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Buddhist Schools

HT. Thich Thien Hoa

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History of Buddhism,
10 sects and Aerospace Nhon Sanh
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History of Buddhism in Vietnam
( From the FAQ of the Kings By Tran Nguyen Dynasty)
V. - Buddhism under Tran Dynasty (1225-1400).
1.-General situation of Buddhism under Tran Dynasty:
Ly Tran Dynasty successors, heir of all local-area, a precious heritage which the Management has built over two centuries. Particularly in Buddhism, although in the end the Ly dynasty, the court met many of the internal variables and meditation courses in literacy, little has been the high-up position as head of German-born Li, but the people, Buddhism has instilled a deep, ubiquitous pagodas, Buddha images to cult followers. Step into the Tran dynasty, there are many reasons why we believe that Buddhism-thought-development will be strengthened, especially the first king of kings Chen is understanding and devotion more than Buddhism early Ly kings. Yet Buddhism in the Tran dynasty, flourished only played in about 50 years, then stop and quit the news. Two reasons to make Buddhism the fine is not outside, the aggressively competitive, when there is a suppression of the Confucian-Catholic, and inside, Buddhist teachings were gradually mixed with superstition, superstitions of the pagan, the pagan kings of the Tran dynasty great devotion. Because the charm-credit, allergic-paragraph, Buddhism before the eyes of the fake formula, especially the Confucian-Catholic, became a director useless or dangerous to national life. The grape racing attacking Buddhism. Imperial grease up-grade the public study of the artist-management education generally. What the monk fails to complete the implementation process. Those who pass the examination shall be appointed to the North-supply (considering the offer), North-office (see the temples), North-self (as in the temple). It is an obvious phenomenon of decadence: the physician must take the exam up-to consider holding worship in the temples and the king also. Caustic irony still is that in the reign of Waste-Truths (1381) increased the compassionate-they were summoned to an army under the dominance of a Zen-master to go fight-Thanh Chiem .
2 .- The kings of the Tran is with the spread of Buddha-France:
As mentioned above paragraph, in the Tran dynasty, there are many very devoted Buddhist king and French and had great success against the spread of Buddhism in the country.
a). King-Thai-Ton Chen (1225-1258):
Thai-Ton Tran-Tran-Canh canceled name, her husband Zhao-Li-Huang. After his wife ceded the throne, Chen-Tai-Ton became king declared the Tran dynasty. He is a king a son very deeply. When new ascended the throne, he was anxious to spread Buddhism by making the pagoda, bell and households over the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. He even composed two books are very valuable and precious to influence the propagation of Buddhist-France at that time, is entitled: "Zen-Nam principles" and the right to "lock damaged." South-religious meditation Stress meditation on morality, while the set of lock-damaged explode-general of suffering: birth, old age, sickness and death. The two sets did, today still circulating.
b). King Tran-Nhan-Ton (1278-1293):
Tran-Nhan-Ton is the Tran kings Tuesday. After having defeated the Mongols in a heroic-stock, he left the throne and in religious-Yen Tu Mountain. He injured it around to all except those allergic Hanh Mother-believers in the popular segment, tu-hospital setting, sermon-birth-rate, expanding the dispensaries to help the disabled patients. After his transfer back to Sun-legal-American and French presidents in am Ngoc-van while traveling away. He is the master-of-Truc Lam.
c). Tran-Anh-Ton (1293-1314):
Tran-Anh-Ton is the king of the Tran Wednesday, successor to King Tran-Nhan-Ton. He was a disciple of religious French-speakers-lawyers, so the Buddha-legal expertise. Imitation is the father of King Tran-Nhan-Ton, he was eager to spread Buddhism in the country.
After visiting the university on ttang business in China, his identity and print multiple copies for HoangTran-Nhan-Ton, pure He even designed the layout for the ceremony and huge diagnostic for the poor.
However, the British-born Sun, Buddhism no longer keep the swcs-state douc glowing brightly as the first-born Chen again. After this the king, the king's successor but still are Buddhist, but no longer enlightened faith and pure again. Heathen, pagan-Catholic in China, to have mixed in their beliefs.
3 .--Truc Lam Yen-Tu and the patriarch of the sect was: In the Tran, the name of the increase is not large as in the Ly. However, in this life the Vietnamese Buddhism has found a religious sect-new development is the Truc-Lam, play area from the Yen-Tu, and the patriarch of this sect are also higher up that the next life can not remember which, when it comes to Buddhism on the Tran. Here we find that up-artist through history and state-of-business-a position that:
a). Upper-middle-Si Property:
He canceled-Toan Tran-Quoc, the son of Hung-DaoVuong Tran-Quoc-Tuan Nguyen when the enemy (Mong-Stock) twice to conquer our country, his follow-Wang Hung-Path to fight the enemy, many times War-and was promoted to the Save-the-Su. He has the devotion of a small, but because as state variables met, he must hand out pro-king, serve the country. When the enemy alone, he retired to the resignation of Van Phong-Ap-year-old country, the school dedicated to meditation-Title-Catholic monk, a disciple of the sect last-Language Radio-Info.
Once enlightened, he would set up road preaching, the disciples-believers to attend the hearing improvement is very large.
Saint-Ton King is respected him, name him quartet "Tue-Middle Upper-artist" and deposited King Tran-Nhan-Ton for him. He wholeheartedly Saint-religious teaching of the doctrine and later founded the Human-Ton Truc-Lam and became the first of this sect, is also influenced by the spirit of knowledge-Middle Upper-artist.
When near the goods, he makes the list of seats between empty house, sitting on a chair that status. She almost cried the more, he opened his eyes he rebuked that:
Birth and death common sense, there is nothing compassionate spirit that makes up many world-who?
The silent mistresses, his eyes closed that status. His life expectancy 62 years.
b). Tran-Nhan-Ton, the first of the Truc Lam Yen-Tu-(referred to in paragraph above already).
c). Legal-religious-master announced, the team's second-Truc Lam:
Him they Dong, who found the Nine-la, Funan book (now in Hai Duong province), from the top of his natural treatment, 21-year-old met his article Ngu (ie King Human-Ton) have legal merit the label, and are recorded as a disciple. He was soon enlightened. He served 25 years of age ceremony destiny as Superman-type temple, with the god-king and his family attended. After the opening-lecture him, he Ngu ARTICLE-style painting for his own subject-Yen Tu and took more than two hundred classic entrusted to him.
He served projector, the organization and management of growth-map-up-our leaders. Rose-map is up-president, it is clear that the book started from there. In a lifetime, he cast the statue in 1300, up two radio preacher, in the tower, two hundred basis increased sugar levels for more than 15,000 monks and nuns, in 3000 the number had been attained legal. In addition, he also designed two collections, "green passage" and "low cost meditation, also handed down today. Such a great industry, but unfortunately his very short life at age 47 years.
d). Quang Huyen-Ton-Su, the team's third-Truc Lam.
He Li, the village of Van-Finance (North-Giang province now), he is the knowledge-To, a public-Thanh Chiem, but not into the subject. He envisioned public-allergic, but his intelligence, natural, raw state poured at age 20. Before the examination, to ask his mother for his wife, but declined everywhere, as envisioned by his public-allergic, and the poverty of his family. But when he passed, the fighting over wealth calling marry his daughter, and also demanded the king to marry the princess, but he declined. Thus, life is fishing knives:
"Trouble man, invisible,
As a mandarin, charming eight thousand troops. "
Seeing the situation states that, although doing so is going lonva the mission to China, he still do not get that satisfaction. One day following the king's English-French-speakers hear Ton Ton-monk preached, he immediately said to offer enlightenment to resign, then left home with his life teaching French-speakers.
After the French-speakers begin his mind, his abbot at the temple Van-Yen-Yen Tu Mountain, Buddhist monks have studied thousands. He established temples and printing business, the open-meeting law giving to the poor, do rrat much merit.
Truc-Lam three of the above has created a reputation-so great, not only among old-growth, but also outside of time, but then unfortunately those who succeeded him three no match again.
In summary, in the Tran, as well as the Ly, the history of Buddhism can be divided into two periods of prosperity-prosperity in the first four kings (nearly 100 years), the second period-the period of reflection, including the kings back (in about 80 years).
VI .- The oldest Buddhist Ho (1400-1407) and hypothalamus Hau Le (1428-1527)
Buddhism gradually declined since the death of the last king of the Tran, Ho and lasted to the end of Hau Le life. Over nearly two thousand years of Buddhism available in this country, can say at this stage is darkest period of Buddhism.
7-year home winning chirps Tran, Ho Quy Ly not do anything about it, then restore the Ming Oon excuse the ceiling, pulling to invade the country, and laid a fierce domination in seven years, seven years, though brief, But Ming has left mmot very harmful consequences that 100 years later still has not fully erased. Indeed, after the invasion of our country Ming confiscated all the books in the country, it includes the Buddhist classics, brought Kim Lang, and arson rrat many temples.
A destructive side, a side pass in the Ming Dynasty for our country other forms of superstition and Taoist teachings Lama.
Therefore, Buddhism faces of both the pure time ago, vator of mixed religion, bizarre. Buddhism Buddhism is not a place without the drug. It was an abandoned dissipation took place in a place of meditation subject!
Pears to Confucianism to time so prevalent, the contemporary scholars scrambling to examinations, absorbed in the Song Dynasty Confucian ideology. Teachings of the Buddha-do list is not good for anyone, should have been neglected. Review status bing Buddhism in this period, the Venerable Thich Mat The, in his book the Vietnamese Buddhist history has written brief as follows:
"The prison director, for the class at school, just a thought right next tteo ​​form (1); with class elites, the only place for people who cheat MOIT led the list, the world depression, discontent with life habits, which means that only those who come to the pessimistic new target date range, borrowed scenery pm, bell, shelves, but only cut off the outside, not the love of the Buddha's teachings which tu- practice, then religious, then take out that moral enlightenment to others. "
So in the Post Le could say "decadent era Buddhism"!
(1) To speak out is a livelihood.
VII .- Buddhist Paintings In Time South North Division (1528-1802)
The Later Le dynasty to reign Ton Chieu, Royal Palace (1516-1527), the Mac Dang Dung was in need of wins but his loyal The Le Mac Dang Dung went against the tide and make thatcan Le Thanh Hoa, Nghe An . After six years against each other for the Mac, the Le've asked the great roots which regained their Trinh Giang Son.
Y they have many merits, holding all the power was in court, King Le just sitting there for you, just do not have real power.
Nguyen, because they do not want to obey Trinh, so cold in south, on a local hero. From there we split into two countries:
North River Bridge Gianh is Jiangshan Trinh; Gianh South River is their Jiangshan Nguyen;. Hai Trinh, Nguyen wanted to expand his power to eliminate competitors, so they built out their lands in all respects. In terms of religion, the two sides are taken as the state religion of Buddhism and forge forward in building the temple creating lots.
Also during this period in China usually have chaos, and the Buddhist religion often pinched Lama's teachings, some monks who left their native missionary to the Vietnamese, who are in in the North, who is in the South. Thus, our country
There are many new religious sects and many famous Chinese monk, but also begin to affect now.
1 .- Buddhism in the Trinh Lords:
Buddhism in this period .- Approximately Exalted King Le (1573-1599) has sect in North Soto, also a tribe of side missions DeDat Ma Tau. School, which passed by the Chinese monk Tri Oldest Church. Now the abbot at the temple Hoe Lai, Ham Long, Hanoi, Tran Quoc was a disciple of Soto sect.
At about King Le Hy Ton (1676-1705) has sect Interreligious by a monarch of Lan Trinh Enlightenment Zen-master is set Lien Phai pagoda (Bach Mai, Hanoi). Yue Qung simultaneously improve literacy was established in Kien An. His two Giac Lam Quang and Moon are all disciples of the Medical spending in China to begin. Now the abbot at the temple Mrs. Stone (Hanoi) is a Rinzai practitioners to read.
Besides the two factions on the ptr, Buddhism in the North are strong supporters Trinh: yu restoration institute, a visiting Chinese Tripitaka in about ... The highest increase is quite large at that time, his reputation is Huong Hai Meditation -lawyers, but we will say this:
Huong Hai Zen-master: His raw-front in the south, in the land of Lord Nguyen lineage and is the tycoon. His father is a god of the Nguyen lords. He poured Huong Cong (BA) at 18, was recruited to work in the Lord Nguyen then be cut to make government spending in Trieu Phong (Quang Tri today). His admirer of Buddhism and often religious-reasonable conversation with the monks. By age 28 he resigned from office, the Buddhist monastic. He shot the Pens play in the mountains outside the South Sea, and am staying up pillars. His behavior is very high religion, the close knit feel far away grave. Lord Nguyen (Nguyen Phuc Chu 1691-1715) heard the name, the wrong people to return to the island, and up to his temple abbot. But later because of suspicion of the Nguyen Lords, he quit the South, with 50 boats crossing the North and the disciples and King Le Trinh very loved. Le Vu Sun King (1706-1726) often offer to come into direct question.
One day the king asked him:
Zen-master felt I learned to listen more widely remembered, so please Zen-monk preached to listen to understand the Path station. He said:
I have come up with four shelves, please Majesty thought to mind:
Counterculture of autism often each
Wandering close to the thinking kind khan
Desert dreams trungtam teacher knowledge
The future of recognizing the upper
Listen to what they see on
Failure to think carefully or
Do not look in dynasty mode gull
Having received the new teacher (Path)
King asked:
What is the mind of the Buddha?
He replied:
Swallow the school
Picture deep water welding
Swallow that no more monuments
Numerous aquatic center photo storage expenses.
Swallow threw the air
Goby underwater
Swallow not to sign again
Countries do not keep the ball more
He often read the verses to teach or increase them, as follows:
Simulation Games ox cultivation area
Learning the quarter insensitive
Built in full at the bull
Games insensitive knife.
Find Buffalo, find footprints
Buffalo did not take first end ever
Those who do not learn through direct
Indifference is the basis for finding
2 .- Buddhism during the Nguyen Lords:
Buddhism in this period. -In Buddhism arose outside the domain, the domain of Buddhism is thriving. Since the town of Thuan Hoa Nguyen Hoang, Nguyen until reunification, over two hundred years, they Nguyen system for Buddhist devotees upper heart, sculpture, cast bells, made many monasteries, then many monks from China such as Sir Te Vien, Giac Phong him .. . in China to missionary monk in China, which has an increasing influence Saints also handed down to Nguyen Thieu now is Christ. Particularly, the Vietnamese monk, Lieu Quan time he was a Buddhist organization has made the South that time was extremely brilliant.
b. - The name of the rose:
-He Nguyen Thieu: they Xie He, a native of Chongqing Huong (Guangdong). Ordained 19 years old, from his temple in the stomach with his life teaching teams Venerable grant. Landscape Studies dating to the third year in Le Huyen Ton (1665). He went under the merchant ships of An Nam, Ninh residing in the master (Binh Dinh) set Di Da pagoda tower, open truyentruong teach Buddhism, following the establishment of Thuan Hoa Ha Trung Pagoda, and then to Spring Business (Hue) established the National Temple An up tower and Pudong.
After serving his network Ton Duc Anh (Nguyen Phuc Rover 1687-1691) returned to China, invited the famous look up the law and also invited, and gas law. He was invited to Guangdong Venerable Thach Integrity and other sites of growth, and sometimes more classic, objects, methods and gas back to the South. Chuc Nguyen consecutive excellent open forum was formally ordained at Thien Mu Pagoda. After that, he's the Lord Nguyen identity Ha Trung Pagoda.
One day he fell ill, reminding disciples and meeting all the following verse and communication:
Citizenship status, broken glass picture
Smart card, using the European cup
Clinics, non-material objects
Will the data, not objects not
Great idea: Be smart pure dharma body as clean piece of glass cleaner, such as pearl ovum, in the bright smiles. Although the amount of resources, material things wrong, but are able to express themselves legal. Legal body can usually calm, but is not, that is "magic vacuum property."
He finished writing verse, sit quietly that status.
He Lieu Quan: He them Le, cancel Thien Dieu, a native of White Horse Village, Dong Xuan, Phu Yen province (now River Bridge). His orphaned at age 6, his father and head to his palace in Vienna Economics professor with his Master, the Chinese. Venerable been seven years passed away, he studied with the Giac Hoa Thuan Phong Lao groups (the Chinese) Bao Quoc pagoda. In 1691 his return home caring for elderly parents, had to cut firewood for a living. Four years after his father died, he became the Thuan Hoa, Sa-ordination with his mobile Thach Hao upper Integrity (also Chinese).
In 1699, he toured throughout the Zen Forest ceremony to nourish his practices. Through 1702, he came to Long Son, learn to meditate with him from the provisional upper Balanced (the temple of self-declaration painting, Hue).
On the part of directors, he is not very diligent hard ne. He always made offline media world, to our growth. In 1740, Mr. Tan's civil defense, and from there he returned to Mount T'ai, am building workshops, hidden practice, Zen temple that is now Sun.
Nguyen Minh Vuong very important God directed him well, often also come into direct talks. Spring in 1742, he returned to the offline world in the temple Vinh Thong, last fall he, his life sick, when supplemented dying, he called disciples and teaches:
What do you cry! the lifetime of the Buddha entered nirvana, then we go to now clear, for all have seats, you should not cry and be sad duung.
Then, I wrote his poem, farewell:
Losses low enough middle-aged generation
No, no, excellent color, wonderful text message
Kim family dynasty of chronic complete
Ha all four issues of cardboard man.
In addition to the seventy-year period
No, no, threw sharp sharp-content information.
Complacent about today's volunteer home
To ask what kind of cardboard.
Finished writing, he told his disciples that:
- "After me, you have to think very often attack fast, need to practice diligently, and you try to, do not forget my words."
By November 22 the season Dongnam Ren-allowance (1742) to the smell now, finished his tea, water use, fun farewell to his disciples, out of standard-snapper.
Minh-Wang believed God, and he is the Swedish-name "Dao Thuy Hanh Chanh Giac Vien Hoa-Upper-Enlightenment."
VII .- Buddhism in the hypothalamus of the Kings the early Nguyen Dynasty
Status of Buddhism in this period:
Tay-Son Nguyen dynasty, in a short period, ended the state of Pakistan, northern conflict and agreed on a moi.Nhung mountains soon, Lord Nguyen Phuc Nguyen-picture kill Tay-Son collection fat head back to land nuocva dynasty, dating to get Gia-Long.
During this period, our country live in a permanent war-war, few people have time to think about trauma-manic-giao.Mot of moral religious temples were destroyed, the economic-loss-touch dictionary, wild scene target remains the sad truth. Emperor Gia-Long to the throne, his first task is to restore public security and self-security in the country, but have not had time to think about the trauma-life manic Buddha Giao.Qua Minh Mang and Thieu Tri- , the identity he began restoring the home to important temples, but in the influence of folk Buddhism overshadowed every day, fade away. The monks are still there, as He Pho-Hoa Tinh Thuong, Hoa _Thuong Enlightenment. But because so little, so that you, the stars are just like the odd splash of dark sky, no light nothing.
Laid until the French colonized the country, it is even more decadent Buddhism, lost what pure, sublime, but only as a leading spirit, whose duty it is anxious to worship only.
To get a general idea of ​​a bad-currency at this stage, we would extract a very accurate comment period follows, which Supreme Thich-density-_the wrote in the Vietnamese Buddhist History Summary:
".. Come here, from the first king to the people, everyone is safe-place of Buddhism in the supply, demand the island, but do not know what else. And most important they only place in the fame of his master, the Duke, despite his lack of education, lack of training. Because it worse, rise in water map was lanavao perverted way, gambling, drinking wrecked before the bar size.
"In north-central public resources, increasing the century-old law are still kept outside a little seriously, but in the Middle-term, most of them married, have children the natural way, not that nay.Nhat in South-strange as more chaos ... The only think close up map of the fame, the title: for in-cang Tang, Abbot, Sac Four vv.hay only offer, to direct, relevant notes, do tayai for the Kings, the right, to make rich livelihood. Still another class, will only be paid to keep her idle, hedonistic recreation, security is so liberated.!
"Therefore, the scenery in the country has its own family, not what the personality of a mass religions. They live mostly in Buddhism is "stupid" and "Lost"! "Lost" to be aware of their duty from the duty of a rose-Chon district map.
"In the rose diagram is thus outside the housing-credit-charts-amazing artists are ignored, stubborn blindness news, according to crash, few who understand morality.
"In the history of Buddhism GiaoViet-Nam, I can type an exclamation point here (!) Is huge."
C. Conclusion:
We followed the footprints of the first spread of Buddhism in this country until modern times. For nearly twenty centuries is-area on this strip of the Vietnamese Buddhism has gone through many ups and downs attack, failure prevalent. The transformation was not unilateral, but is always parallel with the evolution of the country. Every time you hung up the water transport Buddhism also developed, water transport each depression, the decline of Buddhism as well.
Article comments Monday his troops are those who usually are-devout Buddhist, has always supported and encouraged the spread of Buddhism. In contrast, few understand the king, destroyed the much less well are the kings of the most successful in the country, security of people.
By two reviewers, we can conclude that Buddhism was intimately immersed in the life of the Vietnamese people-ethnic past. And from now on, want to be our permanent national CI and has a bright future, the national leader for Buddhism to be an important position in all activities of the country.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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