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At one time it is, an application for Buddhist monks to return to secular, not religious anymore, reason: "The Sun was not present on the origin of the world."

Buddha replied: "Origin of the world is presented or not presented, but I preach the legal purpose of practice guidelines come to completely take away pain."

This is not the case when a one of a kind Buddhist disciple of Buddha challenge course with such problems.

"The world is not permanent or permanent? Finite or infinite ?..." Such questions are raised continually, been thinking, contemplation to find answers, appear in the dawn of human thought. Until now, there are questions without definitive answers. Although we now know quite well, and not necessarily doiu absolute accuracy, where and by which the earth, but the nature of the problem still exists as virgins.

The Buddha's disciples had dared to openly challenge the Buddha with such questions that glass house of religious thought and philosophy has been fueled road the like. The frequency of appearance of the Buddha Dharma of the more urgent to find a proper answer. But it also causes many people - including a number of Buddhist disciples the Buddha - frustrated. Many explanations and many different conclusions, often extremely contradictory, about "The Silence" brings much of this mystery of the Buddha.

Indeed, affordable Buddha " completely silent, "faithful not provide any answer that?

Legend has it that Law Xa-profit organ-instant fine "dust, clean, dirty, have a legal" right after hearing two verses of the A-market theory, a bhikkhu in the Buddha's first teaching Legal deer in the garden:

These solutions appear because of the cause,
As Lai said the cause of such measures.
And he also talks about the cessation of their loss. It is the preacher of the Great Satan subjects .

Verse promises to provide adequate answers about the cause of what exists here. But with reports that will provide? In the case of Xa-profit-waving, and almost in every case for the Buddhist disciples, the people found themselves answering questions. As one of France's Buddha nature is "Come see for yourself."

Each individual has a question and answer its own. Every era has its own problem and solve it. So, before the Spirit that raised the religious response to the Count about the origin of the world, Nagarjuna answered unequivocally: " It is not the property of appearing anywhere and anytime. " If all that does not exist, or not true, then the original question about starting or end becomes meaningless.

But Man Wins the question another way. And so, the theory appears as hybrid organs.

As the rose is what?

Several reasons explain the Chinese language to understand the word "organ" here as well as in the word "visceral way." Then, "As hybrid organs" here means "treasure unto me." Great Cat Tibetan monk Tripitaka also quoted Chan as Empire that rose "also said that as future pregnancies." Ambassadors are not anything special commentary for the significance of this new service from Seoul.

If you want to find the origin was subtle, hidden secret of this term, we can find pretty much typical of classical A-function (Han organs), or Pali.

China A-levels

, Trade number 105 "Yellow Lot member" copy form of dialogue between the Buddha and a she-is-subject 120-year-old named Stand-lan-elegant.

Ba-la-subject said:

"Sa-Cu-subject conversation is not reincarnation."

Buddha replied:

"We do not have to enter the event thai, but not like he said. If Sa-subject, any subject-Ba-la, ready for future pregnancies comprehensive awareness, its extinction, its speed root , not to return for recycling; I tell him not enter the fetus. Tathagata screening for future pregnancies have received comprehensive, absolutely destroy it, root it's speed, not to return for recycling. It's called As for future events do not enter pregnancy. "

Then followed Buddhist teachings:

"Woman-as-subject, for these beings, comes from ignorance, like ignorance and ignorance covering, was wrapped in an eggshell of ignorance; I am the first to see France. So, for I am the dark beings that respect, the most. As a student 10 or 12 hens eggs. It is often thought to remember and always covered, usually incubated for a warm, often preserved. A time follows, assuming hens were ignored, and the chicks that have used mines, or nails, broken eggs which surgery himself a peaceful escape. The chicken is the most ... "

No texts in Theravada treasure about increased significantly as more than that, and obviously so. Accordingly, the model says that, as the future Buddha nature is available in every being. Purity of hybrid vesicles that are wrapped in an eggshell of ignorance; that's what the commentators say the theory is increased as the dieam "As hybrids at the" News Tathagata being wrapped tightly. Photography Mahayana Comments like lists 10 cases achieved the fullness of the Bodhisattva entered the Profile field, in which case the tenth is said "It will get out of rotten eggs ; "means the yolk receptor Bodhi mind just go through this wealth of life develop into chicks, egg waiting to get out, and no wolf status of rotten eggs or eggs flipped again. Of course, another way of saying though, but not other content.

Moreover, such "eggshell of ignorance" is an image easy to understand and quite adequate for the nature and location of your head of ignorance. In dark scenes like that, how to distinguish east or west can say "Where is the beginnings? What end?" Truth be aware of in the shadow of "eggshell of ignorance" so the illusion of delusion distinguishes it is infinite but in fact it is called "limited" relative to the vision to vastly when the chicks get out of the egg, now known as "infinite Holy Empire."

In short, the story of Huang lot of thought as members demonstrate increased is not a doctrine of the Mahayana by later additions to the.

In the classic Great promise is said to be the future of ideology as organ, the organ was in Seoul, the earliest version is probably the future of local advertising as Tripitaka , the Buddhist-momentum-momentum-la-promotion. Until the Tang Dynasty, No No translation, the same name.

Business begins with extraordinary events. After lunch, the Buddha made from the great long-Fry Forum visceral memories pop out thousands of lotus flowers, covering the whole of nowhere. Each lotus is a Tathagata sat the elderly. Suddenly, all this searing shower, color is extremely ugly, very smelly odor. But the Tathagata on the optical zoom is the lotus, the national market level; all in all are magnificent.

Buddha explained:

"As Lai light of the Buddha's wisdom seen in the desire, hatred, ignorance, taking first, ignorance, suffering of all beings, male death in the charity, more people are getting good sunk by afflictions, in thai organs, all come with the constant concern thousand buddhas ten thousand memories, as we all come. In the eyes of the mind which contemplate the Tathagata, he has the Dharma itself, sits the old , chairman of real nature ... "

Next, set up a series of eight business examples to explain the meaning of an important concept in theory be increased as "Thus Come in fare."

No previous version of the Real, the Portuguese-born Nguyen Wei-save-spend problem appears translation Buddhist economic theory of real increase any reduction. Business begins with questions of Xa-profit-waving on the increase or decrease the number of beings in the samsara. Buddha explained, in Best's legal, no increase or decrease. From the law's most significant, the same concept is introduced: "The most profound meaning to imperialism, they are the life-world ... ... As is increased, ... is France itself."

In particular, our inner life-world of three concepts.

1. French self-purification and corresponds with the fact of the Thus Come organs. This rose is just as pure self-interest. The starting point of economic news or primordial, only infinite past.

2. France is not wrapped tightly in pure negativity, and self can not correspond with the fact of the Thus Come organs. This mode is only expected, ie as increased ceiling surrounded by guests without disturbing yet contaminated.

3. France eternal future economic equality throughout the Thus Come organs. This is just as likely escape of hybrid organs. Over to the infinite future, until it became Buddha, Tathagata is eternal organs.

Finally, not to mention the economic importance of this ideology, though behind Man Wins on impact. It is a Buddhist economic theory Supreme y , the translation of Chan Han Empire. Formally, this business longer than Man Wins a bit, but does not cover issues such as Victory Man .

As to trade shows, the trend of business is to establish a permanent clinic immutable, as the true refuge for beings. This point of Wins Man is mentioned under the name "First y;" the will said, in three Buddhist refuge, the refuge is a true refuge Refuge to Buddha here is permanent refuge in the Buddha's Dharma body. France was also the body organ as hybrids.

Supreme health

opens with a comparison of merit of alms and another church-1oi amnesty. This all meant ngia point its history. But here we have not considered. It should be noted that from the world of the words "our life-world" or "legal gender," "unreal world" etc., in addition to regular gaip sense, also means "tower of Lord Buddha-worship centers" or just for amnesty-interest or remains of the Buddha. It is in this sense, "As future world" both mean function, vuoa vuoa metaphysics is key.

In reality, remains as a future world of Buddhism is the basis for our life of worship, religious blessings. In the metaphysical sense, as is France's future permanent body, and that is the Supreme y. Here, not only medical and shelter as a safe island beings tired, scared. It also maintains the principle of life and all phenomena. In other words, as the clinic's future for all our life-world. They rose as the life-world is being wrapped in skin afflictions.

Economic focus of the meaning and order of the Bo-topic. In this, there are three words that are understood as almost synonymous: Bo-topic, as the rose, and moved y. Y Transfer is also a keyword in the realist ideology. It is the result of the transformation process from a position of pure pollution. Like the bright pearl achieved through the stages of cleaning, honed.

Bodhi has four characteristics: 1. As conditions for the arising, giving rise to the continuity of the Thus Come throughout endless time. 2. As conditions for the cessation of all suffering end basis. 3. As a result of the voters were thinking habits; ie objects of intellectual perception is that as the legal vacuum. 4.La world order of law is extremely pure.

Contact rose as France itself. There are four virtues of Dharmakaya: usually three perfections, lost three perfections, fork-la-bile, essential ba-la-confidential. This is also mentioned in the Victory man .

In addition, the economic merits or introduction of super qualities of the Vietnamese Buddhist common in Mahayana sutras as ten power, very very afraid four position, four multitude of Captain ...

Simultaneously with the translation of this business, the Tripitaka was translated Brackets translation of a work in other offices of The Body. Because the issues presented in this work is the completeness of a system of thought so we'll also mention in the next section of this chapter.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention two other works of Kien Tuea. In which The ends most subscribed review the important almost on a par with Buddha nature review . Main trend of this work, like the comments Buddha-nature , Buddha nature is explained as hybrid organs. Because of the way the system works, we will also mention in the next section. Monday is a work of Mahayana's wealth gap law review , 12 which explains the meaning of bodhicitta which leads business mainly in the Victory man .

i. Etymology

Do identify the reasons different from Buddha to the review referred to the three meanings of "organ."

1. Tibet News of photography, is what is holding, is maintained. To be specific, that is the yolk in the egg, the embryo in the womb, is the kernel, the seed to occur later as hybrids. In this sense, all beings are as hybrid organs, the embryo as a fetus's future. But, as the capital of the pure hybrid. To the contamination was that the embryo can develop into later Tathagata Buddha, the couple must first decide infection and conflicts opposing net. We are born infected computer. As a hybrid the net. Pair this conflict can not be solved by logic. Later, Lang-part concept proposed transfer ø y; and Duy built form y transition is complete. But Man Wins also lay the foundation for the transfer was by No y. Thang man said: "As the rose is Tri's position as the No future." In short as the Bat-family, "minister of the law was not capital, not to kill, and not dirty, not clean, and no increase, not decrease."

As both sides recognize the relationship net-like infection, the "As" in word Tathagata Truth is understood as such or as such, recognizing such objects as such. The "hybrid" that is, to, go to the place , or achieve goals . Then, "As hybrid organs" here means "the developing embryo to become so, as As."

Thus, in terms of meaning "news organ of photography", all sentient beings is what the Lord cast therein the wisdom of the Tathagata. In this sense, the Buddha nature review mentioned three types of "organ." One, the very firm warning from exposure, the highest realm, because outside the realm as such, does not exist any other realm. Two, the very company the exposure, for the ultimate, because outside this place that does not place higher. Third, the output, company exposure, the results of the ultimate, because it effects all beings photography museum. Specifically, as living beings is increased, the three types of "organ" that conduct is three stages in the transition of As y increased, from pollution to become pure. The three stages that is, living beings, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas.

News 2.Tang hidden wealth

, Which means covering or concealing. Said to be concealed, because existence is permanent in the sense that "never visit and never left," but ordinary bit is absolutely no impression on her presence. II surplus goods are not aware, nor is there information. Every Department slapped, depending on the level of private practitioners more or less information. So every place upstream Bodhisattva is completely new information. Of course not believe that. So listen to the Buddha said, and by the observation of his, so believe.

But, here it comes, "ie hidden organs rich" means "hidden;" So true, it is "the hidden" or "concealed"? It is the "embryo" or "embryo"? Buddhahood review said, the Thus Come hide itself is not to say that "organs." This is what Man Wins called "Not true meaning hidden wealth." No means No news. No news as the future. As well as a hybrid word that can be used to indicate the essence of existence. Because the Thus Come One is synonymous with legs like ; also means that any law student ; synonymous with cessation methods , with absolutely no solutions arise . In a sense this connection, the "like" in terms of perception is "not true crazy." In terms of self, "as" the permanent existence of money constant. To sum ​​up that says, "As the rose" rational here is dependent origination, is not calculated, from which the laws of the legal existence and be aware, depending on the level of awareness. As a reason, so always hidden. And so is the existence of permanent should it exist.

In short, as the permanent future is pre-existing right, in all existence, but as it was the film hybrid affliction beings should not obscure that.

3.Tang news photography features

. The meaning of this status effect, or Supreme Bodhi or Buddha. That is what Victory Man said: "As capital increased foreign minister leaves not compounded. As permanent capital rose, no damage. So, as a hybrid organ is maintained, which is set up." In this sense, in terms of etymology, the word "organ" in Sanskrit literally means "womb." So then, of the Tathagata, World-Honored Buddhas are guardians of this world who, conceived in the age of limitless compassion all the qualities of his super-Vietnamese, not just the super qualities Vietnam As the future, but of all sentient beings. When sentient beings realize the Tathagata, Buddha-nature or Dharmakaya Buddha permanent place of their natures, beings at that time was called "daughter" of the Buddha. Because every person in the heart of the Buddha.

ii. Inner

Man Wins Lady said:

"Bach revered, as are France's future visceral organs, the French body organs, is often visceral Export world, Nature is pure guts."

It is said that Man Wins France's organ, the review Buddhist Dharma said organ, and This treatise explains: " People , that is the meaning of the organ . Because all the saints, and all Dharma, the four foundations of mindfulness , etc ..., are taken here as the realm, making it what is the unborn child; was born, then they are fully developed. " Cat Tibetan Assembly giuoa two use different terms, based on vuoa guide explains: " About the only organ in France's realm . " In fact, the Buddha nature review said "organ" also means "human," then in that it also involves the notion of "world" then. France's future is as visceral organs, because that's where all conceived as hybrids, and for the future as the chief source of all law, of all Three redundant. All produce from France world, and also exist in it. But if the "organ" is taken from the original "question-amnesty," the French have sex organs ngia as "France's treasure." Thus, as France's future as visceral organs, as is the repository of all kinds of solutions, all components and seed of all the measures. Furthermore, the word "question-amnesty" also means "cocoon" (of silkworms), or "sterile." So, as France's future as visceral organs, as is France's self-enclosed world are suffering in the crust.

As the French rose about celiac, Buddhahood review said " organ that is here to go to places . " Relatives in France Wins Man with four perceived virtues or four three-and-eye, optimistic, self and pure. As hybrids, or Dharmakaya, is a refuge, a place of permanent refuge in all the world. But only the Saints, the A-la-drought, Bich-chi-Buddha and Bodhisattva Great new resources and ability to understand themselves and the essence of France itself, so that enthusiasm and fervent religious belief France set themselves to achieve it. So, as hybrid organs, or "As future pregnancies," the clearance of all Saints, the site upstream of the Bodhisattva.

Export the organ of meaning, the review Buddhist saying: "Tibet here means true . " Luan explained. The world has three weaknesses. Firstly, in terms of value, it can be done to take away. That can kill the truth about the world, and also the world the truth about the killing lead. In other words, for the only significant value for patients. With a sick body had no concept of value. Also, as hybrid organs unrelated to any notion of any value, so is said to be "organs of the world generally." Because his organs and can only be understood by three University of St. three redundant, so add the word "normally" to distinguish. Monday, the world that is not stable. Tuesday, island reviews, news contradictory perceptions; with what is very often perceived as permanent; what size it is perceived as optimistic.

Finally, as future organ that is pure visceral Nature. Man Wins Lady said:

"White Bhagavan, but sorrow, have been suffering mental defilements. To calculate the pure heart that is contaminated, it is difficult to comprehend."

In that sense, organ here is understood as confidential .

i. The term theory

Psychology review the development trends of Buddhism course. In three subjects, the study subjects located in transit. It has the elements to maintain life and personal morality is the major factor for the development of cognition. It is a method of helping individuals to live peacefully. Thus, the majority of Buddhist classics are concentrated around the theme of meditation. Analysis of meditation, is to analyze the psychological state changes in the meditation period. Department of Psychology Buddhist texts do not get data from social statistics from the records or peace. All cognitive psychological review completed all male Buddhist meditation on the subjective experience of every individual .. So, say the Buddhist theory of mind, a place easy to understand, but also hard to understand. Depending on the difficulty.

The development of thought Wins Man carrying imprints special period of history, so not quite as developed primarily based on the theoretical study center. In Man Wins , social factors and beliefs ahead of psychological and philosophical. But not a Buddhist school of thought when it became a complete system lacks the basis of reasoning. Because, in terms of practical applications, each system of thought of Buddhism has its own methods of treatment for mental illness. Wins Man is not outside his practice. Therefore, a review of psychological Wins Man also reflects many factors mysticism and metaphysics.

Increased primarily as a mystical concept of religious belief. Buddha explicitly rejected a divine presence has absolute power in the universe. The commentator of excess are both actively rejected. But popular belief is not rejected. Popular masses to the presence of a Supreme Beings to protect, to adjudicate fairly. Most importantly, he is an endless source of fertility for the prosperity of the world, but first is the physical world. Because the Buddha is pointing to the mass Religion Buddhist, so he himself is an endless source of his birth. We know that the commentator has employed Mahayana sense of the word "pregnant" in "As future pregnancy" a little aggressive. If possible, avoid him find another word, such as "stealth" or "organ." But the Tantric Buddhism has reserved words, and develop a complete basis of belief based on inner notion of the word. It is "Thai sex organs." Han has translated "thai" and just "harvesting" to try to catch all the hidden meaning of that term.

ii. Subjects psychological

In Wins Man , not to mention one or more distinct entity recognition. Economic regeneration mentioned, the continuum of life and death, but did not illustrate the subject in the sense that life and death. Subjects empirical psychology will become increasingly difficult to find more.

Indeed, because of loyalty to the teachings of selflessness, trends in Buddhist thought generally try to avoid referring to a subject such as psychology masters of the action. Therefore, if understood as an entity distinct way home we and others have, the subject was also very difficult to find in most Buddhist sects. But do not acknowledge the existence of a subject's way, but a pressing question of all time need a definitive answer: the Buddha has no ego, so what is reincarnation?

Man Wins

said: "As future Samsara rely on organs." The meaning is explained later and was developed by Lang-old : "As the activity increased as of good and evil, is what sets the orientation of all living kinds." It was confirmed to act. But not often experience psychological subject. Lang family ø warned not to contact the operation of hybrid organs such as the existence of a self as an author, that the pagan philosophers were more likely oriented work. Great Wisdom Bodhisattva asked the Buddha:

"Bach revered, in many passages to be revered as hybrid organs described as brilliant by nature, a pure hybrid, pure permanent, full 32 better generals, often exist in the body of living beings. As particles ovum invaluable wrapped in cloth was dirty; (As is up) but was wrapped tight shirt aggregate gender origin, were grimy dirt by greed, hatred, ignorance, broken expectations distinguish things, Blessed are still described as permanent, eternal, President static, unchanging. Is it as hybrid theory of the revered organ disagree with the theory of foreign direct self? White Bhagavan, foreign direct and self advocates, that the Self is the author, usually monthly, in turn, are not dependent components. "

Buddha replied:

"... The Tathagata after preaching as increased by the computer mouse that does not, in fact, Nirvana, from birth, formless, invisible prayer; for the purpose of making ordinary people who give up so stupid horrors of self, the Thus Come One, A-la-han, chief equity hybrid sensory organs as the preacher as lavo discrimination, numerous statues. "

Selflessness, the idea of ​​"do not exist," causing fear that metaphysics, creating haunting horror of nothingness. Buddhist teachings as living beings rose to control her fear. On this point, Lady Wins Man says:

"White Bhagavan, Tathagata organ is not falling, not sentient beings, not the soul, not the owner can have his throne.

"White Bhagavan, Tathagata organ is not the realm of sentient beings into itself ants, crazy beings, beings that accept no disturbances."

To be able to observe the subject assumes that the routine tests, and to avoid confusion with the idea of a permanent self, Lang-old proposed changes as increased by A-to-skin formula, and as Therefore, it can more easily explain the nature and operation of the empirical cognition. Lang-family ø "If A-to-skin formula, as indicated by from visceral hybrid, which does not work action, the seven moved away form. "

The idea of seven transfer operation on the surface of the organ as well as hybrids have been mentioned briefly in a Man ​​Wins . It is the economic factor that says "six measures of mental and intellectual; seven family law does not reside in each moment."

Transfer is the subject of empirical psychological work on the ocean waves which is the A-to-skin formula.

Because not increased as the object of empirical knowledge, so that operation of the seven factors of birth and death of silk in each consecutive moments form the image of a fast flowing river. Image, in the process of perception, is the subject of life and cognition.

iii. Activities of the mind

Once you've transferred as rose, as a metaphysical principle which is the creative essence of all existence, the image of a common psychological test subjects, with a new name: A-to-da, tradition Duc mode or, in general the idealistic tradition of Buddhism, has allowed the establishment of a very complete psychology, not only to explain the meaning of existence of living beings, but also can describe psychological impulses routine, the joy and suffering, etc. But these are the concrete problems of realism later on. Here, in Victory Man , do not appear explicitly the idea of an A-to-skin formula replaces As hybrid organs. Therefore, to understand the operation of the mind, can not be taken as basis for future harvesting. Still, the notion of faithfulness is increased as is the idea of a mind can be permanent, pure, while the empirical mind works completely motivated and governed by the forces of ignorance and craving. It was a big accident. The Buddha has noted that in Wins Man : "There are two difficult legal insight. It's pure self-interest, and interest was contaminated."

The existence of a law so clearly can not be realized easily. However, the psychological factors, even when they function as subjects of perception, nor can be a simple awareness. The existence of these can be intuitively aware, that what Lang-in ø say the amount of self-interest. But self-awareness by drawing attention to the amount that the image of each subject to determine the awareness, the result is impossible. Therefore, mental activity is often misunderstood. Misunderstanding that leads to two consequences, forming two conflicting opinions exist about the essence of the self and the world. It is often the views and opinions. Both extreme views are referred to as record reviews. Wins Man says:

'Minutes comments, are ordinary for the five aggregates which show a fall, delusions attachments, born two Approval; is called boundary reviews; ie regular reviews and the reviews. Found that the issue is impermanent; he is not the political opinions. Nirvana is seen that often; it is usually not political opinions. "

Both extreme views are not out of mind as active as the waves of the river flowing. It's called the continuum. There are two lines in continuous operation as exists in two different lines, but in practice only a single line. First, Wins Man called the continuum of the property or part of the property. This continuum runs continuously through all the different life under different orientations regeneration. It is the only life to be aware that the subject exists in a certain period, say in linear time. The starting point is the operation of the first moments of life expectancy, while living vuoa sown seeds. That initial formation of the cognitive and sexual life now. As of this sink to the continuum part of the property back to the state of the river is not wavy, it is terminating its operations, known as death. If only conceivable activity of this organic continuum limit in a time like this, there is no concept of past lives and future lives., Death is the end. That cessation review.

But death? Wins Man says death is the perception of the powers of the powers sink and no continuation of consciousness arises. This mean that direct the actions of the mind. Characteristics of the active form, ie the power of perception, always oriented to an object outside it, or is assumed to be outside it. Arise and the principles of operation is required the presence of the factor of grace, ie of the corresponding object that can stand up to vin. Factors that are external. They exist in relationship to knowledge, but not governed by official action or thing. That is, knowledge can not create them at will imagine themselves in freely. The relationship between knowledge and its objects have been created from past activities. This relationship exists as a genetic practices of the past, called the gas training . Hay said the Victory Man , is the head field, "land is broke mummy." The head of this address is the driving force, is the psychological impulse, stimulating activities of the mind in the present, while the activity was also more dense, "a strong smell more" land was rushed chilled. And so they formed a new direction for regeneration ..

Out of this wave to surf the other, the continuity property of continuous change, with constant stirring action. Run up and sank. Start up again. The vector-life was continually rotated numerous cycles, forming the illusion of a meandering stream in continuous sine wave form with two negative-positive phase, life-death, after another until infinity on linear time axis.

Man Wins Lady said:

"White Bhagavan, birth and death, this is as two hybrid organs. Because language of the world theory should tell students that there is death. Death is the base (old) destroyed. Sinh was based start-up. Rather than As to that there s inh is increased death. "

It is the ants, the wrong perception about the existence of the continuum property.

Monday is the regular reviews, the misperceptions about the existence of a continuum of consciousness. Wins Man said: "For the continuum of care that stupid dark, not clear, do not know the realm of consciousness have been interrupted in moments, should initiate regular reviews. For Approval by such delusions. "

The formation of regular guy views of the self and the world also affect a general rule of activity of the mind. All activities of the mind are directed to a self serving. Self that can exist or not exist after death. But at the moment if the ego does not exist, there is no activity of mind. Of course, when talking about life, the idea of ​​necessary and sufficient first is the notion of a subject's life. When it comes to perception, too. The subject was the self. That self can be aware of the routine testing of the mind. It can also be perceived by the metaphysical thinking, and this often leads to disputes thought about the meaning of its existence. However, the self is perceived as the subject of routine testing is undeniable. It's called the ego, can only be of effect unless the A-la-drought.

Continuous flow of mind, born and perish in every moments without interruption, is the sense that empirical knowledge is not captured. Empirical consciousness vibrate with the resonant frequency of the external world exists, or specific existence of the world as a nutrient source or primary energy source for its existence and operation frequency was usually recorded Back on the mind with the mark of the slow cycle, lasting. Long and slow enough for the machine consciousness fulfillment process captured images. Speaking in the classical language of business: from the first moments of communication with the base, context and form, called a contact three harmonious, triggered by sensory activity. From feelings, triggered to collect the statues. From this reception, to form the psychological impulses, and the last moments of consciousness as the current subject knowledge will decide what to do after completing the processing of captured objects. That is the order of these five activities. In the empirical knowledge, such a process is assumed to occur at least five moments. Every moments a very short time, just big enough to destroy biological and unbroken. In that process, this mode of birth and perish immediately, as conditions for continuation of the next. The course work if the mind does not exist such an entity exists throughout from start to finish, the process can not occur fully. The subject was the author, and also a fake life, is the process of creation and also the owners to enjoy the results of the process. Since then, the notion of an empirical ego. The process is repeated several times, the ego becomes more significant. But until the major expansion when the time axis, it becomes immortal soul eternal; then known views on the eternal existence that is often reviews.

Section comments or opinions are generally two attitudes, two different views, from two different locations, for the continuum of being and of mind. In other words, regular events and the comments are misleading insights driven by fear of death.

Fear, which is the main impulse of the mind works. Wins Man says, "and we have three extra fear that refuge unto me, praying for glass production, practice, instruction Supreme supreme Buddha."

For ordinary fiber attachment fear reflects the direction and preserve what is impermanent events in the continuum of life and death is always the threat of stealing. For all the Great Sage, the A-la-drought, Bich-chi-Buddhas and Great Bodhisattvas force, fear still haunts, because life and death from the epidemic has not been any escape.

From fear, mental deployed to suppress activities and to enjoy the pleasures of the idea of ​​peace was brought from there.

But Wins Man does not implement this activity into a complete mental reasoning as realistic tone later. The simplest system of Wins Man consists of five elements, known as field offices or staff .

Wins Man says:

"There are two kinds of sorrow ... sorrow office address and start suffering. Head site has four ... ants suffering most geographical origin of universe, charity head office location, excellent location and friendly charity charity head office location. Four local universe was born all the negativity starts. Run is the appropriate moments-moments ... beginningless Ignorance head address does not correspond to the heart. "

In particular, starting only factor disturbing the current operation of the mind. They are the seeds are sown on the ground was broke chilled, or fertilizers. Once germinated, they work to find ways to meet the aspirations of the formula. When the current work force duut, they fall prey to the potential recovery, as pre-conditions for future similar activities. Studies like that, the land of the mind more and more smelly mummy was stormed.

Geographical origin of the universe most ants gather all elements operate under the direction of knowledge. Like an assistant doctors if symptoms identifying the patient and misdiagnosed the causes of disease, treatment usually is threatened now more dangerous for human biinh. But the seed came from the land of ignorance, so our perceptions of reality are born wrong, so the result is always painful. Once we see the real, recommendation , elements of this element is destroyed simultaneously. Because we have around us numerous confounding cognitive factors, so the most disturbing comments of local origin of the head as much endless.

Based local charity, is the land for sexual desire in which the seeds have germinated in the direction of active search for nutrients or energy to satisfy the emotional material. Local identity is a land based charity for the development of the pleasure brought by meditation. Or invisible friends who love, are Vietnamese aspirations exist super-physical world.

Ignorance is the head address innermost layer beneath the ends, that the thickness of the upper layers depends on it. Only ignorance remains a mysterious concept. Because, as Victory Man says, only A-la-drought, Bich-chi-continental Great Buddha and Bodhisattvas are experiencing new activities around continental only. However, it should be recognized, because if not, when the A-la-Saint drought, Bich-chi-Buddha, the Great Bodhisattva force annihilating all the negativity local offices, the most he right to enter Nirvana, so do not exist any more land.

The local office, is the land of the mind is broke mummy. But apart from the land that Mind can not have pockets any other mind. When love, called knowledge. When the treatment, called location. Land rehabilitation center if possible, be careful to fertilize, to produce something good fruit, non-toxic. Go love to treatment, transfer of the location, which is meticulously practiced medicine for transforming the very detailed interpretation of Duy mode later on.

iv. Conclusion

Until now, throughout all the chapters have been presented, we look at ideas Wins Man as a business philosophy of the bodhisattva. Then here too, we have looked thought of as hybrid organ Man Wins in contact there, treat it as the basis of his philosophy of action.

Speaking briefly, the philosophy of action Man Wins starting with the natural look of motherhood of the Bodhisattva. The process of cultivation of the Bodhisattva is the process of raising large clearance, the expansion of his mind to the vast endless embrace the whole world on the inside. Therefore, if understanding is as hybrid organs, as experience is increased, as can be seen at primary limitation of all life, thorough understanding of all the birth and destruction of the world.

ø The Holy Empire immeasurable experience is the eradication of ignorance comprehensive local offices, smashing the egg shells to hide ourselves and the world, and thus comprehend the root cause of all the world. As root was increased. As a source of increased life of all the teachings of the three surplus consists of two levels of four difference in perception of the Holy Empire, so, in that order from them, first introduced his wife Man Wins Four Noble Truths Property work with their limitations in the sense of defilement of the office location, followed by introducing four uncreated Holy Empire, and thus introduced as hybrid organs.

Man Wins Lady said:

"Holy Empire, it is said that deep, subtle, difficult to know; not the realm of food. It's wise of knowledge; is what all the world can not believe. Why? It is said As the depths of hybrid organs. As is increased as the realm of the future; is not something that all documents Thanh, Duyen can sense that. In the scene where the rose that said as meaning the Holy Empire. Scene of As deep rose, so the Holy Emperor and deep, subtle, difficult to know, not the realm of food ... "

Thus, the organs are known as hybrids, are introduced from the actual experience from the implementation of the practical aspects of its work to become the philosophical basis of action of the bodhisattva in man Victory .END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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