Thursday, 22 September 2011

Prayers & Practices
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Prayers are ways of guiding our thoughts and energy in a certain direction; they are a technique in helping us transform our mind. By repeatedly thinking of the meaning of what we are saying or reading, we train and familiarize ourselves in a way of regarding and relating to ourselves and others. The testing ground that shows us which qualities are firm within us and which ones still need to be developed is our daily life with all its various activities. Thus for a person dedicated to developing his or her Buddha potential, prayers and the activities of daily life complement each other.
A puja at Sravasti, where the Buddha spent twenty-five Rains Retreats and spoke a vast number of sutras, teaching and training the communities of monastics living there.
Tibetan prayer flags
Text and Audio:
The following prayers and practices were recorded in April 2010 at Sravasti Abbey and are included here in high-quality mp3 format.
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Audio (teachings and other):
On Video On Video:
Instruction videos on prostrations from Ven. Chodron (right click to download):
1. Instructions (Windows Media - 16 MB)
2. Demonstration (Windows Media - 29.8 MB)

Prostrations from Afar - starting June 11 2006 :
Join up with other practitioners to do '100,000' prostrations. Click here to read about joining in with others for support and community.

Monthly Teleconferences with Venerable Chodron on the practice of Prostrations from Afar are available in mp3 audio.END=NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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