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Country VIETNAM we are on track towards innovation and industrialization, modernization, I think those who are their descendants the Explanatory should also take this opportunity that Buddhist Studies. But, how is a "Buddhist Studies" ? -EINSTEIN He was a great scientist said: "Religion without Science is like him deaf, and Science without Religion, He is like the blind. " -Mr KC CHEN, is one of the famous Zen Master in the world during the current session. He was INSTITUTE DIRECTOR Schools distance learning WORLD Meditation in AUSTRALIA (SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL Correspondence Meditation, AUSTRALIA) also stated as follows: "If we have ambition to do Buddhist expansion light scattering Solar bright as the morning sun, to benefit all sentient beings in this world, they must do to capture the essence, elite methods, techniques of experimental science, to apply to job preaching Dharma, the new hope brought positive results. Also out this way, no other way. " Buddhism is a priority Vietnamese Religion in the Religious Nhut, ordinary people who can research and learn about all religions can not deny this. But, What is Science? Science, English and French are called SCIENCE , derived from Greek SCIENTIA, that is KNOWLEDGE . That knowledge includes the following aspects: observation, experimentation, verification, reasoning, analysis, and interpretation induction etc. .. Just because Buddhism and Science have friendly relations with each other, so new that Buddhism says there is no Science or no science Buddhism has become Britain Deaf , British Blind . That he was Deaf and Blind him, what nobody cares to eye, do not we do!? The Buddha's way too far away, in the light of Science used to illuminate the Buddhist perspective, we realize that there are too many unclear, the practice is inappropriate, lacking specific theoretical analysis, not verification, testing workshop to draw experience ... Therefore, so the new lead to "scratch itching Shoes" , so do four Buddhists can promote the wisdom of the Vietnam Buddhist been? Until now, most people practiced Mahayana Buddhism, recite a month HONG SAM SECURITY LIST twice, beginning with the sentence: "Now I play center, not because he needs blessings heavenly plane, or the results Pratyekabuddha Thanh Van , after the goods Bodhisattva right of succession; that only rely target Supreme DROP to develop the mind of Bodhi . May all beings in the Dharma Realm, quickly attained the status of the supreme Buddha Supreme " (Falling metal distribution center, from the requirements of natural blessings themselves, Van Thinh, Pratyekabuddha you fail to make Mr. Right excess Bo Tat, the only Supreme Thua y, develop bodhicitta, volunteer information about being legal, momentarily freezing with multi LA TAM Overview A Mind of Love.) worship, chant, recite the Buddha, fasting and prayer, if four Buddhists today it is the practice for the chief to practice with the desire to quickly become a Buddha, it is like "LEO FISHING ROD" so! . Why? Because, of these practices, just as the practices used to compel women to practice Buddhism (= Tri Heart Disease ) only. Seriously, they do not pertain to the key targets that Germany Exalted has set a "DISEASE TREATMENT CENTER" at all!. In fact, DISEASE TREATMENT CENTER is a key objective for the practice that the Buddha out, if someone does not believe, do the testing center the following statements by German chlorine ENERGY HUE , there will be no doubt:

"Buddha said all measures,
to treat all heart.
We do not all care,
Where all the legal needs "

(Business Forum LEGAL PROTECTION ).

Also please be noted: the heart disease say here, is not the same, not illness, that people with neurological diseases (dementia) suffer from being treated in hospital where your armies to Bien Hoa. For Heart Disease, no one is inevitable, when it was born as I was suffering from mental illness?. If, like "Heart Disease Treatment" , the only Buddhist monk under the new disease of the mind only. Does anyone doubt, now there are many physicians specializing in treatment of mental illness in Western countries to practice Meditation Monastery in the hope of the Center for Disease own!? There are new diseases need drugs, not sick, need drugs to do? So before our eyes need to know they have it or do not care what was, what is it? But how to know this? -Xin said, need to go from doctor to take pictures, illuminated glass or ultrasound anything, just to find somewhere relatively quiet, sit still, been closed two eyes of flesh (flesh label) again, then use the eye center (center plate) towards the body (mind) to observe closely, to see in it as quiet as sheets or noise as a fair and everything out there!? . If detected in the body (mind) have said, laughing, crying, la, fouling paint, great location, sailing, soccer, fairs, who this person and that, sometimes teachers go Zang business or is thinking Rubbish book idea, or anything Free Speech Free Speech, Free In Home That is the quiet whisper and leaves hiss hiss ... never be ceased, you should know that the mind is crazy, or are ill need treatment immediately as soon as possible. However, as has been said above, like "DISEASE TREATMENT CENTER" only a Spiritual Practice is the only way. But, like practitioners, can cure mental illness ? According to Buddhist teachings, conditions , and It must have enough to "DISEASE TREATMENT CENTER" as follows: 1 .- First of all, to make clear that such things "Language Center" or those prefatory words, Free In Home That Rubbish idea or thought the book .... whisper quiet hiss hiss and left us in body and mind, the Buddha called them delusions thoughts . Themselves that karma (karma is the name of ignorance, or + Business + width) leading us away from suffering the birth and death rolls. If you bring them compared with nuclear warheads, we will see them more dangerous than nuclear warheads numerous times. Because Nuclear warheads can only kill us one life, one life, then killed them from the cortex, we ring this life, and now they continue killing never be stopped end!. In fact, they (think Advent thoughts) extremely dangerous! . So, the Buddhist monk today, there are clear as to know about them yet? If, clearly know they have, why not rely on them to be enlightened or Tanh Minh Tam Kien, since Kinh Thu Lang Nghiem said: "sign up to the mind, ie up Bo" (to the mind a break, Bo-stop news. " 2 .- Secondly, there must be a French well, are full of powerful and clean away the ability to think thoughts Hope (Or + Business + width) used to lower the sophisticated new Heart disease can be cured. that experience, the old cultivator has no compassion for Knowledge guide and shown the way the French do not have a good way to lower the Tu for sophisticated, capital losses should be left empty-handed , it is unjust that much!. Therefore, people with the will of today's hearing should be aware of this old saying: "People automatically as feathers, also reached Religion as horns", to know that I must do?. In short, Buddhism is practiced kindness. In other words, the Buddhist monk is "DISEASE TREATMENT CENTER" . If y on here (center) to development and use of the practice, has firmly on Heart Diseases will be cured (lost primary care often becomes the main list). And once mental illness or treatment and then became the sound often, ignorance (or + Business + width) where also. his wife Minh has expired, the larger the birth and death as a result stop. That is, at that time, assuming we do not want to become a Buddha, a Buddha is still as usual. NOTE : (*)-Scratching itching shoes: there that is separated from the religious center. (**) The meaning of the true gnosis or KIEN Emptiness is the mind and harness on. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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