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Chapter II

Explain the contents of Bat Dai Nhan Business Sense


K inh Human Bat Dai Giac, layouts into three parts:

- The opening is only a question as simple as introducing eight enlightenment.
- The second part is the content of eight enlightened him.
- Part three is the recommended practice of enlightenment was eight, this part is considered as the end of the business.

To explain our close to the texts presented in the usual way, meaning that each of the chief of all (see the Han in the Appendix), translation, interpretation and conclusions.

A. Introduction

Last I

I. Chief

For Buddhist practitioners
usually resident labor U
Chi Center chanting
Human Bat Dai Giac.

II. Service Definition

As disciples of the Buddha are day and night and even a recitation of eight enlightened contemplation of The Great People.

III. Content Explanation

Preamble short and simple, is introducing the topic, not as the beginning of the experience unusual. It clearly shows he was Cao An excerpt So, drafting eight enlightened, his initiative to introduce the reader can go straight to the content.

Despite a brief but passionate, just say the responsibility and duty of Buddhists have the specific instructions to practice.

Responsibilities of what Buddhists? There is not ordained, so common only from Buddhists at home and renunciation. Bring the Buddha's name must be shown by the Buddha, there is a difference between a Buddhist and not a Buddhist; it is the responsibility of the Buddhists, the expression of behavior and language as well as the mind Buddhist's always the nobility, the benefit and happiness to those around them.

To deserve the name of the son of Buddha, Buddhists have practiced the process itself; not chant, recite the Buddha's time to lock certain that the practice was to take place anytime, anywhere. Thus, the preamble referred to as Resident Yes, the day and night. Thus a new computer capable of transformation of their ordinary.

Chant does not mean the front desk Buddhist chanting type tissue is sufficient. Chanting is reciting, and concept is mind dwell on the subject, also called mindfulness, is radial, the mind dwell on the subject, here is Article Eight The Great Awakening of the Human. Due process and cast regular orders coming from bad ones, growing wisdom, body and mind as pure, closer and closer to the Buddha so worthy a son of Buddha.

The Great Human adults, adults, only for people who can not be dictated or dominated by the afflictions, desires. According to the Mahayana tradition, only to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, according to Theravada tradition, which is the result of Arhat or on the result of Arhat.

IV Conclusion

Preamble Human Bat Dai Giac Kinh brief but say the purpose and requirements of a Buddhist. Whether at home or ordained Buddhists practice should reflect on the night of measures to improve growth and achievements merit cure nirvana.

It is important what the Buddhas, the sages have practiced, accomplished, then I have to follow the Buddha, not much less for somewhat worthy of the name Buddhists.

B. Content Business

Post II

I. Chief

De Nhut enlightened
world of impermanence
Thuy National risk of
suffering Four non
-self phonological
variation Sanh destroy
derelict Nowhere disguise
evil mind is original
Type of crime pipes
as market observation
birth and death ly Shop

II. Service Definition

The first one, enlightenment that life is impermanent, fragile and temporary space. The university is composed of four empty and has the effect of causing pain, warmth set in the not-self, birth and death are changing, not real and no subject. Our mind is the source of evil arises, our body is the accumulation of sins. Contemplate such gradual escape samsara.

III. Content Explanation

Thread enlightened one, is regarded as self Mindfulness. Pub Mindfulness is the practice of Buddhism in particular, the practice is important, is the only path to Nirvana (Ekayana-maggo). The effect of customary law is very clear Buddha in the Sutra of Mindfulness, The A Ham 98: "If the Bhikkhu in mind every moment up four district offices where mindfulness, morning practice if so, at night soon was promoted to attack. If the evening such practices should certainly be promoted to the morning attack "(The Ham I. A T 578). The content of mindfulness is the contemplation of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. So the first enlightenment is considered equivalent to the experience of mindfulness Mindfulness Bat, allows contemplation of the nature of the universe's birth was first put in to strengthen the eyes of Buddhists in the right view, is aware of the phenomenal things. Mindfulness is not a thought or common sense which is aware of objects, maintaining that awareness on the subject, and go deep into that object, so that we can clearly look for subjects. Results of reflection objects such as the unity between subject and object, we understand ourselves as subjects.

The object of contemplation is the first life and the world:

"Life is impermanent
universe fragile and temporary. "

Reflect on the impermanent character of human life and the circumstances in which he lives has made it clear that the nature of things. We suffer because we are foolish not seen very often fragile nature of life's fragility, because, let's passion apparent attachment that life is what we, as ours, since disturbing born: greed, hatred, arrogance, doubt, fear ...

* The body is impermanent: This is understandable, but very little visible deeply accepted, there is born old, sick and dying. Changes over time destroy the body is an objective truth. Our suffering is not due to the impermanence of the body that is caused by attachment, craving in the body that suffering arises.

* Impermanent Psychology: Mind of not standing still but is constantly changing as moving water sad, happy, injury, hate, anger, anxiety, attitudes, concepts right and wrong, good , adverse changes constantly undulating like endless waves, and then happy then sad, then angry trade ... no one can master their own psychology.

* Romance is very common: love of parents towards their children, wives to husbands, brothers, friends and homeland ... nothing is certainly durable. Love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, often biting each other very painful ...

* Assets of money is impermanent: Yes and no, which is then lost, rich and poor, fragile and temporary, vulnerable to fire, the water flow, state confiscation, theft and squander their children.

* Reputation is impermanent status: The name of the stripping business fluctuations impermanent status, glory and shame, respect or despise nothing last forever.

* Very common situation: the social situation, the way strategy is always changing, landslides, river training, mountains or seas, clouds, wind moon and stars are constantly changing "business of funeral customs processing complete" is the usual.

All are located in the rules: impermanence, decay. Reflect on the impermanent nature of the human universe not intended to lead to pessimistic pessimistic but the guidelines have accurate view of the facts of life. Thanks to the insight and wisdom so that we are peaceful, calm, not anxious grief, suffering life, we gain freedom and liberty. In the Dhammapada, the Buddha taught:

"Look like bubbles
Look as illusory scenes
look at life so Quan
Death does not come across "

Objects for contemplation followed by four years of college and aggregates to the selfless nature of them, that is found to be void without the subject's four-year college and aggregates. Four elements four elements is the material point of the ancient Indian philosophy all the material form are met by the four components of this element. But when describing the structure of the human body, Buddhism does not stop there but added two more elements are not college and university official. In aggregates are formed in human groups include: Matter, sensation, perception, knowledge. Matter is the body including the four above; life is a group feeling; thought that group consciousness; of the group dynamics and psychology of group perception. Generally speaking, people from the four and five aggregates constitute, in addition to the four and five aggregates do not have something called human at all.

Reflect on the four is four material elements to clearly see the nature of them empty. Note that in this material only for our bodies. My analysis will show us if it includes the address, or flesh, the solids; Mercury News agency urine, sweat, tears are generally liquid; Mars is great warmth, body temperature, and temperature is alive; Phong university is a gas such as air to breathe, space to contain gas ... If these four factors is sufficient to regulate our body healthy, if one of the four elements out of balance the physical illness or discomfort immediately. Their nature is not self, we must rely on each other that exist in other words, they exist by the grace of birth. So make sure nothing is guaranteed, we very often. The body is impermanent as we allow the first bar, they very often because they are empty, that is not self. They exist because they are selfless conditions. It is the rules of reality. So the scriptures say: "The university is composed of four empty". Impermanence, selflessness of the four rules are objective, but why in the texts as "suffering"? In fact, not suffering because impermanence of the body-self, or that the perception that physical attachment is often, as falls, is me, that my birth is suffering, so texts (be) translated as " effects caused suffering. " So here are suffering due to not reflect the nature of the body (or the four elements) is "not-self" that it should accept the "suffering".

Reflect on the four university is about factors reflect the aggregate of the five aggregates. To further reflect on the nature of our own people, illumined by deep in Aggregates, emotional, psychological, shall be divided into four groups:

1. The group feeling (vedanā): A life or feelings. Insight about feeling groups will recognize the true face of them; they grow and decay like? There are many kinds of feelings, there are three general categories: hard feelings, feeling happy, feeling neutral (no pain, no fun). A feeling arises it is up to the terms of conditions. It does not exist and there is no lasting value. A comfortable sense of why this student? Its origin can be from matter as we have a large amount of money or a good meal, for example. Its origin can be from psychological as when we love or enjoy a poem or, one pleasant euphoria. Further we observe that the sensation depends many factors such as space, time, education level, weather and social conditions .... obviously feeling sad or happy sky contains a condition to be borne just one element missing, details that happy feeling will decrease or disappear. So in what was the feeling that, what of it? They are not real and no subject.

2. Group perception (Jiang - sannakhandha): It is the perception, the structure of the concept of object is physical or psychological. This is the group after the perception of sensory contact with the external environment; it receives the object and the object symbolized the senses. Ideal setting for a data base of theoretical knowledge, to deepen awareness of the physical world or spiritual. The group has six kinds of consciousness correspond to the six senses contact with six being the object of awareness of that object.

Like Life (feeling), Sidekicks require and depend on many factors, many conditions of conditions, the structure of perception, the concept of how things are; depending on the factor space , time, weather and cultural conditions, social ... in them do not have something called sustainable or individual.

3. Group psychotherapy artifacts (Action - Sankhara): Action is the process of psychological artifact, an intention, intentional. In fact belong sensation of feeling and perception, but not industrial artifact results should be separated. New administrative work leads to good karma, evil and rebirth.

The psychological phenomenon referred to as administrative center, Duy called mental mode - the feeling and perception are not the will to work should not be included in the aggregate. Volitional including those arising psychological motivation and created the effect of promoting travel to capacity as lust, anger, or desire to harm, confidence, energy ... The activities under the volitional psychology occurred when the six senses contact with the six sense objects quan.Vi example when he saw the beauty born craving, the object caught up in passion or anger, it depends many different conditions, in other words it is no condition to be borne by the artifacts psychological factors that are fixed, spontaneous. They depend upon the birth of conditions and causes and conditions that kill.

4. Group consciousness (viññāna): Food is a basic response to sensory contact with objects, including six categories: awareness, auditory consciousness, olfactory consciousness, practical knowledge and consciousness itself. Later Mahayana only way to deploy two more of the mask back in form and A form, generally referred to as consciousness. Need ideas regardless of aggregates and aggregates. Implementation of object recognition - the presence of the object. For example, when the eyes see color, form perception of an object such as flowers. And thought is perception will realize it is a rose or jasmine, red or white.

Formula, according to Buddhism is not a soul exists independently, the Buddha taught: "Consciousness is named according to the conditions by which it arises: Through the eyes and eye objects that arise, called consciousness ... consciousness survive ... thanks to excellent operating life ... thanks ... " So do not exist independently of and without the self in the form.

In short reflection to discern the four and five aggregates are empty, as not-self, is dependent arising. Because we clearly see the nature of that period unless the craving and clinging to them. When you let go of the idea of ​​me, about me, about my self, all the illusions of the body will vanish unless the family known as opinions, and first director of Kien level.

Tuesday object reflecting the evil aspects of body and mind, which means to clearly see the negative side, the dangers of body and mind so that prevent, restrict their development trends.

Literature tells us: "To contemplate the mind is the source of evil arises, our body is the accumulation of sins." First need to identify that evil, evil is the heart and not artifacts arising from the outside, this is the basic stance of the doctrine of karma. In the Dhammapada, the Buddha taught: "In the leading legal mind, mastering the mind, all mental artifact. Defilement If you take care to speak or act the following results suffer as the wheel animals sled ... If bringing a calm mind to speak or act, the happy result as the ball went under. " Good, evil, suffering or happiness comes from the mind. But here refers only to economic aspects of evil, suffering only. From these misconceptions lead to the psychology of evil, hatred and delusion, chronic, think, create incentives for bad karma. Also need to see clearly the power of any good business it is present from the past, life is more difficult life before the subtraction, not subjective, superficial and despise them; a deep reflection to see the potential subtle and hidden, their deep roots. The body is the accumulation of sins, this is an insight to see clearly the negative side of the body. Physical body it rules their own existence; they have needs (survival) survival. Requirements satisfied if we do not recognize what is real and legitimate needs, what is the need of unnecessary artificial body it is clear we are tempted to sin itself. Most of the guilt generated by the engine itself, making conditions; all need food, clothing and physical satisfaction, the pleasure comes from yourself, by yourself. So should not regard themselves as important that we have seen to use them as a means of practice and action.

IV. Conclusion

Article One is enlightened to see what legal contemplation publications: Impermanence, Suffering, No-self, in which the human body and mind out for the purpose of attachment problems, attachment to people and life . Maintaining his reflection on the object body, mind, your circumstances; their behavior will be appropriate to the truth. This is not a way of looking at life highlight, is a negative perspective, but the full view of AI positive, it works to bring energy to us. People suffering energy loss is due to the opposite view on life. Achievement of "mindfulness" as experience has taught, ie entered the path, there is no other way. Buddhist perspective on business life too well as Diamond says:

"Nhut set of legal ownership
as the illusory dream Photos cells
such as herons road electric
improvisation as urban inn ".

Post III

I. Chief

II sensory tri
majority of hard training and
work packages e Sanh
Tung start craving
faithless multitude of
body self in mind.

II. Service Definition

The second thing that enlightened desire much more painful. The misery in the realm of birth and death are caused by greed and each birth. The low desire, no artifacts (any good business) should be free in body and mind.

III. Content Explanation

Thread Monday enlightened about the origin of suffering is caused by craving. Involved much more suffering, no craving less traveled looking for, do not make any good business, not the object of education or governing foreign coast should be relaxed, comfortable, happy.

This speaks to a truth: born of suffering and pain conditions, such as the desire of many people. Suffering by taking an experience that everyone has experienced. The object you desire to have five kinds of typical Money, beauty, fame, eat, sleep, or in other words, beauty, or language, smell taste, touch soft. Why this craving for the object is suffering? In fact, when we desire the object was not that happy suffering, suffering is never the object of hope for anyone. Suffering has many aspects:

1. Size of sensation or feeling: happy, happiness is a feeling that Buddhism called life lost, whereas pain is a sensation called dyspnea. Both kinds of feelings often go together, sometimes they do favorable conditions for themselves: "this is the other should be" happy so they will be sad too "heavy falls climb" ... Happiness and suffering is the essence of desire. When an object like that there it gives us pleasure, but when that object changes, not present anymore it gives me pain, as well as brand new to hate, if they do not trade What is hateful!

In Business Format General Aggregate (Central Business I), Buddha said: "The nature of education has three aspects, but the practice needs to know: The sweetness of education, training and bitter liberation from them ".

The sweetness of sex: The subjects desire to give people pleasure, joy, excitement. So hope everyone craving for them, the pleasures of this life satisfying sense of touch the senses and instincts of human enjoyment, making human life more interesting, more meaningful. The appeal of them is not easy to see deeply. There is a Buddhist fable has it that: "A man escapes death row, was the king of elephants chasing behind. In of danger, he fell into a deep well, fortunately he took be a tough climbing rope. The elephants came and roared over the well. He looked around the well that there are three open their mouths for the dragon, the four corner wells of four snake is poised the surgery, the risk more is that there are two rats gnawing two climbing ropes he is clinging to, the situation is desperate. In the meantime there is a swarm of bees flew past, he looked old há mieing look, bees accidentally dropped Privacy drops down right in his mouth. "Oh! drops of honey is! "he exclaimed. In a moment he forgot about his misery." In secret he drops in education for example, it creates pleasure for humans. Generally what brings us joy and sweetness of the contingent that is education.

A feeling of pleasure is that nature is transient. When life has passed us will leave us a soul so empty, lost, it represents a need to promote renewable and lost his life on the line we seek. But life had lost no experience more compelling, no "lost" again, to seek new pleasures, pleasures that are more intense ... so that to continue, then suffering occurs ...

2. Suffering as struggle: To achieve the object of pleasure is not easy, there must be attempts, effort, struggle, sacrifice ... may be classified. Aggregate economic suffering in the Great Buddha: Bitterness of education or the dangers of greed needs to understand that:

- To be the object lust, to satisfy the demands of desire, one must attempt to find them, head off to the dark side, struggling, sacrificing ... the new may be what you want.
- The hard work is so scratch that does not have any result, frustration sadness.
- Some people are fortunate, get what you want but must take care to preserve and fear of loss, wear and tear.
- Do you have assets or property he wants, pleasures that father and son dispute, the couple broke up, harming friends, brothers sue each other, lies deception, harm ... occur.
- Do craving that villages, gang, national ... bloody war, death ... occur locally or overall.

Do craving that people live like animals, killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, bad karma ...

Thus died in misery, fall into threats origin, hell ... That is the meaning of texts: "The misery in all realms of life and death by greed that birth".

The less education, less desire for pleasure is less miserable than to be as serene comfort in Business Format General Aggregate (op), the Buddha is made off from training.

First of all, the sweetness and aware of the dangers of sex to the appeal of them unable to qualify for attractive, more dominant one. Then during practice contemplative peace of meditation or of law arise, change our thinking and transform the enjoyment of sensual instincts. Thus, we made off from the influence of education. It called the multitude of minority education, free in body and mind.

IV. Conclusion

Ham struggled for much, suffering much, it is the law, it is the way ordinary ignorance. People thought that they gain more money or high status as they meet, they are happy. But the reality is less fun, happy but sad at the more painful. Finally, people also realize this simple truth when they were forced to abandon everything, such as death ...

Suffering life-like pot of boiling water, boiling flame to a flame for desire, the greater the fire, as boiling water and running out, the weaker the flame will reduce the temperature of boiling water and soi.Cung all such, fire is less desire to reduce suffering, to reduce the Happy Hour at nothing to further reduce the (wealth of) the final liberation is achieved.

IV Post

I. Chief

Lodging a triangular tri
-sufficient mind very prop
Duy most favorable for
growth crimes
Bodhisattva any atrial
basics concepts often
leading edition of the
property market Duy Industry

II. Service Definition

Thread Tuesday that enlightened minds that never bored for pleasure, always want more, so the growth in crime. Grade Bodhisattva should not do this, they always think of that enough to live happily frugal practices, taking intellectual work of his career.

III. Content Explanation

1. As described in the previous article, sensual sweet, the appeal but it also has a bitter taste, the danger. The danger that is never satisfied. So we know never stopping for worldly pleasures. People are always looking for pleasure, the new stimulus; it pushes people to go forward blindly like moths to flame. A person who has been a pleasure that appeals, became the target or ideal of life, as subjects such as money, there will your heart they never knew or knew enough to stop. Their greed will be "very low", like a machine did not start until the recording stops damaged or out of fuel, this is a psychological fact. So more and more crime due to be appropriated for that purpose endless.

Trends in search of pleasure is a general trend of human beings, animals, too, which is intrinsic enjoyment. Happiness is a word of text drawn from pleasure; happiness is the goal of human life. The concept of happiness is normally possessed as much as the sensual objects, satisfying pleasures of the senses that the sensual experience called, ordinary communication. Because demand is intrinsic enjoyment so it does not stop it. Some people read the phrase "Think do not need no physical illness. Because illness is not easy being greed," in comments Bao Tam Mei Wang, he said that for every value by greed for cheap illness cheap so definitely do not need medical treatment. They forget that even severe craving still exists and that her "accomplice force any mind" only.

How is our desire to stop? Must strive to practice, to "train" only. Business Central formulated: "Bored to take part ly, ly involved led to the killing, the killing leads to Nirvana." So to stop the craving to be boring attitude. How to be boring? To solve this problem, Buddhism made eighty-four thousand teachings. Therefore, someone to kill that is the teaching of training and dry. Buddhism advocates killing but sex education is that greed, selfish desire is not sexual orientation upstream, improve legal education or training. Boring first problem depends on the capacity to observe, that the nature of sex, the risk is negligible and the value of them, some specific methods are given in the Business Floor or First Set , An Tru Tam ... through customary clear that unless the sow evil thinking: Education, hatred and delusion. Then came the close, the practice of dharma against the development trend of behavior as the texts often called the "Permanent basics concepts."

2.Vi aware of the dangers of sensual pleasures and endless desire is the source of birth and death to the level bodhisattvas do not think, do not follow the ordinary routine that usually do the opposite. Bodhisattva is the abbreviation of Portuguese threatened to turn off (Bodhisattva). It means being enlightened (Bodhi: enlightenment, wisdom, Sattva: sentient beings). Called enlightened bodhisattvas (beings sense) and make enlightened beings called bodhisattvas (beings Enlightenment). Bodhisattvas are enlightened should be clear rules of happiness and suffering that the evil desires more growth, present suffering; less desire, to know all the intellectual growth and happiness are present .. .

He knew enough to know satisfied with what we have been, there is happiness and the richest in this world. The rich have the happy satisfaction. In contrast is the poor who lack, desire, people do not know enough lacking always longing, always looking so they are poor, even though much of their assets wherever. Rich or poor, or lack of sufficient understanding, in concept only. In Buddha's economic heresy: "Tri-sufficient local authors but Crouching upper bacterial communication, but treat any false basics unpleasant heron paradise" (though he knows full well that the land is situated in the peaceful, but people do not know enough even to be in heaven is not satisfied).

- The Enlightenment (Bodhisattva), or a Buddhist does not mean that the training completely, without pursuit. Unknown sex, without pursuit of pleasure is ordinary selfishness, harm to the afferent pain kho.Nguoi Buddhists seek their solutions on others and on the business known as Central St. Bridge (dhamma-chanda) Only these texts called Industrial Property Market. Bridge Bible, He tells us: "May I not born, no age, no illness, no death, no sorrow, no pollution." It is the wish of the Bodhisattva or requirements of the saint, the disciple of the Buddha.

- Why practice is: "An indigent the lead"? Is Buddhism to impoverished human society? Of course not. The goal of Buddhism is a peaceful life and true happiness of life rather than rich or poor. Clinging on, cling on something that they are impermanent nature, selflessness will surely reap suffering. Greed is the focal point of attachment, such problems, so go get rid of the greed of one's life and light of the new, relaxed, happy new. So that a poor attachment will suffer very much, but a little rich that passion is still happy, serene as usual.

- On the other hand frugal living practices is easier than to live with to enjoy high demand. "Rich is directed to study hard" (Kinh Tu Cross Chapter II). Indeed, when I have not bored too many needs must be radial search, to invest in the will, emotions, health, wisdom and time to achieve what you wish for. Thus, people are slaves to lust, be drawn into the direction and goals vain. In contrast, know basics an audio section to have the time, effort, will enrich the spiritual life, intellectual life. Career path your life to holiness and transcendence, only to meet the intellectual needs and the direction it should be called Duy Business Intelligence Market.

IV.Ket Reviews

There are two roads that we have to choose: One is the head against the secular search for pleasure and of course enjoy the suffering, the path is made of lust and sin. The other is the path of transcendence above all sensual temptations, achievement of world peace deficit, end suffering, this path is made of tri-sufficiency and wisdom, that is the way of monastic disciple , of the Buddhist monks, this is a layman's way of practicing Bodhicharyavatara.

Post V

I. Chief

De quadrilateral tri
Award perverted abuse
often act diligently
Destroying evil affliction
from which I admire
about hell warm Export

II. Service Definition

Thread Wednesday-lazy enlightenment that will lead to deterioration. So it is often practiced diligently to break the enemy sorrow, for four species of ghost, prison escape of warm years and the three worlds.

III. Content Explanation

Three of eight enlightened equip practitioners cognitive abilities of the nature world (Article 1), the authors clearly show the origin of suffering is craving (Article 2) and departure path is basics, open mind (the third). By now it's Wednesday, is the commitment to implement practices. Knowing without doing is like not to know, learning without action, there is no practical results.

Awareness is the first step, the understanding of deeply and thoroughly about good and evil, the ordinary and Qingdao will give a false consciousness of desire: desire to reach the target release. This stimulates the desire for action to guide action, ie the effort .. practice practice practice the results or not, fast or slow depending on the causes and conditions that have been practitioner, all of conditions is weak willed effort, business called Effort.

Practice is a process that requires the desire to maintain regular and effort, as though weak, but every drop of water drops of constant noise can puncture a rock. The rock in our mind is a disturbing ignorance platform has been a long day agglomeration. So, just lack of effort in an zeal that short time, in space, a circumstance that could crash the whole project that we have built, or at least slowed their practice. Literature should be referred to as "lazy will lead us rotten."

Lazy lazy to do that is good, it is good to know that is not done, or done without the place to place, half-hearted ... Communication that is threatening to fall down or retreating down low where the ordinary despicable, rotten news back progress in practice that does not hold the result, not the result he was promoted.

The practice as a soldier to the front to fight the enemy suffering. Affliction known as the enemy because they have the ability to sow destruction and suffering for his own life and others. Greed, hatred, ignorance .... there are disturbing activities are broad and powerful forces, well have sunk there, the possibility of hidden variables difficult to detect and difficult to cope. Seeing them is one thing, know where they are hiding something else and win it or destroy it as something else. So the contents of the effort should be considered the chief, ie four aspects effort:

1. Efforts to rid the evil ie they are not living in the bud, not yet born.
2. Efforts to rid the evil was born, not for them to grow.
3. Practical efforts to tap the goodness is born.
4. Try to practice and promote the growth has been good.

Four aspects of the effort is the strategy to win. On the one hand to control, detect and destroy enemy sorrow; a surface realization promote, support for improved appearance and growth measures. So, first stop the spread of negativity, then balance between intellectual force and sorrow; eventually develop their intelligence and strength to fight and defeat the affliction.

Any task that, what a work, a practice that the practice must have the necessary and sufficient efforts to bring success. On the path of getting rid of negativity and develop healthy behavior, energy is an important factor. The nature of the effort is a synthesis between the capacities that said, desire and mindful awareness. The purpose of effort here clearly, that unless the enemy is suffering, which vanquished the four species, escaped from prison three realms of warm years.

Enemy psychological distress is the contamination of evil, is instinctively kind of potential, new orders are kind of file, the surface. Based on the negativity of the enemy is ignorance and ego.

Four species of ma: Ma obstacles is what makes the practice.

a. Negativity that : The enemy is suffering, when that occurs, the pain, disorders of growth, improved damage reduction measures.

b. Five warm ma : Do the wrong attachment to the body, with the immoral demands of physical attraction, dominates the evil we do to increase the legal, moral harm reduction measures. Do grasping sensations happy, hate the feeling of suffering and not life-awareness with no hard feelings, unhappy that our minds are led, pushed to their unbridled makes the mind restless, Legal evil growth, improved damage reduction measures. Do attachment and problems in the concept, thinking, prejudice, mistake, that is being governed as a warm thought veils of intellectual insight; so the idea of evil beings, intellectual harm reduction. Do attachment and problems in the operation secret, that the psychological motivation such as greed, hatred ... tend to make bad law making internal growth, improve delivery methods difficult. Due to regulations and restrictions of the mind which contains the power of feelings, thoughts, wills evil pollution that we do not have the opportunity to grow bad ones.

Explaining phonetic code, which can understand both aspects: Subjective and objective. Subjective due to the attachment means, the problems of perception in warm that hinder a clear understanding of their nature. The main objective is warm in his ability to create obstacles to enlightenment as the phrase "organic friendly format." This includes both active in the sense that warm.

c. E ma : As an obstacle to bringing an end to human beings, making unfinished work practice or not practice it. So what is considered e ma? Maybe it's the demons elves painting work, which is life threatening diseases, accidents, maybe that's the power of tangible or intangible something. In short, what brought to an end an extraordinary life is called a codeword.

d. God ma : This is a special species that metaphysics, also known as Tha Thien Vuong Hoa Ma Self In or Ma-Wang-Ba-week, only for the supernatural in the universe to create drag for a person coming edit enlightenment, going beyond the diamond radiating out of that world.

Escape from prison in warm three realms: In warm explained. Three worlds is sex gender, gender identity, gender invisible. The three realms are considered a prison, is a fire. "Tam's wealth as an overseas property fire", is the confinement of sexual bondage and love. Education is about being trapped by lust, sensual pleasure of the senses. Lust is being bound by the love of pleasure subtle infection. Immaterial world is being bound by the infection of perfect love. Are the same sex or love nature and the effect of being closely tied to the endless stream of birth and death. So, energy is important, it is the power to pass each phase gate or in practice. If you pass each level of education the world would fall into the sphere ... effort will continue beyond the three realms of bondage.

IV. Conclusion

Practice as well as rowing upstream without a paddle is stopped and retrogression, energy is a virtue necessary for Prajna rowing boat across the sea of ​​birth and death. Forums is a virtue they also need to practice: well-practiced diligently diligently, there is nothing there or random order. They all comply with the law of karma, karma, dependent arising. People like, how charming, how it was retribution.

The kernel or seed of ignorance ego suffering has been accumulated for generations, have great strength, not easy to rid. The kind of sorrow, four ghosts, in a warm, which are in the world. Right aware of the nature of our shelter then use wisdom, rid them diligently. The possibility that also are in the mind. Effort is the ability to fully exploit it.

Post VI

I. Chief

Fifth enlightened
mortal foolish
notion Bodhisattva usually
written optical
Growth intellectual
achievement eloquence
necessarily Church of
bliss Of course.

II. Service Definition

Thread Thursday enlightenment that: Because of ignorance that drifted in the three realms of samsara. So the Bodhisattva mind that often needs extensive study, listen more, intellectual growth, financial success means the ability for teachers of all people to achieve true happiness.

III. Content Explanation

- Thread Thursday enlightenment comes to the importance of wisdom in the practice and problems in the process of beings. Wisdom is the ability to see clearly reflect the origin of suffering is due to ordinary greed, desire for more, to end her suffering little unfortunate to have to practice, know enough and wisdom. The meaning of this has been mentioned in articles one, two, three.

Intelligence in this year range and greater effect:

1. Wisdom is the apparent origin of life and death, the origin of samsara is ignorance. The suffering of the present life is due to greed, hatred; greed, hatred there is so foolish. Ignorance is synonymous with ignorance, so need to specify the source of everything on the birth and death is caused by ignorance.

What is ignorance? It is the ignorance of life is impermanence, selflessness, grace, not to understand the suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation of suffering and pain the way to death; not understand or contraband, the cause of gonorrhea or , except the defilements and the path to the period excluding contraband or ... That is the definition of a basic ignorance and tradition. So we understand the principles by learning, through reflection on practice characteristics of impermanence, selflessness ... Ignorance is terminated or not? Ignorance can not stop completely. Because ignorance is a psychological blind force of instinct, which means a gas is accumulated through many lifetimes. So it has very deep roots in the organs of living beings. Sometimes we know that it is immoral, is not to do but we still do, not enough to resist. Looks like it has a powerful potential beyond our control. That is ignorance.

Ignorance has been accumulating, now it only show what they have. Greed, anger is a sign of ignorance, greed, hatred and the growing forces of ignorance as to be strengthened and it continues to cultivate the power to render in the future. So to stop the flow of ignorance, the Buddha go arouse and develop the "intelligent", the delusion is in everyone. Very involved, very hatred and delusion are the positive force can stop the growth of ignorance. To develop "intelligent" people need to be educated to curb instincts, to raise awareness. Thus, education is the path to "intelligent". Bodhisattvas are enlightened to know the law very well lead to "intelligent", that is "listening more extensive study." In economic Kitagiri (Central Business Book II) The Buddha practiced stage 14 led to intelligence as follows:

1) Have faith in the masters: the first step of the route need to practice to rely on a masters, that their masters know and trust that can help opening his mind. There is a new secure his trust towards the Teacher was provided.
2) By the close: It was not until close to his teacher he has a chance at receiving what is needed.
3) Sun glasses: Teacher respect, care for servant masters of what is needed, to express my sincere path of learning.
4) Listen: Being a passionate sincere attitude in learning, willing to listen to anything from the masters. With such attitudes are ready, willing Masters teach.
5) Play method: This is the stage of entering the world of Buddhism, the teaching masters are always excited to hear with diligence.
6) Life over the law: Be sure to listen to an excited interest in mind what we will be heard fully.
7) Reflecting meanings: As a life fully over the teachings of the masters. Thereby, the profound meaning of the teachings gradually manifest by his thoughts, the more meaningful the more light reflection.
8) Accept the law school: After thinking understood sense, no wonder the mind against mind upon under the law, law school was acceptable. At this point, have thought through.
9) The desire arises: After accepting the law school and then, joy will arise in the mind, engage the mind to make him study law, to practice.
10) Efforts to practice: Due to the desire to start up efforts to practice the legal mind that the master had taught himself to what was achieved smoothly in theory.
11) Consider: The effort but not blinded, by the assertion in the course of the conflicts arise, misleading. We need to awake to weigh considerations to find the most appropriate way.
12) The need to practice: After learning, doing, considering both complete and stable path, the direction in the development effort will be uninterrupted good results.
13) of the truth itself: With the essential need of, we will gain experience of reality itself-self, feel free legal position.
14) can enter the true Wisdom: Achieve intellectual fulfillment, achievement toan.Nghia liberation is "intelligent" being, "wisdom" of birth, termination of birth and death.

Intellectual achievement is the ultimate in "multicultural marketing course" through 14 stages as mentioned in the new economic Kitagiri truly effective. There are students of Buddhism because I think that needs to "promote multicultural education" should head against the study, subjects are also studied, how well the school, who said nothing is heard, enter a lot of material called "reviews written silver ore "but not so disturbing that was the exception. This is a disastrous misunderstanding, wasted his life for the vast knowledge of the world.

2. Effect of wisdom in that special education people achieve happiness in life that texts called "The achievement is eloquence to all teachers of peace." Intellectual eloquence is a keen ability to theoretical photography to others. Human experience, receiving the audio world through language, so education is mainly the language, the ability of language to persuade people to do very high acceptance, understanding and practice of the district director . Nikaya Sutra Pitaka give his wife four solution methods. (Patisambhida) That is very afraid to explain, explain the French very afraid, very afraid From the solution, very afraid Measures financing solutions. Mahayana Sutra Pitaka also has four legal eloquence: French eloquence very afraid, very afraid That eloquence, eloquence from his wife and his wife ridiculed theory of eloquence.

a. French eloquence very afraid: A seamless system of Buddhist thought, the practice always smooth and well understood principles and lines of his teachings.

b. That his wife eloquence : the deep meaning of the Business - Law - Reviews are understood, although the ancient words, modes of expression not modern jargon, that is, understand the quarterfinals of any any law.

c. From the very problem eloquence : a rich understanding of words to express thoughts, the jargon of the different sectors and understand the different languages.

d. fun of his wife eloquence theory : The ability to express attraction to convince, in accordance with inborn, educational level, habits of man and society, making the audience happy and accept .

A person has the ability to take intellectual property such as a star shining in the sky Buddhism. They will bring huge benefits for many, many different countries, Buddhism spread widely, and happiness that Buddhism offers to the recipient's truest happiness.

IV. Conclusion

Ignorance is the root of birth and death, of suffering. Termination of ignorance is the goal of Buddhism and Buddha's disciple. The way to be rid of ignorance is the way intellectual development, that is making the "intelligent" appear, "Removal of ignorance." Wisdom are gained through the learning process through the office know much wisdom, from wisdom, from Hue. Through extensive study that said many accomplishments was the ability to take intellectual property that is understanding and reasoning that teachers of color ben.Nho so many different kinds of beings, many different countries. Buddhism is widely spread, the happiness of all human beings are universal.

Intellectual enlightenment in all this Thursday is the wisdom to go into professional fields, that is the effect of birth, the effect of education to achieve universal access goals of Buddhism on human life and society .

Last VII

I. Chief

De hexagonal tri
resentment you hardly had
the bad grace Heng
Bodhisattva alms
complain casting the
evil ex-Real concept
of real evil increases.

II. Service Definition

Thread Friday enlightenment that poverty generates resentment, creating evil karma. So be Bodhisattva observes alms equally between people who hated the commercial. Forget the bad things they have for their cause, not to hate the evil.

III. Content Explanation

Thread Friday enlightened about the virtues of religious alms Bodhicharyavatara. This thread has two reviews.

1. Understand the vicious cycle of poverty: Do poor people prone to discontent, jealousy, hatred. For themselves, they are not happy with themselves, insecure psychological disturbance. For families not brush their wives and children fun fair prices, easy to anger because they feel not good enough, not considered critical, prone to emotional breakdown. For neighborhood friends, their self-doubts and delivery company, or jealousy, jealousy. In general, their discontent and not have faith in the good leg. Thus, the easy push poor people into sin, to do the evil rich colors. They break the law, lost dignity, ethics ... So their lives more miserable, the more miserable they are increasingly angry discontent ... It is the vicious circle of poor people are so desperate.

Bodhisattva who observes a clear reflection of poverty will lead people to sin, will bring social insecurity. Buddha has pointed out that that situation: "Due to poverty, but violent robbery, murder, deceit growth makes corrupt society" (Business School of Ministry: cakkavatti and Red Lion). He has advised the rulers should not use harsh punishment in the sense that with which the robbery was stolen kill. He taught: "Those who can afford to agriculture, animal husbandry, please give them food and plant who has the ability to grant them business capital investment; person capable of the then give them the food and wages ... depending on the ability to professions that give them the necessary ... they will concentrate on his work, have the means to live should no longer committed criminal harassment and security but also contribute to the national budget "(The Business School, Kutadanda). In order to reduce the pressure of poverty, to the heart of poor security and for peace and social prosperity, Put Bodhisattva vow to practice generosity, which means giving money, material security somewhat comforted the suffering of the poor. We can see that this is an unfortunate practice that is largely the ability of the Bodhisattva in the country, which lay people.

Can we have another way of explaining that: Poverty here is poor ethics, poor intelligence. So take afflictions born of hatred, the karma connected. So be Bodhisattva practice for all candidates to open eyes to see the truth of wisdom, take the unwholesome Kamma. Poor spirit, will lead to poor mental afflictions and karma born evil will arise. Here is the legal alms giving, here is the ability of the Bodhisattva renunciation. Yet the meaning of enlightenment is heavier on Friday giving resource behavior, but this behavior with a knack of lay people at home rather than ordained. In the maintenance of Great Reviews said: "As the Buddha said: In life there are two classes of people have problems: one is the export part, the Bhikkhus were non-time release; two are in every home, who usually act mae pure generosity. "

2. Giving equal: That is very accept alms to mind, the altruistic and mental liberation. Often people who are giving care to distinguish your loved ones or cute, you will be treated more extensively, more promptly, while easy to hate people or against her, but can I also have more limited, less than happy. The attitude of the Bodhisattva alms so that regardless of alms to the heart of equality, called numerous accept alms paramitas. In General-Tri-SSE-Reviews, generosity paramitas is: "If the charity has approved three obstacles have thought, the other to receive alms and resources into the realm of ghosts, not separated from the victims. And as Bodhisattva giving all three obstacles are not pure, then the Buddhas praise, known as Ba-la-bile "(DTDL - 467 pages of translation Thien Sieu HT).

But not giving equal attention, was the wrong use as commercial negativity, hate, anger or happiness and sadness, the announced candidates is limited, the results are not high and not consistent with the path to freedom and the aspirations of the birth. Generosity in giving so called not pure. According to Dai-Tri-SSE-Reviews generosity is not pure: "Every foolish generosity, but do not understand, or because it needs financial generosity, for fear of giving indemnity shall be, for fear to give alms, or so that people should want to give alms, or fear of death should give alms, or who made them lie should celebrate generosity, or self to be rich to give alms, or giving it more competitive, or jealous hatred and delusion should publish experimental; or high pride themselves in giving, or for the honor should give alms, or for volunteer should pay alms, or for eliminating degenerate so good to give alms, or because so many people gather alms; or no respect for so cowardly contempt alms. The so-called generosity is not pure charity "(op T443). The concept of charity is the pure opposite of the above, such generosity is very high based on the principle of no-VoTuong-Vo Nguyen.

In economic organs Originally, the engine giving also mentioned similar:

1) Because of the (numerous) should give alms.
2) Since the handouts should fear.
3) Because the thought that "it was for us" to give alms.
4) Because the thought that "it will give us" should alms.
5) For thinking that "generosity is good," so giving.
6) Because the thought that "his rich, poor person does not deserve it if not for" to give alms.
7) With the thought that " but by giving us a good hour passed away, "so giving.
8) Because the solemn attention, care should be equipped with handouts.

Eight other engines are:

1) Because of greed but generosity
2) For the anger that generosity.
3) Since the handouts foolish.
4) Because of this fear to give alms.
5) As in the traditional alms.
6) As to results giving notice to the heavens.
7) Since the thought that "generosity allows the mind to be happy" to give alms.
8) Because the stately center equipped to care giving. (Anguttaranikaya Nikaya III, Chapter VIII of France).

- So sixteen engines not pure generosity of General maintenance of engines and sixteen Reviews generosity of Business Expenses Increase pretty much the same. Generosity is considered right and proper behavior dharma of a person's wisdom is "To stately center, equipped with life" (according to Business Increase Chi), which means the heart is pure escape the negativity that attachment Great Reviews in the maintenance of a charity called Paramita:-Non-attachment to people, who received and of the. It is very interest mortgage, interest equal renounce the human self.

- Clinging any economic rough or something, in or out seemed to help make your mind pollution. Usually, when we have warm feelings for someone, love someone, we open our hearts that is easy for a fun way without regret, whereas the heart had not closed the trade, so the practice of compassion is very easy to practice almsgiving; generosity is an expression of compassion. Mental obstacles to compassion is the heart of anger; anger leads to hate obstacles that limit action alms. So, what enlightenment Friday said very clearly that the Bodhisattva must cultivate a bunch equal care regardless of the injury, enemies and special need for hatred or ill treatment and "not to think to remember that evil that others have made for themselves, nor should hate the evil mind. "It symbolized the true meaning of the Buddhist practice of generosity.

To get the very action in giving approval, without pursuit, the very prayer of generosity must have wisdom to see the selflessness of things. Whereby the mind beyond the limits of normal business sentiment, hate. Trivial hate, hate, make major obstacle to action in giving, as Jesus said: "If you only trade the injured child, the child of what is where?" (This is just the exchange only!). Not only is the crime that is causing more resentment and hate.

IV. Conclusion

- Generosity is an unfortunate effect is very special interests, represented all sides: Internet ethics and wisdom.

- Merit is due to give birth suffer them comfort, peace of mind, the full reduction to their pressures of life that can put them on the path of darkness crime. Doing for others is peace and happiness is the meaning of merit.

-Wisdom is the practice of almsgiving which reflect real-life situation of suffering, dukkha get the truth. On the other hand, I see self-self in everything that you hold in your hands: No person who receives and of the. Practical interest of equality, let go of human attachments, ego, and tough tests, subject, object ... achieve relaxed serene mind, freeing the meaning of wisdom.

A disciple of the Buddha is always equipped with the education to get these two basic virtues that merit and wisdom. Through the generosity act, it is possible to achieve both his virtues.

Posts VIII

I. Chief

To true enlightenment
Five fire training process
The process of human
communication Any infection that
usually eight health concepts
bowl measures air Crouching
Chi voluntary renunciation
The white bar direct
vision virtues
necessarily Compassion

II. Service Definition

Thread enlightenment Saturday that five kinds of sex is the cause of sin and evil. So as a layman but not performed live in his worldly pleasures. Think of three mental health and bowl. Wishes toward monastic life. So, live pure, chaste to preserve, cultivate noble virtues, love all creatures.

III. Content Explanation

Saturday Thread enlightened about the dangers of the sensual world that lay people are living in it; the danger is that there are two aspects arising offense, arising woes tribulation, suffering .

As a lay Bodhicharyavatara in practice, Buddhists have life manifestation of enlightenment, that is to rise above the sensual qualities, like the lotus in the mud beyond the mud that no foul smell of mud. On the basis of his moral purity, lay people develop compassion and saving sentient beings to be effective.

Saturday this Article have different views to explain it; have people believe that this is the unfortunate separation of infected persons ordained, that is, between the monastic life of religious practice may have implications in sexual passion. So nothing is wrong. But literature is clearly stated: "Although continuous human behavior," then we must understand that the secular, "the life". The Chinese professor as he Nowhere Thai Ambassador, His TVE ... faculty who are laymen. In "Service award eight Tier Supreme People's Enlightenment" Venerable Tri Quang wrote: "What Saturday enlightened teachings for Buddhists. Buddhists should mind ordained, should live luggage infection, "the well-lotus." We think this is a layman to teach them practical purposes free of family life. Enhance the role of lay people in social life, practice Bodhicharyavatara, missionary activities benefit students as part of the Buddhist way of people's time Mahayana Buddhism.

Layman gain freedom between family life through the practice stage infection but not sensual, transparent life bar, vision and virtues of love, the value of all species of great laymen, the effect great for life. This is the life of the bodhisattva ideal. Indeed, in the Theravada Sutra Pitaka, the Buddha gave the pattern of life in the secular liberation, as in business Increasing Chi, he taught four classes have ordained:

1. My mind has not ordain ordained.
2. Center of the body part that is not ordained.
3. Body and mind are ordained.
4. Body and mind are not ordained. - (Chapter Four measures)

So, the second, ordained that the mind itself is not ordained, is the practice patterns of lay Bodhisattva.

Life of a layman in the country beset by years of education is not easy to rid of them observes a contaminated glass. Business Central has stated that: There was a layman to see the Buddha and that he presented through deep understanding of his teachings, so that education is clearly in danger, fallen down, unclean, it is great fun at ... but why he can not rid of them? The Buddha taught: - "The reason he was not the sex but because he is in living a family life, so even know about sex but still not rid of them."

The family lived in the habit of sensual enjoyment, subject to the sensations of pleasure, hard bound escape. Sensual enjoyment is intrinsic to the creature, man, so just touch the right instincts awaken. Life of a layman to the objects of sensual stimulation always hedonic instincts make it always grows, it is difficult detachment. There are many lay people understand the broad education and degrees, have the great merit of religion, the comprehension of the sublime Dharma, they thought I was freed themselves in the life. In fact, they are difficult to exceed the habit of enjoying: delicious, even beautiful, pleasant sleep, sexual needs, pleasures subtle and more ... Habits have created for their convenience marks on the body, brain ... it has the power to potentially difficult to recognize, so hard to rid of them.

To achieve the level of "Real World infectious optimism" as literature taught to lay people create for themselves a habit, a new mindset, which is often remembered thinking to three health and bowl. Ba y and bowl are separate property regardless of renunciation. An-y include three momentum-Assembly, translated as Work-for-y, that is when serving for labor servitude ... y is busy this thriving multi-Y-la-up service as we Enter y, that is when the increase in them as the Dharma as: I rise, hear legal, chanting, meditation ... is busy this y ; and Chile y Sangha translated as Journal-pm-y means that y consists of many pieces put back (there are: the y 9, y 11 articles, 13 medical articles ...) used to worry when the rise buildings sermon, the village begging, goods for foreign direct ... Eight bowl Sanskrit is a multi-service applications is gas that is suitable for containing food storage. Y is not nice sharp passes, meaning liberation: liberation beautiful notion of form. Nature can bowl out the implications of free food. Think of three medical and bowl means no pleasure in looking for places to eat and wear, so no problem wearing implications. Y bowl often remember thinking goes against the routine news of enjoyment of food and clothing, which are two important routines of family life.

So the initial focus needs to reduce crude enjoy nature outside, they create a gap between virtue and temptation of pleasure. Although living in the siege of the education but has created boundaries needed to be the protection of virtue. As a lay Bodhisattva such vegetarian, they will at the pleasure and the struggle of good food around, they feel "outside" although in common with each other.

The next step layman foster a desire, an "aspiration" to give up family life. This is an important step to break the siege of education. Five is the object of sexual desire, the aspirations of the majority, of the ordinary, and now we can not nourish that desire anymore, we desire to nurture others: life liberation, renunciation life. Center immoral sex education center has turned into good, upper direction, so that trends change of mind, change is instinctive. Thus, we created a need for boundaries in the upper ocean targeting mental defilements.

Through two steps, a layman can duoci fundamental strength of body and of mind, from which they proceed to step three: Change your whole lifestyle and the whole family; means living a life bar white, coarse material, in form, but plentiful rich in spirit, that texts known as "the leading white bar."

The life of a layman is not a solitary life but also his wife and children family relatives ... So the steps to practice enough to feel his family his wife and children ... to them along with their practice, and look in one direction ... this is a hard thing for a spiritual home. Life's meager high bar would collapse without the support of the charming wife. On the other hand, if we do not feel convinced of his wife and children to practice, we usually just lay people, not only practical and well-known role of a lay volunteer Bodhisattva. Because they are living in their home that is not how the beings of the outside. Chinese Zen story mentions his family Aggregate enlightened consent is both the ideal model for a layman at home.

Lifestyle changes from sensual enjoyment through lifestyle you lead white bar, which is to create a favorable environment for the practice, is to facilitate the transition to a new life: Life of virtue, and love commercial species.

Life of a happy life without sex and other worldly pleasures, not considered critical or dependent sex couples, not bound by love sex. Love sex love is a binding nature, selfish man works to more closely into the life instincts and the suffering. So, life is a life of happy abandon selfish love, selfless love development. This is why the texts put it well into the deeds of a Bodhisattva's life lay. Kindness to all creatures can not have a place to lay Bodhisattva, if they were responsible sex, optimistic feeling selfish. Life qualities in family life is not easy and the problem of moral enlightenment is to have his wife and children. The issue of conduct of a layman can have two interpretations: One is rid of lust; two are not bound and responsible sexuality, not sex sex impede or restrict the development of compassionate care . Such a life is no different from the contents of the life of a Bodhisattva renunciation.

IV. Conclusion

Layman living a family life with rich experience, profound understanding of man: frugal, level, psychology, their desires; a direct understanding of the nature of life society. So they can understand compassion and love an honest man. However, to achieve an ideal life "in which the body does not mind of renunciation" and achieve the purpose and behavior of a bodhisattva vow, they must lay the sequential steps:

- To observe in detail the nature of pleasure leads to crime and disaster tribulation, great tribulation that is hidden wisdom and sunk in the cycle of birth and death. Must practice in order to win in the control block of training, to eliminate the pressure of his interiority.
- Must form the habit, new trends for the mind, towards thinking about liberation, renunciation of life accomplished the right thought, good will begin to shine.
- To create a frugal life qualities. These include subjects such as next to his wife and children ... to establish a common life rich in wisdom and peace.
- From there, the lives of well-established disregard love sex couple sex into selfless love for all creatures, turning the stuff of love suffering, limit the boundless mercy material , peace.

Thus, a layman can create the VTP between the human realm, complete behavior of the Bodhisattva vow of leading others.

Posts IX

I. Chief

De octagonal tri
birth and death factories course,
suffering innumerable
Development Mahayana mind
necessarily Deacon,
born May mass
Tho countless suffering
beings rather Linh
Tat Wing bliss

II. Service Definition

Thread eighth enlightenment that burning fire of birth and death to countless unpleasant beings. So give rise Mahayana Bodhisattva save all. Voluntary alternative to being subjected to suffering was immeasurable. Make every species of living beings achieve ultimate pleasure.

III. Content Explanation

Article eight is the final enlightenment of Business Article Eight The Great Awakening of the Human. Thread Enlightenment is the culmination of the bodhisattva behavior, in other words, this is the culmination of compassionate care. It can be said that enlightenment is the eighth leading ideas, the goal of the Human Bat Dai Giac Kinh.

As noted in the general perception, the direction of the business is Bat Dai Giac Human advocate Mahayana thought. Well-developed and Bodhisattva Bodhisattva direction inclined layperson. Article Saturday selfless love has been built, it was love intellectual equality in the background Friday, to have this route to the top center, the union of wisdom and compassion wisdom and compassion is set based on pure heart, through the process of long-term cultivation (of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). An The Cao had his roadmap for a systematic practice, dialectical. Peak of wisdom and compassion are:

1. Birth and death factories course, suffering innumerable : the enlightenment of the world subjectively and objectively continent including direct, three worlds are in flames, in other words they are the fire, as Kinh said: "Tam's very safe property such as flowers "- (the three worlds are not the same as house fire still) - The World that was created by fire ants lust, anger, fire and flames stupidity confusion. Such beings in general, people living in particular which endured endless suffering, take the result of greed, hatred and delusion, critically severe retribution. Picture house fire or burning flame of the realm of birth and death created a strong impression on that miserable painful of all species. Just talking about human beings is clearly immeasurable suffering: what kinds of physical pain physiology, is the kind of psychological suffering, is the suffering of the phenomenon, there are suffering under the original nature ... The pain was frequently present or latent, or outbreaks, making the presence of humans is always accompanied by the presence of uncertainty, suffering and disorder. Outwardly, it has the rich, the poor; the smart intellectual, who is dull stupidity; who are successful, who are bitter defeat; who are strong integrity, who are weak sick ... But all have one common denominator: that is suffering, everyone has personal suffering, depending on mood, circumstances, status ... that each person took on the pain of their own uncertainty, as if suffering is the property of mankind as Much As Wen said:

"No wonder when buried together
initially brought cries that the
cry for the world so eager
to fly back yard swimming Ai Princess bride ... "

Thanks to the new wisdom is the realization that birth and death by burning and the feeling of compassion is immeasurable suffering.

2. International Development Center of Mahayana necessarily universal: Mahayana Mind means Dai ​​Bi mind, mind to save all living beings are out of suffering, the heart desires and actions for the good of all creatures. To find this mind be clear and our sympathy is the endless suffering of black people in the life of silver.

As we can see true suffering of someone who we will trade him, we no longer sad, angry, jealous person. Contemplate the suffering of the people to rise to compassion is a practice of compassionate care. There are evil people aggressive, but when we saw they were beaten wounded, writhing in a pool of blood was immediately change our attitude: do not hate or anger that they have more compassion and help them.

When we see someone suffering, we trade him, that's what that limit, that is so visually require specific images, new case we moved, our new brand. So our business is people who are in need and disaster close to us, we see, meeting. There are people who have no love at home, but when that scene in the hospital the patient's pain immediately start loving care. It is normal love, compassion is not Great.

To achieve great compassion should care for, to see with wisdom label put compassion to all creatures without limitation, through birth and death see the fire burning so that the suffering of countless beings. So developmental great compassion to save all. In Business Compassion, Buddha: The practice of loving care philosophy that "May all creatures on earth to live peacefully, those species weak and the strong species, higher species, the species low, the large species, small species, the species in the near distant species, the species and animals that are about being born ... " "Let's bring unlimited compassion that embraces our whole earth and all species, from top to bottom, from left to right, compassion is not anything that breaks the mind is no longer king question a little more resentment or hate. Any time you travel, when standing, sitting, when lying awake as long as we maintain in our prayer of compassion mindfulness' (Metta Sutta - Nhat Hanh's translation) .

Great compassion to love a perfect fullness no vacancy or gap as described in the business objects of compassion and care agency also fully bi fullness without omissions, without limitation, meaning that of "Phat International Mahayana necessarily universal mind"

3. Born May neutral mass of suffering : the long ball has the fullness of ripe it will produce positive effects in a natural way; as one who fully negotiable, we will take action, the first step is to act help them what they need to express sympathy or to satisfy the inner nature of his love-filled. Assuming the other person does not want to get their help, they refused ... it makes me very bitter! It is the mental attitude of a mother injured her child.

The second step is to share the pain that person is unable to bear her indifference to suffering of others, I do not want to stand outside, or in other words I can not stand is when compassion is always mindful present. With compassion embraces every species of perfection both space and time I feel the suffering of the people's pain should be your pain. Under the intellectual insight of dependent origination, all species, people and things relative interdependence and interaction with each other, how we can be detached from everything?

Great compassion center to replace the unpleasant beings is the culmination of the work practice of compassion, which is typical for this is His Great Tibetan Bodhisattva Main feature: "Hell no you can not become a Buddha, sentient beings Bodhi means of the end "(if they are born in hell yet, we have not become Buddhas, they were born before the end of the Bodhi fruit). This is a wish, a desire for greatness, but what-it-self as a base and as a human being, one in being, in our beings. So beings we do not become a Buddhist?!

Is there a way to explain what "May instead of being very unpleasant," is a retrograde method, in the Jataka stories are pretty much illustrates the practice itself as candidates for the hungry tiger, giving his wife and children .. . It is a life in nature than ideal reality. Thread done here is love vast interest expressed intellectual realities that can enter the books usually say: "ungainly pronouns, and to great compassion." Wish to replace unpleasant beings is compassion fullness.

4. Spirit being all text fields bliss : - Noble of compassion that brings peace and happiness for everyone. To achieve good results then, the Bodhisattva must cultivate the different means used to to convert people. Means the birth of the Bodhisattva is very diverse, and sometimes execution means apparently is not good but to achieve the purpose of the, so to speak means to eighty-four thousand subjects. In business as well as Mahayana Theravada Buddha overview of four ways of being, known as the Four Legal Photography: generosity, kindly, Loi, co-worker.

When we already have immense compassion, the effect of birth is an essential needs like food, drink, breathe ... excluding the Theravada or Mahayana path are like that, so we will have a way of people helping people. Relief at no longer being simply handouts to physical or emotional pleasure people get how we all have achieved the ultimate pleasure, that is completely free birth and death . If you have not achieved such a Bodhisattva can not be satisfied as well be Main Tibetan Bodhisattva vow of United. So the daily prayer of Buddhists expressed strong will, our infinite:

"They are born of boundless vow
vow endless sorrow the
French school subject countless vows
supreme Buddhist vows to lead "

IV. Conclusion

Article eight of enlightenment is the culmination of the bodhisattva practice route well. In that show wisdom and compassion fullness, while reflecting the effect of being a high altitude. All abilities that are mentioned in the Sutra Pitaka Theravada and Mahayana. In this show very clearly the direction of the ideal: the Bodhisattvas enter. This is the Bodhisattva path that lay people have a lot of conditions and opportunities for practice.

- Size and freedom from suffering is the true act of thinking through all spiritual practice law. Do yourself all suffering, help people suffer less as a work requiring intelligence, energy and time. Also be dissolved into obscurity life begrime to lead beings to liberation is a well-great prayer of the Great Artists, also known as prayer or the behavior of The Great Human enlightenment which it refers to.

C. Finishing Business

Location X

I. Chief

As the test bowl
complaints, the Buddhas
Bodhisattvas of cause
of enlightenment Chi
diligently practices
compassion lily
family law master Thua
Chi Nirvana bank
Recovery complete birth and death
, quit being
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II. Service Definition

Eight of the above is the enlightenment of the Buddhas, the Bodhisattva and The Great People. These he diligently practices, practice compassion and wisdom, Princess boats ashore legal body that nirvana, then returned realm of birth and death to help living beings be freed. They took eight enlightened beings of this guide. Make all the enlightened beings are suffering in samsara but to give up sensual about the way St. radial.

If a disciple of Buddha, they must recite this August. Where are such a notion kill countless crimes, toward enlightenment, hurry-up feeling right. Permanently rid of birth and death, usually in the peace of Nibbana.

III. Content Explanation

Finishing the Scripture is the words to the effect of the eight super Vietnamese enlightenment of The Great Human spirit to encourage the practice of Buddhist practitioners. This section can be divided into two main ideas:

1. The effects of eight of the Enlightenment:

Eight of this enlightenment is not normally the practice that it has value and great benefit: As a means to liberation of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Thanh Hien ... The efforts by his practice of eight enlightened one and fullness are virtues of compassion and wisdom, compassion and wisdom through the fullness of boats that make up the law relative to the shores of Nirvana lead - free evening climate.

The effects of this include? It is the contemplative practice of Mindfulness, equip yourself aware of themselves, about life, the mind and the law. Least unfortunate sexual practice basics transparent life bar up the pleasures in life. Thus intellectual growth - free property arising.

- Path to pure Body - Import - Italy, excluding the contaminated karma and psychology, mastered the instinctive behavior, expanding the road to wisdom and liberation; it's the way common practice of all Buddhists. Of course people have an advantage over renunciation. This is the fundamental virtues, is the minister of religious freedom, if not whether or not to achieve a calm mind through this route, there is no route of liberation, that is to swim across the river, they must , also uses the ability to swim to save lives or not is another story. So people can not accept a Buddhist, a Buddhist monastic best that greed, hatred too big, no good reason that justifies the employment or immoral behavior.

- The way Bodhicharyavatara or Mahayana also based on freedom and purity that this user about saving sentient beings.

- Boat itself is made of legal wisdom and compassion, wisdom and compassion are made of pure pollution. The boat that leads the practitioner to liberation.

2. The effects of eight entered the Enlightenment:

- From peaceful liberation collective behavior of the ways of the Business for eight enlightenment has two purposes: One is the ability to equip themselves freed from the bondage of birth and death. The second is the ability to use it to help all sentient beings are liberated as their interests. Indeed, the essence of Buddha Dharma that always involve two possibilities it.

- In the closing words said after his eight enlightened through the practice of enlightenment, and nirvana him from the mortal realm to return to help liberate beings. This is very clear, before goods are not beings of their previous level, you are enlightened, with new release "return" of sentient beings, not liberation, but yet I have not only increased birth rate growth depression and guilt. So we have no reason to criticize those who are trying to practice "their level" is the negative and selfish.

However, if their "own rate" is too long, being that their suffering is not "park plum" is right is being neglected or not? Perhaps it stems from a concern in good faith but lo and "elephant trunks die without", expression of proverbs Vietnam.

Path of Buddhism should not be too rigid separation between the I and the people. If you contemplate the grace born of truth, we will see: they are the people, the people of his also. Material practice with compassion, the material is of course a consequence of being. So can not speak of Mahayana new beings are, while the other is not the practice!

The effects of eight entered the enlightenment is achieved eloquence sermon being touched, being helped physically and mentally so that they suffer less, giving them the opportunity to gain access to their upper , good direction. Get the white bar pattern of life and not his education by example, teaching people to make yourself go back to the path. Finally, if necessary, you can enter the receive pain if that's what makes people suffer less more fun. This is the path of the Bodhisattva entered the world, eight of Business Enlightenment.

All the means by which the practice of bodhisattvas beings must navigate to the specific effects:

a. " Spirit beings suffering sense of birth and death ": How to get the intelligence being hard to realize the greatest suffering is the suffering of birth and death. It is not easy, it is easy to recognize or accept as the truth of suffering: suffering of birth, old age, sickness, death, love that to be away from each other, hate each other but close to, or may I not contented mind, ie the phenomenal suffering, and suffering, they do not know the nature and difficult to know. So they just look normal and not all suffering would be freed.

b. " Discharge ly five desires ": Making Episode beings identify the sole cause of suffering, craving five desires. Beings are in life, enjoying a five desires, are geared to the mind and the object of education so that they are suffering. Making clear the nature of beings of sex is always dangerous consequences of suffering, so they gradually realize and abandon them.

c. Tu of the path: How to understand the Noble Truth of being, spiritual practice except the road to misery.

- From the What is the path? - The practice is practicing the Eightfold Path: right view, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. If the path being this practice is certainly suffering escape the yoke.

- Final reminder disciple of the Buddha encouraged people to recite and remember thinking this enlightened eight. So it goes in every thought only bad ones, no evil thoughts, evil law. Thus that karma is destroyed, leading to enlightenment, progress and achievements of birth and death end suffering, the joy supreme bliss of Nibbana.

IV.Ket Reviews

- Word end trading involves significant overview of the economic path, which is the practice of purity to the mind of all pollution achievements of intellectual virtue and compassion, so that the ultimate liberation . After gaining freedom to practice good behavior tha ability to use their freedom of enlightenment to help people with conditions the direction of truth and freedom as yourself.

- Same time, the closing words also make specific targets for practitioners of the practical work of making them realize the sufferings of birth, the cause of suffering and the path leading to cessation of suffering.

-Finally, by encouraging the practice highlights the utility of mindfulness taken to reflect the achievements except karma nirvana.

The way that economic Bat Dai Human Enlightenment introduced a convenient way for the life of a layman's practice to meet the aspirations of the bodhisattva engaged in life saving sentient beings. Especially in the way that space between life lived without dust dust, can be converted back contaminated dust into pure wage payment. /.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUĐDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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