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3aa.Tam enlightened mind

Brief Award Later Han Sa Cao items are translated - Ich Thich Tri Minh Incidentally Yan Vietnamese translation solutions: Thich Thien Hue
Full text divided into three, first is if they are, something as specific prizes, followed by a conclusion. Nay said the head:
As a disciple of the Buddha, to the day and night, even mental recitation, Article Eight of the Enlightenment's higher.
Whether at home, of family, everyone was taking refuge in Buddha, is a disciple of Buddha. Became a disciple of the Buddha, is subject to Article Eight items from this Enlightenment. Talking all day and night to elaborate clearly not interrupted. Press Center is the only sincere earnest. Talking to chant, to display text that appears pure, so remember not to forget. Article Eight Enlightenment, would comment in writing to carbon.
Monday eight separate address:
  • First selfless sense of impermanence:
Enlightened One: The world is impermanent, fragile national level, not four great suffering, in warm-self, birth and death are eternal, not damage the puppet master, the mind is the source of evil, all sin is the body, such observations, gradually away from samsara.
This is the first entry doors lead, before flying down a two handicap. First, shop the world is impermanent, fragile national level, as the first high banks of the lake, gulf of mounds and consistent so put together, where the medical report (1) do not take to. Second by four great body shop, country wind fire damage each other, 404 patients should be suffering. University does not actually calculated, it will not cure. Due to these five concerns, thoughts of life of the body known as the best in warm, thought the life of the same color family called in a warm, no where to fall and fall of, just make legal delivery passes away forever in each moment, not quite so unreal, not genuine fake disguise. Only by changing where the minister so it was not home, so where the district reported (2) does not start craving attention. The main body and mind this, though we have loved it, also refers to the amount of such benefits, but also because the ceiling has six charming love scene, which is similar to the heart, the mind immediately becomes the root of crime. Just imagine four great love of self, family room containing all linked into sin. If not consider this lens, any harm to the welfare of infinity. Having observed this, surely both body and mind accept the reduction, which means life and death first away gradually.
  • Monday sense often religious minority education :
Tri second sense: Most education is suffering and hardship of life and death, by the desire to start, minimum wealth sexual behavior (3), free in body and mind.
Was enlightened by the first of Fujian or (4) and now is due every Monday for enlightenment from or (5) that. Private or however many, head of education involved, as many minority religious education, all of which are from very enlightened now.
  • Tuesday directed the visual basics.
Tuesday tri sense: The mind is not tired enough, or have only demand growth crimes, the bodhisattva is not so, usually tri-sufficiency concept, Issue hold direct, Hue is the cause.
Religious minorities were education, sufficient autonomy, where wisdom is dedicated by this industry. The basics have not sexual, extremely obscure wisdom. Now where the least education, the more basics, all natural wisdom career advancement.
  • Wednesday planets usually carried:
Wednesday intellectual sense: touch rotten treatment period, usually carried Planet, affliction out evil, vanquished the four ma, warm out of the prison world.
Called ordinary least education basics, like self-examination is best to do the job. If you want to sit in the cellar basics confided that privilege, all rotten touch deeper, the planet must generally carried out except for two items disturbing construed. Except that suffering, surely to be the end of warm ma, ma e (6), there is such a challenge the new jail's five steamy bowl (7).
  • Thursday multicultural sense wisdom.
Thursday Enlightenment: Samsara dense, often Bodhisattva concept, advertising multicultural learning, growing wisdom, eloquence achievement, teacher of all, that is great fun.
The said cash register, which does not promote multicultural education to increase wisdom, all referring to the error of (8), hybrids have not heard that wisdom, as to bring the fire burn itself; have wisdom without hearing, as the knife itself cut. Nghe (Literature) and Hue to complete a new self-interest benefit others.
  • Friday giving equal sense.
Friday tri sense: Poverty has plaintive, often the bad grace, generosity Bodhisattva, resentment relative equality, can not remember the old evil, evil people do not hate.
Despite being without the moral wisdom, self-interest is not so good neighbor, so take action now so all three. Know more resentment left impoverished, the practice of generosity, which is financing candidates. Of equal should complain, but do not remember hate, that fearless pilot. French cultural experiment as mentioned above, this additional financing to candidates and candidates fearless enough cloth so.
  • Saturday feeling of well-ordained.
Saturday Enlightenment: In sexual sin, but a human process, not infected sensual world, and often legal concept experiment, three y a bowl, the aspirations of renunciation, the white director bar, great virtues, compassion all species.
But being moral wisdom, if not completely stop training family team, surely not so long us the Three Jewels, Buddhism sales charge. Know the three Buddhas life, has never manifested itself not in but the director of both. Y Tam (9), another is Da Hoi An, Da La advantage is up two, three is the Sangha Le. Should relatives of residents but not religious in that white bar, great virtues, out of compassion for all beings, all just as he suspected stolen Buddha image, as causing more crime, to understand it.
  • Eighth International feeling great universal mind.
Tri eighth sense: Samsara burned, suffering immensely, give rise to great excess, save all, instead of being voluntary, subject to endless suffering, that all beings, all off peacefully.
The country has made, no large center of Mahayana, all from the heart is not full, do not give rise to suffering instead of being put together, no integrity compassion. Compassion is full of enough new people in the industry shock Buddhist flavor.
Carbon Epilogue:
Eight such things, is the seat of enlightenment Undergraduate Anthropology, Buddhas Bodhisattvas diligent cultivation practices, compassionate wisdom, sit close to the shore boat legal Nirvana back to life and death of other sentient beings, which used eight excavation all clear that the mortal beings suffering, let go of staff training and religious center of Qingdao. If the Buddha's disciples, in every every idea, action this August, killing countless sins and proceed to Bo, the rate of vision, the birth and death eternal, permanent pleasure.
From eight of such words or less to 16, to the name. From Tinh conduct directed downward to the first 16 words, the virtue of self-awareness. Dharmakaya boat show virtues of enlightenment, nirvana edge presentation space appears spirituality. From Back to the escape mortal beings down to the first 32 words (tu mind the path), the sense of merit forgiveness, only self-forgiveness is the new sensation. If Buddhist disciples from the end of the murmur, the recitation of merit. Has often recite this letter, understand the true meaning all smart, smart thinking by this means, but others may be feeling self-conscious. So kill the elimination of sin and suffering death, toward the shore and feeling the bliss of eternity.
Eight Great Business Notes Human Sense
  • Medical News: Medical reports and district report referred to as binary message. Y Y report also called fruit, or national level, the world, housing, the second instrument, the life before that industry is being felt, the body of being Princess of things that exist, so-called Y report .
  • Government report: Also known as the fruit, ie the five aggregates themselves, being so professional that I was born before this body, which is the principal fruit, should be called the press (see Hua-yen Algebra 1)
  • Construed: From the package or and or, also known as Ai Kien, Kien Tu, Tu Head, Infectious O senseless, just Ignorance, Information Or, About Interior Or, are referred to general distress of the Three Realms.
  • Or ants: the ants of expectations, discrimination and infer the moral deviance, which arises out of the buildings down or as Self Kien Kien minutes.
  • Private Or : The love like love, anger, Si, or arising from the expected-lucky things in the world.
So based on the love attachment, known as Li Kien either or, From The Either Or. For comments or ideas on what is usually strong, self reviews confusion arises because the truth, impermanence, selflessness, and the outlook for Private or greed, hatred and delusion situation arising from the love of CAS chromosome bar things in the world. Kien fair, or, from or in love and love of, as the French Minister of Hinayana morphism. According to the French Minister of the Mahayana Duy Thuc, are classified according to two starts and Discrimination Questions arise. Two obstacles are suffering because of tri Discrimination is Kien or boot, two offensive and disturbing because of tri Students Run is the word or sentence. Kien called back because of two means.
  1. The projection or comments unless the truth, the so-called reviews or
  2. Comments infer meaning, or is taken to infer the so-called ants.
Tu also has two meanings:
  1. Once the ants ants see the truth or I \, the practice of thinking or the truth to this, so called from either.
  2. So the thinking world, and hope that things start serving or so-called private or.
Both are major thosinh or death in the three worlds, this new piece or two out of three worlds birth and death. USC or also in order, before the ants, after the investment either. Strong opinions or interests, as reviews (see) for consecutive stages of cleaning. And the padded computer or soot, have many new management thinking from the base is. The comments or call the director comments, you called the private or religious direction. The two or referred to as the martial arts director.
Thien Thai Tong attributed all hope or do three things:
  1. From a stumbling block comments Nirvana.
  2. Chen Sa is the stumbling block Bodhi.
  3. Ignorance is the stumbling block was the Middle Path minister.
Warm ma, ma God, Ma Death: Called Tam Ma. Only audio files that maintain Tam Ma explained as follows:
  1. Disturbing ghost: Just all in Tam's expectations or, the prospects of this disturbance or mental practitioner, so no achievement is Bodhi, the so-called negativity that. Five warm ma ma is in this photography.
  2. God ma: Sun News Friday of sex education. If someone wants to cultivate the good to win super-production of Tam's life and death, surely this was God that barrier, creating enough turbulence, which practitioners can not be good achievements of the base. Ma call it God.
  3. E ma: Only four great dispersion, death lily stop the long face, so called from code.
Back in the maintenance of books and Nghia Lam Luan book chapter six affliction called ma, ma Warm, Natural and phrases that are ma ma.
  1. Negativity that : The first disturbing desire, often causing brain damage san Khue body and mind, the so-called Ma.
  2. Warm ma : also known as contingent we ma, ma tan translated as Aggregates. Usually warm enough all year suffering, so-called Ma \.
  3. E-ma: The death or the fate of the so-called base Ma.
  4. God ma : TucTha Chemistry at Thien Tu Tu Ma, the new translation is at Thien Ma Tu, is the kingdom of heaven that's Education Friday \, often breaking the tremendous improvement of the so-called ghost. Only in four ma ma a legal obligation, while the other three in the sense that called ma.
Ten's bowl comprising six sense (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind). Six ceiling: (Lust, bar, taste, touch, legal), and record mode (labels to consciousness). Gender differences in two means, this material is not explosive mix is ​​another issue. Definition Chapter Eight Mahayana books mites (About the delimitation, as distinct legal as "About"). Because the senses, hearing record, record of a different character, it's referred to as 18. Kosa the most books say: "About all kinds of legal means (legal race), as in a mountain there are many types such as copper, iron, gold, ... known as intersex (high type). Such a body or a continuum there are 18 types of legal race, called the 18's. Sense above, gender and gender of Tam's Cross Bat is the majority's gender should not be understood in the legal world.
  • Ring tones: Professionals take meditation as sophisticated, but where the text meaningless definition of the wicked.
  • Tam Y : Y to the Buddhist institutions classified into three types:
  1. Le Sangha (Sanghati) translated as Notes From Italy Y to default on the collective mass communication at sex or gender theory.
  2. Increase the maximum depression (Uttarasanga) translated as Shanghai Y (y on) wearing y Da Hoi An.
  3. Da Hoi An (Antarvasaka) translated as The First Health (inside clothing).
After this y is in accordance with article three, as are the five things Hoi An Da y, Da La Increased depression ataxia is Y, and the Sangha is Le Mekong Article or older, also known as the Great y. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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