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According to legend, when Prince Siddhartha connoisseurs, there are two naga to spray water for his bath. A hot water spray. A cold water spray. This has profound as follows: as Prince Siddhartha, who in this world, to bear the power of two water lines, emerged patience cold heat, represents the pressure regularly and the opposite of life, such as rise and fall, cancel plans, claiming the, hard contact, generally bowl style, then he is a Buddha in the future.
In the vast majority of life, when events occur, greedy mind immediately starts up, can not stop, always thinking of the power struggles, their benefits harm, incitement harm another person, regardless of the paragraph, my posts litigation, to dispose of property, possession of rights, shock hui delinquent debt. If the target is the millions of dollars, people treat each other more and more frightening, more terrible, there is no relationship as father, husband and wife, friends, teachers, siblings, friends and relatives at all , of human life, of itself be considered dirt-cheap! Fellow, fellow, comrade, comrades, fellow believers, fellow colleagues, the staff, not worth anything, no sense at all. Only money is above all, is universal, capable of pushing, dictate people into a vicious circle very easily. Door closes heaven, gates of hell open wide from now!
When events happen, even one word innocuous, inadvertent impartial, or a small gesture, but the collision pride, hurt the human face, hatred or ill will immediately arise, can not stop, people immediately think about revenge, vengeance, as all ways, making enemies, who disliked her, was still alive, death is not complete, reclining tilt things stand, creating stories evil, making people falsely, shattered honor, te tattered fringes, the new ha, last inch of our agreement, local mental beings, ordinary to death, ill-depth coverage, of a person. When the bread rampage forces, despite Microsoft, Yahoo to heaven, turn the person released, people dare to do well, no matter how the consequences! So therefore, many people lost happiness within reach, or lose talented people work reliably, because the ground attack not been so restrained. When events happen, people do not but cooperation, not through with him, his mouth immediately behind the spray of blood, regardless of his dirty mouth laughing, poking was stabbed with paddy rice, goofy enough that stigma, the leaves look deep lines or removes dirt out bugs, as long as this disability, never leave! Also by inducing mental confusion, news flimflam man, superstition, begging God, prayer, spirit, looking to wade rivers, streams, poor water sanitation, for the holy water, the spread of disease, What is this bridge, also on drinking, even though that person, there are many degrees, although lower or higher, outside world, or the director!

A function in business, the Buddha has taught:
"Necessary Buddhahood organic beings period"

"All beings are visual identity."
All people have visual identity, the other wise, no different, in books called Truth or Buddha Nature Center, but only because different karma, greed hatred and delusion are different, so be suffering distress also different, the external appearance is also different.
Such as the moon is always clear, not the other, but every night there are many dark clouds, we see the moon more faint. Such as sea surface wind was still calm waves, peaceful, spacious, vast, look away, see the wide, vast, floral display bowl, but emerged at hurricanes, waves to high winds, dark skies, not also saw nothing. Moon clear, peaceful sea, represents the pure heart of everyone. It is also true man or true mind of the Buddha Nature of all people. Wave clouds or high winds, symbolizes the suffering of suffering, cover partially or completely obscured, the human mind no longer fully lucid. Thus, the question where to find the Buddha, how to meet the Buddha, it's too easy, anybody can answer. First, Buddhism means the Buddha Sakyamuni, the Buddha had in history, was born in India, practice and enlightenment, more than 2500 years ago, on this earth, at the very realm that she is, not the other realms, not the western bliss. That answer almost Nhut, Nhut simple, clear Divisions. However, the books have a saying: "It has turned Nhut set origin", which means that the Buddha is everywhere, Buddhism around us, but we do not know, do not realize that it! That subliminal sense of the word mystery "Buddha". This is the actual path, support life is bright enlightenment and liberation, life is more peaceful and happy, people are more calm and order in, reduce distress and suffering.

The books also have a saying:
"Mind, Buddha, sentient beings, three very difference."

That is:
"Mind, Buddha and sentient beings, not three, not difference."
Buddha and sentient beings are often empty silence obligation raw nature, in books called no status. The mind of someone who does not contain any images of beings in the three realms, six lines, empty, quiet, citizenship, that is the heart of the Buddha mind. The letter also says: " News Center Buddhist, Buddhist News Center , "is meant that way.
When you see someone in the temple, begging the Buddhas pray for this other thing, rather the standing instruction: The communists seek Buddha Buddha! This means that the Buddhas have left the affliction, teach us to cultivate the practice of liberation, to become a Buddha, we refuse to retreat, to escape their own suffering affliction, whereas we beg call on the distress, such as: money, fame, what is this convention, once four million profit, trade may sell expensive, a competition that, unharmed, the wide high window, the last thing is bliss for national rebirth! Bridge is not, suffering is a sure! Bridge any prime, ie not wrong size!
We can find a Buddha image, through the legs from the school, to the full moral, is the fulcrum, the place specified threshold, to all beings find peace when close, close. We can find a Buddha all over the world, where there reigns love, have compassion joy discharge the money is right there in the Buddha. Any person who, although not a Buddhist, Buddhists, whether at home or ordained, but in a certain period of time, developed the Mind, open Heart Truth, observes tha benefit, because people forget their , showing four large amount of attention: from bi pleasure discharge, is right in that moment, he is living with the Buddha mind, like a Buddha. But after that moment of enlightenment, he returned to ordinary life, the Buddha mind the hidden, waiting for another chance to develop. Buddha is fully enlightened man and forever, always awake and lucid. Other beings in that Buddha: just flashing in the moment, then sunk in the darkness of ignorance.
Why? Because people can not afford beyond the three worlds, not enough from the house fire, not enough to resist the power of the buffalo's mind, means that people are "official cover-up business" and often " know that incidents of "!
To look realistic and practical methods, in everyday life of Buddhists, in part or renunciation, Text To teach:
"They are being looked at as being Buddhas,
so the negativity of suffering.
Buddhas look beings as Buddhas,
so the self in nirvana. "
If you understand this teaching thoroughly, in a thorough, we immediately know where to find the Buddha, or how to see the Buddha? We often think: Buddhism in the West bliss, Buddha in the temple, in the Buddhist scriptures, Buddhist statues in wood, bronze, silver, gold, or by painting. And all the beings around them all! Because look, I know, I think, the concept as such, so people have a lot of suffering affliction, not so inevitable, never-ending.
People do not know: I have Truth Center, or the Buddha Nature, people around, and likewise! People wear, glasses being, ie the point of view, the mental outlook, it should look for one, saw people, just being, look everyone can see, their vices, look everyone can see, considerable contention obnoxious, look everyone can see, worth the precaution, seeing that everyone should be shunned, but never, look at yourself, look good and bad, so much experience, that any such idea, suffering affliction, and then wait for death, drag on the western, Princess of bliss, to find the Buddha, how to meet?
But the Buddhas and enlightened, that support religious nature center, wearing glasses serene view life with a pure heart, everyone looked around and saw their true mind, Buddha Nature, everyone looked generally also know they are around the Buddha will become in the future, near or far depending on the meticulous cultivation, depending on each person's merit grace, looked around and everyone knows they have something more than his worth to his learn, look around and see someone who is honest man, not man hated the general part, the Minister is not man's awful tough pitch, not a minister who is ignorant foolish delusion.
So the Buddhas and enlightened, said religious nursing care nature, always an order in nature, calm calmly, the realm of nirvana is money. We have enlightened, peaceful new life and happiness, thus we rid afflictions and suffering.
life has meaning, life worth living, from here!END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).MOBILE NO OF BUDDHIST NUN TAM you would like to ask Buddhist Dharma you are free to ring me or email me anytime i will help you and try all my best to sold your question.

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