Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Buddha,
His Identity, Purpose and Teachings
"Open to all are the doors to the Deathless. Let those who will hear respond with faith. ...
An unsurpassed teacher am I; alone am I the All-Enlightened. Cool and appeased am I. To establish the wheel of Dhamma, to the city ...I go. In this blind world I shall beat the drum of deathlessness. "
Who is the Buddha really? what is he?
and what did he teach?
Is he important for me? what meaning does he have for me?
Find your answers here and take the first steps to a new life, lived with wisdom and compassion.
What is Buddhism? And why is its appeal so strong that it is now the fastest growing religion in many parts of the world? Answer

His Story Who is the Buddha? Read about his life beginning from his birth and until his final Liberation Here What does the word Buddha mean? Is he a god? If not, then what is he? Answer

His Teachings What are the Four Noble Truths that form the core teachings of the Buddha? Answer
The practice of Buddhism is the Eightfold Path, how does one walk this path? Answer
What is karma? Answer
What happens when I die? Answer
What did the Buddha say about God? Answer
Do we have a soul? Answer
What is the origin of the world? Answer
What's all this about meditation? Answer
Is there a moral system within his teachings? Answer
Is Buddhism an atheistic religion? Answer

Why is it important for me? What benefits can I expect from practising Buddhism? How will it change my life? Answer Isn't it better to believe a god-based religion? The answer is No. It is actually harmful to yourself and a poses a danger to society. Go here
Why are Buddhists always so happy and peaceful? Answer

Its Relevance to the World today Is Buddhism relevant today? Answer Does Buddhism agree with science? Answer
Why do Buddhists value compassion and loving-kindness? Answer

Becoming a Buddhist What is a Buddhist? Answer
What are the Three Jewels? Answer
What does going for Refuge as a Buddhist mean? Answer
How is the ritual of becoming a Buddhist performed ? Answer (external link)
I'm totally new to Buddhism. Have you any advice for me on getting started? Sure, go here

Other Questions How do I know if this is true? And what did the Buddha say about other religions? Answer Did the Buddha perform any miracles? what has he to say about them? Answer
Will the world come to an end? Yes, but not the way most people expect it. Go here.END=NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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