Monday, 26 September 2011

1) Life is suffering, which means not only that all life is impermanent, but also that things don’t always go our way; we encounter many difficulties in life.
2) Our suffering however is not due to impermanence or our difficulties; it is due to our false notions of self, to our false belief there is something fixed and permanent inside us called a self or ego, to our notion that we are independent beings.
3) A solution to this suffering exists.
4) The solution is to follow the Eightfold Noble Path.

Referring particularly to the second of the Four Noble Truths, Rev. Doami pointed out that, "In America, we are taught almost the opposite, which is to strive to be independent…but in Buddhism, we are taught to realize our dependence…and to see the interconnections between us and everyone else." Doami-sensei pointed out that deeply attaining this realization is, in fact, "attaining the world of the Pureland, of attaining Enlightenment or Nirvana, of being free of suffering."

"Though there are many paths in Buddhism," said Rev. Doami, "for the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist, the path to this Pureland is through Namu Amida Butsu." In this sense, the Nembutsu represents the process "through which we can see our true selves," he added. In terms of concrete actions that we can do, which can help us in our self-study, he suggested that we might consider helping fill the current emergency need in LA County for blood by donating some of our own. Sensei himself has personally given 2 gallons of blood in the last 2 years. In concluding his talk, Rev. Doami offered, "As you are giving your blood, meditate on the meaning of what you are doing and on the interdependence of you and the person receiving the blood."END=NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).RESEARCH BUDDHISH DHARMA BY TAM THANH.AUSTRALIA.

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