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Most people who follow Buddhism believe that Buddha is a god, because according to the Buddhist prayer " God save the Tam Dai Thien World. " All living beings are His beings, are equal salvation. So, anyone need anything, they themselves devoutly pray that will be given. From that thought, we find everywhere the Buddha statue to, for good, then put on some time to burn incense before the statue to pray. While living, the increased well-being, increase life expectancy, do it good luck, happy family, happy ... At death, the procession to pray the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss. This concept has been ingrained in the Buddhists from many generations now, want to change is not easy. But by the Kinh, the Buddha has promised salvation to all beings? The redemption took place in conditions? How to save the new Buddha?
Before discussing the salvation of the Buddha should review how to understand Buddhism. Buddhism is understood in two ways: For those who are called Thua Second, it is the Spirit, may the grace, blessings, sufferings, the fun. With Japan's understood, true to the Scripture, then Buddhism is the state of Emancipation that everyone can reach, not only the Buddhas of the past. Therefore, Shakyamuni was scribe: " I am the Buddha has. They will become a Buddha born " . So there are The Three Buddhas, that the past has been the practice to attain, a Buddha. Currently, if one strictly follow what is guided by the Kinh can attain, the Buddha. The future, too. The way we are discussing here is called the ONE DROP, Buddha is not looking like the Spirit, but as a mirror and as a testament scriptures, such as a map for us in that meet their own Buddha , and in this way, we follow the basic instructions are in the Kinh.
Everyone knows that Buddhism has been passed long ago. Even the Buddha taught 5000 people have spent on Buddhist teachings do not even hear more so that their understanding was incomplete. Who banned them then take the knowledge that half the preaching? Then, each time followed by the launch of the temple were so many teachers. Even the bookstore you will see the endless Business books ... The director understood more or less if possible, the faculty, theoretical Buddhist scriptures, and then released ... The following can not distinguish what is right and what is evil, what is the correct understanding, what are the misconceptions, as all the name of Buddhism to teach! Even the teams we see as the official Clerk To begin Y, Bat not open lecture is not transmitted envoy from Y Bat opened before 16 years of teaching. The study does not lose the crowd louder that the time was called South ENERGY, North TU. Both sides have people who succeed each other teach, practice until today, are used to propagate the Religion Buddhist scriptures. That's not to mention the Tribe. Home Zen sect also had to 5: The Threshold, Van Mon and French labels, Tao Dong, Lin Te ... how much training the Zen Master, Assistant Professor? So, who could only rely on fate, may then ask, take risks they take!
Only with his secretary: " I am the Buddha has, sentient beings will become a Buddha , "we saw the throne the Buddha is not unique, nor is it divine, because if so, how everyone Anyone can get into that position?
The second thing we need to consider is the Buddha of Emancipation from what? He has done nothing to achieve that status Deliverance?
For this we need to turn to the reasons Prince Si Dat Ta give rise to a monk. Everyone knows that during a walk in the suburbs, the first time he saw a human aging, illness, death makes the emotional intensity. Knowing that all people, not from others, is to birth, old age, sickness and death, the Prince found the heart to find the way to liberation from this rule. He left the palace and joined with other religious groups are the hope they will find the answer, but just learn magic, magic, making him frustrated. Finally he found the answer after 49 days and nights meditating under the Bodhi tree.
Through a statement when you think you've completely Deliverance. We see Shakyamuni have found the culprit that makes home birth, old age, Sick, Death, and that since he will not build houses anymore Samsara. What he found is called Truth Deliverance, and he used the rest of his life to preach the truth. It is a summary of Buddhism and the lead was 33 communications group to teach each other until the strongest Y Eight loss to everyone preaching widespread, the consequence is that until this time we no longer see the real realized, only to see another statue for transmission to, take the grand temple to worship Buddha, to pray for "a degree". The Buddhist monk to become not heard of again! So, wants to return to the true Dharma to perform secretarial words, we must learn "The Buddha" is like? What to do to become?
At the heart of why development of Shakyamuni, we find that "The Buddha" is not a "he" has 32 good generals, 80 beauty could save the three great natural celestial world, which is "into the path of Freedom" for themselves in only. And Freedom that is free from the gift of birth, old age, sickness and death. But clearly they do not learn to come here will see a huge contradiction, as we will explain how the theory of Buddhism is to "Exit" Birth, old age, sickness and death, while the founders are Sakyamuni also had old, died, was cremation? That is what the Second Thua, see Buddhism as the Spirit did not dare to come up, because if the Buddha really is a Spirit would be "immortal" true. He was not himself "and death" that we also ask Him for his escape from the star of it?!
If you read the more I see more clearly Kinh. In Business EQUITY NOTES predestined monks in a Buddhist teachings Rahula is not listening absently, his hospital was probably small, immature minds, waiting to large.
Buddha asked: "To impermanent, the body is difficult to keep, so you can keep people up to large networks? "
Almost La answer: "This is still not able to keep, but it not hold gium Buddha subnet it?"
Buddha: " Hey La Van, I also do not hold us, let alone hold it for you. " (p. 27)
Buddha did not keep to yourself, do not keep the child, which he can probably keep it for us. Because if He did, He argued the law was put Impermanence theory to remind us to do?
Sakyamuni also born to mothers as people. His legend was born from the armpit of Queen Maya was the researcher illuminates: It is the position that India Xua used to talk about the social hierarchy. Kings, queens, governors, the first born, forehead, armpit. The businessman then living in the abdomen. First, the student population at the base. It was not a sacred occult. When Shakyamuni enlightened, the lecture then also living like a normal person. If he is the god of permits would have to have rice for himself and his disciples used. On the contrary, he is " in order to door begging returning Vihara, finished dinner, take-y dishes, wash your feet, cover specific coordinates that sits " (Kim Cang). Many times he is ill, his begging bowl Anan to take milk. End of his life was "food poisoning" by the use of meal offerings Thuan Da die. So why the dead becomes sacred, " to save the three great natural natural world " ? So he is saving for reasonable people? How is salvation? The Bounce Born Son of Him?
That is what needs to review the " High Beings "of the Buddha
First of all, one thing is sure that we are not beings of the Buddha, because he wanted to become a Buddha must be "Dotan beings." Sakyamuni was "full of beings" should last him a Buddha. These students are then became the Buddha, was on nirvana, no more sorrow. But we are still working in the ceiling and filled with sorrow, should not the beings of the Buddha.
Monday: beings and Buddha are all in the mind, so called Tu Tu Buddhist Center. Mind and Buddha are one, which cut should Kinh Duy wrote: "Depending on where that pure Buddha mind is pure." Thus, the Buddha is not in the East, outside the West. Because if it's outside of the other Buddhas.
Tuesday: What is the Clerk We Born To explain: "Do Good knowledge. They are born in mind is: evil love hearts, heart lies, evil hearts, jealousy, evil heart. The heart of this are called beings. Each person must use that degree to take its own Nature New called the damage ".
Because each person can "control" their life is for them, so the new secretary Shakyamuni: All sentient beings will become a Buddha . Beings of every person in the center of each one, so outsiders can not be measured. Thus, Buddhism teaches to be free. If Shakyamuni had "the others" was the first he had to gut the child is a child Rahula and Anan. But they all have to prove he did not practice with "the others". So people ask is "degree" is wrong, due to misconceptions that experience, the Buddha!
The salvation for " Tam Thien Dai Natural World "is understood as follows. Since ancient times the language is limited Shakyamuni is difficult to express these thoughts in mind should he have to borrow internal external scenes for example. People often INDEPENDENT BA, ie, anger and SI do not rest for sorrow. Each moment we start thinking how many of this type. A life in the endless. Recently, the idea of Australia has calculated that each day a person was born around 50,000 thoughts. But several thousand years ago, Buddha had observed that and he thought that number (he called Beings) as much as residents in the country. Since there are three categories, should he call it a natural World Tam Thien Foundation. Buddha of each is responsible for redemption for three Thien Dai's own natural world only. To "high" until the end of the new release. Do not beings of that kind anymore, so called "full beings."
But if they thought it was not Born probably "the" out of ideas to mind was empty as wood stone, called it "the Buddha" or what?
Experience teaches, "Except for eight" or "Unless Tam Tam" Unless that is greed, hatred, delusion - not unless Tam past, present, future ... as many have mistakenly thought - to mind become empty as the soulless! Because Buddhism has the Four Boundless Center News Center, compassion, Joy, Equanimity to practice. In addition, practitioners must also have right view, right thoughts, the chief effort, right concentration, right speech, right action. What must cultivate to be wood, stone, senseless, very visual, no longer living, no longer distinguish good, bad, good, evil?
So the "Exit Born Son" of Shakyamuni to understand how?
So ordinary, it may be suffering because General General. Those who see The Body is a course I will be hard news, fun, live, die with it. In the context of temporary living in the body that causes it to generate so much bad fruit, it must flow to pay, in the samsara. Sakyamuni said that a person's body is actually just a combination of the Coast for Causal shown in a life of the body only. Dependent Out, out, is to the body will disintegrate. The TA is really one's true nature is that alongside the body, but not live, die with it, but real life, immortality. So anyone looking to be with his true nature and office there, is no longer suffering, life and death, because sorrow, life, death, is the French place with a Body Fantasy is the only . Shakyamuni Do not immerse the body to infect more should have drainage from, and when any spiritual attainment as well have achieved as he should be called before the Buddha, the Buddha are equal.
In short, Buddhism teaches, " without Cau Cau "Human compassion is just sowing the good result will come naturally. Buddha can not take us on the status of the Buddha. China Eastern or Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss is at the center of each plane of existence after the renovation of all evil beings, evil. Moreover, Buddhism Religion Causal we just ask what the other followers of other theistic religions, also so that their religion is the Truth? Therefore, one fourth of Buddha that is "Y ECONOMIC DATA DEFINITION, REAL Y ECONOMIC MEANING as the dose," because without Lieu means that Y was then understood as a means of Buddhism, Buddhism variable from Best Second Thua become redundant, I became the only known refuge in superstition, pleading, which it has used such heavy: for these are the "same guy Death," was his bourgeois father's house but did not dare to to get a fortune, just skim around to feed by day! It is about the Buddhist who is capable of "Freedom" to himself "the Buddha" back on themselves as they birth of Buddha, I just know to ask "is the" only. We Birth of the Buddha, He was "the end" and then, our beings are not likely to let it deep rotation in the sea of misery forever? Has claimed to be the Son of the Buddha that his father refused to listen, not does a secretary, then watch out not careful who you become " patent, mock French "no or so.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).MOBILE BUDDHIST to learn more buddhist dharma.research by buddhist nun tam thanh.

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