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Tape all the rich experience of life, with complete understanding of how material is brought to life, and always with a heart quiver suffering of sentient beings, with all our heart nghem components that, until the Bodhisattva directly realized in France that exists unchanging body of the Thus Come; France itself is perceived along with four Vietnamese qualities are usually three super-secret-la, ba-la-confidential communication , fork-and-honey, pure three perfections; the bodhisattva at that time also confirm that I am the true son of the Thus Come One, as his successor as future career.

Since, then return to the empirical knowledge of the worship life, bodhisattvas, and determined that happiness is essentially free of As is increased. Here the reference to nature as increased purity. To put it simply the mind of every being a source of immense happiness for its own life. Happiness is not the experience acquired through the pursuit of enjoyment from the outside world. The ends of most redundant, or noble purpose and perhaps the last of all life, is the peace, is absolutely true happiness, the happiness was already self-interest.

Thus, Japan's philosophy and as hybrid organs Wins Man has established a specific situation stems from the vulgar mind, from the heart problems even more implications. But also from its implications, from the constraints of sex life which casts Holy thai are sown, nurtured, cared for very carefully, with respect and love very thuont.

The process raised the Bodhisattva St. thai stretches over time and the rotation frequency bass waves of life and death, and that Scripture is pregnant from the center of every being, the rescue capsule upright in the mind of every being, pure self-interest which is not polluted. By the nature of the mind as such, the pollution or contamination of it is beyond the ability of intellectual reasoning. It can only be experienced by true love, in the heart of the mother's tolerance. Love is associated with trust. People can practice the bodhisattva Wins Man is out of fervent faith and strong. Faith oscillation is also not deep love. Where the roots of the purple solid center, where it is known to have the effect of love.

Root believers increasingly strong; love radiating increasingly wide shade. From a narrow mind, from the empirical mind chasing illusory image of reality, gradually sublimated, is metabolized. Nature of self-transformation, change y to distinguish intellectual wealth, love from the vibration selfish, narrow-minded self-interest, are also transformed to become great compassion broad interest, such as the heart's tolerance gentle hug her all the young cubs into the wild heart.

Man Wins personality, or the determination of people tend to like to practice the bodhisattva perfect Man Wins like that are found in both the final chapter of Business "chapter xiv. The real As the future, "and" chapter xv. Victory Lady Lion Man down. " Lion is like a miscarriage with her ​​mother in the middle of deer; grew up be-be with a bewildered deer. But the discovery of his true race, lion starts roaring voices, as frightened deer. Since then, the lion is no longer vague feeling as cool, but then not cfon beside her; no longer vague feeling helpless as a lost deer filings close but yet unknown.

Chapter xiv is confirmation of the Buddha based on credit as the main engine of the bodhisattva. In Chapter xv Man Wins Lady deployment that sense. Lady said: "Or good men or good women who can not themselves be penetrated, but The religious admiration, thought to himself, this is not my realm, only to realize the Buddha. This is called the good men or good women Soils grave unto me. "

In other words, the realm of the Buddha's sublime excess capital, absolutely, beyond the human intellect, but by the fervent belief may be shifting in that faith enters bodhisattva. Lack of love and faith all things on earth nghiepi though very small is difficult beyond their capability, but with a vast love, with a solid faith, all nothing is difficult both difficult and hard.

This meaning is developed in part to the fact of the business. After Buddha disappeared from nowhere. Man wins wife back into the palace, with love that feeling of being her husband is the king Friendship Match, and also by the love that touched the people within its territory, even the new kids on Saturday as well can practice bodhisattva.

World never love her absence. But Mother Wins Man never appears in real life between the wild are now lost in the desert of life and death of this hot?END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ). 

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