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The cause of Buddhism weakened and prosperity

The prosperity or decline of Buddhism is always a problem that any Buddhist practitioner would always care. Obviously everyone wants to Buddhism was flourishing but in fact no such desire. It was not mere desire that needs to turn that desire into reality, with concrete measures and practical. That brought Buddhism to life, expressing the enlightenment (wisdom), free (not bound by greed and hatred) and compassion (tolerance and forgiveness) over the life of Buddha specific ranks and the Buddhist Sangha in the country. If so Buddhism would flourish development, not only development in Vietnam, Asian countries, but even in Western countries, for enlightenment, liberation and compassion, are the three elements that any Who in society should have, especially in today's society, men tend to develop in that direction.

If we use the universal rhetoric praising the sublime greatness of Buddha, to praise the liberation and enlightenment of his compassion with the contribution of Buddhism in the past, or spread form of the Buddha's teachings as "mantra" do not understand, explain the lack of analysis, in addition, increased expression of the old life to go against the spirit of enlightened liberation and compassion Buddha, the man in today's society is difficult to accept and follow. When society does not accept the existence of old growth will be difficult in terms of survival and means of missionary activities. Since that component will be degraded Sangha, Dhamma which will pass away, because the role of lay people is hard to replace the old growth, keeping mission preaching Buddhism and maintain social morality .

Thus, like Buddhism is maintained and developed in the present context, the need to explore the issues: the nature of Buddhism, the actual needs of people, methods of Buddhist missionary activities have reflect the spirit of Buddha and human needs in society or not. Since then why Buddhism flourished and declined. It is the content of this article discussed, with particular emphasis on analyzing the causes that make Buddhism flourished in today's society.

1. The essence of Buddhism

Dharma is the truth, the principle of operation of any law in the world, including psychological and physical. The principle that never changes, wherever and object, not a law does not comply with this rule or destroy the formation. The principle is called "Dependent Origination" (Sk: Prat ' TYA-samutp ? da, P ? : pa Ê icca-samupp ? da), the Buddha is often described as "This is so the other can, this should be the other students for students " [1] . From this principle, the Buddha set up the "12 predestined" for analysis explains the formation and termination of the afflictions of human suffering [2] . Also from this moral Dependent Origination, the Buddha discovered and pointed out the nature of the measures (psychological and physical) are impermanent (anitya), always changing, because they have no nature, must rely on each other that exists. Thus, what we called "Falling" ( ? tman), are all probably aware, there is also the author of, so the Buddha called "selfless" or more accurately called "non-self" (an ? tman), because they are shaped by five factors as identity, life and consciousness thoughts. Thus, the only legal method of the instant matter and even the ideological point of departure but also are conditioned to, their nature is impermanent; something is impermanent changes, so it can not be called " fall "or something of the" Russia ". If we accept them crazy trying to be permanent, as "this is me," this is what "I" is my opinion or that it is "me" is "my", but they do not discretion, the suffering of birth. Thus the Buddha advised us to use the political right view to observe and solve every problem in life. If we get it right so there will be happiness, the opposite will be true recipe for misery. Happiness or suffering caused by our own decisions, the Buddha is only for our masters students see the nature of law, the path is the path to happiness, and path is the path that brought back pain .. Based on the principles from this, the Buddha, depending on the level of each base type beings that set the high-low method, deep wide ranging so that the legal Hinayana Mahayana, the different parties. Thereby, we suggest that, Buddhism has the form of a Great State, there should be deep, but no significant changes Buddhism. This is the meaningful content:

" This monks, the one he was introduced Dharma, this set made ​​in France, no time (a), come to that seen (b), capable direction of the upper (c), is sense of intellectual self-understanding (d). These monks, this set made ​​in France, did not have time, come to that show, can climb, the feeling itself out of position. All that said this is to say by grace. " [3]

Through passages that conduct is necessary to clarify these points:

Question (a) "This set made ​​in France, no time" , the concept of France (P ? : Dhamma, Sk: Dharma) refers to what the revered enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, and he Using several methods, different forms of description of this truth during the 45 or 49 years after his lifetime. Truth is called the law. France is the truth of the world, not only the value in the past, but in the present and future, it remains legal and valid. Because birth and death are all legal and y are the legal existence of this so-called "French design done in no time" . However, we should note that the principle does not change does not mean the form or means of describing it is not altered. For example, a doctor based on the principles of medical therapy, depending on the illness of each person, list the different prescriptions. The difference in prescriptions originated from different illness, not a difference of principle. Buddhism also, Buddhism is only one moral, that moral enlightenment and liberation, but frugal beings different levels, so Buddhism established many different spiritual practice law. Therefore, the difference is just the difference in form, no changes in terms of truth.

Meaning of sentence (b) "Come to the show" refers to the differences between the Buddha and other religions. If other religions emphasize the role of the Buddhist faith stresses the role of "see" and "know", because the Buddha said that no one other than yourself as the owner decided to suffering or happiness to their lives at present and even future. He explained that the origin of suffering is ignorance, the source of happiness is wisdom, so his only duty being to show a clear two way, the sentient beings who choose one of two path. To select the path to enlightenment freed, leaving the path of suffering, that person must be able to "see" and "know". Only users can see and know the achievement of enlightenment and freedom, because freedom is the fruit, the human enlightenment, people must be nourished by material that know. That is why he said, his teachings are teachings for people that know is not the message. Without knowing that there is no enlightenment, no enlightenment there is no liberation, nirvana. Some people ask, why in Buddhism is often referred to beliefs such as the five senses, the five forces ... are "believers" at all. Keep in mind, the belief in Buddhism, is considered the first step in the process of liberation, and the need to identify the object they believe, to step into the next stage is the effort (effort) concept , and property. Thus, the purpose of faith is to intellectual achievement, not stop at faith.

The term " upstream "in (c)" Being able to climb " is only for enlightenment, liberation, nirvana. Here the Buddha identified the contents of his teachings are directed to the purpose of enlightenment and liberation, to eradicate greed, hatred and delusion, to avoid suffering, is not legal to grow distress. Indeed, if we seriously explore any business in both Mahayana and Hinayana were also found mention of enlightenment and liberation. Because of enlightenment and liberation are the typical characteristics, as should the purpose of Buddhism in everyday life of a Buddhist, a monk, or the Buddhist mass ... if there is any words or acts goes against the spirit of enlightenment and liberation, they even hid under way, on behalf of any organization is not considered speech or behavior Buddhism.

Fishing Activity (d) "is the location itself understood sense" determined that what the Buddha realized and taught the people knowledge and understanding to accept, not a metaphysical illusion words, not valuable wealth of evidence. This also suggests that what we are saying is do need to consult the people of knowledge, if they do not agree. If the knowledge economy does not agree, we must re-examine their words and their acts, and should change as inconsistent with Buddhism, did not fit the world.

Thus, the essence of Buddhism is practical now, unobstructed by space and time, is to understand and practice law. When will the practice except greed hatred and delusion, which leads to enlightenment and liberation, it was legal Buddha enlightenment and liberation, is the location to accept and praise. Perhaps that is why many brahmin heard the Buddha teaching are finished say:

" It's rather amazing because, false Ton Gotama! As the steep fall of what was thrown, or presenting what was covered, or only way to be lost, or hold the light in the darkness to those who have eyes can see color. Also, the Chief Justice has been assumed Ton Gotama preached using various means. Con Ton now assume Gotama for refuge, take refuge in France, the Sangha. Mong Ton Gotama authors do recognize the lay disciple, from now until the public network, the lifetime specified threshold . " [4]

The contents of this paragraph, the Brahmin Sang ? Rava after hearing the Buddha explains the divine, he understood the Dhamma and speak your mood. He felt that his teachings are actually clear and understandable, unlike what he had learned from the Brahmin, so he was for " As they stand up to what was thrown down " . Plants were set up and the flags be flying in the wind represents the triumph of success. Thus, this statement hides two meanings: first, indicating the collapse of his attitude about religion he followed. Monday, prior to the disappointments that Blessed is the people who lit the hope, the one who pointed out the weaknesses which had been concealed, like a person who lost the directions in a rigorous , as the birds go in the night lights. We can say, these are the words of those who identified pagan, when they hear the Buddha preach. This demonstrates that Buddhism itself is not blind, whereas very clear, very practical and functional to help people eliminate greed hatred and ignorance, to increase understanding and tolerance in heart generous. From this sense, suggested we check what we are doing, Buddhism we are introduced to people in the spirit of Buddhism correctly and not developed in any direction. This is one of the issues we need to seriously think.

2. The cause of Buddhism weakened

As the last presentation, Buddhism is practical now, is not limited by time and space, it is a legal method to understanding and practice, which helps people make the greed, hatred and delusion, reach enlightenment and liberation. While Buddhism itself can function as such, but the current state of Buddhism has indeed left the images and feelings not very healthy for society, and even Buddhists. Why this contradiction? I think the problem is not difficult to understand, it is inevitable result when we together praise the "nominal" that the Buddha himself had been abandoned and ignored; against the duty liability of renunciation is Dharma practice, promoting the political right view, is worthy of praise and promotion, we are not praised and promoted. He played outside, we gilded bowl, fruit offered daily, but the Buddha inside the dust hundred layers, how Buddhism does not fall into this phenomenon. Propagate Buddhism is how the teachings of wisdom and compassion he was promoted in society, in each of us, most every home and Buddhists. Not all together praise the super Vietnamese Buddhism, Buddhist, or rely on his golden sheaves sure that Buddhism flourished. He golden sheaves Buddhist attitude is manifested in admiration of us for the Buddha, the Buddha's desire, but that does not mean he is bright outside the Buddha, the Buddha inside is also clear that, as material to clarify two different Buddhas. Buddha outside, we can use the golden ... jewelry making brilliant, but he can not use the Buddha inside the material, which material to use wisdom and compassion, the lack of two materials, the Buddha in the heart difficult in the morning. Buddha himself is not pure in heart, how can make Buddhism flourished in the world. We can borrow his appearance outside the golden Buddha with a means to guide people to understand his example Buddha inside, but absolutely should not confuse the two others he was a Buddhist. Otherwise, this is one of the causes of decline of Buddhism, as has been revered analysis:

" This Ca-lettuce, such as when lives are about to pass, but was not anti lost treasure, but treasure similar disguise appeared in the world. When treasure disguise appeared, treasure it will take. Also Ca-lettuce, Dharma Tathagata was about to kill, has the similar method was born, when the similar methods have appeared in the world then, the Dharma will be destroyed.

For as the sea, if the ship carrying several storms, sure will be quickly immersed. Dharma Tathagata is not so, that would be destroyed gradually. Dharma of the Tathagata do not damage the land, not water, fire, wind damage goes. Until the evil beings appeared in the world, like doing the evil, to do evil, the evil achievements; illegal is legal talk, say law is illegal; non-law said the law; by law similar, but calls are prevalent. Now a new sink Tathagata Dharma lost . " [5]

The contents of this discourse the Buddha explained the cause of dharma is destroyed, he said, land can be buried anything in the world, but the land can not be buried Dharma; water can get washed away urchins everything, but water can not wash away or drown Buddhism; fire can burn everything in the world, but the fire can not burn the Dharma; wind (hurricane) can blow everything, but wind can not blow Buddhism. Land, water, fire and wind are very dangerous type capable of destroying all things, but they are not objects that can destroy Buddhism. He re-analysis, the boat carrying the treasure items, the causes can sink the boat because of severe or robbed, but the teachings of the Tathagata is not something that can pass away; only "relevant legal kind of stuff, "as the law has the form, meaning similar, just like law of the Tathagata, the new law that could destroy his teachings. This is a significant question: " do not kill it lost treasure, treasure similar disguise appeared in the world. When treasure disguise appeared, treasure it will take. "Here, the Buddha called" real treasure "only to Buddhism or Dharma;" treasure disguise "just for a disguise, pretending Buddhism. So what is the legal measures were disguised? France pretending to be the same method similar to Buddhism, but the essence of France is not related to enlightened liberation or hinder intellectual development, growth negativity, creating confusion between Buddhism and illegal , regardless of what is dharma and what is evil practice; what are bad ones, where the evil law, to take the means to end, taking as a means to the end .... These disguise, pretending not to overshadow the teachings of enlightenment and liberation of the revered, but also for himself that person must receive pain, as if without distinction, are not aware of misconduct law and dharma, dharma thoughts evil practice is, get the evil practice of the results, how can happiness, for introducing teaching evil to others, how Buddhism is not waning. The easy to recognize the renunciation, loose management, and lack of education, Buddhism does not inevitably so avoid this. From the practical activities of the Sangha today we can see it very clearly. If new people are not trained in a serious way, not to study Buddhism, do not know the duties and responsibilities for self and Buddhism, is becoming a Bhikkhu, Bhikkhu ni, he took what to practice and get something to teach the Buddhist heaven and posterity? Then surely arise "similar measures". Will become more dangerous if you do it the abbot, or hold a significant position of the Church, also took his knowledge, "similar" was operating on Buddhism temple, or church administration. If so dharma will go to teaching "causal" very fair and transparent, not soybean planting watermelon, having sown the good that evil results? Also, the renunciation not practice Buddhism which can propagate Buddhism is that it is difficult to occur, the opposite direction of causality. If you do not know that Buddhism teaches the Dharma, the law that is similar measures, is the cause of the decline of Buddhism. This is a significant question: " Dharma Tathagata was about to kill, has the similar method was born, when the similar methods have appeared in the world then, the Dharma will be destroyed. " This is we need to think.

Another issue raised here, who can make a "similar French "? The answer is none other than the disciple of the Tathagata. Only the disciples of the Tathagata are eligible to generate similar measures. Suppose as outsiders have tried to destroy Buddhism by creating "similar measures", but if a disciple of the Tathagata is a place, understood the Dhamma, then any tampering measures appear in the lead Buddha will be exposed. Buddhists do not have a pagan who believes that no disciple of the Buddha's message.

Only ordained without the idea that Buddhism is Buddhism similar measures, that it was Buddhism, new eligible create "similar measures". Since the formation of the ordained minister, as a member of the Sangha, one of three crown for Buddhists rely on, is the master of the world, so did the Buddhist belief. This is the meaning of the phrase "honest lion lion flesh", meaning that only the same species can lions eat lions. Why is this happening? In "Business Increases Chi" Buddha explained:

" Do what's, what conditioned, white Bhagavan, after passing away Tathagata, Dharma is not to dwell long on? Here, this Kimbila, passing away when the Tathagata, monks, monks-nuns, lay men, lay women to live without respect, not obedience to masters ; live disrespect, disobedience France; not respect life, do not obey them up ; live disrespect, disobedience law school ; live disrespectful, disobedient to each other. Because of this, by this grace, this Kimbila, when the Tathagata passing away, Abhidharma not dwell long on. " [6]

Here the Buddha Dharma explain why early decline, is not respected gurus obedience, not obedience to respect France. Buddha was enlightened to find out the truth, that of helping people lead to enlightenment and liberation, the mental defilements, but the Buddha entered Nirvana, no longer in the world. But he has entered Nirvana, but his teachings are still there, anyone on the legal medical practice that will be enlightened and liberated. If someone followed him ordained as a monk or home, look forward to enlightenment and liberation as him, but do not follow his advice but sometimes the opposite is impossible to be enlightened liberation, the Buddha law can not flourish. These people called the Buddha for his hatred to mind, as he said:

" Therefore, this Ananda, treat it, with friendly interest, not with a hostile mind, and as such he will be long-term happiness. And how practitioners treat the Guru with hostile mind, not with the heart of friendship? Here is Ananda, his teacher with kindness sharp sermon to his disciples, seek happiness them, because hearts from Man said: "It is happy for him, it is peace for him." But the disciples he refused to comply, not slang disasters, focusing on the other (Annan), in contrast, they go beyond the teachings of the Guru. Thus, this Ananda, a disciple of the masters to treat with hostile mind, not with the heart of friendship. " [7]

Here the Buddha identified, said the purpose of His law, as trade being sunk in misery, want them to hear and follow the instructions of his own to be happiness. However, there are many who follow Him as His disciples, but they do not practice according to his instructions but follow a different direction. Buddha called these people who are hostile to his heart, not the preaching of His teachings. Related to this issue, in "Dear Justice" refers to the Buddha:

" This monks, be the heir of France I, not as heirs resource. I have compassion and I think you think: How can we be disciples of the French heirs of me, not the heirs resource?. And these monks, if you are the heirs of Ta resource, not the French heirs, not only you become the person that people say: Both teachers and students are resource heirs, not the French heirs, but we also become what they say: Both teachers and students are heirs resource, not the French heirs. " [8]

Fortune of the world's largest property and status, so as they age, parents must make a will the property to someone in the child. Feudal, whose status as the king must appoint someone to replace him, otherwise you may struggle, argue, even kill each other. Thus, fortune and position are two very important things in the world. In contrast, in Buddhism, asset fame is not important but the most important is "French" (dhamma). France there is not a "y" or "bowl", not "classic" to the Buddha, which is our actual practice the teachings of Bhagavan. He recommended that the greed, hatred and delusion but, if the rate does indeed practice parade except the greed, hatred and delusion, then he has inherited billions monks of the Buddhist teachings. In contrast, the ratio y bowl parade no matter what, he's classic, but greed, hatred and ignorance do not give up, the rate can not call it pretentious heir, because his fortune is enlightenment, liberation, y is not a bowl of assets .... According to him, properties such as temples y bowl ... only a means to parade billion to facilitate the practice for themselves and for others, not the fortune of the Buddha, so we should not view the release development is a form of Buddhism flourished, and that the lack of facilities that Buddhism declined.

In this day and age, money and material elements can say is no less important benefit of their missionary life, but it does not mean there is money and facilities, the Dharma will flourish. There are facilities but lacking in heart and understanding of Buddhism to missionary activities, the Dharma is flourishing without conditions. Sometimes the development of facilities is not reasonable to have sex with the opposite effect, history has proven that. This is why the Buddha said, if you are the heirs of Ta resource, (be) ... it is said: Both teachers and students are heirs resource, not Legal heirs are ...". I think this is where we need to pay attention, do not overlook the problems related to the material. Vietnam folk have a saying: "money is the lifeblood." As money has become the lifeblood, it's very important position in the human heart. Need to be careful when using them, otherwise it becomes a "snake" but it should not die, but also damage the Dharma.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).TO DINH TU QUANG ( CANADA MONTREAL) TEL=5145258122.SPEAK TO VENERABLE CHAN THANH.TU VIEN VIEN QUANG( USA).=TEL=8032226629.?CHUA PHAT QUANG=(AUSTRALIA).SYDNEY     AND MELBOURNE.MOBILE=0410174268.OUR MASTER NAME THICH TAM CHAU.

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