirit: about Sanskrit is Sila, meaning almond bars, is meant to be reviewed and preventing illegal acts of eco-friendly products. World in world duty called Three La Suggested special Massage also means Herbs… freed (Pratimoksa), precept is to be freed of that world, có 2 types: Office furniture they nickname freed Bar and Mahayana Bodhisattva.

§Office furniture they nickname bar freed about leaning elements themselves, take aim needs to escape misery and freed yourself that precept. Seven of them disciples of the Buddha are the life of this world: Pros She Rules the world's Buddhists, 2-Priority Genetic world is world's best Grandma Buddhists, 3-Sa Di Sa Di raises, 4-, 5-Massage Form Ni Ni world news is an sa di preparation steps up Bhikkhu without pretentious ni world without pretentious raises, Bhikkhu7-Bhikkhu without pretentious Ni world.

§Mahayana bodhisattva world is embracing our failures, such as the aforementioned world consists of Three Rules, Five World Bowl, The Friendly world Bhikkhu and Bhikkhu without pretentious Ni world without pretentious (according to five more great law). The contents of the bodhisattva world based on the biblical "Tribe", "breaking the sagging Local economy," Bodhisattva "," Old Maintenance Engineer geological treatise "," Bodhisattva world ". The Organization was quoted in the literature that links the Bodhisattva's obligations. The basics of bodhisattva is composed of the first world and The Friendly Triangle Convergence. Triple Convergence Net world is:

1.Regency law doubts about: Bodhisattva is made Regent all precepts, including home and family as world: five World Bowl's Son, The Friendly world and Stuff About sex.

2.Photographer-friendly France world: Bodhisattva about took all the things you do.

3.Much useful intelligence world: bodhisattva took aim as a benefit for all beings do not flush away all worlds, beings that salvation beings do aim practice and enlightenment.

III. Tu The Friendly world:

The Buddha School, or in part should understand that the charity is the way tu use in the real world, it's also the sense of legitimacy. In his Journal A diary Function, the Buddha had taught 29: "How is legitimacy? It is not being, not stealing, not deviant, not disappointed, not say double tongue, not words, not the return of the language, not greed, not anger, not biased ". It is meant the friendly world is also the Chief Justice, is the way of achievement World-To-intellectual property.

Due to permanently get rid of suffering in samsara birth scene, escaping hell, demons, animals born ngạ, you should practice the friendly world. Content practice has two steps: and. Just stop every bad action harmful to ourselves and evil beings. It is working, keep the true precepts, to benefit yourself and beings. Ten things: content

1.Non contentious: not all of them students but also the French launch sanh. tu

2.Not theft: Not theft of others but also working to help the impoverished dāna.

3.Not happy, adultery: not happy but also do thanh tịnh Pham.

4.Not expected: Don't lie to people, but also stated lyrics.

5.Twin blades: don't say not bad party, said in the other party defamatory side, conflicts in the thought of which arises a conflict and struggle. Must say harmony of interests.

6.Don't say cruel: don't say cruel or violent lyrics and the humiliation of others but also say the need nhuyến gently-AI language.

7.Non-return of language: Not because of his own rights that says the United States or used to reason rhetoric distort the real.

8.Not: not before sex scenes, bare raised NET piracy Center bar.

9.Do not anger: Does outrage towards angry people that always Sage from the patient.

10.Not comments: shouldn't conservatives agree in advance that always practice works.

Which is the content of the good practices. The importance of the charity world, Buddhists after refuge Jewels should at the friendly world, because the friendly world is the basis of the legal basis upon which lettered Buddhist Bodhisattva About three years were commendable. Bodhisattva of life taken the friendly present to make the Church chemical beings. Buddha had mentioned this: clearly meaning "Xa Loi Waving he should attempt to Hong Yang DAO, opening disciplines listed ma Shou the charity world to break apart the ten real friendly" (Tho The Friendly World). In the Roman army of Three of Bodhisattva, factors that maintain world news is made complete sense of The Friendly world. In Conclusion Of his University Position 46 have taught: "The Buddha, Buddhist infinitely often owned property", i.e. the Buddha in the world at that charity or charity at the Buddhist air in the world are permanently available.

IV. Bodhisattva in part:

Bodhisattva's scope very broad, immensely thought beyond escape all accept the generosity, and estimated rate of life, it belongs to the shipping world. In addition to defeat them disciples out child demon spirit, the Bowl and the beings who understand the meaning of the shaman theory about that Act maintained the DAC. The Bodhisattva world teaches that: "moral beings Shou Army, Dak Dak's birthday tournament world language losses", meaning that the beings in the Green Act just to understand my shaman communicates about Bodhisattva world that maintained world shall be elected at large. Therefore, men and women, young people and all beings except as part of the range seven felony (1-2-Father; mother; 3-body Buddha out blood; 4-Kill-kill A Luohan; 5; 6-break the Venerable Concert Association; 6-Kill Holy nhơn) all can tho bodhisattva. There are two cases of lost world bodhisattva, firstly try homicidal unknown disgrace penitence. The second crime is Bodhi mind, for example discharge said: "I don't believe the Buddha, do not trust the jewels and not Bodhi mind anymore". In "breaking the sagging Bodhisattva Sutra" theory is composed of 10 world and 48 world horizon, for now, at the need to comply. But in fact, depending on the circumstances, that the content in his bodhisatta faculty brief a number of world things to people's life easier to adapt and use. Currently the cultural content in six world Bodhisattva and 28 World horizon (which explain each World article) that was popular in the World Television Forum, we are drawn to life Buddhists read understandable sense each world.

Six world is:

1.From the fuselage to the Buddha himself, in between don't be observation of birth.

2.From the fuselage to the Buddha himself, in between don't is theft.

3.From the fuselage to the Buddha himself, in between don't be adultery.

4.From the fuselage to the Buddha himself, in between don't lie.

5.From the fuselage to the Buddha himself, in between don't is spoken of in the country and exporting countries.

6.From the fuselage to the Buddha himself, in between don't sell wine, cooking wine.

Twenty-eight world contempt as follows:

1.No nasty looks parent, Master Chief, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

2.Tea, wine that is infatuated bodhisattva in offense failed.

3.Intentionally formidable seats don't care the patient line, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

4.Meet the Executive khất, no more is less, to customized mood that Bell, if to Pilgrim khất about no, that's his offense failed bodhisattva.

5.See Bhikkhu without pretentious, Bhikkhu without pretentious ni, elders, religious faith, she ranks, favor BA di ... don't stand up next, which is the enquire nghinh bodhisattva arrest offenders failed.

6.See Bhikkhu without pretentious, Bhikkhu without pretentious ni, she switches her move to destroy it, tho, his mind was born, and said: it is more than the other, the other is not equal to him ... that is Bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

7.In each, there are six days, if not go tho the Bowl's son, not nasty looks Jewels, which are home decor offenders bodhisattva.

8.In about eighty miles, where the sermon without coming to listen to, which is the bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

9.The physical life of head increase as ngọa tools, bed, sit, which is at the guilty failure bodhisattva.

10.Facilities in the country have germs but still arbitrarily used, which is the bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

11.None of you that still alone go into where insurance, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

12.Sleep in the temple alone if she is, ni or Chua premium increase if she wills, that is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

13.Because of wealth, the network that helps people yelled, childish almost down or bystanders ..., which is the bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

14.If you bring food surplus surges, cosy Bhikkhu without pretentious, Bhikkhu without pretentious ni or provide same-sex, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

15.If fed the carnivores such as cats, weasels ..., which is the bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

16.There are animals such as elephants, horses, water buffalo, goats, camels ... otherwise translation for that for people who have limited life expectancy, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

17.If you don't take the medicine Bowl area of shopping trượng ngọa "(" to the room when the need for the production of life seem nasty bodhisattva), which is the bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

18.If the network itself that need to do because breeders, but failed to find water in the field (for irrigation) and old farmland soil (for farming), which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

19.If for raising stem network open malls, weight them goods; There is already agreement price and then selling to pay higher prices; weight fights used to weight them inadequately regulated goods must, if it is not proper to the repair, failure to do so, it's the home decor offenders bodhisattva.

20.If not that, not that that is Bodhisattva action, at the offender failed.

21.If for living that traders brought the price up and down, buying cheap and selling too expensive, fraud, tax evasion, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

22.Contrary to state law, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

23.If there is new rice, fruit, melons and vegetables of the first season, not constitutional, cosy Jewels that lifetime use, which is the bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

24.If we increase the disapproval that still himself, concur in regards to his own opinion, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

25.Along the way that taking predecessors Bhikkhu without pretentious, sa di, which is the bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

26.When cleaning up food in the middle of increase them if for bias master that selection of delectable things for more than the other levels, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

27.If raising silkworms, which is the bodhisattva arrest offenders fall.

28.On the road against the illness without stopping to care, the media, as told the others care, which is the bodhisattva in the offence failed.

Shou Bodhisattva is going the way of nobility, raised free dhāranī, beings submerged floating in the contentious element created immeasurable evil, crime report that discharge of immeasurable life incarnation of salvation. This is the Chief of staff to a Buddhist monastery. Play Bodhi administrative bodhisattva is the largest newspaper in Germany and blessings. Retrieved dhāranī mind mastery, Bodhi mind leads, make ideal Mahayana is the crux of the plot should be carved Buddhist records.

V . Conclusion:

The first world and the friendly triangle convergence is the basic content of the Bodhisattva. Much comment mentioned the importance of the charity world, whether it's the Shepherd's paradise. newspaper Phuoc tu However, even Charming, checkout-see the friendly world of Bodhisattva is French tu experimental design. Comment Great Minds have taught: "The good leader principle photography necessarily world." I.e. the friendly world produced photography all the world. For Buddhists in mind tho maintained The developer friendly and charming personality that is Bodhisattva's rare on his life. While secular lives also bound family, work and social relations, etc. , should also be aware of the life is huyễn JAG, Bodhi mind tho world of Buddha to freed suffering for themselves and others. Since then reap the practical value of France, to sublimation human life. Problem when Buddhists have life world and the important thing is to maintain world net bar, i.e. new DAC's achievements about-To-intellectual property rights and freed and freed tri comments, that is the purpose and meaning of life.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).RESEARCH BUDDHIST DHARMA BY BACH LIEN HOA.VIETNAMESE,CO VANG BA SOC DO SE TUNG BAY VE VIETNAM GAN DAY.BONG HOA LAI SE MOC KHAP NOI TAI VIETNAM VA DAO HOANG SA TRUONG SA.ISLAND BELONG TO VIETNAM,CHINA GET YOUR ROBBERY FACE OUT VIETNAM COUNTRY NOW OK.

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