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Article 8 and the French Enlightenment knowledge Emancipation

Bat Dai Nhan Business Sense

I. Article 8 of Enlightenment.

chlorosis Tam Dai Th basic spectrum beings

Phonetic :

First octagonal tri: Samsara factories course, suffering innumerable, found Mahayana mind, necessarily universal international, public prayer life, life immeasurable suffering, spiritual beings rather, all wings bliss.

Translation :

Article eighth enlightenment: Samsara are burned, suffering was immense, should give rise to the Mahayana, throughout all of salvation, prayer replaced beings suffer immeasurable suffering, caused to all species, are great peace.

1. Samsara is always burning, suffering was immense ..

Buddha's birth and death of so many beings, not end continuously, so the suffering can not tell it all, every death is being subject to much suffering. Currently we are carrying this body, that has gone through countless lifetimes and then carry out the body itself. So then the suffering can not be counted. You try to review whether, as has been said before, only this life only we have suffered much pain, is experiencing many life situations. When the birth mother opened her eyes crying born wine store is a pain, then older, every time that flip-crawling, walking ... sitting is tinged with warm early disease ... When grown to eat away from school or work, every distance, every time the memory of suffering injury. Lo every time sad, scared, angry hate the pain each time. Again, each major pain or illness or death of their loved ones are suffering every time ... A sad life lo ... loves anger occurred countless times, can not be ended. Thus countless countless lifetimes of suffering the pain of being made ​​so the count!

beings in samsara causing create so many sins. Body of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct; mind full of greed, hatred, ignorance. The boundless boundless career criminal, as the fire burned in the fire world life, burning body and mind, making them subject to so many students suffering. Speaking of endless suffering, depending on the Kinh also said there are two size, three stanzas, eight size etc .... In short she's the world we suffer. Van ago we used to say over the body with the suffering of elderly patients died; mind is the size of greed, hatred and delusion; the suffering families of sex separation; Rights have not been suffering for harmony; social is the demand to not be suffering, hatred met; the suffering nation of war, the enemy retired; with the suffering nature of floods, earthquakes, storms. It burned URL as birth and death, immense suffering.

2. Should give rise to the Mahayana, throughout all of salvation, prayer replaced beings suffer immeasurable suffering, caused to all species, are great peace.

Suffering dominates the world, desperate beings. The aim of our study Buddhism is liberation of suffering. Humanity is suffering. But we need to ask: Suffering from? Suffering from multiple education that out. Most education from any place? Most have sex from ego. Why ego causes suffering? Because the relationship between ego and accept no legal regulated. There is suffering and things that they have, that they seek material that is not satisfied. There is suffering and that they have, which is due to the relationship between ourselves and touch. There mimh and suffering caused by our body and mind that that is old age, afflictions, which follow, along with students present. There is suffering and desires of their communities with the knowledge that yes, it is because our inner world misconception that out. We are surrounded by suffering, who is not a review, also have a common desire is pain free. So the responsibility of the Bodhisattva is to give rise to the Mahayana, all sentient beings from suffering the yoke

no way a review is said, has directed attention Mahayana school, may all beings throughout the level, then the key above all the French interests preaching students . For the bodhisattva, spread the Fa is the duty of course, the benefits of this ancient life is ambition , not a bit hesitant, hesitating. This is a Mahayana Bodhisattva attitude towards life. Say play center Mahayana , so what is the heart of Mahayana? The Mahayana Volume Luan , Mahayana, but said overall, there are two: one is the body of excess land, two is the meaning of his own. The body of the Mahayana is the mind of sentient beings. Mind includes all of the legal world and legal world, the Center grounds that it represents Mahayana: true presence of mind as it represents the excess of the agency; on birth and death of the mind that can indicate the general of Mahayana. The meaning of the Mahayana itself is on three meanings: one is to be great legs as consistent as immutable; two are great general, is as visceral hybrid nature of all virtue, three great use, life is full of cause and effect of improving the world and of the world. Buddhism had all use and all Bodhisattvas are such that to achieve status as hybrid

The practice of birth when they were suffering, feeling like I was suffering, that give rise to a great, great practice. So because of that joy when subject to toil on behalf of the hardships, it does not feel frustrated anguish, as the noble heart of compassion outbreak strong, overwhelming any notion of suffering. Otherwise I just want to be happy, be peaceful suffering, the anguish felt extremely frustrating. More or less suffering Suffering is caused by the narrow width of the center of that out so people. For example, the confusion, not wise to do wrong mistake, should be rebuked rebuking pride sad lo, the defense excuses, do not get errors. So we you look at them with suspected heart scrutiny. A neighbor saw it, stand to receive an error instead of scrutiny to dispel doubts in them. When reprimanded rebuking, who admit that not sad, it was fun, because they have enough wisdom and self-reliance. Indeed so, the center has replaced suffering for the salvation of people, the happy mind, but do not see suffering. Because the concept of compassion radiate joy was discharged by extension, the concept cessation of suffering.
Buddhist practitioners often take the suffering of the people do to take care of their suffering relief; get the fun of doing the fun of yourself, but do not dislike hostility often more fun refugees are suffering. To see that when the vast compassion, the suffering selfish mind immediately associated it dissipated, so all suffering. When people extend compassion to help each other, all the suffering in this world no more.
So the development of the Bodhisattva Mahayana mind, just because that is the suffering of the set of birth and death, that beings are suffering, so he offered to go on record started to make direct benefit to all beings. In business speak, "the Bodhisattva of course the advantage of being skeptical." That is the bodhisattva of benefits being taken as primary ambition, so he went from place to place there, done it all, only purpose is to save all suffering beings.
Beings who know compassion, practice effort, to educate people to see clearly the suffering of birth and death, where bored deep fear not create moral agents anymore. People understand and are thus of suffering themselves to be great fun Nirvana is liberation. There is no particular of the Bodhisattva, that everyone of us should give rise to the Mahayana and do it.

Comments are not saying how, has directed attention Mahayana school, pray over all the living beings, above all, the key is preaching good French student . For the bodhisattva, spread the Fa is the duty of course, benefit students This is the old ambition , not a bit hesitant, hesitating. This is a Mahayana Bodhisattva attitude towards life. Say play center Mahayana , so how do Mahayana mind?

Mahayana Center include Mind great compassion center and media center . Bodhi Mind is the seed (human), great compassion is the root center (a), the heart means the fruit (the end). A bodhisattva practitioners play center, must meet certain mind the above three, new development known as Mahayana mind.

Play Mind is to mind the Buddha for guidance . Buddhist Circuit said, is to undergo a growth period of three great new life to achieve. No Supreme Bodhi mind, how long passed the test so far? Kinh said: In life a person has developed the Bodhi mind, is there a seed of a Buddha. Study no Buddhist Bodhi mind, as not sowing seed plots, then how may days harvesting? The Mind is a mental vow, a vow mind can achieve. Play Mind is to a large four vows (vows from the Throne):

infinite Beings, vows of
endless suffering, vowed the
French innumerable subjects, promised to study
Buddhist supreme director, vows into.

This is the heart of Mahayana Bodhi.

University Development Center is to center the ball people. Bodhisattvas as sentient beings to give rise to pronoun ungainly , the great compassion can see the suffering of sentient beings of their suffering, see the joy of living beings is his joy, sentient beings that does not seek reward, that the service is of course beings. May beings, subject to endless warehouse ? which it is said, is the great compassion heart of Mahayana.

Development means a development center center four photographic practice law. Sentient beings based nature of disagreement, to rescue the suffering of sentient beings and requires a lot of skillful means. Buddha nature of each sentient observer based theory that charming French custom, said the four want eight thousand French subjects. This is the Buddha means of living.

Bodhisattva practice of four ways photography (photography legal quarterfinals): generosity, loving terms, benefits, co-worker , so that these beings, the great peace . This is the media center.

Including three heart: Mind, mind compassion, care facilities , it is the Mahayana mind . Development Center Mahayana sentient beings, need to be about hard work, patience is the hard rings. If not, Mahayana mind not easily arise.

II. Emancipation Tri Kien

When the mind Mahayana practitioner should first have self-self and of others with nowhere to sense the mind of the consequences to which birth and death and suffering escape uu.Giai knowledge with the world numerous legal concept, formless multitude of Contents The complete universe of all, or the practice appropriate option.

1. Radio Mindfulness.

Clerk To taught, " Behold Good knowledge! reflect intelligence in addition to bright, knows his own mind, if you knew her own mind is the root of liberation. If that is freed eighty Prajna, ie the very concept. Sao very concept called? If that all measures that are not infected before interest, it is very conception . "

  • * Four posture .

Walking is seated all the work. When traveling, seeing the way, if known, heard, smelled know, that taste, touch that, touch that, that said (thinking that), then the wisdom to know and not based on them. The other postures as well. In particular, body movements, or what activities are known, heard all know, talk or answer all know what that feels or knows what thoughts.

  • Sitting Meditation .

More specifically, meditation, the mind more easily purified. Nature will manifest in an infinite universe concept or not formless. In itself, the itch that itch, I heard that hear, or breathe in, breathe in, know, know exhale breathe out, breathe in, knows the short term, flat belly bulge belly bulge that collapse, that sleepy sleepy, feeling What sense knows. Remember what that memory, thinking thinking, etc. .. always aware and must observe the natural objects in the scene outside the body and mind or suddenly get so cut or treatment is immediately aware that right. Meditation for as long as the mind is more calm in the stately rooms. However, in the quarter-static posture is always right in the sense of body and mind active even when eating, sleeping.

  1. Legal Mindfulness Breathing

    a). Know the concept (by reading the English lotuc) breathing; breathe out too

    b). Know the concept (in the sense of) breathing; breathing too.

    c). Know the concept (ie obtained by adding I know); breathe out, too.

3 . The legal Buddha, reciting the mantra, mindfulness, breathing, possibly with law.

a). Know the concept (verbal) Namo Amitabha Buddha exhale too

b). Know the concept (by mode) Nam Mo A Di Da Buddha exhale, too.

c) Know the concept (in my mind that instant) Namo Amitabha Buddha and exhale as well

as or the other, reciting mantras, four mindfulness, insight knowledge, the project, the first device. etc.. are using mindfulness, awareness.

III. Conclusion

Bodhisattva Mahayana play center, because that is the size of the set of birth and death, that beings are suffering, so he started to go on record leading volunteer for the benefit of all sentient beings. In business speak, "the Bodhisattva of course the advantage of being skeptical." That is the bodhisattva of benefits being taken as primary ambition, so he went from place to place there, done it all, only purpose is to save all suffering beings.

Know reincarnation samsara is suffering continuous infinite. Should play a large compassion, prayer and suffering instead of being helped at all coming to an optimistic lens that Nirvana release.

In summary, eight of enlightenment, the Buddhas, the Bodhisattva has made and the true Buddhist practitioners are doing. Who wants to learn the Buddha, the Buddhist practitioner must do these things can not be ignored. Why? Because the study of Buddhist enlightenment. Whatsoever comes to study Buddhism is said to moral enlightenment of Buddha and Bodhisattva amended was feeling, not experience much memorizing, reciting, or not feeling good without practice, and for that he studied Buddhism. Me is not so! What Enlightenment? - Partial enlightenment as told before. Seen in the body and the landscape is impermanent, clearly craving more, the suffering so much ... It's clear that I had pre-enlightenment, which next morning thanks to compel him to do good is your better knowledge, to advance come to enlightenment

Thai Ambassador Hu also said: "The Buddha seek results, but success is not in place or personality; personality, the Buddha achieved success, this is actually true." Thus all that, Buddhism Buddhist view of life and status at home how important!

Therefore, Giac Kinh Bat Dai Nhan , book your application into this human type, short literature but only a few hundred words that the very values same key! Eight of enlightenment as to the compass of the ocean, pointing the way forward for humanity! Eight of enlightenment as the bell echoing in the night, waking those who are dreaming the dream! So, this is the sacred scriptures to help students recognize the way we love, feeling returned to HR; help improve Buddhists, on a flourishing life better! In conclusion, eight enlightened voice, the monk or Bodhisattva level, previous research practice of economic sufficiency primitive morality, intellectual exercises, anti-education, that in giving, selfless practice to self, to complete their dignity, then play center Mahayana ideas developed by others to spread the legal sense of being universal.


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