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- Bodhgaya (Bodh Gaya)

Bodhgaya-Bodhgaya is the land of the north Indian state of Bihar. This is the land of Buddhist followers are seen as the most sacred and noble because this place more than two thousand years before Prince Siddhartha Gautama had reached the highest enlightenment.
We went to Bodhgaya in the afternoon. The streets filled with red colors of the Tibetan monks. Q knows that tomorrow is the spiritual leader of Tibetan lamas that he will come fourteenth lecture at Bodhgaya. Standing from the hotel gate, we saw a lot of Tibetan monks to travel by all means. There are walking groups, a group ride, most are young, innocent smile playfully skim. In four of the relics (auto center, four places đó tạo Enthusiasm), Bodhgaya (Bodh Gaya) as features many different people to worship you! This place is always crowded nghit people. There are both lay and clergy and believers around the world. We see all colors of the Buddhist sects here. Austria Theravada gold, red shirt of Tibetan Buddhism, brown coat of Mahayana Buddhism. Today, before a forest people, step inside the campus of Bodhgaya is a problem. The Tibetan monks in red and before many days and preferred to sit near the Great Stupa. I have a feeling that all Tibetans in exile are trying to stay in the Tibetan Buddhist Sangha. They may just be the physical protection of life both spiritual refuge. Looking at the "bow is" the land of waves Soai monks and believers Tantric Buddhism we see the level of the Tibetan belief of how deep! Today is a day overloaded pilgrim. Sacred space of Bodh Gaya is no longer pure. Even without the festival day, Bodhgaya is never quiet. It was said that day, time, the monks also go around the tower held speakers reciting things called "business". Sound economic process through to a fresh micro organisms and make everyone around can hear (except the gods and Buddhas!). Today all the pilgrims are guided around Tower Great sense- Mahabodhi for great distances. I unfortunately do not have the opportunity to sit quietly contemplative side as the Bodhi tree and dream at the start of the trip. Could not find a few leaves or a small loss Bodhi nearby rock as a souvenir! Tower Great Sense-Mahabodhi temple (the collection) Tower Great Enlightenment (Mahabodhi) is marked buildings where the Buddha was sitting meditate and achieve enlightenment. According to Buddhism, there is no place on this earth to bear the "power" of the ultimate Enlightenment except Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya is regarded as the navel of the earth, is matter of the globe can communicate with other realms of the entire natural universe. Bodhgaya is the spiritual place only to a Great Buddha appears. Legend Bodhi tree started growing here when the Buddha was born. When you do not have a Buddha appear, Bodhgaya is a place with clean sand flat, where a species does not grow. Even Sakka (De Like Heaven) also can not pass through the upper space of Bodhgaya. About two hundred and fifty years after the Buddha entered Nirvana, King Asoka visited where the Buddha attained enlightenment and had built the Great Stupa in here. Legend has it the original college building has a diamond pyramid was built on the spot meditating Buddha. When Buddhism was in decline and then be destroyed in the 12th century by the Islamic Army, the university abandoned tower. Tower Great sense that we see now is a perfect architectural reconstruction of architectural form in the 6th century tower. Tower Great Enlightenment (the collector) and in 2002, Great tower 50 meters high Mahabodhi created by many precious stones, was placed on Unesco's heritage buildings in the world. [1] Macro Tower Great Enlightenment (Mahabodhi) with the pattern. (The collection) Buddha statue inside the tower Great Enlightenment (the collection) , however there is Mahabodhi Buddhist relics own or not the Indian people are still arguing! Previously the church had owned the Hindu temple and control, and later the British Churches of Sri Lanka has been lobbying for the tower be returned to the state government of Bihar. But initially the board to have nine of the tower, and the statutory majority of the members and chairman must be a Hindu! All the Buddhists in Vietnam may have been surprised about this, as will be surprised at how the practice of Buddhist monks in India (of Buddhism) are granted the diploma signed by the approved Brahmanical ! Indian civilization developed on the philosophical concept of the Vedas (Veda) and then the Upanisad period (an essence of the Vedas). Developed from the Upanisad philosophy known as Da Ve Forum (Vedanta). Besides Vedas, India also has Yoga and some other schools. Hinduism (Hindouism) is the common name for many religions and different denominations, arising from the interpretation of the Vedas according to the different meanings. Vedic teachings are always explained it later, meaning it is always growing over time and create the trends and new religions. [2] Both Buddhism and Hinduism (Hindouism) are derived from the same civilization and philosophy. Buddhism and Hinduism are the most common use of all the philosophical concepts such as karma, reincarnation, the universe, the heavens. etc ... (besides a certain number of adjustments). While exploring the Internet, I do not doubt that Buddhism has amazing similarities to the director Jain (na States) news director of Mahavira speakers. Mahavira also came as a prince, also went into production in 30 years, well realized and taught on the same land where Gautama Buddha preaching. Mahavira also by self-realization "is not just teaching teachers," as well get the ideal break the cycle of reincarnation (samsara) to the end. Mahavira known cure is liberation Moska. Mode is a symbol of Jain Religion wheel method (swatika) similar to the Buddhist wheel of law etc ... With the form and content so similar, we see the Indians really difficult to distinguish direct different Buddhist sects of Hinduism in that, if not go into philosophical content. [3] Since the Buddha attained enlightenment, Buddha Hinduism is considered the incarnation of Vishnu. Hindu philosophy is probably not imagine a liberated self and the outside beyond the Three Realms (triloka) of Gautama Buddha. Indians' sa subject only saw one, like thousands of other subjects in sa time, sitting under the Bodhi column and enlightenment. They do not know and could not imagine the difference between the parties for enlightenment. Perhaps the Hindus did not distinguish between an "enlightened-self" of Gautama beyond the three worlds (the universe of India) with an "enlightened self General" of the Brahman priests weak local in the three worlds! image above (collection) is an altar next to the tower Great feeling. Do not understand this altar from dating, but the shape it is difficult that this is a negative image of Linga and Yoni in Hinduism. (The collection) And here is a collection of other images that the Hindu idols had in Bodh Gaya as Ganesha, Lakshmi and other deities. Dai-receptor Bodhi tree Mahabodhi Bodhi tree in place this (the western side of the tower) is a branch derived from the Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka. Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka with Sri Mahabodhi tree, called by King Asoka immemorial old daughter brought to Sri Lanka from tree branches to the right of the original extract. We just watched the Bodhi tree from a distance. Bodhi tree is not very big in my impression. Heard had been extracted at the plant stems sold to Thailand. The accused used the pictures taken before the trees were cut as evidence! The Managing Board shall deny these rumors. [4] Bodhi tree where Buddha attained enlightenment, adjacent to University Towers, was enclosed by the monks in red! The collection on the Internet shows the Bodhi tree view distance. The Bodhi tree is located close to the west of the tower great enlightened (collected on the Internet.)

Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Root higher sales

Buddha under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, was sitting in the forty-nine consecutive days. On the night of his final turn of the enlightenment stage centered on farming and farming top end. According to Theravada Buddhism, the Buddha attained enlightenment on the full moon night of the month Vesaka (ie full moon in April). At dawn the next day, the Earth appeared a great man, a supreme enlightened being, a great teacher of humanity and all species. After attaining enlightenment, Buddha stays where sitting in the next seven weeks:

First Week

During the first seven days after the Enlightenment, the Buddha did not move to sit under the Bodhi tree museum to experience Emancipation Happiness (Sukha Vimutti). During weekend nights, he of meditation and contemplation of the Cross II of conditions (Paticca samuppada) way down as follows: "When this (cause), then this (result) is. With the arising of this (human), this (effect) arises. "
- Depending on Ignorance (avijja), Executive (samkhāra), good and evil arises
- Dependent on Consciousness ( viññāna) arises.
- Depending on Consciousness, Mind and Matter (nama-rupa) arises.
- Dependent on Mind and Matter, Bases (salayatana) arises.
- Dependent Bases, Promotion (phassa) found birth.
- Dependent on Contact, Tho (vedanā) arises.
- Dependent Life Craving (tanha) arises.
- Dependent on Craving, The (upadana) arises.
- Dependent Grasping (bhava ) arises.
- Friendship with Dependent Birth (jati).
- Dependent on Birth arise Disease (Jara), Death (Marana), sorrow (soka), Lamentation (parideva), suffering (dukkha) , sadness (domanassa) and Despair (upayasa).
The entire mass of suffering arises like that.
At that time have understood the meaning of this, the Buddha Read more happy following verse:
"It indeed, when the discovery of truth evident to the saint (Brahmana) [3] have persistent effort and deep meditation, how many doubts were gone because you have understood this truth with causes. "
Click for the night, the Buddha meditated on Thap Nhi predestined in the opposite direction as follows: "When this causes no longer exist, this result no longer. With the end of this staff, this result also ended. "
- With the cessation of Ignorance, stop.
- With the cessation of, consciousness ends.
- With the cessation of consciousness, list- sharp end.
- With the end of Mind and Matter, drag over.
- With the end of the drag, Promotion ends.
- With the end of the Promotion, Life ends.
- With the end of the Tho Ai termination.
- With the cessation of craving, grasping an end.
- With the cessation of Grasping, stop.
- With the end of the Huu Sanh ended.
- With the cessation of birth, Disease, Death, sorrow, Lamentation, Suffering, sadness and Despair over.
So that, the whole mass of suffering ended.
At that time have understood the meaning of this, the Buddha Read more happy verse as follows:
"In fact, when the detection truth obvious saint (Brahmana) have persistent effort and deep meditation, how many doubts were gone because you have thoroughly the cessation of radical causes. "
soup to three, the Buddha reflected on the "Dependent Arising" in the forward and reverse direction as follows: "When this person, then this result. With the arising of this person, this result arises. when the fruit is not available then this is not possible. With this end, this end result. "
- Dependent on Ignorance, etc. arise ...
So then, the whole mass of suffering arises.
- With the cessation of Ignorance, termination, etc. ...
thus, the entire mass of suffering ended.
At that time have understood the meaning of this, the Buddha Read more happy following verse:
"Verily, when the discovery of truth evident to saint (Brahmana) [5] have persistent effort and deep meditation, he firmly the door broke the siege of the Ma Wang as well as the solar light destroys darkness and illuminated the sky. "

Second Week

Through the second week calmly, but in the silence that the Buddha gave to the world begin an important moral lesson. To show our deep gratitude to the Bodhi Tree inanimate rain had supported him all the time in the sun fighting to achieve Religion fruit bar, he stood some distance away away to stare at the Bodhi Tree for a full week not blink.
Noi by noble example and to celebrate the glorious success, of the Buddha's followers today are still revered, not only the trees but to plant his children and grandchildren of the tree.

Week Tuesday

Since the Buddha did not leave a refuge that is still around at the Bodhi tree to gods at the time in question, not that he has not attained the Buddha. Buddha read his mind, using magic to create an imposing force "diameter of the precious" (Ratana camkamana) and walking up and down throughout the whole week meditation.

Wednesday Week

During the week of Wednesday, the Buddha seated in "providing protection" (ratanaghara, jade room, in the sense of "the precious room") to reflect on the complexity of the Abhidhamma (Abhidhamma, teaching high super). Scriptures noted that when he thought about the Causal Relations Management (Patthàna), the concept of Tibetan Saturday review Abhidhamma, mind and his body becomes completely purified and thus play a halo of precipitation six colors: blue (nila), Yellow (pita), Red (lohita), White (odata), orange (manjettha) and Friday is in mixed colors (pabhassara).

Weekly Thursday

In the fifth week the Buddha sat under the renowned veteran Ajapala, experience Emancipation Happiness (sukha vimutti). On weekends, when he made ​​out of super-state that it is a subject she-la-conceit (huhumka jakita) to close the ritual greeting and said, "Hey Ton Say Gotama (Gautama), standing on aspects have become a saint (Brahmana) and what conditions make us become saints? "
To answer, read on Buddha verse:
"He has alienated all the other evils of sin, no conceit (huhumka), purified from all impurities, collected over the senses, knowledge of the true learning and spiritual life of dignity, he is regarded as saints (Brahmana). For that person no longer has the hold flour, oil anywhere in the world. "
According to the Jataka Note well this week, the three daughters of Ma Wang - tanha, Arati and Raga - try beauty get charm Buddha, but failed.

Weekly Friday

From tree to the tree Buddha Ajapala Mucalinda and dwell there for a week to experience Emancipation of Happiness. Suddenly there was a light rain to flock to. Dark night sky beneath the clouds and cold wind blowing nghit for days.
Mucalinda At that time, King Cobra, from hard chun out, bending his seven Buddha wrapped around the ring and get the mines to cover on his head. As a result, no rain to wind to the body of the Buddha. By the end of the day Saturday, that the sky is cloudy again stopped, remove your Mucalinda back out and put the snake, now a young man, his hands in front of the Buddha. Buddha read the following verse:
"For the basics of people, for people who have seen and heard, the reclusive truth is happiness. World, who have good heart, good will, the exercise of restraint, restrained bases for all human beings is happiness. No attachment of love, beyond lust is happiness. Breaking the prejudice 'ego' is indeed the highest happiness. "
Weekly Saturday
On Saturday week, the Buddha turned and there Rajayatana tree gift experience Emancipation. [6]

Ten titles of the Buddha:

When the Buddha attained enlightenment with the ultimate enlightenment, he is revered by ten titles:
1. Applicants well ... ... ... ... ... .... The Worthy Araham one
second. Turn Right Tri ... ... ... .... Sammasambuddho Perfectly enlightened by himself
3. Minh Hanh Tuc ... ... ... ... Vijjacaranasampanno Impeccable in Conduct and Understanding
4. Celestial ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Sugato The Serene One
5. The World Award ... ... ... ... .... Lokavidu The Knower of the Worlds
6. Artists Supreme ... ... ... ... .... The Unexcelled Anuttaro Being
7. Thread Phu fishing .... Perfect Purisadhammasarathi Trainer of Good Men
8. Natural Sphinx ... ... ... ... .. Satthadevamanussanam Teacher of Gods and Men
9. Buddhist ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Buddho The Awaken One
10. Exalted ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. The Holy One Bhagavati
So his first title as Araham News Arhat (translated negative) news Applications worship (literally) [7]
Every believer is called his Buddha (Buddha), Buddha (Bhagava), Germany celestial bodies (Sugata) etc ...
The people who lead others to call Him Say Religion Gautama (Gotama BHO), Sa Mon Gautama (Samana Gotama) etc ...
The problem I refer to the Buddha used the term "Tathagata" (Tathagata) to avoid my name (an ego entity). Tathagata means "people came to it," "who have gone like that."

Results of the Buddha Religion

With spiritual effort lasted six years, alone and rely only in themselves, sa subject Gautama (Gautama), then thirty-five years, the realization of things, has become a Buddha (Buddha) full enlightenment. In the infinite time dimensions, Gautama Buddha is one long series of Buddhas have appeared in the past and will appear in the future.
Sanskrit Buddha (Buddha) is derived from the root "Budh", to understand or awakening. Called the Buddha (Buddha), because he fully understood the Four Noble Truths Noble Shenzhen (the Four Noble Truths). He is called Samma SamBuddha (Right Turn Tri) because enlightenment is not by itself an indication of a teacher or have prior teaching. In a certain period, the world has only one district who called tri variables.
Before reaching Religion penalty, he is called Bodhisattva (Bodhisatta), which means that people who wish to become a Buddha.
The prime penalty period to go through the Bodhisattva, cultivate virtues such as generosity, morality, reject (renunciation), wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, determination, loving-kindness and equanimity.
The Buddha received him as an Arhat and everyone used Arhat as first title in ten title to honor the Buddha Gautama. Title Arhat (Araham) or the Buddha (Buddha) is the same for only the Buddha Gautama. In one passage, the Buddha said that he realized how the Buddha's relics and the other disciples also attained the same. That is the result Arahat Buddha and disciples alike. However, one notices a difference right away: is a category of "chief knowledge variable" Instant enlightenment is not he who teaches, even the Buddha's disciples were enlightened by others taught. What is an Arhat Buddha qualities superior to the Arhat disciples. The superiority lies in the sense of enlightenment and Buddha as a guide.
According to the understanding of Mahayana Buddhism, the Arhat is inferior results Buddha and the results are the selfish, narrow-minded than just fad realize Nibbana without the benefit of all sentient beings! Also for this reason Mahayana ranked first title of the Tathagata Buddha. [7]

That evening I left the group, trying to come back again Bodhgaya. When the campus gates Bodhgaya, is seen in the crowd still busy, I decided not to and just walked the street on several nearby roads. Bodhgaya night was cold, dark streets without electric light, but people are still frozen. The land is so weird, it attracted many people from far away where the first set of rules here. In addition to the newly constructed streets around the campus of the University Tower sense, the rest is just the dirt roads to avoid ragged huts. Bodhgaya is really only known for one event from 2600 years ago, where a prince has made great enlightenment.

What is Enlightenment?

The nature and content of what is enlightenment? These questions are complex and subject always caused controversy page [8]. For Buddhism, enlightenment is to escape from a finite life, and escape the control of the process of continuous birth and death, so to escape from all the suffering inherent in life. There are many religious enlightenment comes, but if you look deeper it's clear understanding of religious enlightenment of each varies.
- Enlightenment of the divine religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) is a blessing (Blessing) blessing of God to a people who show enlightenment, who recognize God and attain heaven after death. Heaven is unique, because the Lord set up and dominated by the queen. Enlightenment of the divine religions is called revelation (revelation).
- Hindu enlightenment (including many sects) is the question information and identify the heavens with meditation techniques, yoga or even with the power of faith. According to Hinduism, when the enlightened individual self (Atman) is no longer restrained in the body that extends to the earthly realms larger depending on the level of practice. Finally, become one with the Great falls (Bhraman). The Indian guru or express this state by saying: "All is one, is all." Vedanta tradition usually refers to tha force, the force value in the cultivation process to enlightenment.
- Gautama Buddha's enlightenment: complete effort by itself, does not rely tha power or blessing; beyond out of heaven, does not exist as a Great Falls, absolutely "No-Soul". But enlightenment Nibbana is not nothingness. When performing the general enlightenment, Buddha lived in a state of peace of Nibbana organic balance. This shows that the state is Nibbana phrases and harmony with an earthly body. All that exists is Matter (matter) or a list (the concept, spirit). Nibbana is not the Sac or list which is a separate category. Abhidamma describe the world, including: Name, Lust and a third category of Nibbana.
- Nowadays there are so many new sects arise. Many guru, the teacher, competent teacher say about enlightenment. But not necessarily the same kind of enlightenment that is the nature of the enlightenment at Bodhgaya Gautama sa license. For many denominations, sometimes only a few do not experience significant spiritual truth in meditation technique, has been called enlightenment! Often prone to confusion between meditation and contemplation. Buddhism originally said that only new original Buddhist meditation called Vipassana and Buddhism only has four new levels of enlightenment (also known as sa result of four subjects). Four levels of enlightenment in Buddhism are the criteria for recognition as well as meditation can also order standards for practitioners confirmed that they are in higher meditation.
Because the content is different, enlightened the the practice and practice to be different. A monk Brahmins to keep the absolute virtues practiced meditation (samadhi), if successful (obtained for) the clergy will reach heaven's corresponding level of practice to which they are. Buddha also had eight fully realized by the Brahmins, but he does not see heaven as the supreme ultimate enlightenment. Not satisfied with the heavens, and with strong confidence that he has made ​​a personal approach and has created a spectacularly performing at the Bodhi tree. Record a classic progression of the mind of the Buddha under the Bodhi tree after his enlightenment. "Dharma" of Buddhism is that all of what the Buddha had practiced 49 days under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya. Because enlightenment is the final culmination of a process of cultivation, the experience unique and distinct in the mind of the people from them, so not easy to say or describe this state. But nonetheless I can still visualize indirectly "enlightenment" through the path to enlightenment. You will find enlightenment is the result of a process of scientific practice is to identify the center, to develop the kind of place and finally realized Nibbana as an object of special attention. There is absolutely no mystery in the enlightenment, there is no blessing from God or a physician for the practice. We also understand the difficulties of the practice, such a surprise to any natural, or "hot nature" that great enlightened. Buddhism is the Buddha's lifetime has described a path of About-To-Knowledge for the practice clear. Using the word "path" is the wish to speak to a program in order to practice (step by step) to train practitioners how to transform an ordinary mind to the realization stage (four direct result) and finally enlightenment Nibbana. Directed practice the Buddha said to be recovered by the Nikaya, the legal Wins (Abhidamma), according to review Purity (Visudhimagga), that is the source (sources) available information true for primitive Buddhism. The following description is only a brief outline: first yogi cleansing body and mind by gender (sila), then the practice of meditation (samadhi) to support gender and support for insight (vipassana) later. Enlightenment through the practice of sequential 16-storey property meditation from low to high. Meditation is the property world observations (physical and mental) body and mind by observing the author's own. By the power of the Dinh, he clearly had the mind arises, clearly the grace of interest arising and destruction. The known and clear the mind arising out of place . Through the first eleven-storey property one will start receiving direct Nibbana: "... After attainment of this knowledge, he continues to work to see the passage of each act and remove lose when they arise, with desire to escape from them, one will find out that eventually will kill all the action. Practitioners know the mind directly and found Nirvana - it is fully aware of (very vi) Nibbana as object counting. When the mind sees Nibbana, one experienced in property remaining with the launch of the process leading to the heart ( maggavithi ). In it's wisdom:

12. Tue Thuan Thursday ( Anulama Nana )
13. Knowledge Transfer Skills ( Gotrabhu Nana )
14. Intelligence Director ( Magga Nana )
15. Wisdom Fruit ( Phala Nana )
16. Crowd Wisdom Side ( Paccavekkhana Nana )
Directed mental processes by which this final year of birth on the property has seven stages:
1. A mind-door apprehending that the action arises since as impermanent, suffering, or not-self, depending on how the knowledge of indifference how to start.
2. A rapid heart ( javana ) first starts up (doing "preparatory work" - parikamma ), that acts the same way. It maintains the continuity of care.
3. An interest rate Monday the start up ("access issue" - upacara ), also see action in the same way.
4. An interest rate Tuesday of starting up ("Agreement No." "- Anuloma ), also see action in the same way.
In fact, three of heart rate (preparation, access and act upon things) this is part of the property Twelfth - Tue Thuan Thursday ( Anuloma Nana ).
Thuan (No.) by what? According to what came before and what comes after. This knowledge of the duties upon the fact that the eight insight that has come before (from The Birth Removal insight to the knowledge of indifference), and also upon the law of thirty-seven leading part in the mind of enlightenment will later. Tue Thuan Friday is the last property is the subject of the matter as it is.
5. A rapid rise to mind Wednesday with Nibbana as object. This is the thirteenth wisdom is the knowledge transfer Skills ( Gotrabhu Nana ).
Even though this mind that (wealth of) Nirvana, it did not destroy the negativity, its task is to move from the mortal mind to the holy ethnic minority only.
6. A rapid rise to heart Thursday, with Nibbana as object. This is the fourteenth property, which destroy the negativity appropriate - Property Act ( Magga Nana ).
7. Express Center Friday and Saturday starting up with Nirvana as its object. They are the fifteenth knowledge - knowledge of Fruit ( Phala Nana ).
Side Crowd Wisdom ( Paccavekkhana Nana )
Wisdom is the sixteenth and final wisdom is the knowledge Side Auditorium. This knowledge of the tasks in the legal review:

1. Intelligence Review Act
2. Review nyana
3. Review of Nirvana
4. Review of the negativity has destroyed
5. Review of the negativity is not destroyed.
So practitioners have reached agreement on the Four Noble Truths district and made ​​her realize Nibbana. With this realization, care practitioners have been purified and free from all wrong. If one continues this way, one will be able to reach A-la-Seoul outstanding results and enter Nirvana Radio ... "[9]
It's About-The-path knowledge was Gautam Buddha own practice to enlightenment, then taught public, not hide, not esoteric [10]. The mystical and esoteric as well as always to enhance the role of cardinals is a feature of the Vedas. Maybe it's a class that Brahmins used to control the other class in Indian society.
After the Buddha entered Nirvana, the path of Wisdom About The legitimacy is no longer coherent and more! About The Property was eventually explained differently to form the new practice, the new teachings. Debate is the practice of Buddhism and primitive system is less important than finding out that the practice leads to true enlightenment or Nirvana. The problem for survival of Buddhism is that people practice Buddhism today has found enlightenment as the Buddha and other ancient Arahat disciples had ever experienced. A person who has chosen the spiritual path need to visualize what their destination. For Buddhism, the goal of Buddhist practice is directed towards the ultimate enlightenment (though in this life we can afford to go to or not). The very nature of ultimate enlightenment of Buddhism (Nibbana) and practices leading to enlightenment (very specific) which is the standard marker to distinguish Buddhism with other religions. BS. Pham Doan Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] wiki / Mahavira [4] [5] Brahmin is a noun meaning "people have learned beans have", implying the Brahman priests. Sometimes the Buddha used this word to mean "people who shun all evil sin," a saint. In this book, the term "Brahmana" refers to a saint, and the word "Brahmin" means a person of the Brahman caste. [6] the "Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Root higher sales" from the first week to week Saturday was taken from the: Buddha and Buddhism (Narada Maha Thera and Pham Kim Khanh Service) [7] Ten title this more often seen in the original texts, such as in: - School of Ministry, book 1, Business General Bat Nirvana, pages 573-574 (translation HT Minh Chau, 1991) - Increase Chi Ministry, book 4, page 252 and page 489 (translated HT Minh Chau, 1994) However, General Business excess of non-recognition "Application end" (Araham) is the first honors of the Buddha, so he added the title of "Tathagata" on top "application hardware", to a total of up to 11 titles ( Buddhism Dictionary Vietnamese Han, 1994). Therefore, to fulfill the 10 titles, the book should have included "Supreme Si" and "Diaoyu macho" as a title (The Chinese delegation, Buddhism Dictionary), whose books have included "Buddha" and "Blessed" as a title, such as in the economic "Great Eight Nirvana (Han organ)", Volume 1, page 585 (Products Hanh Pham), HT Tinh Tri Service (1996). [8] now search word "enlightenment" on the Internet the Vietnamese will have many different interpretations. English word "Enlightenment" can be translated word temporary enlightenment. But for some, the word "Enlightenment" may relate to the philosophical movement called the Enlightenment period in the mid-19th century. The word "awakening", too, long words have a meaning of resurrection, revival, restoration of the religious movements of Western culture. If you want to use it to temporarily called "Buddhist Enlightenment" or "Buddhist awakening." [9] Knowing and Seeing (Knowing and Seeing), paragraphs: Knowing and found nirvana, author Tawya Pa-Auk Sayadaw (U Acinna) , bhikkhu French interpreter. [10] "... Hey Ananda, they also expect monks at me anymore! Hey Ananda, I was teaching the Dharma, there is no distinction in addition to (and not the secret tantric teachings ), because this Ananda, for the French, Tathagata is never the master, while holding hands (but keep a little secret teachings not taught). (Business General Bat Nirvana, paragraph 25).END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUĐDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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