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The Benefits of Meditation

Today I would like to extract some data services are journalist Joel Stein of Time Magazine wrote about the Zen of the August 4, 2003, and since then a brief introduction of Zen Buddhism giao.Joel Stein's writing, the scientific studies of meditation, doctors recommend practicing meditation, millions of Americans practice meditation. Why? As meditation brings many benefits. There are many studies show that meditation makes the immune system more active, but the brain results also show that meditation has the ability to resume the nerves to the road reduce stress. Now includes tens of millions of Americans say they are practicing a meditation area. Today we no longer have to make some of his master in the forest Bearded guru to learn meditation because meditation has been taught in schools, hospitals, law offices, in government, the employers and even in prison. His Holiness the Dalai Lama in conversation with scientists studying the nerve, "it's exciting to know that recent studies show that meditation has the ability to regulate the mind and restructuring of the brain. " The new test separator with sophisticated image shows meditation can reset the brain, making it the most traffic congestion and back. And it is worth mentioning that meditation is a safe and less expensive than surgery. Bill Ford, director of the U.S. car company Ford, practice meditation. Former director of the British secret service MI-5, the former wife of President Hillary Clinton, former spouses vice president Al Gore also practice meditation. Gore said: "We all pray every day, but with meditation, so individual, I strongly recommend the practice." More and more medical doctors recommend practicing meditation solutions to prevent or slow back or at least be able to control the pain caused by chronic diseases, like heart disease, aids, cancer and infertility treatment. Meditation also brings balance to the patient stress, depression, hyperactivity and dementia patients. There is a life of harmony and comfort is very interesting but in addition to meditation will live longer, less illness and less expensive than the cost of medicines is very much, especially now with the funding cuts cost of medicines for the elderly.

The benefits of meditation

Professor Chi Minh
Viet Nam Buddhist Institute

Meditation can bring the benefits of meditation as follows:
  1. The base is an calm, and naturally, he should enjoy the daily routine of meditation.
  2. Compassion care practitioners invaded. With compassion, he should rid ourselves of all sin and see all beings as brothers and sisters.
  3. The fatigue and desire to poison the body and mind such as anger, stingy, arrogant ... gradually separate from the meditator's mind.
  4. Thanks to close the base holder, so the evil thoughts, evil does not get in the mind of the author.
  5. With a clear mind and calm from the state, he no longer desires anything for the unworthy.
  6. The mind of the practitioner focuses on the noble concept, all selfish thoughts, desires are reeling under the separation from desire.
  7. Practitioner does not touch on nihilism, though clearly not all things are empty dirt foam.
  8. While still in the cycle of birth and death, but the author was aware of the path of liberation.
  9. Thanks to delve into the mystery teachings, practitioners rely on the wisdom of Buddha.
  10. Because there is nothing interesting and makes the practitioner desires, he felt like a Phoenix out the mesh and are already free-flying in the sky.

In Business Executive Body Mindfulness, meditation allows the body concept, the Buddha said to ten merit of meditation allows the body concept as follows:
  1. For treatment or anger.
  2. Eliminate fear.
  3. Can withstand hot and cold, hunger, insect harassment.
  4. Easy four levels of meditation.
  5. Metamorphosis can divine will.
  6. There are more auditory information, which is able to hear the sound that the human ear can not hear normally.
  7. Knowing other people's thoughts.
  8. Know the past lives of others.
  9. Natural label, ie the eye could see beings floating in karma lifetime after lifetime.
  10. Even in the present to achieve mental liberation and liberating wisdom.
Thus the concept itself only allows this practice only (not the concept of the four countries are: body, feelings, emotional and legal), one if the patient, painstaking ten also achieved encouraging results above. He tells us: "Behold monks, the concept itself is practiced, practiced, made for fullness, as the vehicle is made, is made into base, made to endure, to be made accumulation, which is essential to smart practices, while ten of merit can be expected. What is ten? ... "(View in 280, business leads).

(See "Meditation-A healthy lifestyle in the morning, a Master Career Education Methods, Thich Minh Chau, page 23).

Hoa Thuong Thanh Nghiem, a Chinese Zen master had many years of meditation lectures at the school America, recently in "Meditation and Enlightenment", right in the first article, "Zen Enlightenment and calculate the coordinates" mentioned briefly about the benefits of meditation as follows:
" Sitting meditation for body and mind we all benefit. It helps the body healthy, harmonious and balanced mind. It helps us reduce eye problems, attachment, mind makes us less impatient, which is cool insight. It helps expand our wisdom, the spirit of open development ... "
(Meditation and Enlightenment, p. 1, Publisher. Office in Taipei in 1980)

The contents of the file permission concept itself, as described above and nothing is too complicated.
  • Mindfulness of Breathing.
  • All movements of the body concept.
  • Parts of the body shop as a record sum of the five organs etc ... rather than something unique, it includes things impure, not what being beautiful desire. (For myself, as well as other relatives).
  • Contemplating the body is formed by four elements: earth, water, wind, fire (site, water, fire and room). When the family passes the four elements return to nature.
  • Pub dead in its decaying process. How this restaurant, the Chinese book called "transparency remains consistent." Bach remains is bone white. Currently we can only imagine the customary white bone. In contrast, in ancient India, there are places to practice for the poor dead or identify criminals were exposed to the death penalty even for wild animals and birds the edge of the meat. Therefore, the opportunity to direct the body shop more than at present.
In "good" Thich Minh Chau also mentions four benefits of meditation as follows:
  1. Meditation is capable of getting rid of education,
  2. Meditation can rid the fear.
  3. Meditation brings joy, optimism is called meditation.
  4. Meditation leads to intellectual accomplishment, enlightenment, liberation, Nirvana. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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