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An Quang Great Master, Huy Thanh Luong, Tam Thuong nickname, the late Qing Dynasty to the Nationalist era, the house they convene at the Western Association. He studied Confucianism childhood, growing up to get the maintenance done Confucian responsibilities, so the theory of Han Yu, Ouyang Tu, post your Dharma. After several years of illness, introspection mistakes, instant wealth exchange in mind first.
Saturday Signature Optical dating life bar, just to twenty-one years old, healthy root maturity, he was ordained to the monks at the temple Thuan Dao Lotus Mountain Chung Dong Nam. Shortly after, was ordained coast where Song Khe Pagoda, Hung An district, Hai Dinh with Indian lawyers.
His eye had been born just six months when, after yet healed but the index has deteriorated. Medium reddish eyes, only dimly visible landscape. Specifically excluded as ordained, because he was careful and clever writing, should be appointed as the secretariat. By writing too much, his eyes red as blood distribution. Previously considered the economic exposure of Long Pure Poetry, Reciting the Buddha knows the faith, so ordained this period, night after we rested him still sitting Buddha. Until the day writing letters, do not leave the Buddha mind. Thereby develop red eyes, though, forcing a border can still copy. When the World Forum of chronic disease has also been healthy eye. Because of this, he says Buddhist concept of merit inconceivable! And also predestined to be a clue that he provided direction Pure, and recommended that of Buddha. Since then, the Grand Master on the way forward through the practice of Landscape: From Self-Phuoc, Long Tuyen Tu Tu Vien Quang, and finally to martial law in Putuo Temple Son.
During that time, when they enter school, as approved Tipitaka, sometimes retreat to his upper back street to admit, are very afraid of the Ambassador of the sublime knowledge, careful work should be two-phen Hoa Van Venerable Dharma Master and to receive the same invitation to you to appeal to measure the three organs for French business in Putuo Vo Tu Da Tu Son and Investment in Wenzhou. Crush ethical behavior, culture invite him on the upper floor at the Hidden Temple Kinh Vo French to retreat from conception. By the end of Qing Dynasty, more than thirty years in the home, before the Grand Master to communicate back and forth from quiet early today, to witness eighty Buddhist meditation.
But the ring inside the drum beat, though, English is still leaking out of the bar. Whether you want to hide high up, the Dragon also offers popular coastal goods. Republic of China dating to the early years, lay Cao County Annual pilgrimage to the temple of the French Vo, take some time to return all documents posted to the University Professor of Buddhist Studies Press Tong in Shanghai, the label is often mind. Although not yet know who it is, but the letter made Prajna arises based readers healthy, many people asked about that place in each race. Then, Grand Master just in fifty-two years old. Several years later, the whereabouts are also known to be seekers, who crosses the ocean turns to plea for urban young, who asked to borrow a private entrance pink swallows magnets. From Huat As lay believers collection of his writing in French to the An Quang Su Van Why, reproduce and attach more turn up, both to spread abroad.
Outset, when they brought her from the laity to the mountain refuge pray, persevere University professor also refused to accept retreat, told to take refuge with the French Emperor Nhan Tong Quan Su pagoda in Ningbo. Democratic National Library come in eight, lay by strong European ones brought up the mountain, three of four phen worship prayer, would take over as lay disciples. Embassy at the coast, of difficult to refuse, unwilling to accept. As of that year, he was fifty-nine years old, bidding for the first disciple of refuge. Since then, every good credit who wrote to a disciple, who would be premature to take refuge, all of which serve the medical school, vegetarian Buddhist concept. In a lifetime of teaching, lay disciples from the rank of Grand Master Elites wealth, celebrity artists to learn who retired civilian villages, some up to nearly three hundred thousand people. There are many Buddhist religious concept was born of Bliss.
Maintain strict master elite, holding her very cum convention. Toys for good use, with good food brings people give you, if not to be denied, also donated to the position of moving elsewhere. But things usually work, they are transferred to the warehouse of the temple, to the general public also enjoyed. How much amount of people offering their own credit, he will bring in books, or the victims of disaster relief, or help to those charities. I just keep the rice separate coarse cloth to life. Master nature does not like to show off, some Buddhists find love to take home virtues, collections from the area when he was a kid through a period home and expand the life, wrote a great sign, and then sent to application performance The main, broad general plan handed out. He has refused, sent back the original, because I would suggest that suppressing it. Two of the show: Training in East Ham and Huang Chi has brought the virtues of writing ambassadors to the ROC president. He was awarded the President From the sign reads "Ngo Minh Triet Vienna." Delegation brought the wrong end Putuo Temple, and dedicate more floral supplies, but he remains calmly own apparently unaware. The master has three different features than those of the contemporary family. A leader is not large monastery abbot, for his bad faith because, e tu obstacles to the bar. The two are not recorded disciples, as considered at the time was deeply degenerate, who deserve the very few ordained duty, should not want to cause a lot of implications. Three is not the right extension of the tomb, by the shame that many of his title but lost interest because the purity of the clergy.
Expand on the coast, Grand Master, shop at the time, still was moral failure, poor people mostly weak base. Part of keeping only the Three Master level, contingent world, vegetarian Buddhist concept only. How well known as it has many good base. Stock of the super-cool little fact. So, roughly only advised him to fulfill all morality, believe the result, do good and avoid evil, believers pray recite the Buddha, for being Western. Considerable discount to people, even small tools sufficient level meditation, reached the title doctor, also outspoken critics. Life worth photographer who, although born of post-primary education, rural public servant, and compassionate counsel. His way of teaching, just bring the usual theory is useful for sales, although teachers themselves deeper tone, but not highly popular black talk talk. The master is often sustained in the Buddhist concept lives, meeting, recommended to help in the hospital from "u, nursing. He also founded the Hoang Hoa commune, handed to the caretaker, his head the direction of master plans or issue scriptures and Buddha, Bodhisattvas and over five million books to adapt to the economic opportunities.
On protective works, at the First European War, the government may decree for the immigrants who died in Germany in the temple. Try to manipulate the master with the degree of power, making it skip. From Monday till Nationalist Nationalist twenty-five letters, many times the government has said the current proposal of the materialist mind authority may, in turn, want to publish additional assets into the fund temples, representing the monasteries as schools. Meeting the master porcelain artist monks and lay guardian, made the rescue, making escape disaster victims have been through. In addition, other trifles, he only used two words depending on time, or a life style poem victims were targets.
On the hunch, seventy-year-old Grand Master Sangha National Newspaper visiting the temple. And last summer, this place is very much born of the aphid. Pillow blankets from the mattress, the window business plan, where the first cow that our current hybrid. Trade disciples discover his old age, fear not subject to harassment, go to attempt to procure imported. The master does not approve, just rest assured Buddhist concept pray for them, not how long bugs are great areas. Outside the Buddhist concept, he would often recite it to enjoy Dai Bi, rice, or water, to save the seriously ill that the doctors are insufficient. Such times are strange fulfilled. One day, where the floor Tang Bao Quoc Pagoda Business, discovered a wealth of every page. He or instant Mantras Dai Bi in water, bring to the scales to protect them. Termites are pulling together go elsewhere. Lay County High School is the narrative arts: The reason he said India is higher Quang Tang Great Master, because he said those words very often, but more and more that reflect the true situation and then are fulfilled. Putuo Mountain States on the first, still at the bar, the long-term residency in the temple, lay people have asked the Great Master of the future. His impromptu meeting with a test:
Circulation lifetime of the very tragic!
Suffering more than the state of Bliss?
Di Da best thoughts on the scene
Do not touch love hearing exile Implications
Rose bushes first career dream life damage
Red flame graphics on the water level
Recommend early life far from where many victims
Walking together to the United way.
In the test, he refers to soldiers fire on the victims, and suggest that the Buddhist concept.
Seventeenth year of China, Grand Master founded the Pure Land in the colon Linh Nham temple, composed of old programs assigned to them barefoot monks abbot photography. From then on in his true identity in Suzhou. After the Buddhist concept, the General Meeting with Professor Xu Only laymen, four volumes amendment Chi Danh Son, said the spiritual product of the mountain: "Putuo, Thanh Luong, Emei, Fire." Seventy years old, as an urgent war, he moved from Suzhou Linh Nham, Buddhist concept of three-year retreats. Tổ Ấn Quang
Nationalist twentieth year nine, 24 October, the Grand Master said period rebirth, to summon the monks and lay on the temple Linh Nham. During the talks, his nominated successor Dieu Chon monks abbot, advised him of the future, and said: "French subject Buddhist concept that there are no particularly strange. Just khanthiet faithfully, then no one did the Buddha to lead. " Through November 4 th, Ambassador feel slightly sick, but still diligent Buddhist concept. Concept is completed, bringing water to wash your hands protected, then stand up saying: "Amitabha Buddha has come to lead, I'm going to go here. Great news we have to pray for the Western Buddhist concept." Said the step back seat lotus position, his hands over the title in English concept of mass support, then died peacefully. Meantime, University greeks are sixty monks, the life expectancy of eighty years old.
Full moon in February next year, more sacred to the Buddha entered Nirvana, he is just in the Great rebirth of one hundred days. Every director of the Spirit to the place of Cliff over twenty thousand people, cremation arrangements. Meantime the sky suddenly stopped, clear morning. When barefoot monks held torches sent fire and smoke flew up as white as snow, is light in color. The next day the monks Dieu Chon same from them to the place of examination, the relics found out shapes, all colors, things are iridescent. All are hard as minerals, type of the sound in the bar. Mass selection is divided into six sections:
1. Dentist relics, including thirty-two teeth.
2. Ngu relics of European identity, more rounded particles morning.
3. Ngu relics primary colors of flowers, the flowers look like small.
4. Ngu relics of the flower color, look like large flowers.
5. Ngu benefit from excellent blood, into the flesh.
6. Ngu relics color blocks, including blocks of many shapes and colors.
All are to the glass cage, like in the painting museum.
Next of nuns and disciples worship claim, you do have to consider when searching by ashes are relics. As Quang Hiep Dharma Master in Singapore, France by traders in Wutai, Ngo Quoc Anh lay in the Philippines, Hue Vo layman Music in Shanghai, each of the relics are blue, yellow, blood or iridescent colors. University Professor at normal times, the true language well, do not indicate anything unusual, so that he can not attain anything. Further consideration is lined up over the unfortunate, the money being expand early age, to the west and save the relics of the death, were identified him as the saint to customize reload the crockery and household maintenance Dhamma. So, celebrating a year passed, the joint property up to the worship of the Great Master as the thirteenth of the United cardboard.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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