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"By wisdom and love, the world is perceived as United spotted the middle of nowhere, beyond birth and ruin nature beyond existing conceptions, and are not available." This is the basic theme of Speciosa-old, and is also the basis of Mahayana philosophy of action. Wisdom and love, there is also the thread throughout the whole Wins manideology. The point of won the man outstanding as compared with the early trading division of Mahayana is deployed elements of love. In all kinhù, l5 chapter of the relationship between love and wisdom to be deployed as follows:

• First Four chapters, including chapter i. "as true that the future of Germany," ch. ii. "Ten great tho," ch.iii. "Đạïi," and ch. iv. "Nie tho District of France," in which love is developed through four stages in the process of Bo-slaps, that is, world, prayer and Action.

• Chapter v. "superfluous," objects or goals towards love. It is the peak of love, of which, both love and wisdom hợïp into a single overall, is the most superfluous: A unique path to go to tuyệät for happiness for himself and for all.

Eight of the next chapters, including "Holy Roman Empire, boundless" ch.vii. "As a hybrid," ch. viii. "France," ch. ix. "No hidden rich true," ch. x. "Best," ch. xi. "Y," ch. Xii. "Crazy island of sincerity," ch.xii. "Tíùnh NET bar," contents of love. Content that is intellectual, is the ability to perceive fully transparent nature of life and the dynamics of it. View on life is just a manifestation of attitude or lifestyle love, derived from the deep aspiration of the people behind closed doors. Truth can only be achieved by love of intellectual content, rather than purely by wisdom.

The two remaining chapters, ch.xiv. "As lai CHAN," and ch. xv. "Winning Man" stating the way into the ocean of wisdom, or the ocean of self consciousness. The path that is faith, trust or credibility, put all of himself into a single title, relying on a safety island.

So, terminated by action of the bodhisattva practices with overcapacity, world, prayer and Action.

Here, in chapter I, on the trust 's, winning Man Lady himself talking up products As transcendence of the future.

The context for my beliefs because hatch Wins Man lady was, according to the introduction of the business, is the encouragement of King Mar---anonymously and Queen Dresses Sarira.

As someone who is playing with the water life immense, suddenly seeing signs of the island refuge safe, Winning Man Lady incredibly excited. Joy's been expressed directly in the shelf of this chapter.

Persian---anonymously and Queen Dresses Sarira is a two-ton destroyer, is the image of the beloved Lady Man Wins in emotional limits. The introduction of the two is the incitement first secular love within. With love, she was directed to an immense love, nobility and absolute. The main point of this shows us clearly starting Bo-slapped Wins Man 's is completely derived from the most intimate feelings and although stabilise. Love is getting data storm to sink deep into the ocean of human tears, but at the same time love the sweet taste is also raised Holy conceive of Portugal-slapped. In the sense that love is identical to Vairocana, the fetus goddesses to growth the transcendence of Vairocana, of the enlightenment and salvation. It includes roasted double-sided, and pollution.

Glimpse of the eye of meat can never beyond the limitations of space. But the view of eye love never known limitations. Love having the ability to perform miracles, the unseen variables turns out beyond estimates and understanding a spirit wither. How one can hear the Lullaby forest, sweet streams of wind mountain, where the Centre does not gợt bit tumultuous basis of love?

In the next second shelf, the Buddha appeared in the middle of nowhere, full body with light dawn smiles. This indeed is the miracle of love. From The Buddhist pure land, not to the clinic, and from the inner court, Winning Man lady not to go, but the sympathetic led to a corresponding Phung hi hữu.

Happy before the appearance of the Buddha, winning Man Lady reading up a series of six articles shelf praised the transcendence of Vairocana.

In this series of six articles, two shelves Shelves head praised works such as transcendence of France. France itself does not come, don't go, don't kill, often impossible, eternal. Love also often head thus eternity so. Due to the love that he had heard the song timeless melodies, songs of life. Also, from the steel bloom of love, won the French Man Lady aware of themselves As often. It's safe, which is the Island Princess title and also from that point of Chi Chapel.

The next shelf article praising himself freed of Vairocana, smiles brightly due to have ended all contamination.

The next shelf post again praise the wisdom of Vairocana, were due to have a profound achievements throughout all subjects, was in the depths of the great truths, in the French sea tíùnh.

France, freed himself and wisdom, the transcendence of this as the basis for beliefs, was the target of the action, is the rescues wings of happiness. Portugal's starting point is from the site-slaps, and the last point that bodhisattva towards is also there. Process practice of Bo-Director beginning with the rules slaps y as such.

Such is the refuge of seed sown into Bodhi. Bodhi seed has not been sown into a field any distant abstraction, nor is waiting to be planted in a promised land of myths, in which it was sown down right on mortal desert, arid with continual suffering of sentient beings. Then the seed needs to be irrigated with fresh water to grow, its compassion to the blossoming of enlightenment. Therefore, process rules, world, and plagiarism is of Bo-slapped the sower and the seed watering the Bodhi vun. In other words, develop Bodhicitta and accomplishments Bodhi fruit is complete all of the career of Bo-slapped.


Bodhi mind, which is hotly of voluntary releases a sentient found himself living in dark scenes, between an exiled dishonorable, expecting to find a creative way to not only freed ourselves from the threat of oppression but also to all people the same plight. Bodhicitta, which is the will of a person's indomitable resilience are tied on flame flaming, rub bike under the devastating cyclone of strength ambition insanity of ourselves and of a collective ghost around us. "Please laugh at nothing enjoy nothing between flame constantly burned? Being covered in darkness, unable to find the torch?

There is no center of prayer there is no will to act, Bo-slapped is just a distant road, utopian, mythological wild road. And admit no more than one voice alone of a delirium in sleep on.

But voluntary Bodhi mind can only be run when the root of the signal detection Center has been carefully cultivated. Represents the location of said: "the Dharma as the sea, can go through, can pass by." On the other, in the words of the stretched Germany advocated absolute sincerity is expressed Like Lai, deep belief to the Buddhas, the embodiment of the whole personality, but also trust in the ability of human achievement this way yourself. So, looking forward to that As "mercy, sheltered child" was the oath to send his lifetime where restraints such as Myrtle, and also the French title on the following available where their relatives are often based, rather than relying on the other one title.

Article eleventh shelves that followed, is the words of the Indian evidence of Buddhist beliefs and understand all of the Winning Man Lady with confirmation that the Tathāgata is not only a new title in place in our Princess, which both the predecessor and successor. As this is the object of prayer was run and bodhi was headed.

The last paragraph of this article the shelves of the mind and the will of Lady Man Wins against Portugal-slapped. What will have achievements and accomplishments in the future, all accomplishments for one purpose only, that is the way of achievement of Buddha.

The miracle of the Bhikkhu-slapping directed is when newly started Center Chapel Bodhi, in the meantime decided to Primary achievements, such as the Buddha said France, the United in which we have explained in the chapter introduced General: "-vassal nature, often accompanied the French President kills General Buddhist Taoist of contemporary Buddhist writers, aftermath." By that sense, here, beating Man Lady concur in regards to As hybrid and conventional medicine news release sworn Bodhicitta, instant life up for Lady Buddha. Life expectancy at birth is the confirmation of the Buddha and the Buddha of the future into a disciple.

To sum up that said, the focus of this chapter is the Bodhicitta of Lady Man Wins. Develop Bodhicitta is the Buddha's life, and membership. Cause and effect relationship at the same time, uniform properties in Portugal-slapped. Here, we can add Flowers are strictly business leads to emphasize the importance of the Bodhicitta primary credit on the platform, and thus will see indicative simple but profound meaning of this chapter.

Bo-slaps Manjusri coaching the : Friendly Finance tongzi "Wholesome, healthy, friendly male, if left align, Center signaling, lowly, not tired spirits need learn, will degenerate, dissatisfied with a little work, achievement, not just a bit friendly basic goodness and roguish practice, not good knowledge supportBuddhist celebration of the household, are not lettered, then this cannot be learned, cannot know, can't penetrate, cannot be thoroughly, unable to understand, don't be thinking, could not smoothly, couldn't đăc basis so exciting, hàønh so, such an accommodation. "END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).VIETNAMESE,CO VANG BA SOC DO TUNG BAY TAI VIETNAM. 

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